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~ PLAYERS: 1-2
~ ESRB RATING: 'M' - for MATURE (Blood & Gore, Intense 
  Violence, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs) 
~ CONSOLE: Sony Playstation 2 Computer Entertainment System
~ PUBLISHER: Rockstar Games (New York)
~ DEVELOPER: Rockstar North
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>> PLEASE NOTE: Before you contact me for questions, read 
   the table of contents first!

AUTHOR: azn_gangsta
CONTACT E-MAIL: [email protected]

~ Date Created: January 15, 2005
~ Date Posted: January 17, 2004
~ Last Updated: January 29, 2005

I added the Badland and San Fierro missions to the table of 
contents. I'm still not quite done with the Odd Jobs and the 
rest of the game yet, but I will keep updating whenever I 
get the chance.

A note to all the readers who are reading this now: As you may 
notice, I'm not quite finished with the table of contents and 
some missions yet. Right now I'm trying to go back and play 
every mission/odd job in the game so I know exactly what to 
type so you can get a clear guide through those missions. 
Thanks for being patient with me.

I just added the rest of the Los Santos missions, and I'm typing 
like mad to finish the Badlands missions. I also added a list of 
the radio stations and thier playlists in the Rockstar Docs area 
(look in the T.O.C.) Enjoy until then!

I have been getting A LOT of emails about Zero's missions... 
I haven't even gotten to type those missions out yet! Well, 
for those who are frustrated with those missions, just remember 
to stay calm. It may take you a couple tries (took me like 10 
tries). Anyways... I finished the Badlands missions today. I'm 
typing out the San Fierro missions as you read this. Patient, 
young gangbanger!

Just updated the table of contents and some San Fierro 
missions a bit. If I get done with the San Fierro missions 
early, then I will add some odd jobs to the mix. Next
update: Monday, January 24.

Sorry about not updating on Saturday. I was supposed to, 
but my connection was really slow after a huge snow storm 
came. Took me a half an hour to load up the Cheat Codes
main page. >_< Next update: Tuesday, January 25.

I've updated some of the San Fierro missions. Since Zero's 
missions are the most asked for, I added them right after 
the Carl Johnson missions.

This was a web update - oops, forgot to write the update 
the file on my computer.

*01/27/04 - 01/29/04*
I finished the Loco Syndicate missions. I'm finishing up 
Woozie's missions and the Cesar/CJ's Cars missions. I'll 
be updating January 31 with all the San Fierro and most
of the Desert missions typed.
x    T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S     x

To make it easier, I put in codes for you to find the 
mission/section easier. On your computer, press [CTRL + F] 
for the find dialogue and enter the code you want to find, 
and press 'Find' or 'OK'.



I.......THE BASICS (0004)
	1......Game & Cover Preface (0004-1)
	2......100% Completion Guide (0004-1-2)
	3......The Stats (0004-2)
	4......Weapons (0004-3)
	5......Cars, Bikes, etc. (0006)
	6......Complete List of Vehicles, etc. (0006-1)

	1......In The Beginning (0018)
	2......Big Smoke (0019)
	3......Ryder (0021) 
	1......Tagging Up Turf (0022)
	2......Cleaning the Hood (0024)
	3......Drive-Thru (0025)
	4......Nines and AKs (0027)
	5......Drive-By (0028)
	6......Sweet's Girl (0029)
	7......Cesar Vialpondo (0031)
	8......High Stakes, Low-Rider (0032)
	1......Home Invasion (0034)
	2......Catalyst (0035)
	3......Robbing Uncle Sam (0037)
	1......OG Loc (0038)
	2......Running Dog (0040)
	3......Wrong Side of the Tracks (0041)
	4......Just Business (0042) 
	1......Life's a Beach (0044)
	2......Madd Dogg's Rhymes (0045)
	3......Management Issues (0047)
	4......House Party (0049)

	[THE *C.R.A.S.H.* MISSIONS] (0050)      
	1......Burning Desire (0050)            
	2......Gray Imports (0052)	        
	1......Doberman (0054)
	2......Los Speculcros (0056)

	1......Reuniting the Families (0058)
	2......Green Sabre (0060)


	1......Badlands (0064)
	2......First Date (0066)
	3......Tanker Commander (0067)
	4......Body Harvest (0068)
	5......King in Exile (0070)
	6......First Base (0070-1)
	7......Aginst All Odds (0071)
	8......Gone Courting (0072)
	9......Local Liquor Store (0073)
	10.....Made in Heaven (0074)
	11.....Small Town Bank (0075)
	12.....Wu Zi Mu (0076)
	13.....Farewell, My Love (0077)
	14.....Are You Going to San Fierro? (0078) 


	1......Wear Flowers in Your Hair (0087)
	2......555 WE TIP (0089)
	3......Deconstruction (0090)

	1......Air Raid (0107)
	2......Supply Lines (0108)  
	3......New Model Army (0109)	
	1......Photo Opportunity (0092)
	2......Jizzy (0093)  
	3......T-Bone Mendez (0095)
	4......Mike Toreno (0096)
	5......Outrider (0098)
	6......Snail Trail (0099)
	7......Ice Cold Killa (0101)
	8......Pier 69 (0102)
	9......Toreno's Last Flight (0103)
	10.....Yay Ka-Boom-Boom (0105)	

	1......Mountain Cloud Boys (0111)
	2......Ran Fa Li (0112)  
	3......Lure (0114)
	4......Amphibious Assault (0115)
	5......The Da Nang Thang (0118)
	1......Mountain Cloud Boys (0220)
	2......Ran Fa Li (0222)  
	3......Lure (0223)
	4......Amphibious Assault (0224)	


	1......Monster (0208)
	2......Highjack (0209)  
	3......Interdiction (0210)
	4......Verdant Meadows (0212)
	5......Learning to Fly (0213)
	6......N.O.E. (0214)
	7......Stowaway (0216)
	8......Black Project (0217)
	9......Green Goo (0219)
- ODD JOBS (ODD-1)   

 All required odd jobs will have [REQUIRED] next to them in 
 the table of contents.

