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 **  DARK CLOUD 2  -  PLAYSTATION 2         **
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 **  by: KitKatt (Kay Allan)                **
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 **  Version 2.0 Completed May 25, 2004     **
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> Use Ctrl+F to find what you need.

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 * What Is Spheda?.
 * The Spheda Screen.
 * The Spheda Map.
 * Guages & Controls on the Spheda Screen.
 * The Spheda Rods.
 * How to Make the Shot.
 * Using Advanced Spheda Techniques.
 * Basic Procedure For Playing Spheda.
 * Speda Prizes.


**   What Is Spheda?   **
> This is a golf-like game.
  + It can be very frustrating.
  + You soon get the hang of it, but even then it can be frustrating!

> It begins when you get to Barga's Valley in Starlight Canyon, 
  after Floor 10.
  + Barga is the Giant Condor.
  + A blue 'Time Distortion' is in her nest. 
    - You use a Stick (basic spheda rod) found below the nest.
    - You must hit a red 'Spheda Sphere' into the distortion to 
       fill the hole. 
  + This is the only time you *HAVE* to play Spheda.
    - Max and Monica need a White Windflower for Lao Chao to make 
       his 'Miracle Dumpling' dish.
    - The Miracle Dumpling is the only thing that will heal Lin.
    - The White Windflower is in Barga's 'hat'.
      # She'll give it to you as soon as you repair the distortion. 
    - You can't make further progress until Lin is healed.
      # She joins your party through to the end of Chapter 3.
      # She speeds up the upgrades of Monica's Armbands, a REALLY 
         useful skill.


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 **            The Spheda Screen            **
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> When all the monsters on the floor are killed, you can play Spheda 
  (you may also choose NOT to play).
  + You can either be taken directly to the Sphere or you may search 
    for it.
  + Locate the Spheda Sphere and press [X] to show the Spheda Screen. 

> Below is a description of the Spheda Screen.

   +++ Refer to Instruction Manual Page 32. +++

  + The location shown in the screen is Starlight Canyon.
    - This is the lower area of the canyon where you can also fish.
  + Top right shows a white 'Spheda Sphere' followed by how many 
    shots you have and how far it is to the Distortion.
  + Below that is the Spheda Map.
    - It is the same map you built up as you hunted the monsters.
    - In the illustration, the view is of the 'small' map (the first 
      choice when using [Select]
    - The map is more useful if you have it at center screen, the
      'large' map (the second choice when using [Select].
  + Max has a Spheda Rod in hand and is about to hit the Sphere.
    - The yellow dots heading straight toward the top of the screen 
      show the direction and the angle of the shot as presently set.
  + Directly below Max is:
    - The 'Power Guage' the long blue bar with a red and pink shorter 
      bar near the right end.
    - The 'Power Shot' (a blue oblong with the distance of 145 m) to 
      the right of the power guage.
    - The Advanced Techniques guage, a circle with a red dot in the
      center is to the left of the Power Guage.
    - These guages are described below.


**   The Spheda Map  **

 The purpose of the Map
> You need to have the Dungeon Map available before you begin trying 
   to play Spheda.
  + Without the map, playing Spheda is pure guessswork.
  + You are unlikely to succeed.

> When you stand beside the Spheda Sphere, first put the full-sized 
  dungeon map on center screen using [Select].
  + It will appear just to the right of Max:
    - With a green triangle showing Max's position;
    - And looking as if that triangle  is a couple of 'feet' to the
      right of Max's head).
  + Press [Select] to switch through the three ways the map can 
    be displayed.

> When you press [X] the first time (to begin preparing for the shot):
  + The Yellow dots appear on the Screen.
  + The red direction line appears on the map.
  + A red (or blue) dot on the map shows the location of the Distortion.
    - To see where the Distorion is, you may need to use the Direction
      Keypad to adjust the position of the map.
  + Reading the map. 
    - The map shows how many 'corners' you have to get the Sphere
      around in order to reach the Distortion.
      # Max's position (the location of the Spheda Sphere') and the 
        direction he is facing is shown by a red line.
        * The red line on the map gives the *same* direction as the
          yellow dotted line on the Spheda Screen.
        * By using the Left Analog Stick (all directions), you can 
          change the direction of the red line.
        * Adjust that direction to get the Spheda Sphere to go to 
          the next 'corner'.

