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HP Walkthrough by Danny the Dudester
Game title; Harry potter and the order of the phoenix
Console:Playstation 2
Makers:WB interactive entertainment
Manufacturers:EA electronic arts

Walkthrough:Mission 1
Objective: Save Dudley Dursley from the dementors. 
Just move the right analouge stick as it tells you. 

Mission 2_
Objective 1:Help Ginny Weasly Move the furniture to one side of the room
After mission 1 you will be taken to the order of the Phoenix where you meet
Sirius Black and welcomes you, Ginny Weasly then welcomes you and asks for help
moving furniture, then Sirius Teaches you Accio and Depulso just use those spells
to move the furniture to the far end of the room after youve done that Ginny will
tell you where Ron Weasly and Hermione Granger are. Youll then automatically meet
Hermione in the kitchen. 
Objective 2:Help Hermione Granger repair the broken objects in the Kitchen. 
Sirius will teach you Reparo and you have to use it to repair the plates on the
table and the shelves, Sirius and Hermione will help you. You will then
automaticly go to Ron Weaslys bedroom. 
Objective 3:Help Ron Weasly pack his stuff for Hogworts. 
In Rons room Ron will ask for help packing so Sirius teaches you
Wengardium-Leviosa and you will have to lift all the clothes into Rons Trunk there
is 2 either side of the trunk, 4 in front and three on the beds. 

After that you'll watch a cutscene about Fred and George listening in on the
Orders meeting and welcoming the new Defence against the dark arts teacher
Proffesor Dolores Umbridge. 

Mission 3:
Objective 1:Use the Marauders Map to find Hermione Granger. 
Ron will meet you in the entrance courtyard and tells you that you need to get to
the Common Room to find Hermione. You find Fred and George at the door to the
Entrance Hall who give you the Marauders map to help find Hermione. Then just
select Hermione Granger on the character list on the map and simply follow th foot
prints to the Fat Lady  who dosent let you in since Ron dosent know the password. 
Objective 2:Find out the Password. 
Easy, there should be a first year Gryffindor walking around just ask him and
he'll tell you mimbulus mimbletonia. 
Then just talk to the fat lady and she'll let you in. Inside
Hermione will tell you to look at the notice board. 
Objective 3:Use your magic to open the notice board. 
Even more simple, just cast Depulso on it to open it and Accio to close it. After
that myrtle will appear and tell you about Dicoveries and a room of rewards. 
Objective 4:Find Neville Longbottom and tell him about the new time table. 
Very easy just use the marauders map to locate him then follow the footprints to
find him. On the way you will find Myrtle again but this time she lets you into
the room of rewards, on your first visit there is nothing in there. When you find
Neville hes being bullyed by some 3rd years just hold R1 to point your wand at
them and theyll run away Neville will thank you and he'll follow you to Defence
against the dark arts. 
Objective 5: Get to defence against the dark arts. 
easy peasy again just select Dolores Umbridge on the map and follow the foot prints. 

Then you'll see a cutscene of the DATDA lesson and Harry kicking off about not
being aloud to practice spells. 

Mission 4:
objective: Find Fred and George Weasly so they can teach you
5th  year defence against the dark arts since Umbridge wont. 
Quite an easy task just select them on the map and follow the foot prints to the
transfiguration courtyard where they'll teach you Expelliarmus and stupefy. 
Objective 2:Use Expelliarmus and Stupefy to teach the Slytherin bully a lesson. 
Easy task again just use the spells to disarm him, keep using Stupefy till he
falls to his knees then use Expelliarmus a few times to disarm him. 
Battle hint:Keep Moving! Don't stand still it gives the enemy an easy target. 

After that you'll see a cutscene of Harry in his detention with Umbridge where she
implants a sentence onto Harrys
Hand so he dosent tell lies it says "I Must Not Tell Lies". 

Mission 5:
Objective: Get to the libary to find a book on how to extract hand implants for
Its another easy Task just select Libary on the map and follow the foot prints. At
the Libary Hermione points at a book at the top of the bookshelf in the far left
corner and tells you that thats the on you need so move the small desk with
Wengardium Leviosa aginst the bookshelf and drop it then climb onto it, the book
will then fly off to bookshelf diaggonally opposite to the one your at just do the
same with the desk and after 2 more goes it should give up and land on the table
for you to collect. But alas its the wrong book but lucky you its from the
restricted section and its on the practical use of spells. 
Objective 2:Go to moaning myrtles bathroom to read the book. 
just follow the footprints. In the book Hermione should find
a new spell for you to use! 
Objective 3:Learn and practice incendio. 
Another EASY TASK just use Incendio to light the lamps in the bathroom. 