	1......Vigilante (ODD-1-2)		
	2......Burglary (ODD-1-3)	  
	3......Firefighter (ODD-1-4)    
	4......Paramedic (ODD-1-5)
	5......Pimping (ODD-1-6) 
	6......Taxi Driver (ODD-1-7)
	1......Driving (S-3451)
	2......Pilot (S-3455)  
	3......Boat (S-3456)
	4......Bike (S-3458)
	5......Shooting (S-3459)
III......2-PLAYER MISSIONS (2P-178)		
	1......Los Santos: RAMPAGE (2P-172)
	2......Red County: BIKE (2P-173)  
	3......San Fierro: VEHICLES (2P-174)
	4......Desert: HELICOPTER (2P-175)
	5......Las Venturas: PEDESTRIANS (2P-176)
	1......Los Santos (2P-R72)
	2......Las Venturas (2P-R73)  
	3......Girlfriends (2P-R74)
	4......San Fierro (2P-R75)
	5......Desert (2P-R76)
	6......Red County (2P-R77)	
V.......STORES, GYMS, ETC. (SG-E12)
	1......Clothes Stores (SG-E13)
	2......Barber Shops (SG-E14)  
	3......Resturants (SG-E15)
	4......Basketball Games (SG-E16)
	5......Dancing Clubs (SG-E17)
	6......Tattoo Shops (SG-E18)
	7......Casinos (SG-E19)
VI......GIRLFRIENDS (G-9021)

	1......Denise Robinson (G-90213)
	2......Helena Wankstein (G-9020)  
	3......Katie Zahn (G-90212)
	4......Michelle Cannes (G-90214)
	5......Barbara Schtervnart (G-90215)
	6......Millie Perkins (G-90216)			 	

	1......The Cast (ASX-1-35)
	2......The Radio Stations & Playlists (ASX-1-50)
x     	     T H E   B A S I C S    	   x	(0004)


 Using cheat codes in the game can hurt your saved game at any 
 time. I reccommend not using any cheat codes in this game. 	

1.......GAME COVER & PREFACE (0004-1)

Taken from the game's cover:
 Five years ago Carl Johnson escaped from the pressures of 
 life in Los Santos, San Andreas, a city tearing itself apart 
 with gang trouble, drugs and corruption. Where filmstars and 
 millionaires do their best to avoid the dealers and gangbangers.

 Now it's the early 90s. Carl's got to go home. His mother has 
 been murdered, his family has fallen apart and his childhood 
 friends are all heading towards disaster. On his return to 
 the neighborhood, a couple of corrupt cops frame him for 
 homicide. CJ is forced on a journey that takes him across 
 the entire state of San Andreas, to save his family and to 
 take control of the streets.
2.......100% COMPLETION (0004-1-2)

 - Pass all missions and required odd jobs
   * This includes all of the following:
     * All storyline missions
     * All race challenges (BMX, Chiliad, lowrider, etc.)
     * All race tournaments
     * All quarry missions
     * All driving schools (car, bike, boat, pilot, and shooting)
     * All stadium events (valet, kickstart, etc.)
     * All vehicle [R3] missions (vigilante, taxi driver, etc.)
 - Tag over all 100 gang tags
   * This includes all of the following:
     * All Los Santos gang tags (100)
 - Collect all 50 photo ops
   * This includes all of the following:
     * All San Fierro photo ops (50)
 - Collect all 100 horseshoes
   * This includes all of the following:
     * Las Venturas horseshoes (100)
 - Collect all 50 oysters
   * Los Santos/Red County oysters (15)
   * San Fierro/Badlands oysters (19)
   * Las Venturas/Desert oysters (16)

Horseshoes & Oysters collection:
 - Collecting all the horseshoes raises your overall luck
 - Collecting all the oysters raises your overall sex appeal

3.......THE STATS (0004-2)

Important Skills:
 First off, let me start off by explaining the statistics 
 that are tied into the game. San Andreas has a system that 
 you need to keep track of in order to keep Carl in shape 
 and in order.
 Press & hold [L1] to view Carl's Stats.

 Respect is what you gain when you progress throughout the 
 game. From what I've noticed, you can gain respect from 
 the clothes you wear, how much fat you gain/lose, and how 
 much gang areas you take over. I'm sure there are more,
 but you have to figure that out yourself. There are some 
 obvious things you could do to raise your total respect. 
 For instance, try killing a few rival gang members or a 
 drug dealer. You lose respect if one of your gang members 
 gets killed or if you lose a territory. You also need respect 
 to recruit gang members. 
 *NOTE* To recruit a gang member, walk up to anyone that is 
 wearing a green shirt and press [D-PAD UP]. You will get a 
 confirmation message on the screen, and your gang strength 
 meter. The higher the meter, the more powerful your gang 
 (Grove St. Families) is.

 This stat represents CJ's sprinting ability. Basically,the 
 more stamina you gain, the longer CJ can sprint without getting 
 tired. *NOTE to gain stamina, run or sprint for  a long time (it 
 will go up very slowly) or visit a gym and workout on a treadmill 
 or bike.

 This stat represents how much muscle CJ has. To gain muscle, 
 either sprint or run for a LONG time, or just head over to a 
 gym and workout in either the dumbbells or the benchpress. 
 *NOTE that this also contributes to his sex appeal and total 

 This stat represents CJ's total fat. *NOTE that if CJ gets too 
 fat, he can't sprint or run fast, and it lowers his sex appeal 
 by, oh, let's see... a lot... Also, some of CJ's girlfriends 
 like some fat, so be sure to visit the Burger Shot or Cluckin' 
 Bell before you go on a date with one of them (particularly 
 Barbara)... =/

 The more sex appeal you have, the more the pedestrains will talk 
 to you. In order to hold on to a girlfriend, you must have a lot 
 of sex appeal. Muscle and respect, as well as your haircut and 
 clothes contribute to this stat.
Remember the taxi cab feature in Vice City? The taxi that always
appears outside the hospital or police department when you get
busted or wasted? That's been replaced with a feature called
Trip Skip. Press [D-PAD RIGHT] to activate Trip Skip (only in
certain missions). 
4.......WEAPONS (0004-3)

Weapon Skill-
 There are times when you use your Pistol or any other gun, a 
 message appears saying that you just reached a new skill level. 
 The levels are Gangster, Hitman, and Double Weapon Hitman. When 
 you gain a new weapon skill, it improves your accuracy and rate 
 of fire, plus you can strafe while using it.
 GTA now has a new targeting system. Press [R2] to target a human 
 only when you do not have a weapon ready. Press [R2] to target 
 with a weapon for more accuracy. When you target, notice that 
 the arrows change colors. When targeting a human, it changes 
 from green to yellow to red and finally to black; black 
 representing that you've killed him.
5.......CARS, BIKES, ETC. (0006)

Entering and Exiting a Vehicle-
 Press [TRIANGLE] to enter and exit. 