> Here is an example, based in part, on the illustration (on manual
  page 32 which is set in Starlight Canyon.
  + The 'map' below shows the canyon.
    - The wider paths are those between the cliff edge and the river
        (open water) along the bottom of the Canyon.
    - The narrower paths are the bridges across the river.
    - The 'red line' can't be shown here, but assume it is pointing 
      directly down as in the illustration's map.
      # Pointing directly at the Distortion.
      # Assume in the illustration below that Max has three shots 
        to reach the Distortion.
        * 'X' shows Max's position.
        * 'O' shows the position of the distortion.
        * '1' Shows the approximate location where the Sphere needs 
          to land first. 
      # If the Sphere at '1' is the *opposite* color from the 
        Distortion, you should be able to hit directly toward 'O'.
      # '2' shows the possible location for the second shot if the 
         Sphere at '1' is the *same* color as the distortion.

         |               X                       |
         |   _____________   _________________   |
         |  |             | |                 |  | 
         |  |             | |                 |  | 
         |  | Open water  | |                 |  | 
         |  |             | |                 |  | 
         |  |      _______| |________  _______|  |
         |  |      |                |  |         |
         |  |      |   _____________|  |_________|
         |  |      |  |      
         |  |      |  | <-- Cliff here gets in the way.     
         |  |      |1 |      
         |  |      |  |_________________     
         |  |______|                   |
         |   _____________   _______   |
         |  |             | |       |  |
         |  |             | |       |  |
         |  | Open Water  | |       |  |
         |  |             | |       |__|
         |  |             | |
         |  |_____________| |___________
         |          2    O             |

 Summary: Locating Spheda Sphere & Distortion

> There are two ways to locate the Distortion and youself. 
  + On The Spheda Screen itself 
  + On the Spheda Map. 

> On the Spheda Screen:
   + When you press [X] the first time, a yellow dotted line from the 
     ball always points directly to where the Distortion is located.
     - The direction the dotted line shows does NOT allow for things
       such as trees and cliffs that are in the way of your aim.

> On the map:
  + You need to have the map on the screen centered so you can see:
    - The current location of Max and the Spheda Sphere. 
      # a red line on the map shows the equivalent of the yellow 
        dotted line on the screen.
      # The location of the distortion is shown by a solid red or 
        blue dot.
  + You can use the direction buttons on the Direction Keypad to 
    adjust the position of the map: 
    - To better check the locations.
    - To move the map out of your direct view.


**  Guages & Controls on the Spheda Screen **

 Types of Guages    

> There are several guages on the Spheda Screen.
  + The Power Guage (blue) along the bottom of the screen.
  + The Impact Zone (red and pink) to the right and directly under the
    Power Guage.
    - In the center of the pink part of the Impact Zone is a vertical
      bar that crosses into the Power Guage.
    - The vertical bar show the 'perfect aim' point.
    - The stronger the Spheda Rod (the Albatross is the strongest) 
      the *shorter* the Impact zone.
  + 'Power Shot' guage at the right end of the power guage 
    - It shows the distance you can hit the ball in the direction 
      of the yellow dotted line.
    - As you vertically adjust the aim (yellow dotted line) up and 
      down with the analog stick, the power shot numbers change.
  + Top right of the screen: 
    - A small white circle represents the Spheda Sphere.
    - Beside the white circle is the number of 'hits remaining'.
    - Below that is the number of 'meters to goal'. 
      # 'Meters to goal' are direct line and do NOT take into account
         having to go around corners.
  + Advanced Techniques Control (round blue circle to the left of the
    power guage).
    - There is a red dot at the center of the circle.
    - The circle is divided into four quarters.
      # At the top of the circle is the word 'Topspin'.
      # At the bottom of the circle is the word 'Backspin'.
      # At the left is the word 'Slice'.
      # At the right is the word 'Hook'.