Then you'll see a cutscene of myrtle screaming "DONT PUT THE LIGHTS ON IVE GOT A
HEADACHE! " shell then fly around and  blow them out. Youll then see harry and
Hermione forming a club called the DA in Hogsmeade so they can learn how to defend
them selves against Voldemort. 

Mission 6:
Objective:Find and help neville so you can learn about the room of requirement. 
just follow the prints to Neville. When you find him hell be complaining about
some Devil Snare just cast Incendio Repeatedly at it. After thats done with
Neville will tell you about the room of requirment and how its safe for th DA to
practice there. Then just follow him up there. 

then you will see another cutscene of the gang looking around the room and harry
saying "ITS BRILLIANT! "

Mission 7:
objective 1:Teach Neville Longbottom Protego
Probably the most easy thing on the game just do as Hermione says. 
Objective 2:Rescue Angelina Johnsons from Draco Malfoys trap
Just follow the prints to the trophy room underneath the great hall. Youll have to
move Dumbledores Throne out of the way with Wengardium Leviosa first though. In
there Angelina will explain what happened and asks for your help fixing the broken
cabinets. Just use Wengardium Leviosa to put the silver cups in the silver
cabinets and the gold cups in the gold cabinets then cast Reparo on each cabinet. 
After that Filch comes down the stairs with Draco and sees that its fixed and goes
back up you then have 7 DA members in the Room. 
Objective 2: Help Anthony Goldstein Reveal the Room of Requirment. 
Easy just follow the prints to him and talk to him. 
Objective 3: Help Terry Boot Reveal The room of requirment. 
Easy just follow the prints to him and talk to him. 
objective 4: Help Michael Corner Reveal the room of requirment. 
Easy just follow the prints to him and talk to him. 
Objective 5:Help Padma and Parvati Patil reveal the room of requirment. 
Easy just follow the prints to them and talk to them then theyll say to meet them
later at the Divination Tower on the seventh floor just get there in your own time. 
Objective 6:Meet Padma and Parvati Patil at divination. 
Easy just follow the footprints there and talk to them. 
objective 7:Help Cho Chang get her mail back from the owl. 
Easy but annoying just keep chasing the owl untill you get to the top then repair
the beams with Reparo and climb up them to chase the owl there. Then Cho agrees to
come to the meeting aswell thats 12 DA members. 
Objective 8:Help Ernie Macmillan find the potion ingredients. 
another easy one just find 5 Moley Plants_
1. In Hagrids Pumpkin Patch
2. At the bottom of the path leading from the stone circle to Hagids hut. 
3. At the top of the path leading from the stone circle to hagrids hut. 
4. At the Exit of the covered bridge and entrance to the stone circle. 
5. On the path leading to the owlery. 
Mandrake Root 
1. In the Herbology green house, carefull though you'll need earmuffs! Just press
square at the earmuff rack an then again on the Mandrake root. 
Objective 9:Help Luna Lovegood feed the Thestrals. 
Hard just keep casting wengardium Leviosa on the fodder and putting it behind the
the rock formations so it dosent roll back down. 
hint: after putting the fodder behind the second rock formation wengardium leviosa
it up  so its level with the third fomation then break the spell and cast Depulso
really quickly, the fodder will fly up the hill and land in the hole
hint 2: if that dosent work put your TV on mute and try it because Lunas voice
kinda gets on your nerves. 
After feeding the Threstrals and the Fowl Luna will agree to come to the meeting
Objective 10:Retrieve Colin Creavys camera
quite hard. First follow the prints to find him and he'll explain what happened.
To get the camera first you need to clear the devil sanare with incendio then use
Wengardium Leviosa to move one of the benchs to the lower part of the wall then
stack the other bench on top of that and climmb up onto the wall then sidle across
where the devil snare was and move to the end and climb up the pipe and onto the
next ledge (dont go up higher, the pipes broken so  you'll need to repair it) move
across there and onto the next pipe
which will take you up to the next ledge from hereyou caan repair the main pipe
and climb up that to the next ledge, 