Controlling a Vehicle-
 Press the following:
 [X] to accelerate
 [SQUARE] to brake
 [R1] to activate the front brake
 [SELECT] to change views (first-person, cinematic, third-person)
 [R3] to activate side missions (if available in car)
 [R3] to honk
 [L2] & [R2] to look left & right
 [L2 + R2] to look behind you 
 [L2 + L1/CIRCLE] fire at your left
 [R2 + L1/CIRCLE] fire at your right
 [D-PAD UP/DOWN] to change radio stations

Controlling a Vehicle with Hydraulics-
 [L3] Raise or lower your car
 [RIGHT ANALOG STICK] Bounce your car

Car Odd Jobs-		(ODD-1-1)
*NOTE* these odd jobs are required for 100% game completion!
 You can activate odd job missions in the following cars:
 Vigilante:		(ODD-1-2)
  >> Beat level 12 and you will boost your max armor to 150.
  >> Cars that accept vigilante missions: Police, FBI Rancher, 
     Rhino, S.W.A.T. Van

 Burglary:		(ODD-1-3)
  >> Gain $10,000 from stolen items and you will gain that 
     cash everytime you perform a burglary.
  >> Cars that accept burglary missions: Boxville Van (Black)

 Firefighter:		(ODD-1-4)
  >> Beat level 12 and you will become fireproof.
  >> Cars that accept firefighter missions: Fire Truck

 Paramedic:		(ODD-1-5)
  >> Beat level 12 and you will boost your max health to 150.
  >> Cars that accept paramedic missions: Ambulance

 Pimping:		(ODD-1-6)
  >> Beat level 10 and you will earn money when you entertain 
     your prostitutes.
  >> Cars that accept pimping missions: Broadway

 Taxi Driver:		(ODD-1-7)
  >> Complete 50 fares and you will unlock the nitro on all 
     Taxis and Cabbies.
  >> Cars that accept taxi driver missions: Taxi, Cabbie 				


Find these cars, bikes, airplanes, etc. at Transfenders and 
ArcAngels. Some of them you have to unlock (complete a challenge 
or mission) to use. *NOTE that there are some cars you have to 
jack to use (i.e. a Police car, Fire Truck) 	

Thanks to Nate for this complete list of cars and bikes (WOW)!*

* see code (SPCL-3655)

* Elegant		* Admiral		* Virgo		       	
* Tampa                 * Huntley               * Sentinel
* Stallion		* Stafford		* Previon		
* Picador               * Comet                 * Nebula
* Manana		* Majestic		* Hustler		
* Hermes                * Uranus                * Glendale
* Fortune		* Feltzer		* Esperanto		
* Club                  * Flash                 * Sadler
* Cadrona		* Buccaneer		* Bravura		
* Blista Compact        * Clover                * Moonbeam
* Alpha			* Solair		* Romero		
* Regina                * Vincent               * Berkley's RC Van
* Rancher		* Perennial		* Landstalker		
* Infernus		* Hotring Racer		* Hotknife			
* Cheetah		* Bullet		* Banshee		
* Sultan		* Stratum		* Jester		
* Elegy			* Sabre			* Phoenix		
* Buffalo		* Willard		* Washington		
* Tahoma		* Sunrise		* Stretch		
* Primo			* Premier		* Oceanic		
* Merit			* Intruder		* Greenwood		
* Euros			* Emperor		* Tug			
* Pony			* Newsvan		* Mower			
* Forklift		* Burrito		* Bobcat		
* Yankee		* Tractor		* Tanker		
* Roadtrain             * Baggage               * Camper
* Packer		* Mule			* Mr. Whoopee		
* Linerunner	        * PCJ-600               * Bandito
* Hotdog		* Flatbed		* Dune			
* Dumper                * Faggio                * Savanna
* Dozer			* DFT-30		* Combine Harvester	
* Cement Truck          * BMX                   * Yosemite
* Boxville (Black)	* Boxville		* Benson		
* ZR-350                * Monster               * Coastguard
* Windsor		* Turismo		* Super GT		
* Wayfarer		* Sanchez		* Pizzaboy		
* NRG-500		* Freeway		* FCR-900				
* BF-400		* Mountain Bike		* Lowrider Bike					
* Vortex		* Sandking		* Quad					
* Mesa			* Kart			* Journey			       
* Caddy			* Bloodring Banger	* BF Injection				
* Voodoo		* Tornado		* Slamvan		
* Remington		* Broadway		* Blade			
* Walton		* Police Maverick	* News Choppper	       
* Nevada                * Marquis               * FBI Truck
* Maverick		* Leviathan		* Hunter		
* Dodo                  * Ambulance             * Squallo
* Cropduster		* Cargobob		* AT-400	       
* S.W.A.T.              * Taxi                  * RC Goblin
* Securicar		* Rhino			* Ranger	       
* Police                * Cabbie                * Seasparrow
* Patriot		* HPV1000		* Fire Truck 		
* FBI Rancher		* Enforcer		* Barracks		
* Utility Van		* Trashmaster		* Towtruck		
* Sweeper		* Freight		* Coach			
* Bus			* Brown Streak Engine	* RC Tiger		 
* RC Baron		* RC Bandit		* Tropic		
* Speeder 		* Reefer		* Predator		
* Launch		* Jetmax		* Dingy			
* Stuntplane		* Sparrow		* Shamal			
* Rustler		* Raindance		
x          L O S   S A N T O S    	   x	(0012)
>> [IN THE BEGINNING]- (0018)*

* see code (SPCL-3656)

1......In The Beginning (0018)
Difficulty: 1/10

OK, so I begin here. Please remember I don't intentionally try 
to spoil parts of the game, so cut me some slack. I'll try to 
keep the story out of the guide.  

After the beginning cut scene, you begin in an alley under 
Ballas Territory (your rival gang). You don't have anything 
to defend yourself with (oh, crap), but you do have a bike.
Hop on the bike with the blue marker over it [Press TRIANGLE] 
and head to your house (the yellow dot on the map). Just follow 
the on-screen directions and you'll do fine. Now, get off the 
bike and walk into the red marker. Congrats, you just passed the
first mission!

2......Big Smoke (0019)
Difficulty: 1/10 

After the cut scene, you start the second mission. Just follow 
Sweet and the gang... stay close. The Ballas will attack you if 
they see you, so keep pedaling until you reach your destination. 
When you reach the Mulholland Intersection, Sweet tells you to 
follow Ryder... so follow him! When you get to your destination, 
listen to what Ryder has to say. It is important for the rest of 
the Los Santos missions that you do.

REWARD: Respect +
3......Ryder (0021)
Difficulty: 1/10

Remember what I just told you? Here, you have to do it. Drive 
to the barber shop and walk into the yellow arrow near the door. 
Get yourself a decent cut because Ryder will be waiting outside 
to comment on your new cut. Also note that it contributes to your 
overall sex appeal stat... Ahem...