 Power Guage
> The Power Guage is the blue line along the bottom of the screen. 
  + When you press [X] to start the shot, a moving Indicator begins 
    at the right end of the Power Guage.
    - While the Indicator moves toward the left, you press [X] to set
      the power of your shot.
      # The indicator drags a yellow bar which shows how powerful your
        shot will be (the shorter it is the less powerful).
      # The Indicator continues to move to the left until it reaches
        the end of the power bar.
        * You can press [O] to cancel the shot while the indicator 
          is moving left.
      # When the Indicator reaches the end of the power guage, it turns 
        and begins to move to the right.
        * Get ready to press [X] again to set the shot.
        * WAIT until the Indicator reaches the Impact Zone before 
          pressing [X].
        * To cancel the shot, press [Circle] BEFORE the Indicator
          reaches the Impact zone.
  + Below the guage at the right end is the red 'Impact zone'.
    - The Impact Zone shows where you need to put the Indicator for the
      most accurate shot.
    - The center portion of the Impact Zone is light red.
    - At the center of the light red part is a vertical bar which
      reaches up through the power guage.
      # Pressing [X] EXACTLY on this gives the most accurate shot.
        - If you succeed a large musical note appears above Max's head.
          * The shot is *much* more powerful when centered.
          * You still have to be facing the correct direction for 
            the shot to work.
      # In any part of the pink zone, but NOT in the center, a smaller
        musical note shows you have made a very good shot.
        - In any of the red part of the Zone, an exclamation point 
          indicates you have made a fairly good shot.
        - Outside the red zone a 'skull and crossbones' indicates 
          you've messed up. 
          * It is too late to press [Circle] to cancel the shot.

 Number of Hits
> Beside the Spheda Sphere *before* you press [X] for the first time
  is the number of hits you have to repair the distortion. 
  + This number can be anywhere between 1 and 7 or 8.
  + If you don't repair the distortion before you use up all the hits:
    - Both the sphere and the distortion disappear.
  + If you still haven't completed the first-time through for the big
    - You have to start over on this floor.
      # Kill all the monsters and 
      # Try repairing the distortion again. 

> Each time you press [X] to begin a shot:
  + In the upper right corner of the screen shows: 
    - The number of shots left in order to to reach and plug the 
    - The number of meters left to reach the goal (direct flight).
      # But you may have to go round several corners. 
      # The game calculates the number of 'perfect' shots to plug
        the distortion, accounting for the number of corners.
        * But sometimes you can't do it in the number of shots given.
        * Other times you can do it in less.

 The Power Shot
> To the right of the Power Guage is a rectangular blue slot, called 
  the 'Power Shot'.
  + It contains the number of meters from where the Sphere is located
    to where the Distortion is (direct line).
  + If you check the Spheda Map you can see the direction of your shot. 
    - You can adjust the direction to allow for corners. 
    - The Left Analog stick (pushing it left or right) adjusts the
      direction of  your shot.
  + The yellow dotted line on the screen not only shows direction, it
    also shows the the vertical angle of the shot.
    - Adjust the Left analog stick (up or down) to change the angle of
      the shot so you can send the sphere closer or further away. 
  + The distance (changes with the angle) you can shoot the sphere is
    shown in the 'Power Shot' slot.


**   The Spheda Rods   **
> After Barga's Valley, Max is the only person who can play Spheda.
  + He needs to equip a Spheda Rod:
    - The rods can also be used as weapons against monsters.
      # You can level up and build up the rods.

 +++ CAUTION +++ 
  + The higher the Spheda Rod is built up:
    - The smaller the 'Impact Zone' on the Power Guage.
    - It's MUCH HARDER to get the center of the Impact Zone.

> The upgrade possibilities of Spheda Rods (only required attributes 
   are listed) are:

         --> Flamingo --> Falcon --> Albatross

  |                |
  |Attack...25 [45]|
  |Beast.... -     |
  |Durable..25 [44]|
  |Chill.... -     |
  |Cyclone..10 [45]|
    Turkey -->
               Flamingo       --> Falcon         --> Albatross
              |                 |                  |                  |
              |Attack... 29 [61]|Attack... 45 [108]|Attack... 70 [120]|
              |Beast.... 36 [60]|Beast.... 36 [108]|Beast.... 72 [125]| 
              |Durable..  -     |Durable..  -      |Durable..  -      | 
              |Chill....  -     |Chill....  -      |Chill....  -      |
              |Cyclone.. 18 [60]|Cyclone.. 50 [108]|Cyclone.. 72 [125]| 
               Flamingo        --> Falcon         --> Albatross
      Swan -->
  |                |
  |Attack...24 [44]|
  |Beast.... -     |
  |Durable..26 [45]|
  |Chill....10 [45]|
  |Cyclone..10 [45]|


**   How to Make the Shot  **
> Pressing [X] the first time, readies Max for the shot.
   >> After you have adjusted Max's position, you are ready to shoot.

