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                        Zelda: Ocarina of Time
                             Version 1.0

1. Info. of Me
2. Training Ground
3. Temple of Time
4. Lon Lon Ranch
5. Giant's Knife
6. Biggoron's Sword
7. End Credits

1. Info. of Me

Hi, my name is Guy77 and I love Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I've made 5 FAQs so far 
(this is my 6th one) and I've made 1 for Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It's called 
Beginning Hero of Time FAQ, and you might have heard of it. If you have any 
questions, or if any of this is wrong, e-mail me at [email protected] Now  
let's talk about this FAQ.

2. Training Ground

(Note: Before going into the Training Ground, you need the Hover Boots, Silver 
Guanets, and Lens of Truth, so beat the Spirit Temple and the Bottom of the Well 
first). To get the Ice Arrows, you need to first go to the Gerudo's Fortress and 
become a member of the gaurds. Then you need to go to the room with the big cage 
door. The guard will let you in for 10 rupees. When you get in, take a left adn go 
through the door. Defeat all the enemies, and get the key as your reward. Go in the 
next room, and you'll have to get the 5 silver rupees within 1 minute and 15 
seconds I think. It's hard, so all I can say is try your best. In the next room, 
you need to defeat the wolfoes. Then push the huge block in the hole, and destroy 
the false door. Use the Lens of Truth to look above the Fake door to find a hole 
with a hookshot target. Step on the switch in this small cave to lower the bars on 
the door in front of the block. Go through the door, and defeat the 3 Like-Likes to 
get the key in the chest. Now that you have all the keys in the left rooms, you can 
move on to the right rooms. Defeat all the enemies in this room and watch out for 
the fire in the walls! After you defeat them, get the key and go through the next 
door. In this "lava room" you need to collect the 5 silver rupees. So put on the 
Hover Boots and step on the switch to get rid of the fire surrounding one of the 
platforms. Hover across the platforms and collect all 5 rupees. Then use your 
Longshot to get through the next door. In this room, one of the statues has a 
switch you need to step on to get the key. I don't know which on it it, so try your 
best. When you have the next key, go through the door and you'll have to "blind the 
eye of the statue". Shoot each eye with an arrow. Don't miss, or the eyes will 
reset, and you'll have to shoot the eyes again. When you do that, hookshot to the 
chest. Get the key, and hookshot back to the door you entered. Return to the lava 
room and enter the other door with the torch near it. In this room, you first need 
to play the Song of Time to get rid of the blocks. Then you need to collect the 
silver rupees. I can't say much here, except switch for the Hover Boots to the Iron 
Boots often in this swirling pool of water. Get back to the main entrance, and go 
to the room across form the entrance. IMPORTANT: Take a LEFT in this key maze! Not 
a RIGHT! Continue opening the doors until you get the Ice Arrows! 

3. Temple of Time

To get the Light Arrows, you need to have saved all the Sages and have all the 
Medallions. Then go to the Temple of Time, and Sheik will reveil to you her true 
identidy. She'll give you the Light Arrows, and you'll see what happens then...

4. Lon Lon Ranch

To get Eponia, first you need to go to Lon Lon Ranch. Ingo will be there, and he'll 
be cursed by Ganondorf! He'll let you ride for 10 rupees, so do that. Jump over the 
2 gates to get 10 rupees. When time runs out, ask to ride again for 10 rupees. 
While riding, jump over the 2 gates again, and go talk to Ingo before time runs 
out. He'll say that your pretty good, and ask if you want to race. Say yes, and 
he'll bet 50 rupees that he'll win. So race, and stay on the inside. Also, don't 
run out of carrots. When you beat him, he'll be mad and ask to race again (for free 
this time). Then he'll say, "If you win, you can keep... the horse!!!" So race him 
again, and do the same techinque to beat him. He'll then give you the horse, but 
lock you in the ranch. But don't panic, you can get out. Gain some speed, and jump 
over the gate that leads to the outside. Be sure to go straight when you jump over 
the gate, not at an angle. After that you'll be outside and you'll have Eponia for 
the rest of the game! (Note: Be sure to get the Adult's Wallet before getting 
Eponia, because you'll need about 100 rupees). 

5. Giant's Knife

To get the Giant's Knife, which is more powerful than the Master's Sword but breaks 
after several attacks, all you need to do is get the Adult's Wallet (in Kariokio 
Village at the Spider's House, you need 10 gold Skulltalas to get it) and get 200 
rupees. Then go to Death Mountain and in Goron City. Then I think you should get on 
the floor right under the top and you'll see a square shaped cave covered by dried 
mud (or something, it's brown). Blow the brown stuff up and keep blowing the stuff 
up untill you see a giant Goron. He'll say that his sword is finally finished. Pay 
him the 200 rupees and he'll give it to you! But remember, it breaks....

6. Biggoron's Sword

To get this sword, which is just like the Giant's Knife only doesn't break, you 
first (as an adult) need to go to Kariokio Village and get the Cucco from the lady 
near the Graveyard. Take the Cucco to the house close to Death Mountain trail (it's 
the first house to the right when you enter the village). Wake Talon up with it, 
and take it back to the lady. She'll give you her brother's Cucco, so take it to 
the Lost Woods. Take a right when you enter, and show it to the man sitting in 
front of the stump. He'll give you the odd mushroom. Take it to the old lady behind 
the Potion Shop (with the man in it). You have 3 minutes, so hurry. When you get 
there, she'll tell you give the odd potion to him, so give it to him. When you get 
back to the Lost Woods, he won't be there, but a little girl will. Give the potion 
to her, and she'll give you the Porcher's Saw. Take that to Gerudo Valley, and give 
it to the man next to the hut. He'll give you the Goron's Sword (which is broken, 
by the way). Take the sword to the top of Death Mountain (the very top, not Goron's 
City). Biggoron will give you a pice of paper to give to King Juba Juba in Zora's 
Domain, so take it to him. King Juba Juba will give you a frog, so take it to the 
old man it Lake Hylia (you have 3 minutes to do this). He'll give you frog 
droplets. Take them back to Biggoron to get a little permission slip thing. Wait 3 
days (or play the Sun's Song 6 times) and he'll give you the Biggoron's Sword! 

7. End Credits

     Copyright 2004  guy77  [email protected] 
                All Rights Reserved   

             Check back later to see more FAQs made by me, guy77!

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