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                           NEED FOR SPEED: CARBON
                               - NA VERSION -
                            = COLLECTOR'S EDITION =

                        AUTHOR: PAUL MICHAEL (VHAYSTE®)
                          CONTACT: [email protected]


         -   .---^
   - - - `\>'.|___\~~-.   X + + + + + +  + + +  ++++++++ + + ++++ XX
 - - --  C'   !`     --\       [T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S]
-------- |_(O)=====(O)==P  +++++X X +X+++++ +++ +++ X XX+ X+X+ ++X+ X+ 

     CONTROLS                      --  [ATG000]       
     CREW / WINGMEN - MEET THEM    --  [ATG002] 
     THE CARS                      --  [ATG003]
     THE CARS -- TIERS             --  [ATG004]
     THE CARS -- COMPLETE LIST     --  [ATG005] 
     THE CUSTOMIZATION             --  [ATG006]
     PERFORMANCE TUNING            --  [ATG006-B]
     SAMPLE TUNING                 --  [ATG007]
      HIGH-SPEED SETUP             --  [ATG007-A]
      DRIFTER SETUP                --  [ATG007-B]
      CANYON DUELER SETUP          --  [ATG007-C] 
      TECHNICAL SETUP              --  [ATG007-D]
      BALANCED SETUP               --  [ATG007-E]
     RACES                         --  [ATG009] 
     HEAT, PURSUITS                --  [ATG010]
             BOSS BATTLES          --  [ATG011]
     CHALLENGE SERIES              --  [ATG012]

     CAREER TIPS                   --  [TNH001]
     RACING TIPS                   --  [TNH002]

VI. WALKTHROUGH                    --  [WLK001]
    DOWNTOWN / BUSHIDO             --  [WLK002] 
    KEMPTON / 21st STREET          --  [WLK003]
    TFK    / FORTUNA               --  [WLK004] 
    STACKED DECK / SILVERTON       --  [WLK005] 


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V1.0 - Started Faq: 10:29 AM 3/11/2007
       Finished Faq: 12:20 AM 3/14/2007

  |  '>>`  \   C=;    [ A U T H O R ' S   N O T E] 
   '(O)==== (O)'''  ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Hello readers, and welcome to my guide for the NFS: CARBON, the latest
installment of the NFS Series as the time of writing of this faq. I hope
you enjoyed the game as much as I do. If you are a racing fan, you should
be more than familiar with the ins and outs of this game. Well the purpose
of this faq is to help starters and intermediate players beat the game 
using generic techniques and approach that can be applied to almost all
similar games. This also serves as a part-walkthrough. But generally, I 
am making this to serve as an In-Depth faq.

I am an open person and I hate other writers that don't reply to the emails
of their readers. Please be free to tell me what you think about the faq,
if you have questions, suggestions and other additional info you might
want to add that I haven't included yet, just email me. I will respond to
your email as soon as I check my mailbox out so, thank you in advance.
Any insulting, hate or really incomprehensible emails will be either
ignored or responsed in kind. Oh, I will post those emails as well in my
next updates.

I am a working gamer so I don't expect this guide to be as perfect as the
others you might find on the web. But based on my own experience in the 
game, I tried my best to cover all aspects I can cover.

So, enjoy and goodluck!

~~Paul 'Vhayste'

  |  '>>`  \   C=;    [ A B O U T  T H E  G A M E ] 
   '(O)==== (O)'''  ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Considered as the sequel for NFS: Most Wanted, you play as the same racer
that escaped Rockport and returned to Palmont City where it all started.
Hot on your tail is Cross, the same old nemesis from Rockport. You are to
challenge, defeat different crews around the city, then conquer all 
territories in the city. Bad thing is, your good old BMW has been totalled
so you'll gonna climb up in the ladder using a stock car. Good thing is,
you will not. Choose one of the three pretuned cars to start your career



(L) or D-Pad  -- Toggle between options
 X            -- Accept / Choose selection
 /\           -- Cancel / Back to previous menu


D-Pad Left   - World Map
D-Pad Right  - SMS
D-Pad Up     - Enter Event/Shop
D-Pad Down   - NONE
(L)          - Steering
(R)          - NONE
Start        - Pause Menu
X            - Accelerate
()           - Look Back
[]           - Brake
/\           - Activate Crew Member
L1           - Nitrous
L2           - Shift Down
R1           - Hand Brake
R2           - Shift Up
R3           - NONE
L3           - Speed Breaker


D-Pad Left   - Toggle between options
D-Pad Right  - Toggle between options
D-Pad Up     - Toggle between options
D-Pad Down   - Toggle between options
(L)          - Toggle between options
(R)          - Camera Controls
Start        - Enter shopping cart
X            - Accept / Choose selection/ Tune, edit layer
()           - Look Back
[]           - Add layer/ Help Menu
/\           - Cancel / Back to previous menu
L1           - NONE
L2           - NONE
R1           - NONE
R2           - SHOWCASE
R3           - NONE
L3           - NONE


The game features the option to hire crew members to help you out in your
career. They have the innate ability to add diffrent bonuses in your
career such as additional cash on every win, lower heat levels or even
unlock parts. You can only hire up to 3 crew members at a time, so keep
the members where you benefit the most. Remember, that the crew member's
CAREER BONUS is innate and active as long as he/she is working for you.

In most races, you can team up with your active crew member for a 2-2 
battle. This applies only to SPRINT, SPEEDTRAP, and CIRCUIT Races. (Except
in the last battles.) Other race types, you need to fight on your own. A
crew member winning 1st place is also your win.

Remember to UPGRADE your crew member's cars. You can upgrade them using all
the parts you have unlocked so far... for FREE. You can even ADD layers
(since their Vinyls are unique) of vinyls to make them more part of the 
team. Putting in your crew logo to their cars will add more taste to it.

On the race they are called 'WINGMEN'; a similar term applied to fighter
squadrons where the squadron member is tasked to cover/ assist the flight
lead. There are 3 types of Wingmen.

BLOCKER - This wingman works like a ballistic missile that knocks down 
          opponents . It is very useful when you want to take the lead, 
          you want to buy time or just wanna play dirty. :P

          1. When activating your blocker, it is most effective to make
          sure your blocker is AHEAD its target. Otherwise, he will run
          wild and try to ram the opponent from behind which is unadvisable
          since there is always a large tendency to crash.

          2. The larger crew charge, the powerful the blocker's ram is.
          Activating your blocker at full charge and at the perfect timing,
          can actually disable an opponent for a considerable amount of 

          HIM. This is a general rule if your blocker is in 1st place and
          you are running second and you have the opponents closing in.
          The tendency is that he will brake hard, and wait for the target
          opponent, blocking you as well. 

SCOUT  -  Scouts as the term defines it well, shows you all the shortcuts
          in the track. A shortcut discovered by your scout remains 
          revealed on the map during the duration of the race. And since
          scouts must be ahead of you, they are the earliest and probably
          the cheapest way to win races to unlock performance parts. (Until
          you get the drafters that is.)