After you visited the barber shop, head across the street for some 
pizza. The food ranges from $2-10... don't forget about the fat stat! 
When you are done eating, Ryder gets up and puts a gun to the cashier. 
But he has one too, so all you have to do is get the hell out of there! 
He'll chase yu down, so once you get outside and back into Ryder's car, 
run him over or something (that's what I did). Now, head to Ryder's 
house (the yellow dot on the map). Mission completed.

Cell Phone Call-
 You will get a cell phone call from Sweet when you're done. Press 
 [L1] to answer a cell phone call. I suggest you listen to all cell 
 phone calls because it's crucial to the main storyline.

REWARD: Respect +

>> [THE *SWEET* MISSIONS] (0022)

1......Tagging Up Turf (0022)
Difficulty: 2/10

Now this is one easy mission. You begin by walking into the 
red marker on the [S] icon on the map. Sweet wants you to help 
spray over rival gang members' tags so the Grove St. Families
get their respect back. Head out to Idlewood in Sweet's car and 
follow the on-screen directions on how to spray over the tags. 
Ballas tags are usually purple, so keep note of that. After the 
first tag, there are three more you need to spray over (marked 
with green dots on the map). The second one is on a building 
with a huge chick painted on it. 

The third one is in an alleyway, and guess who's standing near 
it? Two Ballas are hanging there, so take them out with the spray 
can (Press and hold [R1] target, then press [CIRCLE] to use the 
can as a weapon). 

Once they are dead, spray over the tag and find the next one. 
This one is harder to find because it's on top of a building. 
You have to climb fences and platforms to get top the top. 
Climb the first fence (a small one) (Press [SQUARE] to climb), 
and head over to the larger fence and climb over that one, too. 
Turn left and you'll see a platform on the side of the building. 
Climb that and then keep going up until you're at the top. The 
tag is on a wall to your east. When you're done, head back to 
Sweet's house to complete the mission. 

Cell Phone Call-
 You get a call from someone warning you not to leave Los Santos.
REWARD: Respect +  /  Spray Can  /  $200
ODD JOB: Tagging (There are 100 total tags /  REQUIRED FOR  
                                              100% COMPLETION
2......Cleaning the Hood (0024) 
Difficulty: 2/10 

Walk into the red marker at Sweet's house to begin mission two. 
Ryder wants you to visit B-Dup. Find a car and go to the yellow 
dot on the radar. Watch the cut scene. After, CJ and Ryder want 
to get rid of the crack dealers that are selling drugs to members 
of the Grove St. gang. Get back into the car and drive to the red 
dot. See the dealer? He has a red arrow over him. Kill him before 
he runs away! *NOTE killing drug dealers can add to your total 
respect. All dealers have closed hands, so keep a lookout. They 
got a load of cash, too.

Cell Phone Call-
 You get a call from a police officer... ordering CJ to 'stay in town'.

REWARD: Respect +
3......Drive-Thru (0025)
Difficulty: 3/10 

Head back to Sweet's house to begin mission three. Big Smoke is 
hungry, so guess who is going to drive the family to eat... CJ. 
Drive to the Cluckin' Bell (the yellow dot on the radar) and drive 
through the red marker. When your order is ready, you see a purple 
car some your way... It's the Ballas and they planted a drive-by on 

Chase down the gang's car and pull up beside them. Everybody 
but Big Smoke starts shooting out of the windows, so try to stay 
aside with thecar. Be aware that they shoot back too, to be careful. 
If some Ballas escape when the car gets on fire, run them over before 
your car gets on fire, or get out and shoot them (if you have a gun).

When they are all dead, drive Sweet back to his house, and then drive 
Big Smoke back to his.

Cell Phone Call-
 Sweet has some pointers he'd like to share with you... listen carefully.
REWARD: Respect +  /  $200
ODD JOB: Gyms (First time the gym is introduced to the gameplay)
4......Nines and AKs (0027)
Difficulty: 1/10   

This is a fairly easy mission. You'll learn how to fire a Pistol. 
Head back to Sweet's crib and walk into the red marker. Sweet 
wants you and Smoke to meet Emmet. After the cut scene, you can 
practice shooting the pistol. After you're done, you can get a 
free Pistol everytime you visit Emmet's house anytime. Yay!
Drive Big Smoke home. Listen to what Smoke is talking about 
on the way. 

Cell Phone Call-
 If you didn't get some green clothes yet, better get to it now. If you 
 don't wear green, you gain no respect and you won't be able to recruit 
 gang members for future missions. Guess what? You're done with this 
REWARD: Respect +  /  Pistol
5......Drive-By (0028) 
Difficulty: 3/10  

Once again, walk into the red marker at Sweet's house. When you begin 
the mission, Sweet, Ryder, and Smokeare in the car. Get in and drive 
them to Ballas territory (the yellow dot on the map). Now it's getting 
serious. Drive into the red marker and Sweet tells you to stay focused 
on driving and let them do the shooting. Red dots are Ballas. Do a 
drive-by everytime you see a red dot.

>> Damage Meter: Don't let it go down, or you'll fail the mission.

If you have a machine type gun, you can help your family too. Just 
press and hold [L2] or [R2] to look left or right and press [L1] or 
[CIRCLE] to shoot. When you're done wasting the Ballas, go to the 
Pay n Spray (the green spray icon on the map). Then drive back to 
Grove St. territory. Mission: Complete.

REWARD: Respect +  /  $500
6......Sweet's Girl (0029)
Difficulty: 4/10   

Walk in the red marker at Sweet's house to begin. Sweet calls you to 
tell you that he's pinned down by the Seville Blvd. Families. If you 
don't have a gun, Sweet says to pick one up at Emmet's. Drive to the 
red dot on the map. See the gang members with arrows over their heads? 
Cap 'em. Do a drive-by or get out of the car, shoot and take cover. 
There are a lot of enemies, so be as fast as you can. *NOTE that 
Sweet's health meter appears on screen. Hurry, dude! Find a car that 
has four doors (for CJ, Sweet, and his girlfriend). There should be one 
around the area. Pick up Sweet and drive back to Grove St. territory 
(the yellow dot on the map).

REWARD: Respect +  /  SMG Gun
7......Cesar Vialpondo (0031)
Difficulty: 1/10  

Walk into the red marker at Sweet's crib. Sweet wants CJ to keep an 
eye on Kendl and her 'hypocrite-gangbangin'' boyfriend, Cesar. When 
you begin, find a car and head to the yellow dot on the map. Go into 
the garage and listen to what the mechanic has to say. Then go to the 
lowrider competition and complete it. This is a new addition to San 
Andreas. There's a circle at the bottom of the screen. When the 
compeition begins, you'll hear music and see a series of buttons 
scroll on the bottom of the screen. When a button passes into the 
circle, press that button on your controller. Example: if the [X] 
button appears in the circle, press [X] on your controller, etc. If 
you do good most of the time, you'll win for sure. After you win, 
Kendl introduces you to Cesar. Listen to what he has to say.