> Pressing [X] a second time starts the power Indicator marker moving 
  from the right toward the left.
  + The Indicator drags a yelow-orange band along the guage as it moves.
  + Must press the third time (see below) BEFORE the Indicator reaches
    the left end of the guage. 

> Pressing [X] the third time:
  + Sets the length of the yellow-orange band. 
    - The yellow-orange band indicates how hard you will hit the sphere. 
      # The longer the band, the harder the hit. 
      # You need to estimate how long to make the band. 
        * Depends partly on how far you have to send the sphere.
        * Depends partly on how far to the next corner.
        * You can ricochet the sphere around corners if you aim right 
          but it doesn't always work.
  + After setting the length of the band, the Indicator continues to
    the left end of the Power Guage.
    - If you press the [Circle] Button before it gets to the end,
          you cancel the shot.
  + The indicator then starts travelling back toward the right.

> Pressing [X] the fourth time makes the shot. 
  + You need to let the indicator get into at least the red part of the
    Impact Zone or the shot will totally miss.
  + The closer you are to the vertical bar in the center of the Impact
    Zone, the more accurate your shot.
  + The distance the shot travels is increased if you press [X] exactly 
    in the center of the Impact Zone.
    - You need to estimate the effect of the combination of the length
      of the orange band and the closeness to the Impact Zone Center
      when you press [X]. 
    - It takes time and practice to learn to judge.


**   Basic Procedure For Playing Spheda  **
> First you have to kill all monsters on the dungeon floor.
  + The game asks you if 'Monica' (error - it should be Max) should 
    be moved to the Spheda Sphere.
    - Saying YES is nice so you don't have to search the dungeon.
      # The sphere should show as a blinking blue or red dot on the
        dungeon map.
      # A glitch in the game's programming means the Spheda Sphere
        doesn't always show.
    - If you say NO, you may have to search for it.
  + The distortion shows as a solid red or blue dot.

  + If you say 'YES' you are moved immediately to the location of the
    Spheda Sphere.
  + If you say 'NO' you stay where you were when you killed the last
      + You pick up the Synth Drops if you stay.
      + But you may have to explore the whole of the floor to find the 
        Spheda Sphere.

> When you are standing beside the Spheda Sphere: 
  + Make sure a Spheda Rod is equipped.
  + Put the map of the dungeon in the center of the screen. 
    - The placement of the map can be adjusted using the buttons on the
      Direction Keypad 
  + Press [X] to bring up the Power Guage
    - Use the Left Analog stick to adjust Max's position relative to 
      the sphere and the direction he needs to send it.
    - You may need several shots to get the sphere to the distortion.
  + You can:
    - Use the Underground Channel walls or the cave walls in Ocean's
      Roar Cave to bounce the sphere around corners.
    - But in the Underground Channel watch out for the water channels
      along the edges of the walls.
  + Use trees to ricochet the sphere in the Rainbow Butterfly Wood or
    you can shoot across the 'rough' between paths. 
  + You can bounce the sphere against cliffs in Starlight Canyon or
    shoot across the canyon.

> Decide if you want to use an Advanced Technique (use the process 
  described below if you do).

> For a regular shot:
  + Press [X] to hit the sphere. 
    - If you have more than one shot remaining, the game asks if you
      want to be moved to the Sphere.
    - Select 'YES' as it saves a lot of walking. 
  + If the Spheda Sphere bounces off a wall or the floor, it changes
    color with each bounce. 
  + If you have only one shot left:
    - And the color of Sphere and distortion are the same,
    - You MUST bounce the Sphere to change its color.
      # If the Sphere is the right color, and it gets close enough to
        the Distortion, the Sphere may get sucked in.
  + If you miss the shot or it goes 'Off Target', you stay in the
    location where you last hit the sphere. 
    - If the sphere bounced it may change color even when you don't
      make the shot.
  + Continue making shots until either:
    - You are successful. 
    - Or the shots are all used up and sphere and distortion disappear.

> When you are (finally) successful, 
  + The distortion will disappear.
  + A treasure chest with a prize appears at the location of the
    - If its the first time on this floor, you will get the big prize
      (the list is below).
    - If it is the second (or more) time, you still get a treasure
      # The prize is often still worthwhile thougfh not usually as
        good as the first time.
      # Generally, you get the same prizse each time after the first.

> By the time you have gotten every Spheda medal in the first three 
  dungeons, you should be getting pretty expert!!!


