How to take care of your dog - Guide for Nintendogs: Lab & Friends

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   Hi, I'm going to tell you all you need to know so you can start out on the right 

1. Feeding
2. Wlaking
3. playing
4. competting
5. bathing

1. Feeding:  Your dogs do get hungry but they will not die they'll just run away for 

awhile.  You need to go to the store buy a food and water bowl as well as some 
food.  You put out the bowls and put the food in after that just let the dogs eat.

2. Walking:  Go to the store and buy a leash put the leash on the dog and go for a 
walk.  During the walk you can let your dog go and it just might come back with a 

3. Playing:  There are two ways for your dogs to play one is if you have more than 
one out let like three out they will play with each other.  The second one is to buy 
a toy, drop it and just leave it the dog will come and play with it.

4. Competting:  Your dogs can be in competitions, but they can only do it three 
times a day, because they get tired and need to rest.

5. Bathing:  To bath your dog you must by shampoo then take the touch pad and rub it 
all over your dog.  Rinse, and tadaa! Your dog is clean. 

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