          1. Scouts' crew charge are always full. It goes out only after
          a whole lap or after a certain time. 

          2. Do not always follow your scout in tight shortcuts unless you
          are clear. It means you are expecting where to turn, brake and 
          enter; Otherwise, you will hit hard against the railings, stopping
          your car completely.

          3. You can act as a blocker while your scout maintains the lead.
          This is a technique you need to do if you car is still 
          underpowered or just enough to keep up against the opponents.

DRAFTER - Drafters as the name implies, are the wingmen that stays on your
          front to give you a continuous boost in speed, as long as you 
          stay behind them. You can even slingshot past your crew member
          once appropriate speed has been achieved.


          1. Drafters have fast cars by default. Upgrading their performance
          further enhances the monster beneath the hood. 

          2. Drafters when activated, will always try to get ahead of you
          to give you a nice draft, if they are behind you. However, if
          they are already in front of you, they will slow down to wait
          for you to get into position.

          Using this principle, if you are ahead and your drafter is 
          somehow in 3rd or 4th place, just activate him whenever possible
          to get in front of you. 

          3. WATCH out if you are drafting in tight corners. While you're
          behind your drafter, you wouldn't notice that your speed actually
          increases gradually, even past your car's max speed capacity.
          Drafting in that speed will make the car crash during turns.

          4. If your drafter is way ahead of you, act as her blocker. This
          will ensure a sure victory.


Crew Member's Name (Wingman Type/ Specialty)
Race Bonus: This bonus is activated only when you have him in the race
Career Bonus: This bonus is active by default as long as you have the
              crew member hired, until you fire him/her
Acquired: Part of the game where you can hire the crew member

Note: Thier cars are upgraded as you unlock the 2nd or 3rd Tiers. (For 
example Yumi starts out with a Mitsubishi Eclipse GT, but once you fire
her and hire her again, she will have a Subaru Empreza instead.) Crew
members that can be hired in the later part of the game, has already
T3 cars be default (Such as Nikki and Colin)

Neville (Blocker/Fixer)
Race Bonus: Zone Heat doesn't increase.
Career Bonus: Extra $200 per win.
Acquired: At the beginning of the game.

Sal (Scout/Fabricator)
Race Bonus: Winning races detracts attention from the police.
Career Bonus: Unlock Autosculpt bodykits, hoods, and roof scoops.
Acquired: After you aquire a couple sections of Downtown.

Yumi (Scout/Mechanic)
Race Bonus: 25% boost to nitrous.
Career Bonus: 10% discount on parts.
Acquired: After you defeat Kenji of Crew BUSHIDO

Sampson (Blocker/Fixer)
Race Bonus: Extra 10% cash per win.
Career Bonus: Your zones get less attention from the police.
Acquired: After you beat Angie of 21st Street

Colin (Drafter/Fabricator)
Race Bounus: Larger Area for drafting. 
Career Bonus: Unlocks Autosculpt wheels, spoilers, exhausts, and chop tops.
Acquired: After you beat Wolf of Crew TFK

Nikki (Drafter/Mechanic)
Race Bonus: 50% boost to speedbreaker and nitrous.
Career Bonus: 10% discount on car purchases.
Acquired: Before you take on Stacked Deck; after a scene with Darius

MECHANIC -- Gives discounts on car purchases and performance parts

FABRICATOR -- Allows you to Autosculpt diffrent non-performance parts

FIXER -- Gives additional cash on race wins.


The game has balanced out the cars and seperated them into three diffrent
categories, each has its own strength and weaknesses, each has its own
allure to different driving styles. Cars are measured by its TOP SPEED,

TOP SPEED: This is the max speed the car is capable of when cruising at
           max gear. This is very useful for sprint and checkpoint races
           where there are less corners but more straight paths.

ACCELERATION: This is how fast the car attains speed. If your car can
           accelerate from 0-100 KM/h in a few seconds, you have one hell
           of a machine. This is best applied for tight, technical courses
           requiring hard braking and quick exit. Very useful aspect in
           Tight circuit, canyon sprints, duels and drift races.

HANDLING:  This is how good the car responds when you steer it. A good
           handling attribute allows the car to hug the corners without
           losing to much speed, and also allows quick turning without
           throwing the machine off the track.  

TUNERS   ---    These are the most popular and basic cars in the street 
                racing scene. Mostly IMPORTS from Japan, these cars are
                known for their stability and wide array of customization
                options. Great handling and good acceleration makes it
                a good choice for drifters and technical races.


MUSCLES  ---    Muscles are known for their monstrous engines and 
                dominating presence. Considered as the pride of American
                racing, muscle cars are built with speed and acceleration
                in mind. Most popular muscles are classics that are heavily
                tuned, further living up its reputation. The downside is
                that when controlling muscles, you need to countersteer
                a lot, specially when entering corners. The weight of the
                car makes the weight shifting too unstable, which can make
                you lose control if not careful.


EXOTICS  ---    When speaking of Exotics cars, the first thing that enters
                our minds would be those flat, wide and futuristic looking
                designs capable of bursting out of your eyesight. Well, what
                I think about exotics are these are the rich kid's toys. 
                Exotics excel in almost everything, making them basically
                the best cars around. If you have the cash that is...


With that said, I still prefer TUNER cars. I love them better than Muscles
or Exotics. Well, I just love them. :)


Cars and parts are categorized into three different tiers. Remember that
you can only put parts with the same tier as the cars'. 

TIER 1 -- Available at the start of the game. Heavily tuned and upgraded
          Tier 1 cars can still compete against T2 and some weak T3 cars.

TIER 2 -- Available after successfully conquering your first category.
          Much powerful and expensive.

TIER 3 -- The last line of cars with powerful stats out of the box. 
          Customizing these can further enhance your dream machine.


*There is only one car Lot in Palmont.

*Selling your car only nets you HALF OF ITS BASE VALUE. All upgrades will
be gone.

*Cars have only 3 impound strikes each - MAX. Exceeding that will make you
lose your car permanently.


These are the cars you can unlock during your career. Additional cars 
will be available once you completed certain tasks in the REWARDS Cards
and Challenge Series sections. Note that some cars may only be available
in Collector's Edition. (Cars marked with !!)


TUNERS                   MUSCLES                  EXOTICS 
Mazda RX-8          Chevrolet Camaro SS       Alfa Romero Brera
Mazdaspeed 3        Chrystler 300C            Mercedes-Benz CLK 500
Nissan 240 SX !!


TUNERS                   MUSCLES                  EXOTICS 
Mitsubishi Eclipse GT   Vauxhall Monaro VXR       Lotus Elise
Volkswagon Golf R32     Ford Mustang GT           Porsche Cayman S
Renault Clio v6         Dodge Charger SRT         Aston Martin DB9
Mazda RX-7              Dodge Charger R/T         Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG
                                                  Jaguar XK !!


TUNERS                   MUSCLES                  EXOTICS 
Nissan 350Z             Shelby Mustang GT 500     Lamborghini Gallardo
Subaru Impreza WRX-STI  Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda       Ford GT 
Toyota Supra            Dodge Challenger Concept  Lamborghini Murcielago
Lancer Evolution IX MR  Dodge Viper SRT/10        Porsche Carrera GT 
Nissan Skyline R34      Chevrolet Corvette Z06    Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 
                        Chevrolet Camaro Concept!!Koenigsegg CCX!!


