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Version 1.3- August 26, 2003
Wow, its been a long time since the last version.  Okay, here's the deal.  My Hyren 
strategies were one big prank.  The only one I've actually proven is the Orothan 
Flyer method, and that's only IF YOU HAVE A PRE-ORDEERED COPY.  The others are 
combonations of rumors and my own imagination.  The reason I'm telling you this is 
because my inbox is flooded with messages saying "Hey, your guide doesn't work?  
How do you get the Arderial Hyrens."  I get like 20 a day!  And I don't even play 
MN anymore!  PLease, unless your SURE you have a pre-ordered copy and your using 
the Orothan Flyer method, PLEASE don't bug me saying the guide doesn't work!  And 
if you dan't have a pre-order copy, as I said, "When all else fails, use a 
GameShark."  I may decide to post the GameShark codes, so it may be likely that 
this WON'T be the final update, but I'm not making any promises.

Version 1.2- July 20, 2002
I didn't think I'd come back to this guide, but I just foun a flaw in one of my 
Arderial Hyren strategies.  I was getting E-Mails saying it didn't work, and I 
fianally found out why.  This will most likely be the final update unless I 
another flaw, or a new cool Hyren strategy.  thanks for reading this guide, and 
on the lookout for any other guides I might write in the future.

Version 1.1- May 16, 2002
Hiya!  I know it's kind of weird to release two versions of a FAQ two days in a 
but I found some errors i needed to correct.  I have added the locations for 
Deep/Coral Hyren, and I also figured out that one of my Bolt/Thunder Hyren 
that I marked as "works on all versions" only works on the pre-ordered version.  
Andn that's about it for today.

Version 1.0- May 15, 2002
Hey there.  I'm T.J. (that's my real name, I'm not just copying off of Tony 
This is my first serious FAQ in a while, and let me tell you, it was hard.  I 
searched days on end to locate all 11 hyrens.  And to all you skeptics out there, I 
find any inaccurate info whatsoever in this FAQ, E-Mail me and let me know.  Now on 
to the FAQ!
1.Legal Stuff
This FAQ is copyright 2002-2003 by Anubis Productions Ltd.  No part of it may be 
for public use in any way.  You may print sections of this FAQ for YOUR USE ONLY!  
You may not post any part of this FAQ on your website without written permission.  
As of this version, the following sites are authorized to post this FAQ:



Any illegal reproduction or alteration of this FAQ is punishable by law.
Now that we've got that legal crap over with, let's get to the good part!

CALD= Who?: Flame and Magma Hyren.  Where?:  To the west of the main city there are 
some volcanoes.  Walk up to the northernmost one and keep going.  You will walk 
behind it and come up in a cave where you can nab these two fiery hyrens.  As with 
all Hyrens, I suggest you have a good balanced team around level 30 with Tony 
at least level 25 before going after these powerful DCs.

NAROOM= Who?: Leaf and Timber Hyren.  Where?: In the Underneath near the entrance 
the lava vents, there is a cracked wall.  When you check it, Tony says it looks 
unstable.  Buy a blast urn (only available at the ticket booth) and 
use it on the wall.  You will enter a cavern where the two Naroom born hyrens await 

UNDERNEATH= Who?: Cave and Mushroom Hyren.  Where?:  Near Valkan's house on the 
world map there is a large volcano with a path on it.  Explore this volcano until 
you find a pond with a whirlpool in it (there are several of them, and you don't 
need the Orothan Belt to swim in them.)  Jump in the pond and swim over to the 
whirlpool.  You will fall into a chamber deep underground where there are two more  
powerful hyrens fresh for the taking.  Once you have enough animite to make their 
rings, locate a staircase at the north of the room.  It will take you back to the 
Cald where you started.

OROTHE= Who?: Deep and Coral Hyren.  Where?: Once you have the Orothan Belt, swim 
around in the lake behind the Naroom Seer's house until you find a patch of dark 
water.  Dive into it and you will be in an underwater cavern where you can add the 
two swimming hyrens to your collection.

ARDERIAL= Who?: Bolt and Thunder Hyren.  Where?:  First of all, you need a copy of 
the game ordered before the initial release date.  Then proceed to the strategy 
below. If you don't have a pre-ordered copy, then just remember: When all else 
fails, use a gameshark.

How to get them (Pre-Order Version only):  Go to the area where you find Orothan 
flyer and beat him around 10 times.  After your 10th encounter (approximately) keep 
walking around and the two hidden hyrens will eventually appear.

CORE= Who?: Core Hyren.  Where?: In the fifth Shadow Geyser he is just another 
random enemy.  It's as easy as that.
I would like to thank the following people for helping me on this FAQ:

Nintendo for making this game!

Imagine Interactive, the publisher

Phillip Tavel, the original creator of Magi-Nation, for coming up with such a cool 

GameFAQs.com and CheatCodes.com for posting this and helping me make a name for 

My friend Dylan for introducing me to Magi-Nation!

YOU!  For taking the time to read my work!

And finally... ME!  For buying the game, playing it, doing the research, and 
the FAQ.
Thanks for reading this guide!  Happy Hyren Hunting!

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