 Advanced Techniques
> The game calls this 'Changing Point of Impact'.
  + With an ordinary shot, the sphere keeps bouncing in the direction
    of the shot.
  + Changes direction ONLY if it hits an obstacle such as a tree,
    bush, or cliff.

> The controller for advanced techniques is the blue circle to the
  left of the power guage.
  + There is a red dot in the center of the circle with four words.
    - The top word is 'Topspin' the bottom is 'Backspin'.
    - The word on the left is 'Slice' and the word on the right is

> Effect of each technique:
  + Topspin:
    - Keeps the sphere in motion after it hits and moves it a short
      distance further.
    - Useful if you have only one shot left and need to change the
      color of the Sphere.
    - Try to aim for just this side of the Distortion.
    - In many ways it seems just like an ordinary shot.
  + Backspin:
    - The sphere stops in place when it first lands and the ball
      changes color as it hits.
    - Useful to move the sphere just past the Distortion when it is
      the wrong color.
    - It will get sucked into the distortion if it is close enough
      (may circle the distortion one or more times first).
  + Slice:
    - Slices the sphere in a curve to the right.
      + For example: 
        # If a tree is directly between you and the distortion with
          room to the left of the tree.
          * Slice the shot aiming just barely to the left.
          * It swerves around the tree and to the right.
  + Hook:
    - Hooks the sphere in a curve to the left.
      + For example: 
        # If a tree is directly between you and the distortion with
          room to the right of the tree.
          * Hook the shot aiming a little to the right.
          * It swerves around the tree and to the left.

> Ease of use:
  + Topspin and Backspin are easier.
  + Hook and Slice take a ***lot*** of practice and coordination 
    to use them correctly.
    - And even when you think you've got it, the sphere may do
      something you don't expect.


 Using Advanced Spheda Techniques
> The red dot in the center of the circle can be moved with the
  Direction Key Pad.
  + Your intent is to move the red dot to indicate one of the four 
  + You can move the dot while the Indicator is moviung to the left.

> Action for the four techniques USING THE LEFT ANALOG STICK:

  + Topspin:  Press [Up].

  + Backspin: Press [Down].

  + Slice:    Press [Left].

  + Hook:     Press[Right].

> Process:
  + The same basic method of making an ordinary shot is used with ONE
    extra action.
    - Choose which of the techniques you plan to use.
    - Then press [X] to get the guages.
    - Press [X] again to start the moving indicator.
  + As soon as you press [X] for the second time:
    - Press the left analog stick in the chosen direction.
      # Keep it steady or you could accidently change to a different
      # Then let the Analog Stick go (the red dot should remain where
        you placed it).
    - BEFORE the Indicator reaches the LEFT side, press [X] to set the
      power of your hit. 
  + As the Indicator returns, try to press [X] as close to the center
    of the pink Impact Zone as possible.

> To get the hang of these techniques, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!


**   Spheda Prizes   **

> The first time on any floor where you can play Spheda, you win .what
  is usually a very good prize (listed below, by chapter)
  + You can go back to the same floor.
    - Each time there is another distortion.
    - You can repair the distortion again.
    - Although still worth while (usually), the prize after the first
      will be lesser items.

> Prize List. 
  + The dungeons are listed separately, in Chapter order.
    - The prize is listed by the Dungeon Floor Number (as used in my
      Walkthroughs) andf the floor's title.
    - Some floors are not set up for playing Spheda. 
      # The 'prize' listed for those floors is [None]
  + Four dungeons (2, 3, 4 and 5) have star path exits.
    - You can't go to the star path until you have the Star Key which
      you get in Chapter 6. 
    - For those four dungeons, the Star Path floor prizes are listed
      immediately after the first part, same dungeon:
      # Rainbow Butterfly Wood (Chapter 2) followed by Rainbow
        Butterfly Wood (Chapter 6).
      # Starlight Canyon (Chapter 3) followed by Starlight Canyon 
        (Chapter 6).
      # Ocean's Roar Cave (Chapter 4) followed by Ocean's Roar Cave
        (Chapter 6).
      # Mount Gindor (Chapter 5) followed by Mount Gundor (Chapter 6).
  + The rest of the chapters (1, 7 and 8) have only one section each.