Customizing your car comes in diffrent categories. Performance, Autosculpt,
Aftermarket and Visual.


These are the parts that affects your car's overall performance. Instead of 
tiers, they are categorized into STOCK, STREET, PRO and RACING Packages.

STOCK  -- Default parts that came along with the cars. 

STREET -- Basic upgrade package. Improves the car's performance a bit.
          Low Cost

PRO    -- Intermediate upgrade package. Improves the car's performance 
          considerably. Average Cost.

RACING -- Best upgrade package. Improves the car's performance a LOT.
          High Cost.

* Note that if you upgrade your car by package, for example, from STREET to
PRO and from PRO to RACING, you won't get any TRADE-IN discount. You will
still be paying the FULL price of the package. So take note of that to save

* Whenever you can, try to win races with higher upgrade packages. Depending
on your driving and car, a RACING TUNED T1 car can win ALMOST all T2 races
and some T3 races.


PLEASE READ: It is always not enough to upgrade the car to max. According
to the car type and race type, you may need to adjust your performance
parts by tuning them according to what you need. This applies to all car
types. If you want to take an edge, make sure you learn how to tune your
cars properly.


Engines are the fundamental part of cars. Using stock engines are not good,
since even if you have turbos and good transmission, you won't be able to
utilize the full potential of the engine, hence, the car's full power.
Engine tuning allows you to control the engine's powercurve.


1. TORQUE     -- Tuning the engine for torque allows faster acceleration. 
                 Best tuned when fighting canyon duels and drift races

2. HORSEPOWER -- Tuning the engine for horsepower allows you to reach
                 higher top speeds. It usually adds about 15-25 mp/h to
                 your car's default top speed.


Transmission is responsible for delivering the power from the engines.
It also controls the final drive gear ratio.


1. ACCELERATION -- Setting the gears in low ratios allows quicker 
                   acceleration. When paired to a torque tuned engine, 
                   this allows the car to gain high speeds in just a few
                   seconds. Best for courses with a lot of corners.

2. TOP SPEED    -- Setting gears in high ratios will enable the car to
                   reach higher speeds in gear 5 or 6. This contributes
                   as well to the top speed of the car.


Suspension are the shocks and the shafts controlling the car's stability.
It controls how the car enters or exits a turn. Stock suspension usually
can't hold up against the power of the engines and transmission so
upgrading the suspension actually increases all attributes of the car.

Yet configuring the suspension's oversteer or understeer can GREATLY 
affect your driving style. I sugges trying it out first before using it
in an actual race.


1. OVERSTEER -- This makes the car's rear end loose when entering corners.
                You may need to release the pedal (accelerator) for a 
                split second, hold-steer, then step on the pedal again
                to maintain control and speed.

2. UNDERSTEER - This tuning setting will make the front end push when
                entering corners. You can actually make hard turns with
                this setting but correct timing of the brakes may be
                required to perfectly execute that sharp turn.


Adding Nitrous upgrade to your car enables you to get a quick boost or
added power for a brief period of time. 


1. VELOCITY -- Setting your nitrous to prioritize velocity will give you
               a more powerful boost but with less duration.

2. DURATION -- Setting for duration allows gives you lesser boost but
               longer duration.


Upgrading the tires improves overall car response and handling. Adjust 
these settings depending on the race you are entering or your overall
driving style.


1. DRIFT  -- Drift tires allows you to slide through corners. Just note
             that countersteering may be required to control the car's

2. GRIP   -- Grip tires makes the car's handling close to perfect. It
             has good traction which means lesser drift when taking
             corners, less counter-steering and lesser speed loss.


Good brake response and grip is necessary to safely decellerate and take
the turn. It also crucial to have control of the car in case of a spinoff.
Remember that the more powerful the engines are, the better brakes you
should get.


1. REAR BIAS -- This will make the rear brakes and tires to lock up first.
                I discovered this setting works well with an understeered
                car setup. It can allow you to make sharp turns without
                losing significant speed, no hard braking necessary.

2. FRONT BIAS - As the name implies, this makes the front tires and brakes
                to lock up first. This setting is actually good way to 
                start a drift, otherwise, will go well to an oversteered
                car setup. Again, adjust only depending on your driving
                style and approach.


A turbo/ supercharger is a device that is fitter in the engines to take
up air, compress it and blow it within the engine for better combustion,
hence, better speed. Having one of these installed in your car better
enhances your racing edge.


1. LOW RPM -- Setting the charger into low RPM allows it to spool quicker
              but with less kick. This helps a lot if you want 10 second
              car. (Lightning acceleration)

2. HIGH RPM - Setting the charger into high RPM has low spool time but 
              has a greater kick or boost. This gives high speed cars the
              advantage of further leaving the dust behind.


This sections discusses the basic tuning you can use. Remember this is
just to serve as a guide and not a strict rule that you MUST follow. You
are free to experiment with the settings and keep it to yourself if it
works well with your preferred car and driving style.


TIRES:         -- GRIP

NOTE: A no-brainer, this setup is entirely for speed


ENGINE :       -- TORQUE
TIRES:         -- DRIFT

NOTE: This is specially made for drifting events

(CANYON DUELS, SPRINTS, some normal races)

NITROUS:       -- NULL (DUEL) / VELOCITY for sprints
TIRES:         -- GRIP

NOTE: Useful setup in canyon battles

(Courses with more tight, technical corners)

ENGINE :       -- TORQUE
TIRES:         -- GRIP

NOTE: This is entirely for handling and acceleration.


ENGINE :       -- TORQUE

NOTE: This setup can be used in most races. Just make the necessary changes
to fit your driving style and car.


This is where you can make all non-performance related changes to your 
car, basically pimping your ride to make it look more like you. Since it
just takes a quick self explanation, I will just list the menu options.
Remember that some of the unique and cool upgrades can only be unlocked
by completing certain rewards cards and challenge series tasks.


   -- WHEELS
   -- HOODS
   -- EXHAUST TIPS (May require a non-stock rear bumper)


   -- HOODS
   -- WHEELS


   -- PAINT
   -- VINYLS


1. CIRCUIT:  These are races that are held in closed, looping courses.
             Whoever completes the given laps is the winner. Thank 
             goodness, career circuit races are always 2 laps only.
             Crew members can ride with ya.(Except in boss battles)

2. SPRINT:   This uses a one-way course with a defined length. Well, the
             only objective for this race event is to reach the finish
             line (and bury the opposition). Crew members can ride with 
             ya. (Except in boss battles)

3. CHECKPOINT: This is the time-attack version of the game. You need to
             race as fast as you could to reach a checkpoint in a given
             time. Reaching the checkpoint allows you to earn bonus time
             for the next checkpoint. Basically, you will be given enough
             time to clear each checkpoints. Reaching them earlier further
             increases your time bonus for the next checkpoint. If you
             have troubles, that indicates your car is underpowered and
             you either need to upgrade it or replace it. This is the 
             easiest race event in the game. Of course, you will race
             alone in this event.

