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Ok to begin all you need to know basically is this is all about doing something on 
the game nothing else if you are looking for cheats go to the cheats part of alright.


Ok now to begin with the 

                     Ferquently Asked Questions



Q: How would one steal cars?

A: Well this is quite simple all you need to do is press Triangle while near a car 
of your choice.

Q: How do I shoot a weapon?

A: Another simple question First you pick the weapon you want to shoot with and 
press O(Circle).

Q: How does one Aim?

A: Well you press R1 and you can also switch targets by HOLDING R1 and pressing R2 
to go right and L2 to go Left to cycle through targets. You can also shoot while 
aiming by pressing O(circle) While Holding R1.

Q: How do I jump?

A: You press Square. Note: You can not jump with certain weapons.

Q: Is there a way to Get on my knees and aim?

A: Yes you do that by pressing L3 and you can roll by pressing R3 left or right.

Q:How do I accelerate In my car or make the car move?

A: You hold down the X button.

Q: How do I turn?

A: you press or push the analog stick or the control pad Left or right(depends on 
the direction you want to go)

Q: How do I Run or sprint?

A: To sprint tap X rapidly on foot to run hold X.

I hope this helped for all you begginers this has been a presentation Of Spam_Busta 

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