 Underground Channel (Chapter 1) 

   Floor                         |   Prize
  1. To the Outside World        | 2x Treasure Chest Key
  2. Battle with Rats            | 1x Diamond
  3. Ghost in the Channel        | 4x Improved Bomb
  4. Channel Pump Room           |   [None]
  5. Steve's Battle              | 2x Level-Up Powder
  6. Sweet, Scary Treasure Chest | 1x Treasure Chest Key

 Rainbow Butterfly Wood (Chapter 2)

   Floor                         |   Prize
  1. Frightening Forest          | 3x Treasure Chest Key
  2. Strange Tree                | 1x Resurrection Powder
  3. Rolling Shells              | 3x Stamina Drink
  4. This is a Geostone ?        | 2x Level-Up Powder
  5. Noise in the Forest         | 2x Stamina Drink
  6. I'm a Pixie                 | 4x Armband Repair Powder
  7. Legendary Killer Snake      | 4x Gun Repair Powder 
  8. Grotesque Spider Lady       | 3x Gift Capsule
  9. Rainbow Falls Entrance      | 3x Treasure Chest Key

 Rainbow Butterfly Wood (Chapter 6)
> Starting from Rainbow Butterfly Wood Floor 8: 'Legendary Killer 
  Snake' and following the Star Path.

   Floor                         |   Prize
  1. Looking for the Earth Gem   | 3x Gift Capsule
  2. Something Rare Here         | 1x Ama No Murakamo (Sword)
  3. Scary Tree                  | 3x Final Bomb

 Starlight Canyon (Chapter 3)

   Floor                         |   Prize
  1. Headlong Dash               | 1x Ruby
  2. Fire and Ice Don't Mix      | 2x Level-Up Powder
  3. Earth Shaking Demon         | 1x Amethyst
  4. Powerful Yo-Yo Robot        | 1X Topaz
  5. Elephant Army in Valley     | 4x Stamina Drink
  6. Warrior in Starlight Canyon | 5x Wind Stone
  7. Smiling Fairy Village       | 4x Improved Bomb
  8. Dangerous Treasure Chest    | 1x Indestructible Coin
  9. Little Dragon Counter Attack| 2x Level-Up Powder
 10. Cursed Mask                 | 5x Lightning Stone
 11. We're the Roly Poly Brothers| 1x Bull's-Eye Coin
 12. Dragon Slayer               | 1x Poison Coin
 13. Rama Priests like Cheese    | 3x Wind Crystal 
 14. Nature's Threat             | 1x Turquoise
 15. Moon Baron                  | 1x Level-Up Powder 
 16. Lighthouse Appears          | 1x Indestructible Coin


 Starlight Canyon (Chapter 6)
> Starting from Starlight Canyon Floor 11: 'Cursed Mask' and following
  the Star Path.

   Floor                         |   Prize
  1. Looking for the Wind Gem    | 1x Opal
  2. Evil Spirit in the Valley   | 1x Level-Up Powder
  3. Brave Warriors in the Valley| 1x Resurrection Powder


 Ocean's Roar Cave (Chapter 4)

   Floor                         |   Prize
  1. Pirates                     |   [None]
  2. Tons of Fish                |   [None]
  3. Tank and Boss               |   [None]
  4. Water Monster               |   [None]
  5. Scary Auntie Medusa         |   [None]
  6. Sand Molers                 | 5x Stamina Drink
  7. Bat Den                     | 1x Pearl
  8. Pirate Hideout              | 5x Chill Crystal
  9. Wandering Zappy             | 2x Level-Up Powder
 10. Banquet  of the Dead        | 1x Absorption Coin
 11. Improvements                | 5x Treasure Chest Key
 12. Return of the Serpent       |   [None]
 13. Cursed Sea                  |   [None]
 14. Sea of Atrocity             |   [None]


 Ocean's Roar Cave (Chapter 6)
> Starting from Ocean's Roar Cave Floor 10: 'Wandering Zappy' and 
  following the Star Path.

   Floor                         |   Prize
  1. Looking for the Water Gem   | 1x Resurrection Powder
  2. Pirates Revenge             | 5x Treasure Chest Key
  3. Death Ocean                 | 1x Level-Up Powder 

 Mount Gundor (Chapter 5)