4. DRIFT:    For some this is hell but for me this is one of the easiest
             events. Too bad there are just a few of them in career mode.
             Drifting basically is all about scoring. Scores are based on
             the SPEED and ANGLE of the drift. Clearing corners increases
             your MULTIPLIERS, which can be maxed to X20. Hitting the 
             walls won't lose you points, only the multiplier won't 
             counted. Braking won't lose you points either but your speed
             bonus will suffer. Drifting slow is possible but scoring
             will be slower. 

             There are two types of Drift events: CLOSED CIRCUIT which is 
             held in wide race circuits. You need to score within two 
             laps. In the track, there will be DRIFT ZONES and BONUS ZONES.
             DRIFT ZONES are the areas between the green line and the red
             line. It means you whatever points you may have accumulated
             starting from the green line to the red line will be totaled.
             The attained scores and multipliers will reset back. BONUS
             ZONES are the areas near the walls. Drifting as close to the
             walls can make your scores go up the charts. 

             CANYON DRIFTING is the second one but this is much challenging
             due to the tight, limited space you have, and the risk of
             hitting the wall. There are no Drift nor Bonus zones here but
             the points are totaled after not scoring for a few seconds.
             After points are totaled, multiplier will reset back, which
             is NOT GOOD since canyon drifts are always one way tracks.
             You need to control your angle and speed to be able to
             clear corners continously, further increasing the multiplier.

5.SPEEDTRAP: The objective of this event is not to reach the finish line
             first but to capture the fastest speed possible when crossing
             a speedtrap. This is a one way course which several speedtraps
             scattered around. Its a general rule to step on the NITROUS
             on a straightline towards the speedtrap to get the highest
             speed possible. All speed readings captured in all speedtraps
             will be totalled at the finish line. After a racer reaches
             the finish line, the other opponents will have a TIME PENALTY
             where every second, some points are deducted from their 
             acquired points.

6. CANYON:   Canyon races come in two types. CANYON SPRINT and CANYON DUEL.
             Canyon sprint will pit you against 3 other racers in the
             treacherous and tight terrains in one of the canyon courses
             in Palmont. Crashing over the canyon is an instant loss.
             You just need to reach the finish line first to win the race.
             CANYON DUELs are often the second part of boss battles. It
             is a two part race. The first part in where you chase your
             opponent. Scoring is based on distance. The closer you are
             to your opponent, the faster you'll earn points. One good
             thing about this is that when you overtaken the opponent
             and he was not able to recover the lead for 10 seconds, you
             will win instantly, without going to the second part.

             The second part is inverted. Your rival will chase you and
             all you need to do is to drive the best you can to keep your
             distance from him. The closer he is, the faster the points
             are deducted from you. If you still have more points at the
             end of the 2nd round, you win. Now if the opponent passes you
             and you dont recover your lead for 10 seconds, you'll lose.

             Crashing will mean instant loss and if the opponent pulls
             too far away from you and you haven't caught up in 10 seconds,
             you'll lose. The same applies if you leave your opponent 


If you played NFS: Most Wanted, you should be familiar with this. The good
thing about Carbon is that you are not required to earn bounties to finish
the career mode. However, you may need to earn them to complete certain
rewards cards tasks.

ZONE HEAT is applied to territories. This represents how much the cops
monitor the area against racers. Racing in areas with high heat level
will increase the risk of having some police bastards joining the race
and will eventually lead to a PURSUIT. Racing in the same area too much
also increases the zone heat.

CAR HEAT is something that is accumulated when you are comitting 
infractions during a pursuit. May it be ramming a police vehicle, evading
arrest, damaging property, they all increase your car's heat level. The
higher the car's heat level, the tougher the force units will be 
dispatched to take you down. Lowering the car's heat can be done by 
changing its appearance or just by simply not using the car for a while.

If you get cornered and you cannot escape, you will be busted. You can
either bail out from prison by paying fines or just having an impound
strike marker on the car. Each car can only have 3 impound markers. If the
same car gets a fourth one, it will be confiscated permanently. If you
lose your last car, it is game over. Increasing the impound markers can
be done only by winning it from bosses.

Evading a PURSUIT requires skill. You need to use PURSUIT BREAKERS,
marked as triangles in the map to disable all police vehicles chasing you
(these can be used to temporarily disable rival racers in a race). If
the pursuing unit has lost sight of you, you will enter COOLDOWN mode. 
If the cooldown meter gets filled up, the police gives up chase and you
escaped successfully. If a police sighted  you during cooldown mode, it
will reset and the pursuit resumes.

Note that during cooldown mode, HIDING SPOTS will be visible on the map.
Hiding on these will make the cooldown meter fill up faster. Remember that
the higher the heat level, the longer the meter will fill up.


The game is about winning races and conquering turfs. A territory is
comprised of several districts. Winning two race events in a district
will successfully capture it. Conquering all districts will prompt the
boss to come out. Successfully capturing districts and territories unlocks
several goodies. 

Boss battles are always two-3 part races. (Except for the last boss).
The first part will be a head to head circuit race, then the second will
be the canyon races. If you have a great car and you drive well, winning
the canyon races against the bosses are simple. Just overtake them and
you'll win. Further details will be discussed in the WALKTHROUGH section
of this faq.

After the battles, aside from the Cash and Unlockables you'll win from
bosses, you will have the chance to choose 2 out of the 6 bonus markers;
2 Unique Parts marker and 4 randomized markers. The greatest prize you
can get will be probably get will be the PINK SLIP. Getting it will earn
you the defeated bosses' car. (Adding insult to injury XD) If you want to
have a collection and you didnt get the Slip, you will need to restart the 
whole race again (as long as you haven't saved yet) and try to get it again.
Well, if you are confident about winning that is...

The bosses' cars are all pretuned. But you can actually enhance them further.
They are also a good backup investment in case you are short in money. Also,
the boss cars' main vinyl cannot be changed. Only new layers can be added.


The challenge series as the name implies, is an optional part of the
game where you need to complete certain challenges from easy (bronze) to
hard (gold) These will unlock cars and parts you can use in quick races
and career. 

Note that the cars provided on the challenge series are the only ones
you can use. Dont worry, those cars are proven to be competitive enough
and balanced to make sure the player uses his driving skill to complete
the task.

Completing certain challenges also unlocks some rewards cards so check it
often to confirm what tasks you can do for the meantime.


Reward cards, like the Challenge Series allows you to unlock very cool
goodies that can be used in career mode also. Each card is seperated into
4 blocks, each block with a task you can complete. If you successfully
completed the tasks, the card will be completed also and you gain the

Some tasks (such as filling your garage with a certain car type) cant be
done with one career playthrough only. You may need to force a GAME OVER
on your end since starting a NEW CAREER will lose all the stuff you worked
hard for. Starting from a GAME OVER will allow you to keep EVERYTHING that
you unlocked, which gives you a lot of advantage when you start your new

         -   .---^
   - - - `\>'.|___\~~-.   X + + + +     + +          + + ++++      XX
 - - --  C'   !`     --\    +[ABOUT THE GAME - TIPS and HINTS]  + +
-------- |_(O)=====(O)==P  +X X +X     +++        X XX+ X       X+ 


* For starters, start with TUNERS. They are user friendly.

