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A better version of Monkey Ball
but a version not as good as Super Monkey Ball 2 (coming soon).

Improve Your Game

I have done many a FAQ/Walkthrus for N64 games and Game Boy (Advance) games and 
Gamecube games.  This one is recent.  If this FAQ belongs to the garbage truck just 
e-mail me at [email protected] and tell me this FAQ of yours sucks.  But, hey, 
nobody's perfect.

So, to the game.  Super Monkey Ball is probably a game which not many game 
developers could have come up with, regardless of Grand Theft Auto 3, which happens 
to be the best thing that ever happened to Playstation 2.  I sure hope it comes out 
for GameCube!

You wanna get all those mini-games, huh?  But don't know exactly HOW to get them, 
eh?  In Main Game, Normal Mode, 1 Player, you can receive Play Points.  When you get 
2,500 Play Points or more, you can open ONE mini game.  Every time you get 2,500 PPs 
you can open a new mini game.  I have unlocked all three.

Monkey Billiards

Snooker game.  You gotta get all nine balls into the holes before your opponent 
does.  It can go up to 2 players, who play one after the other.
This game is actually kinda cool because you can change from a 2-D camera to an up-
close, 3-D camra by using the Y button.  The one who manages to get the ball with 
the bananas in is the winner.

Monkey Bowling

Ordinary, plain old bowling?  Yes, but you're the ball.  I love this game because I 
love bowling.  Just get all the pins down.  You have a total of ten rounds, and two 
turns in each round.  Well, almost each round.  The tenth round is three IF you get 
a strike or a spare in a turn.  The one with the most pins down at the end of the 
tenth round is the winner.

Monkey Golf

This should be Monkey Crazy Golf if you ask me.  You can pick either 9 holes, or a 
full game of 18 holes.  I usually go for 18, even though it could take up to 15 
minutes.  If you:
Get the ball in the hole with just one hit, you get a Hole In One
Get the ball in the hole with two hits, you get a Birdie
Get the ball in the hole with three hits, you get a Par
Get the ball in the hole with four hits, you get a Bogey
Get the ball in the hole in over four hits, you geta Cup in (no. of times it took 
you to get the ball in the hole) Rounds
Take over 9 hits in trying to get the ball in the hole, you have to give up

You also have a choice of a:
10 yard club - the putter
20 yard club - the hitter
40 yard club - the wacker
80 yard club - the pulveriser

Push up and down on the analog to select these clubs.

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