   Floor                          |   Prize
  1. Battle With Griffin's Army   | 1x Level-Up Powder
  2. Mt. Gundor Wind              | 5x Treasure Chest Key
  3. Little Dragon on the Mountain| 1x Level-Up Powder
  4. Steam Goyone                 | 1x Resurrection Powder
  5. Mountain Baddie Appears      | 1x Bandit Coin
  6. Red Magmanoff                | 1x Ruby
  7. Danger Zone                  | 2x Mighty Healing
  8. Secret of Fire Mountain      | 1x Amethyst
  9. Deathtrap                    | 1x Topaz
 10. Desperation on the Mountain  | 1x Level-Up Powder
 11. Pains in the Neck            | 1x Indestructible Coin
 12. Walking the Path of Flames   | 1x Resurrection Powder
 13. Burning Undead               | 2x Level-Up Powder
 14. Fire Dragon                  | 1x Indestructible Coin
 15. Treasure Chest Danger Zone   | 1x Sapphire
 16. Road to the River of Flames  | 1x Turquoise

 Mount Gundor (Chapter 6)
> Starting from Mount Gundor Floor 4: 'Steam Goyone' and following
  the Star Path.

   Floor                         |   Prize
  1. Looking for the Fire Gem    | 1x Level-Up Powder
  2. Explosive Hot Spring        | 2x Mighty Healing
  3. Crazy Mountain              | 1x Wealth Coin

 Moonflower Palace (Chapter 7)

   Floor                         |   Prize
  1. Ancient Wind                | 1x Level-Up Powder
  2. Card Warriors Gather        | 5x Treasure Chest Key
  3. Dangerous Treasure          | 5x Holy Stone
  4. Zombie Zone                 | 1x Resurrection Powder
  5. Feeling Out of Place        | 1x Level-Up Powder
  6. Living Statue               | 2x Gold Bar
  7. Danger Zone                 | 1x Emerald
  8. Scary Woman                 | 1x Diamond
  9. Hell Elephant               | 1x Resurrection Powder
 10. Crush the Undead            | 1x Bull's-Eye Coin
 11. Missing Gem Dealer          | 1x Level-Up Powder
 12. Max's Longest Day           | 5x Destruction Crystal
 13. Hell's Corridor             | 1x Level-Up Powder
 14. Monica All Alone            | 1x Level-Up Powder
 15. Raging Spirits              | 1x Resurrection Powder
 16. Lonely Machine              | 5x Lightning Stone
 17. Nobility                    | 1x Resurrection Powder
 18. Palace Watchdog             | 1x Time Coin
 19. Road to Memories            | 4x Double Pudding
 20. Final Trump Card            | 1x Bandit Coin
 21. Elemental Party             | 1x Resurrection Powder
 22. Wandering Knight's Soul     | 1x Level-Up Powder
 23. Beware Carelessness         | 5x Treasure Chest Key
 24. Final Battle                | 5x Holy Stone


 Zelmite Mine (Chapter 8)

   Floor                          |   Prize
  1. Get the Zelmite!             |  1x Healing Coin
  2. Moon Mole                    |  1x Bull's Eye Coin
  3. Powerful Frog                |  1x Potato Pie
  4. Evil Bat Invasion            | 10x Mighty Healing
  5. Crossroads of Destiny        |  1x Garnet
  6. Scary Face                   |  1x Amethyst
  7. Powerful Wild Boar           |  1x Aquamarine
  8. Murderous Tank               |  1x Potato Pie
  9. Which One?                   |  1x Pearl
 10. The Old Woman Saw It         |  1x Fruit of Eden
 11. A Giant Snake                |  1x Peridot
 12. Undaunted Soldiers           |  1x Sapphire
 13. Hell Ward 1                  |  1x Witch Parfait
 14. Road to Truth                |  1x Witch Parfait
 15. Crossroads                   |  1x Moon Stone
 16. Lost Road                    |  1x Level-Up Powder 
 17. Indecision                   |  8x Treasure Chest Key
 18. Little Dragon Army           |  2x Level-Up Powder 
 19. Captain returns              |  1x Fruit of Eden
 20. Hell's Turning point         |  2x Level-Up Powder
 21. Mummy Heaven                 |  1x Stamina Drink
 22. Ward 3 Entrance              |  1x Garnet
 23. Flotsam's Broken Army        |  1x Amethyst
 24. Hell Ward 3 - Wellside Gossip|  1x Aquamarine
 25. Devil Elemental              |  1x Diamond
 26. Mariner                      |  1x Level-Up Powder
 27. Omen                         |  1x Ruby
 28. Ultimate Snake               |  1x Pearl
 29. Anxiety                      |  1x Peridot
 30. Firm Belief                  |  1x Sapphire
 31. Seeping Light                |  1x Topaz


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