* To earn more money, hire Neville and Sampson at the same time.

* When buying performance parts and if you have Yumi, hire her 
(temporarily) and upgrade your car to have the discount. Same goes for
Nikki when buying for a new car.

* Remember that starting a NEW GAME from a GAME OVER will allow you to
keep your unlocked goodies and all your hard worked rewards cards and 
challenges. The only thing is that you start a new game without money or
anything. But hey, you can buy really powerful cars early!

* If you are playing the Collector's Edition (Because this guide is made
for that version of the game) try to complete a Challenge Series event 
that will unlock the Nissan 240 SX. Its a really powerful car that you can
acquire as early as possible. Note that its a T1 car, that costs only
18000 credits. You can even upgrade it to the max early in your career.
This is the car I used to clear 3 territories and some easy T3 races.
If tuned properly, this baby can even overtake KENJI's RX-7, ANGIE's 
Charger and Wolf's DB9 on canyon races!!! Its a great all around car :)

* Shortcuts can either be your friend or foe. Unless you are approaching
clean to a shortcut, dont make so much effort to take them everytime since
you will just get stuck most likely.

* USE PURSUIT BREAKERS whenever you are ahead in the race. Specially if
your rivals are following closely behind you.

* Crew members are your allies! Learn to use them well (refer to the
section above for further tips on using them) and even support them if 
they have the lead.

* Decide what you'll buy or not. Money is hard to earn in this game. Do
not buy anything that fancies you. Remember, when selling a car you will
only get only HALF OF ITS BASE PRICE. All upgrades invested on the car
will be lost. 

* Try to prioritize winning races that unlocks PERFORMANCE PARTS. Not just
performance parts but HI-level parts as much as possible. IF you have 
fitted your car with street upgrade packages, and you later unlock and
want to upgrade to pro or racing packages, THERE WILL BE NO TRADE INS.
You will buy the packages NEW. So its a good idea to stick with your 
fully upgraded car until you notice that it can't keep up anymore.

* If you want extra money, accept crew challenges.

* If you want to test a car's max capability before buying it, you can
go to the MY CARS options in the main menu. Here, you can upgrade and
customize it with all the parts you have unlocked so far.

* Its a good idea to complete the Challenge Series early in your career.
This will give you access to more cool unlockables in career mode.

* As much possible, try to win the easier races first such as the 
checkpoint and sprint races. Try to win territories since they also
unlock upgrades for your car also.

* Its better to wait for Rival crew members rather than to look for them. I
already confirmed that if you stopped (preferably in the middle of the road)
within 1-2 minutes, a rival racer will challenge you.

* Extra impound markers and Getting out for jail Free markers will be the 
most useless bonus markers you can get from boss battles. As much as 
possible, try to get PINK SLIPS and CASH. 


* DRIFTING 101: Alright, Im sure this is where we are having problems. Well,
  we just need to learn how to control the car's weight, since drifting is
  about weight shifting. Here are the basics from performing a basic drift.
  I am still thankful since the drifting controls here are better than in
  technique can be executed by pros.

  1. Accelerate to a corner.

  2. Before entering a corner, release pedal (accelerator), hold while 
     steering to direction of the corner, in a split-second, step on the 

  3. If your car accelerates too fast, just try tapping the accelerator
     to maintain control. This is true for very powerful cars. You dont
     need to be in full throttle when cornering.

     This is basic drifting. The weight of your car is being transferred to
     the rear, focusing the center of gravity. Just try to practice in
     quick races, particularly in closed circuit drift courses.

* SLow IN, Accelerate out: This is true to the saying that "whoever brakes
  first, accelerates first."

  Dont brake hard. Instead, tap the brakes while turning to the corner. 
  For sharp turns, these can be achieved by cars with understeering and
  rear bias brake setups.

  For normal corners, slow down before entry, then hold the accelerator when
  exiting. If you are exiting in a straight path ahead, release the steering
  wheel; this will enable you accelerate faster. Cars accelerate faster 
  in a straight line, not during turning.

* EASY FREEROAM CREW CHALLENGE WINS: yes, we can win almost all crew 
  challenges we get. Here's how.

  1. Stop in the middle of the road, preferably to cause a traffic buildup.
  2. Wait for a crew challenger, accept it. Choose your finish line, 
     it will be better if you are already facing the road to the goal since
     you will be relying on your GPS to lead your way.

  3. Hit your nitrous and take the lead. If you choose a goal with the enemy
     facing the opposite road, he will have a hard time navigating with
     the traffic.

  Note: It is advisable that you select two goals which will serve as your
        point A and B. You'll wait for challengers on each end then just 
        repeat the process mentioned above.

* Team work. Again, Im sure you read this for several times now on this 
faq already. Crew members are not there for decorations. They are there to
make your job easy. If they have the lead, support them. Not try to nudge
them out of the way. A crew member winning the race for you saves you time
from restarting the race in case you lost.

* Nitrous is a great way to stabilize the car. If you find yourself losing
control of the car, blast a couple of seconds worth of Nitrous to straighten
the car. Also, use nitrous when exiting corners. 

* When a car jumps in midair, take off your hands from the accelerator. 
Accelerate after hitting the ground. This prevents you from throwing your
car out of control.

* When following a drafter or scout, do not focus on them but rather focus
on the road. See the tips above in the WInGmEn section for detailed tips 
for your weapons.

* USE PURSUIT BREAKERS even during a race.

* Another way to make a sharp turn is by releasing the pedal, tap the
handbrake while steering to the direction of the corner. If done properly,
you wont lose much of your speed. If not...

* AI Racers care too much about their cars. They are afraid to trade paint
 or hit the wall. Use this tactic to keep them at bay. Try forcing an
 opponent against the wall and he will slow down instead. It wont hurt
 playing hard and dirty some of the time...

* TUNER cars show their speed in corners and tight areas. They can take a 
corner FROM THE INSIDE APEX, which allows them to be catapulted upon exit.
If you prefer GRIP DRIVING, TUNERS are the BEST.

* Muscle cars needs countersteering to maintain control. Countersteering 
is when you steer left to turn right and vice versa. This requires practice
and familiarity with the car.

* Exotics are powerful machines. Do not mistakenly accelerate hard or you 
will find yourself kissing the walls. 

* Overtaking opponents in Canyon duels can be hard but an easy way to win.
Once overtaken, they will desperately try to gain their lead again. Just 
block them off by staying in front of the direction of their headlights.
Just do this for a good 10 seconds and you win.

* ON canyon races, if you are the one being followed, try to concentrate on
how you drive. Do not get distracted by an opponent already tailing you. Just
do your best to maintain a good speed as possible when navigating the 

+ ++ ++++ ++++    +++  ++  ++ ++    .*`|___',~~~,.
[WLK001] W A L K T H R O U G H     |  '>>`  \   C=;
++++ __ =+ + +++ +++ + + ++ ++++    '(O)==== (O)'''

Watch the scene. After a while you will gain control of your good ol BMW M3
GTR, the same car that you just recovered from Razor in Rockport (NFS: Most 
Wanted). An old enemy appears and chases you. Guess what, its Cross.

