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                                             THE Hulk              If any Questions 
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A.	Inner Torment
B.	Desperate Measures
C.	Betrayal
D.	Beneath The City
E.	End Of The Line
F.	A Different Breed
G.	Infiltration
H.	Facilities
I.	Substructure
J.	Savior
K.	Chemical Effect
L.	Spear Point
M.	Containment Failure
N.	Guardian
O.	Unfinished Business
P.	Without Ethics
Q.	Resolve
R.	One and All
S.	Reckoning
T.	Mind Games
U.	Deliverance
                                                   Inner Torment
                          This level is easy all you have to do is defeat
                          everyone that is there and do what it says on 
                          the bottom.
                                                 Desperate Measures
                                    This is an easy one to all you have to do is
                                   get to the lab just do what the guy tells you to 
                                       Beneath the City
                                  In this level just follow Ravage.
                                                   End of the Line
                                    Now all you need to do is to follow the arrows.
                                                  A Different Breed
                     This is the first level where you fight a boss to beat 
                     him you can only use items or jump in the air and punch him.
                      This is the only level I can’t beat use this code TRUBLVR to 
                       this level (if you know how to beat this tell me).
                       Now that you’re inside get through the building and save 
                        Betty Ross.
                    Now just keep doing what you’ve been doing but now there 
                    Now here is your second boss fight against Madman the very first 
                     you do is you destroy the consoles then beat the hell out of 
                                                Chemical Effect
                    You are not going to beat the Hulk in this level instead your 
                     Bruce Banner in a soldier disguise what you need is to find
                     the cure to turn into the hulk but don’t get to close to the 
                     or they’ll attack you.
                                                 Spear Point
                        Since you found the cure you have transformed back into the
                        Hulk now get off the base.
                                  Containment Failure 
                                 So far so good just do what you’ve been doing and 
                                  be where you need to be.
                        Here’s the third boss fight to beat this one destroy the 
                        power cells then throw Flux into the core to put heavy 
damage on him.
                                               Unfinished Business
                   Now that your back in Alctraz you need to go after the orb by 
                    the path of soldier.
                                                Without Ethics
                    Now you are at a new part Alcatraz do the same as you did at the 
                          You are no longer the hulk to change back trun the power 
back on
                           And get on to the train thing.
                                                       One and All
                           Time for the fourth boss fight now you can finally fight 
ravage all you
                            have to do is fight him like every else.
                            Time for the fourth boss fight now you will fight both 
Half-life and
                            Madman beat them like you did the last time.
                                                       Mind Games
                              Now for the fifth boss fight against the leader you 
can only fight him 
                              by punching him you can’t Grab him.
                             This is the last level left get out of there as fast as 
you can
                              And this is the last boss fight against Madman.

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