Cell Phone Call-
 After the race, Cesar calls. He says something about a lowrider 
 race. His icon [CV] now appears on the map.
REWARD: $50 + (Depends how much you bet on the competition)
8......High Stakes, Low-Rider (0032) 
Difficulty: 5/10  

*NOTE or this mission you have to have a lowrider-type car. There is 
 one near Cesar's house a couple of houses down. 

Go the [CV] icon on your map ('CV' for Cesar Vialpondo). Want to earn 
a bit of extra paper? Join Cesar in this race. When you begin, follow 
Cesar and Kendl to the racing line. You're dead last, but it's fairly 
easy to beat them all because their A.I. isn't really smart. Race 
through all the checkpoints, and try to take shortcuts along the way. 
Remember that lowriders arn't really good for handling, but they are 
great cars for speed (at least I think so), so try to brake early on 
before the turn, not at the last minute because if you do, your car 
will fishtail and go out of control and you'll lose the race. Finish 
at the pier.

REWARD: $1000

>> [THE *RYDER* MISSIONS] (0033)

1......Home Invasion (0034)
Difficulty: 3/10  

*NOTE that this is a night mission. You can't access it during the 

Walk into the red marker at Ryder's house (the [R] icon on the map). 
Ryder wants to rob an old colonol for some weapons. *NOTE that you 
only have eight minutes to rob him -- eight minutes to drive to the 
house, enter and break in and rob him, so hurry!

Drive to the yellow dot on the radar and park the truck near the door. 
Get out of the van and enter the house. *NOTE that the on screen noise 
bar appears. If the bar goes up, the more chances the colonol will wake 
up. Crouch to sneak around the house. Grab the crates inside... they are 
marked by green arrows on top. There is one in the living room, in the 
upstairs hallway, and upstairs in colonol's room. BE CAREFUL!

You need at least three crates to finish the mission. Now get the 
hell outta there! Take the truck to the lockup to complete the mission. 
You will get a brief message that explains how to perform a burglary. 
Mission complete.

REWARD: Respect +
ODD JOB: Performing Burglaries (Yes, finally!)
2......Catalyst (0035)
Difficulty: 5/10 

Head on over to Ryder's house and walk into the red marker. Here, 
you'll find Officers Tenpenny, Hernandez and Pulaski... they say 
they got something 
you might like...

Get into Ryder's truck and head towards the yellow dot on the map. 
You'll see that a group of Vagos are trying to steal your goods. 
Kill 'em all. Now, after the cut scene, Ballas are trying to 
catch up with you. Kill them all! Then walk into the red marker 
behind the train. Now you're on the train and it suddenly speeds 
ahead. Some Grove St. members get in a truck and Ryder hops in 
the truck bed.

Now you have to throw the boxes to Ryder. You got 90 seconds to 
throw Ryder 10 ammo boxes. Press [L1] to throw and use the left 
analog stick to target Ryder. When you're done, CJ jumps off 
the train onto the truck.

That's enough action for the day, eh? Now it's time to head back. 
Take the boxes of ammo back to Grove St. territory. By the way, 
you now have a three-star wanted level. Get to the Par n Spray 
nearest to you and head back to the hood. Yay!

REWARD: Respect +
3......Robbing Uncle Sam (0037)
Difficulty: 6/10 

Back at Ryder's house... walk into the red marker. Ryder wants 
you to steal from the military! >_<

So... be sure to be armed and ready to fight. Outside, get into 
the van and drive to the military compound near the Ocean Docks. 
Drive into the red marker and watch the cut scene. Climb over the 
fence and kill the guard to your right. Shoot the switch to open 
the gate. Ryder enters with the van when you open the gate. There 
is a group of guards coming, so kill them first before you move on.
Follow Ryder and when he stops, shoot the switch on the outside of 
the building and kill the guards inside. 

Get on the forklift and look for a crate. Press the right analog 
stick up to raise the fork, press it down to lower the fork. When 
you pick a box up, move it toward the back of the van and it will 
automatically insert into the back. *NOTE that there are guards 
that some every once in a while that shoot at Ryder, so be careful. 
Continue doing this until all four boxes are in the van.

There are two more boxes outside so work quickly. When you have six 
crates, drive the van to the lockup in Willowfield. The guards are 
following you from behind, so watch out! CJ tells Ryder to ditch some 
crates because they are still following them. Press [L3] to tell Ryder 
to throw a crate. Mission complete.

REWARD: Respect +


1......OG Loc (0038)
Difficulty: 1/10

This mission opens up when you complete 'NINES AND AKS' 
(SWEET Mission 4)

This is a bit of a tough mission, but I know you can complete 
it. Go to the [BS] icon on the map and walk into the red marker. 
Big Smoke asks CJ if he wants to pick up OG Loc from the prison; CJ 
accepts. Get in Smoke's car and go to the yellow dot on the map to 
the police station. After the cut scene, drive to Freddy's house 
(the yellow dot on the map). Get out and ring the doorbell. Oh, 
great, Freddy gets out and tries to escape!

So, hop onto the bike next to the house and chase him down. This 
is tough because of San Andreas's twisty, curvy roads, but try to 
keep behind him. If you feel up to it, ram him off of his bike and 
kill him that way, or you can stay behind him and wait about 4-5 
minutes and he will stop and tell the Vagos to go after CJ and OG 
Loc. Kill them and then kill Freddy.

Afterwards, take OG Loc to his new job at the Burger Shot (follow 
the dot on the map). Jack a car or something and head over there, 
drive into the red marker and you're set.

REWARD: Respect +
2......Running Dog (0040)
Difficulty: 3/10  

This is a pretty easy mission. It introduces running and shooting 
at the same time. Go to the [BS] icon on the map and enter the red 
marker. When you start the mission, go into Smoke's car and drive 
to Emmet's (if you don't already have a weapon). If you are already 
heated, ignore it and go to the yellow dot on the map. Drive into 
the red marker.

After the cut scene, you have to chase down a Vagos gangbanger. 
Sprint by pressing the [X] button repeadedly and catch up with him. 
Once you're close enough, target, run and shoot. That'll show
him not to mess with a Grove St. OG! Mission accomplished.

REWARD: Respect +
3......Wrong Side of the Tracks (0041)
Difficulty: 6/10   

You know where to go... Big Smoke's it is. When you begin, Smoke 
tells you to drive to Unity Station. Get in his car and go to the 
yellow dot ont he radar. Drive into the red marker to trigger
another cut scene. 