You will take over the controls. Dont worry about this pursuit, if you get
caught, you can restart or end your career. While escaping, the game takes
control and your precious car gets totalled in a waiting truck.

Watch the next scenes, and Nikki will take you to the car lot with Neville,
your first crew member waiting. Here you need to choose one of the three 
cars. These are pretuned already. However the car you will choose will
affect your starting territory and races.

If you have read the details discussed above, you will know what to choose.
I personally prefer Tuners cause I just love them. If you are still unsure,
you can test drive all of them then decide what to keep.

After deciding what to keep, Neville will join you as your first crew member.
Watch the following scenes and you will be in your first pursuit of the game.
Just evade them and the real game begins.

I will follow the walkthrough for the Tuner class. Do not worry if you choose
the other classes; the only changes are the territories you will first start
with. Just refer to the other territories and bosses for some quick 

            +++ +++ ++++ +++
           XXX  X X    X      XX  XX X  X X  XXX
[WLK002]      D O W N T O W N  P A L M O N T
           XX  XX X X     XXX     XX  XXX X
                         + + +++ + + + ++ + ++++++

For now you will only have access in Mason District. As you win races and
earn reputation, more districts will be available for the taking. Just like
what I mentioned in the Career Tips section above, try to win races that 
unlocks performance parts. Here are the list of races (in no particular order
of availability) in Downtown Palmont.

Mason District (Unlocks: Transmission - Tier 1 Street Package)

 1.Park Drive (Speedtrap)
   Length: 2.7 M
   Unlocks: Nitrous and Tires - Tier 1 Street Package
 2.Main Street (Circuit ) 
   Length: 3.9 M
   Unlocks: Brakes - Tier 1 Street Package
 3.Lincoln Boulevard (Sprint)
   Length: 3.0 M
   Unlocks: Body Kits- Package 1  

Billings District (Unlocks: Brakes - Tier 1 Pro Package)
 1.Lookout Point (canyon Drift)
   Length: 2.2 M
   Unlocks: Flame Vinyls

 2.Mason Street  (Sprint ) 
   Length: 4.4 M
   Unlocks: Turbo - Tier 1 Street Package

 3.Mason Fountain (Speedtrap)
   Length: 3.2 M
   Unlocks: Nitrous and Tires - Tier 1 Pro Package

Kings Park (Unlocks: Engine - Tier 1 Pro Package)

 1.Kings Park (Drift)
   Length: 2.7 M
   Unlocks: Suspension - Tier 1 Pro Package
 2.Devil's Creek Pass (Canyon Sprint)
   Length: 2.5 M
   Unlocks: Nitrous - Tier 1 Racing Package

 3.Garden Boulevard (Circuit)
   Length: 4.8 M
   Unlocks: Transmission - Tier 1 Pro Package

Old Quarter (Unlocks: Misubishi Eclipse GT)

 1.Gold Valley Run (Sprint)
   Length: 3.4 M
   Unlocks: Roof Scoops

 2.Knight Street (Checkpoint)
   Length: 4.2 M
   Unlocks: Hoods- Package 1   
 3.Boss Race vs Kenji 
   Race Type: Circuit, 2 laps; Canyon Duel
   Unlocks: Turbo - Tier 1 Pro Package    

Historic Chinatown   (Unlocks: Engine - Tier 1 Street Package)
 1.Silk Road (Circuit )
   Length: 4.8 M
   Unlocks: Spoilers- Package 1

 2.Kimei Temple (Drift)
   Length: 2.7 M
   Unlocks: Wheels- Package 1

 3.Chinatown Tram (Sprint)
   Length: 5.0 M
   Unlocks: Suspension - Tier 1 Street Package 


Once you conquered all districts, Kenji will challenge you. This will be a 
2 lap circuit race and a canyon duel. Now, if you are able to beat the
challenge series that unlocks the Nissan 240 SX (Collector's Edition only)
then this battle will be easy as pie. 

For Tuners, you will be probably using the RX-8. Remember this, a fully 
upgraded RX-8 is no match or will have difficulty racing against the RX-7.
That is where tuning it makes a difference. Kenji's specialty is technical
courses. His car hugs the corners like a breeze. Not to mention that the RX-7
accelerates like crazy when exiting turns. Try using the TECHNICAL setup
above; with proper driving, you will always have a 2-3 second lead against
Kenji with that setup. Buying a new car is also a good option but not a good
deal with the money.

The circuit race is full of tight corners and there are certain points where
Kenji excels. As much as possible, DO NOT LET HIM TAKE THE LEAD. He will
always try to overtake you from the inside. If he is shouldering you, nudge
him on the wall. He will slow down. When taking corners, don't stray too
much in the outside while turning. If he is just behind you, he will not let
that oppurtunity pass. Take note of the shortcuts as well. He will always
take those shortcuts if possible.

The canyon duel can be challenging as well. Tuners are the perfect machines
for technical racing. Too powerful machines can make you lose control. If
you are confident about your driving, you can always attempt to overtake 
him. Otherwise, just keep as close as possible to the guy.

Fully upgraded Exotics should be okay, so no special notes about it. Muscle
users should save this battle for last. Muscles suffer for their weight,
making them hard to control while maintaining high speed corners. 
Countersteering will always do the trick but it requires practice. Just 
remember the pointers I mentioned above and you should do fine.

Yumi will contact you after the race. Just follow the GPS to meet her and
she will be available for hiring.

            +++ +++ ++++ +++
           XXX  X X    X      XX  XX X  X X  XXX
[WLK003]                K E M P T O N
           XX  XX X X     XXX     XX  XXX X
                         + + +++ + + + ++ + ++++++

The Projects (Unlocks: Ford Mustang GT)

 1.Foundry Road (Speedtrap)
   Length: 2.7 M
   Unlocks: Exhaust Tips

 2.Dover Street (Circuit)
   Length: 7.0 M
   Unlocks: Chrome Paint

 3.Waterfront Road (Sprint)
   Length: 2.7 M
   Unlocks: Spoilers- Package 2   

Morgan Beach (UNLOCKS: Volkswagon Golf R32)

 1.Morgan Beach Offramp (Checkpoint)
   Length: 2.7 M
   Unlocks: Stripe Vinyls
 2.Beachfront (Circuit)
   Length: 5.0 M
   Unlocks: Nitrous and Tires - Tier 2 Street Package

 3.Dover and Lepus (Sprint)
   Length: 3.4 M
   Unlocks: Metallic Paint  

Kempton Holdings (UNLOCKS: Vauxhall Monaro VXR)

 1.Petersburg Dam (Sprint)
   Length: 3.7 M
   Unlocks: Wheels- Package 2

 2.Stonewall Tunnel (Speedtrap)
   Length: 2.3 M
   Unlocks: Brakes - Tier 2 Street Package