up there there is a broken ledge just repair it and use Wengardium Leviosa to pass
the camera down to Colin. Make your way down and Colin will agree to come to the
thats 15 DA members in the Room! 
Objective 11: Help Fred n' George Weasly and Lee Jordan Hide the magic fire works. 
Easy follow the prints to the boat house where Fred George and Lee will meet you.
Use the Ladder to Get up to the Boat stead and Wengardium Leviosa to take tarpolin
of the boats then use Wengardium Leviosa again on each box Fred and George pass up
and drop them in the boats 3 boxes in each boat, 1 in each section of the boats
after that Fred George and Lee will put on a fire work Display and then agree to
come to the meeting. You have 18 DA members in the room. 
Objective 11:Help Dean Thomas find the talking Gargoyles
for Proffessor Bin's History of magic homework. 
Hard just find the Gargoyles and talk to them. 
Hint: the Gargoyles are stone Pigs with wings. 
1. Transfiguration courtyard next to the tree. 
2. End of the Viaduct Bridge. 
3. Halfway up the spiral staircase leading to Defence against the dark arts on the
third floor. 
4. Above the paved courtyard, Use the broken staircase in the far right corner,
repair it snd make your way up. You will also have to repair a hole in the floor
up their with Reparo aswell after that just continue round and the Gargoyle is there. 
5. 4th floor, after going through the door keep going until you get tom a
staircase go up them and though the small arch way this will taake you out on a
balcony go left from there and there it is! 
Thats all the Gargoyles, tell Dean and he'll agree to come to the meeting. You
then have 19 DA members in the room. 
Objective 12:Help Ginny, Fred and George weasly retriev their
Doxy venom from Dolores Umbridge. 
Difficult. Use the prints to find Ginny then use the invissibility cloak to get to
the Defence against the dark arts classroom then walk past the vases to smash them
and distract the slytherins. Then go into Umbridge's office and through to the nex
room. Hermione will use accio to get the Venom after that just take it back to
Ginny. Now you have 20 DA members in the room! 
Objective 13:Help Hannah Abbot find a secret passage way to the 7th floor. 
EASY just follow the prints to her and she'll tell you that if shes seen going to
the meeting Umbridge will Expell her so you heve to find a secret passage way up
to the seventh floor. Simply walk up the staircase furthest away from Hannah and
talk to the Astronomer in the painting and he'll tell you the password Scumurluss
scanderluss. Thats 22 DA members in the room. 
Objective 14. Help Zacharias Smith with his homework. 
EASY follow the foot prints to him and talk too him. 
1. Monster book of Monsters. 
In the upper part of the libary, left arch way , on the bookshelf furthest away
from you. Then just press square standing near it to collect it. And take it back
to Zacharias
hint:The book is huge you can't miss it. 
2. Wiggenwield Potion. 
In the hospital wing. On the cabinet next to the bed on the  right side of the
room, furthest away from the door. Return it to Zacharias. 
Hint: The potion is Pink. 
3. Sr Nicholas's Death date. 
Nearly Headless Nick will automatically appear after talking with Zacharias and
tell you 1462. Then talk to Zacharias again and he'll agree to come to the meeting. 
Fact:Sir Nicholas died 504 years ago and Harry, Ron and Hermione attended his
500th Deathday party in their second year at Hogworts. 
Thats 23 DA members in the room. 
Objective 15. Rescue Susan Bones from Crab and Goyle. 
Easy just follow the prints to her and disarm Crab and Goyle. Then she'll agrre to
caome to the meeting and bring Ernie, Padma and parvati too thats 28 DA members in
the room! 
Objective 16:Teach Ginny weasly Reducto. 
Easy just follow the foot prints to her, talk to her and do what Hermione says. 
Objective 17:Teach Zacharius Smith Rictosempra
Easy just follow the foot prints to him, talk to him and do
what Hermione says. 
Objective 18:Teach Colin creavy Pretrificus Totalus. 
Easy just follow the foot prints to him, Talk to him and do what Hermione says. 
Objective 19:Teach Cho Chang Levicorpus. 
Easy just follow the foot prints to her, talk to her and do what Hermione says. 

Then you will see a cutscene of Harry and Cho snogging and.

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