Get on the bike and chase the Vagos! When the train passes by, get 
on the railroad tracks and get up on the right side of the train near 
the engine. Keep your pace steady so Smoke can shoot the Vagos off the 
train. Be aware that there is an exploding car up ahead and two trains 
heading your way, so be sure to move out of the way when they come. 
When you see a hill on the right, take it, it will help you get ahead 
of the train a bit. 

Better hurry! If you don't kill them all in time, they will escape 
into Red County and you'll fail the mission. Once you kill all the 
Vagos on the train, head back to Smoke's crib to pass the mission.

REWARD: Respect +
4......Just Business (0042)
Difficulty: 8/10   

Now this is the hardest mission out of all the missions you've had. 
Head to Big Smoke's house and enter the red marker. Big smoke 
invites you for a ride downtown (but you drive him, which I don't 
get) and CJ says yes. Uh-oh, looks like trouble again. Follow the 
yellow dot on the map. When you arrive at the destination, Big Smoke 
tells CJ to keep an eye out for him. After the cut scene, Smoke yells 
out for CJ. Head to where he is and you'll see why.

*NOTE that Smoke's health meter is now on screen. Keep him alive! Kill 
the men in the black. Once you're done, pick up some weapons that are 
dropped by the enemies and follow Big Smoke. He and CJ will get on a 
bike and run off.

But the security guards won't stop following you... welcome to first-
person shooting. 

*NOTE that the Bike health meter now appears on screen. If it goes all 
the way down, the bike explodes and you automatically fail the mission.

The view starts out from the back and it changes to the front near the 
storm drain. Be aware of what Smoke says. From the side, the back, in 
the front, ice 'em! Shoot the vehicles with your gun (press [L1] to shoot) 
and use the left or right analog stick to aim.

I should tell you in advance to IGNORE THE BIG TRUCK. You can't do 
anything to harm it, so don't even bother. Concentrate on the cars 
and the men on bikes in front of you and behind you. 

About half way, your view changes to the front instead of the back. 
Shoot the men near the storm drain pipe and you escape and pass the 
mission. Phew, that feels better, dosen't it? >_<

REWARD: Respect +

>> [THE *OG LOC* MISSIONS] (0044)

1......Life's a Beach (0044)
Difficulty: 1/10  

This mission is only available at night.

Head over to the Burger Shot where OG Loc is working (the [OG] 
icon on the map). In this mission, OG Loc wants you to 'borrow' 
a stereo system for a house party he's throwing. When you begin, 
drive to the beach party at Verona Beach (yellow dot on the map). 
When you get there, get out of your car and walk into the red 
marker. When you talk to the owner of the can, always reply 
positively until you start the dance competition. Remember the 
lowrider competition? This is basically the same thing, only 
you're dancing in this one. You need 4000 points to win and 
gain access to the van.

Once you win, she'll invite you into the van. Get in and drive 
off! Drive to the lockup in Commerce to complete the mission.

REWARD: Respect +
ODD JOB: Dancing
2......Madd Dogg's Rhymes (0045)
Difficulty: 5/10   

Introducing... stealth moves! How exciting... yet, somewhat 
repulsive... =D

OG Loc wants you to steal Madd Dogg's rhyme book. Accept the 
mission by walking into the red marker. When you begin, drive 
to Madd Dogg's mansion (yellow dot on the map).

*TRIP SKIP is available in this mission.

Now, stealth is new to the GTA series. There are guards 
everywhere inside the building, and the rhyme book is deep 
inside the center in the recording studio. Walk into the 
mansion to trigger a scene about stealth killing and moving 
around. I suggest you crouch at all times to prevent a lot 
of noise.

After you kill the first guard, there is one partolling the 
swimming pool area down the hall. Wait for him to face away 
from you, then walk into the dark corner on the left. When he 
comes around again, kill him.

Walk through the door and proceed down the hallway into another 
room. After the cut scene shows that the third guard is coming, 
walk into any of ther dark rooms on your left. When he comes,
he will stop at the end of the room at the doorway. Kill him, 
and proceed through the door into the hallway. 

The fourth and fifth guards are at a bar and sitting on a couch 
and playing a video game (note that the video game is actually 
Driv3r ^_^). Crouch at all times and sneak past both of them, 
but if you're feeling lucky, kill both of them from behind.

Proceed down the hall until you see a hallway that turns left and 
a room next to it. DO NOT take the hallway, because if you do, 
the guard will ikill you (he's facing that hallway). Instead, go 
through the open room to the other side and kill him from behind. 
The room across from you has the rhyme book... QUICKLY grab it, 
as there is another guard coming your way.

Now you have to make it out, the same way you got in. The guard 
that is coming your way will cut through the room  across from the 
recording studio, so be careful. Kill him, and repeat for all the
guards on your way out. Pick up a silenced pistol from the guard you 
killed to kill the other guards faster. Once you're out, go back to 
the Burger Shot and pass the mission.

Cell Phone Call-
 Officer Tenpenny calls. He says he needs to talk with you. This 
 now opens the C.R.A.S.H. missions. It is indicated by the [C] on 
 the map.

REWARD: Respect +
3......Management Issues (0047)
Difficulty: 5/10  

Someone is trying to cut off OG Loc from the music scene. Loc 
wants you to kill him. This mission can be a bitch, so drive 
careful. Start off by jacking a car and go to the red dot on 
the map. When you get to the car, damage it by ramming it 
from the behind and kill the driver when he comes out.

Get in the car, and drive to the nearest pay n Spray AS FAST 
AS YOU CAN. You have to get to the awards before 22:00, so 

When you're out of the Pay n Spray, DRIVE CAREFULLY. even the 
slightest nudge can cost you valuable time. You have to go back 
to the Pay n Spray if you damage it again. When you arrive 
at the valet grid with the other cars, park in the middle of 
the two cars, AND BE CAREFUL! Stay IN THE MIDDLE of the two 
cars and DON'T DAMAGE ANY CAR or you'll fail the mission.

Now when you get to the awards, 'The Principle' gets in your 
car. NOW DRIVE! Speed up to the Verona Beach Pier. Just about 
when you're going to drive off the pier dock, jump out (press 
[TRIANGLE] repeadedly). 'The Principle' will drown to death. 
Mission passed.

REWARD: Respect +
4......House Party (0049)
Difficulty: 8/10 

When you start the mission, OG Loc wants CJ to dress up for 
his party. Go get some new clothes or a new hair cut. Then head 
to the Grove St. hood and walk into OG Loc's house. Watch the cut 
scene and you'll start to see that the Ballas are coming to crash 
the party.