 3.Boss Race vs. Angie
   Race Type: Circuit, 2 laps; Canyon Duel
   Unlocks: Dodge Charger R/T

Eskuri Plaza (Unlocks: Suspension - Tier 2 Pro Package)

 1.Eskuri Way (Speedtrap)
   Length: 2.3 M
   Unlocks: Candy Paint

 2.Knife's Edge (Drift)
   Length: 2.4 M
   Unlocks: Hoods- Package 3

 3.Eskuri Plaza (Checkpoint)
   Length: 5.5 M
   Unlocks: Transmission - Tier 2 Street Package

Newport Industrial Park (Unlocks: Engine - Tier 2 Street Package)

 1.Devil's Creek Pass (Drift)
   Length: 2.3 M
   Unlocks: Iridescent Paint    
 2.Newport Trainyard (Speedtrap)
   Length: 3.4 M
   Unlocks: Nitrous - Tier 2 Racing Package

 3.Mission Street (Sprint)
   Length: 3.5 M
   Unlocks: Wheels- Package 4

Again, same general rule. Prioritize winning the easy races you can tackle
and also the ones unlocking the performance parts. For tuners, after 
trampling over Bushido and taking over the Downtown, KEmpton and Fortuna
should be both accessible. I suggest conquering Kempton first since after
defeating angie, you will get to hire Sampson. His career bonus is very
useful (+10% cash for winning races), specially if you want to make the most
profit in your career. Refer to the race list above to know what to take
first. At this time also, I suggest winning some races in Fortuna that 
unlocks greater performance packages.

As usual, make yourself known her and Angie will challenge you.

CAR: Dodge Charger R/T

Again, the circuit race is a 2 lap race. Muscles are monsters of speed and
in straight paths, they can outdistance you with ease. Hence, Angie's chosen
course is a closed circuit with no or little tight turns and plenty of 
smooth, straight paths. THat is where her Charger rules. She can catch up,
and easily leave you behind unless you are careful. Oh and another thing;
Muscles maybe monsters but a hard crash can disable them for a good few

Okay this time, set your car's performance for HIGH SPEED. Tuners have good
acceleration by default so this is no problem. The real challenge here 
probably will be keeping your lead. For some corners, Angie will slow down
which opens the oppurtunity to overtake her. Tuners will have a struggle
keeping up once she has the lead, specially in straight lines. During these
part of the course, BURN ALL YOUR NITROUS to maintain the lead. There are
also some shortcuts in the course so if you have the oppurtunity, take them.

The canyon is where you will have a sure, easy win. Muscles SUCK in canyon 
races. Angie will ALWAYS slow down considerably when entering corners. IF
you are using a tuner or exotic car, overtaking her will be easy.

Try getting her pink slip. If not, its up to you to race again. After the
race, Sampson will offer his service. Meet up with him and hire him. Okay,
we are done now with this territory, lets head up with the next round.

            +++ +++ ++++ +++
           XXX  X X    X      XX  XX X  X X  XXX
[WLK004]               F O R T U N A
           XX  XX X X     XXX     XX  XXX X
                         + + +++ + + + ++ + ++++++

South Fortuna (Unlocks: Lotus Elise)

 1.York Road (Sprint)
   Length: 3.8 M
   Unlocks: Window Tint

 2.Rabinowitz Drive (Checkpoint)
   Length: 5.2 M
   Unlocks: Hoods- Package 2

 3.Ocean View (Circuit)
   Length: 6.9 M
   Unlocks: Suspension - Tier 2 Street Package

Fortuna Heights (UNLOCKS: Renault Clio v6)

 1.Condo Row (Circuit)
   Length: 6.9 M
   Unlocks: Body Kits- Package 2

 2.Agostini Avenue (Sprint)
   Length: 4.4 M
   Unlocks: Turbo - Tier 2 Street Package

 3.Hills Borough Parkway (Checkpoint)
   Length: 7.9 M
   Unlocks: Tribal Vinyls

Hills Borough (Unlocks: Porsche Cayman S)

 1.North Bellezza (Sprint)
   Length: 3.7 M
   Unlocks: Wheels- Package 3

 2.Lofty Heights Downhill (Sprint)
   Length: 3.3 M
   Unlocks: Body Vinyls- Package 1

 3.Lofty Heights Downhill (Drift)
   Length: 2.9 M
   Unlocks: Body Vinyls- Package 2

Palmont University (Unlocks: Transmission - Tier 2 Pro Package)

 1.University Avenue (Checkpoint)
   Length: 4.7 M
   Unlocks: Matte Paint

 2.City Courthouse (Drift)
   Length: 3.0 M
   Unlocks: Spoilers- Package 3

 3.University Way (Circuit)
   Length: 4.6 M
   Unlocks: Body Kits - Package 4 

Ocean View (Unlocks: Brakes - Tier 2 Pro Package)

 1.Million Dollar Drive (Speedtrap)
   Length: 4.6 M
   Unlocks: Nitrous and Tires - Tier 2 Pro Package

 2.Verona Tunnel (Sprint)
   Length: 3.3 M
   Unlocks: Body Kits- Package 3

 3.Boss Race vs. Wolf   
   Race Type: Circuit, 2 laps; Canyon Duel
   Unlocks: Ashton Martin DB9   

You probably have conquered a few good districts or races here on Fortuna
already. Same rules apply; if you already maxed out your T1 or T2 ride,
then you just need to win races until Wolf notices you.

CAR: Aston Martin DB9

The two lap race is both a combination of tight turns and straight, hi-speed
roadways. There are a LOT of deciding shortcuts here that really makes a 
difference. As much as possible, try to take them all. It is okay to 
restart races in case you lost; Wolf loves to take those shortcuts so unless
you are really a good driver with a great car, well you can take the 
generic route and still win. Otherwise, use the pursuit breakers and 
shortcuts as necessary.

The canyon will be easy as well as long as you know the technique. If you 
notice, rival racers always slow down during entry and speed off when
exiting. With tuners, you can be more agressive. Hard brake and turn, you 
can navigate a sharp corner. Staying 'inside' during a smooth turn can also
increase you chances to overtake the opponent. If you have a really souped
up ride, then wolf is like a puppy.

Again, try to get his PINK SLIP for collection's sake; otherwise just
make your selections and proceed with the story.

Colin will notify you about his willingness to join your crew. Meet him up
and you will recieve another call for Darius. Go to the place and watch
the scenes. You will have Nikki as a new crew member as well.

            +++ +++ ++++ +++
           XXX  X X    X      XX  XX X  X X  XXX
[WLK005]              S I L V E R T O N
           XX  XX X X     XXX     XX  XXX X
                         + + +++ + + + ++ + ++++++

Canmor Downs (UNLOCKS: Nissan Skyline GT-R 34)

 1.Blackwell Road (Checkpoint)
   Length: 5.8 M
   Unlocks: Chevrolet Corvette Z06

 2.Deadfall Junction (Canyon Duel)
   Length: 4.4 M
   Unlocks: Lamboghini Murceilago

 3.Canmor Road (Speedtrap)
   Length: 4.0 M
   Unlocks: Turbo - Tier 3 Pro Package


Infinity Park (Ford GT)
 1.Journeyman's Bane (Canyon Duel)
   Length: 3.3 M
   Unlocks: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR

 2.Eagle Drive (Sprint)
   Length: 3.5 M
   Unlocks: Engine - Tier 3 Pro Package

 3.Gray Street (Checkpoint)
   Length: 4.3 M
   Unlocks: Brakes and Suspension - Tier 3 Racing Package

Neon Mile (Unlocks: Toyota Supra)

 1.The Neon Mile (Checkpoint)
   Length: 5.1 M
   Unlocks: Transmission - Tier 3 Street Package

 2.Olympic Boulevard (Speedtrap)
   Length: 3.8 M
   Unlocks: Nitrous and Tires - Tier 3 Pro Package

 3.Desperation Ridge
   Boss Race vs Angie, Kenji and Wolf
   Race Type: Canyon Sprint, Sprint
   Length: 4.6 M
   Unlocks: Brakes and Suspension - Pro Package

   Boss Race vs Darius
   Race Type: Circuit 2 laps, Canyon Duel

Starlight Strip (Unlocks: Subaru Impreza WRX-STI)

 1.Troy (Checkpoint)
   Length: 4.5 M
   Unlocks: Engine - Tier 3 Street Package

 2.North Broadway (Circuit)
   Length: 4.4 M
   Unlocks: Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda

 3.Silverton Way (Sprint)
   Length: 4.3 M
   Unlocks: Turbo - Tier 3 Street Package

Shady Pine (Unlocks: Dodge Viper SRT/10)

 1.Bowen Avenue (Speedtrap)
   Length: 3.5 M
   Unlocks: Lamborghini Gallardo

 2.Paradise Hotel (Circuit)
   Length: 6.4 M
   Unlocks: Nitrous and Tires - Tier 3 Racing Package

 3.Spade Street (Sprint)
   Length: 3.3 M
   Unlocks: Turbo - Tier 3 Racing Package

Diamond Hills (Unlocks: Nissan 350Z)

 1.Starlight Street (Sprint)
   Length: 4.2 M
   Unlocks: Transmission - Tier 3 Pro Package

 2.Deadfall Junction (Canyon Sprint)
   Length: 4.5 M
   Unlocks: Nitrous and Tires - Tier 3 Street Package

 3.Savannah Street (Circuit)
   Length: 6.6 M
   Unlocks: Brakes and Suspension - Tier 3 Street Package

Silverton Refinery (Unlocks: Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren)

 1.Journeyman's Bane (Drift)
   Length: 2.9 M
   Unlocks: Transmission - Tier 3 Racing Package

 2.Brooks Street (Circuit)
   Length: 7.3 M
   Unlocks: Engine - Tier 3 Racing Package

 3.Desperation Ridge (Canyon Duel)
   Length: 4.5 M
   Unlocks: Dodge Challenger Concept

As the last territory in the game, this area holds the really good racers
and good races. Just stick with your good ol ride, finish some checkpoints
to earn some cash. For the hardest races, you need to have a powerful T3
car to ride so decide carefully what you will buy. I seriously tackled the
game with pure TUNER cars only and it was hard keeping up with those exotic
maniacs in Silverton. But I still kicked thier ass anyways.

So, back in the subject, win races to open up new areas; just win two races
at a time in a single district to conquer it and unlock a goody. Good T2
rides can still keep up with these races so stick with em until you find
yourself being left in the dust. Try getting the Racing Packages instead of
installing Street Packages then just upgrade to Racing Packages.

Alright, the last battles will be long so make sure you choose the most
powerful car you can get and tune it properly. I prefer finishing all
the other races first before battling the last races... 

This will be a 3-1 battle. You against Kenji, Wolf and Angie.



Basically their tactics are still the same. Angie loves burning rubber 
whenever she has the chance, Kenji hugs corners beautifully and Wolf
always looks for and takes shortcuts.

First battle is a Canyon Sprint. Try to get ahead of the fellas by burning
some Nitrous during launch. Hold your lead by taking the corners smoothly.
If you managed to reach this part of the game, I am confident that you 
can take care of yourself. This track is not that long so just don't let
WOLF take the lead. He poses the greatest threat here....

Next, is a long sprint in the city. There are some shortcuts here and rest
assured, Wolf will take them. Now, if you managed to keep the lead without
any problems during the canyon sprint, then you should be able to handle
this race without any issues. Now, try to use the Pursuit Breakers to your
advantage. Disabling them for a good few seconds is enough to secure your 

Now the real battle against Darius starts...

After some brief showoff, you will need to win a 2 lap circuit race. There
will be shortcuts and believe me, his Audi handles the corners beautifully
and it really streaks on straight paths. Darius will take shortcuts
occasionally but taking them for your own advantage doesnt sound wrong
either. Just drive fast and safe. Nudging him against the wall or railing
during a turn is a very effective way to keep him from overtaking you.
This is just a short race so make sure you maintain your lead.

Alright, the last battle.

A canyon duel in one of the most unfriendliest canyon track in the game. Just
great. Overtaking Darius is still possible but this race is where the car
and the driver needs to be really good. There will be a lot of turns
and absolutely no Nitrous. All of your car's parts will be put to the 
extreme test and your skills  as well. It took me several attempts to win
this race using my Evolution IX but it took just a few moments using any
fully tuned T3 exotics. There is always an oppurtunity to overtake him
during corners since his INSIDE is always open.

One advance overtaking strategy is to stay close to him and when he slows
down and turns, just release pedal (dont brake), allow your car use his car
as a railing to steer in the corner's inside lane, then accelerate. 

Another way is to tail him as much as possible (similar to drafting) then
when he slows down to enter a corner, speed in, turn, then speed out.

Just hold your lead for a good 10 seconds after overtaking him and you win.
If you managed to follow him all the way through the finish line and it is
your turn to be pursued, stay FOCUSED on the road and not on how to lose him
immediately. AI racers are very good racers so just concentrate on 
maintaining a good distance as much as possible.

"There is always somebody faster than you out there"....

That will Darius' last words after getting smoked by you. Watch the next
scenes, and congratulations for finishing the game. You can save your
progress. After that, you can finish the remaining challenge series events
or perform the other rewards cards tasks.

Or... if you want to start a new game, and want to retain your hard-earned
rewards or unlockables, sell all your cars except one. Then get busted
intentionally till your last car gets impounded permanently. This will
result to a Game Over and you can start a new game using a diffrent car
class while retaining what you have done already.

         -   .---*         + +++XX +X+ +X+ ++ +++++X ++X X
   - - - `\>'.|___\~~-.
 - - --  C'   !`     --\           [C R E D I T S]
-------- |_(O)=====(O)==P   ++++     + + +   ++X+X+ +X  X ++++++++X


....first of all to YOU for reading. I hope this faq has helped you. all the gaming sites that hosted my authored faqs. I really 
appreciate it. Specially to the people of

....also to all the Filipino gamers that are actively participating and
contributing, helping their fellow gamers alike. my friends and family.


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