Defend Grove St. from the Ballas! They come in batches in cars, 
first. Then they come from behind you in a small alley, then the 
attack from uptop a bridge. Kill them all! If you manage, you 
complete the mission.

REWARD: Respect +

>> [THE *C.R.A.S.H.* MISSIONS] (0050)

1......Burning Desire (0050)
Difficulty: 5/10 

When you start the mission, you enter the Donut Shop to find 
Tenpenny and Pulaski. They want you to kill a Vagos gang member. 
So, get in a car and find the Molotovs that Tenpenny his in an 
alley for you. Then drive to the Vagos's house and burn it down 
(the yellow dot on the map). Throw the Molotov through every 
window that has a red arrow over it. To throw a Molotov, hold the 
[CIRCLE] button for a long time and get to a safe distance from 
the window. Release and it blows up. After you burn all the 
windows, a cut scene plays. You have to save the girl in the 

*NOTE the girl's health now shows on screen.

Go through the house and find the fire extinguisher in one of 
the rooms. Then run upstairs and save the girl (with the blue 
marker over her). Press [R1] and use the right analog stick to
aim and press [CIRCLE] to spray. Keep doing this until you're 
out of the house. The good news: you passed the mission, and you 
got a new girlfriend. The bad news: You have to go back to

Cell Phone Call-
 Sweet calls you. He wans CJ to kill some Ballas. This opens 

ODD JOB: Girlfriends
2......Gray Imports (0052)	
Difficulty: 9/10

Tenpenny wants you to find out what's going on between the 
Ballas and the Russians. Get in a car and go the the Docks 
where the Russians and Ballas are (yellow dot on map). This
mission is going to be a whopper!

When you get there, you'll see two forklifts and a bunch of 
guards. Watch out because those forklifts carry explosives. 
Shoot the guards first, and then the drivers on the forklifts. 
Don't get too close to the lifts because they will run you 
over and keep you down for a good 3-4 seconds... long enough 
for more guards to rush in and kill you. You'll see a huge 
building with a keypad next to it. Shoot the keypad so the 
door will open, and shoot the guards inside.

There are a bunch of guards waiting inside, so TAKE COVER 
wherever you can! Crouch, duck, hide behind the boxes, 
just shoot them all. Once you're done, head over to the 
back and youll see a little cut scene about where the 
Russian dealer is. Kill him before he gets away, and 
watch out for the Ballas inside!

If he manages to get outside, he will find a car and 
drive off. At this point, just run for him, and try 
to ignore the guards outside. There's a bike outside, 
so get on that if he gets away. Once you killed him, 
the mission is passed.



1......Doberman (0054)
Difficulty: 8/10  

In this mission, you get aquainted with fighting gangs 
for territory. Go to the [S] icon on the map and walk 
into the red marker to begin the mission. Sweet wants 
you to claim a part of Ballas territory. Begin by jacking
a car and go to the icon that looks like a person on the 
map. It's also the area that's shaded in purple (keep note 
of that). When you get there, get out of your car and shoot 
ANY Ballas you find in the purple shaded area of the map. 
They come in three waves, at least 5 in every wave. Once 
you have survived all three waves, you win the territory, 
your respect goes WAY up, and you gain an asset (the garage 
at the Johnson house). Also note that territories that are 
shaded in green are yours (Grove Street Families).

Whenever the Ballas come back to regain their territory, you'll 
see a warning message on screen, and your territory will flash 
red. Hurry to your territory and kill the Ballas to keep your
territory. Mission complete.

REWARD: Respect +  /  New territory (Glen Park)  /  New asset 
						    (Johnson house)
ODD JOB: Gang fighting
2......Los Speculcros (0056)
Difficulty: 7/10

If you don't have enough respect, you get a message stating that you 
can't access this mission until you have gained enough respect. 
Remember what I told you about gaining respect? Here's a refresher:

1......Kill drug dealers  /  Respect +  /  Money +
2......Take over enemy gang territories  /  Respect +  / Money +
3......Kill enemy gang members  /  Respect +
4......Get green-colored clothes  /  Respect +
5......Get a decent-looking hair cut  /  Respect +

Begin the mission by walking into the red marker at the [S] icon on 
the map. Sweet wants you to kill all the Ballas gang members that 
are at a funeral as revenge for what they did at your mom's funeral. 
You'll need some backup for this mission. Start off by walking up to 
your fellow gang members, target them by pressing [R1], and then press 
[D-PAD UP] to recruit them. They will follow you all the time, so keep 

*NOTE to get them to stay in one area, press [D-PAD DOWN] and to yell 
at them to come towards you, press [D-PAD UP].

Get a four door car and wait for your other gang members to get in. 
You have four minutes to get to your destination... When you get 
to the cemetary, you have to kill all the Ballas and their leader 
Kane. Fire and take cover! Focus on Kane first, and don't let him 
get away. Your gang members will help you fight off the rest of the 
Ballas. Once all the Ballas are killed, get in the car with the blue 
marker over it and if you have a wanted level, go to the nearest 
Pay n Spray. Otherwise, you're done with this mission.

REWARD: Respect +

>> [LOS SANTOS - ENDING] (0058)

1......Reuniting the Families (0058)
Difficulty: 10/10 

Wow, this is gotta be the hardest mission in Los Santos. Be 
prepared to visit Emmet before this mission if you're not 
heated yet. Head on over to the [S] icon and walk into the 
red marker to begin the mission. Sweet wants to reunite the 
families and end the fighting. Drive the gang to the motel 
where everybody is supposed to meet. But something terribly 
goes wrong... The police found out about the meeting... and 
they told the S.W.A.T. teams to help! Since Sweet is trapped 
inside the motel, you have to save him!

Ignore the cops outside in the parking lot, and head straight 
into the motel.

*NOTE if you follow the girl in the room, she'll replenish 
your health. Now why would a prostitute walk around across the 
motel during a raging shootout?

Anyways, continue through the motel until you find Sweet. On 
the way, through the winding halls of the motel, S.W.A.T. 
teams come from the cieling, through the skylights, through 
windows, doors... everywhere, so be aware and TAKE COVER when 

Sweet is located in Room 5-8, keep note of that. Then after 
the cut scene, help Sweet knock down the helicopter from the 
roof of the motel. Once you've done that, follow Sweet off 
the roof and Big Smoke comes to the rescue. But the police 
don't just want to give up. Get ready to ruuummmbbblllleee!!!

Police cars and men on bikes try to catch you. Now you got a 
car health bar on screen. Keep shooting the cars and men so 
the bar so it dosen't go down! A couple times a police officer 
will jump on the hood of your car. Watch out! Shoot him quickly! 
This is a long, wild chase, but hey, you'll make it.

How on earth will you escape? Well, you'll see...

REWARD: Respect +
2......Green Sabre (0060)
Difficulty: 9/10

Get back to Sweet's house to begin the last Los Santos mission. 
He sends everyone to meet under the Mulholland Intersection. Then 
another scene plays. CJ gets a phone call from Cesar. He wants to 
meet for something important.

Drive to the yellow dot on the map. Cesar is waiting in a car next 
to the highway. Watch the next cut scene, and you'll see what's so 
important. Then CJ realizes that Sweet is walking into a trap... 
it's an attack from behind!

*NOTE that Sweet's health bar now appears on screen.

Get in a car and QUICKLY drive to the Mulholland Intersection. 
Drive into the red marker and another cut scene plays. You have 
to kill all the Ballas until the cops get there! They all keep 
coming until they get there.

Uh-oh, guess who comes to the rescue. Tenpenny and Pulaski. 
Congrats, you just passed this mission...

REWARD: Respect +

x         T H E   B A D L A N D S    	   x	(0064)


1......Badlands (0064)
Difficulty: 2/10

After the long cut scene, you're left in the middle of Angel 
Pine, and you're forced to work for Tenpenny & Pulaski. So, 
walk into the red marker at Tenpenny's trailer home in the 
park to begin the first Badlands mission.

Tenpenny wants you to kill someone for him, and take a picture 
of the person dead. Get in a car or bike and head to Mt. Chiliad, 
then drive to the top of the mountain to reach the house where the 
witness is located. When you get there, the guards will see you 
and the witness will run away. Catch him!

At this point, he will speed down the mountain's path. Either 
do a drive-by shooting, or ram his bike so that he falls off 
and kill him, or just shoot him. Then take a picture of him 
using the camera tenpenny gave you. When you're done, take 
the camera back to Tenpenny and you're done.

Cell Phone Call-
 Cesar calls. He talk about Kendl and that she's worried about 
 you. CJ tells him to meet with him in Dillimore. Drive to the 
 [?] icon on the map. It's a LONG drive!

REWARD: Respect +
ODD JOB: Photo Ops
2......First Date (0066)
Difficulty: 1/10

This really isn't a mission, but it adds to the game's story. 
All you have to do is drive to the [?] icon on the map and 
meet Cesar. After the long cut scene, you'll meet Catalina
(yes, she's baacckk!). She wants to rob four locations on 
the map... do what she says or she'll bust your ass!

REWARD: Respect +
3......Tanker Commander (0067)
Difficulty: 2/10

If the first of the four targets you chose is the Gas 
Station, this is the mission for you. After you drive into 
the red marker at the station, a cut scene occurs. Catalina 
wants you to steal a cab and a tank full of gas and drive 
over to RS Haul. But the cashiers in the station don't want 
you to steal it. They go after you!

When you get inside the cab, change your view from front to 
back (hold [L2] & [R2] at the same time) and hook the cab 
to the trailer. Now drive to RS Haul (the yellow dot on the

*NOTE that the cab and the tank can easily become detattched. 
Watch out for any sudden turns and avoid going too fast on 
busy roads. Once you're there, watch the cut scene. Mission 

Cell Phone Call-
 Mystery man number one: The Truth. Hey says something about 
 Tenpenny. Go to the [TT] icon to find out who he is and to 
 find out what Tenpenny is up to.

REWARD: $5000
ODD JOB: Trucking missions 
4......Body Harvest (0068)
Difficulty: 3/10

When you start the mission, The Truth wants you to steal 
a harvester from his neighbor's farm. Get in a car and drive 
to farm where it is at. Drive into the red marker on the road. 
After the cut scene, go and find the harvester in the farm 
(the blue dot on the map). The people who work at the farm 
will be wondering what yo're up to and will shoot at you once
you get the harvester.

When you have the harvester, head over to The Truth's farm. 
Drive into the red marker and watch the cut scene. Mission 

Cell Phone Call-
 Cesr calls about something about his gang and a 'price' on 
 his and Kendl's head. Meet them in Angel Pine at the [CV] 
 icon on the map.

REWARD: Respect +
5......King in Exile (0070)
Difficulty: 1/10

Walk into the red marker where Cesar is at [CV] and watch 
the cut scene.

Cell Phone Call-
 Catalinna calls. What a bitch! Go to the [C] icon on the 
 map. Don't you just want to stab her to death? :D

6......First Base (0070-1)
Difficulty: 1/10

Go to the [C] icon on the map to Catalina's cabin uptop on 
Fern Ridge. It's a huge mountain top. When you get there walk 
into the red marker and watch the cut scene. Then head over 
to any of the [S] icons on the map.

7......Aginst All Odds (0071)
Difficulty: 7/10

This robbery is in Montgomery (use your big map to find it). 
Go there and walk into the red marker outside the Inside Track. 
Catalina wants you to bomb open the safe, while she holds up 
the poeple inside. She gave you only a couple of satchels, so 
be careful. Throwing a satchel is just like throwing a grenade 
or a Molotov. Then quickly switch over to the remote in your
weapons list and press [CIRCLE] to blow up the satchel. 

Throw one on the safe to bomb it open. When it blows open, blow 
open the small safe inside. Then a cut scene occurs. Get out of 
the area... the cops are looking for you!

Go to a Par n Spray if you have to. Then go back to Catalina's 
cabin. Mission accomplished.

REWARD: $2000
ODD JOB: Gambling
8......Gone Courting (0072)
Difficulty: 1/10

Go back to Catalina's cabin for another cut scene. If you 
survive Catalina, you pass the mission.

9......Local Liquor Store (0073)
Difficulty: 7/10

Now, drive to Blueberry (use your map to find it) and head 
to the liquor store there. Drive into the red marker. A cut 
scene plays and you find out that someone else is already 
robbing the store. Catalina wants you to catch them.

This is really crazy race, but you'll get through it. Get 
close to any of the bikers and Catalina will automatically 
shoot. You can help her too, but I recommend you keep your 
eye on the bikers. 

Don't stop when the game says to pick up the breifcase! 
You can pick it up later when you killed all of the bikers.

About half way, they split up and jump a bridge. Follow 
any of them, they'll meet up again soon. Don't let them 
get to their rendevous point too quickly, or you'll fail
the mission! When you killed all of the bikers and picked 
up all the briefcases, go back to Catalina's cabin. Mission 

Cell Phone Call-
 Cesar calls you again. He knows about Smoke's plans. 
 Listen, and keep note of what he says.

REWARD: $1000
10.....Made in Heaven (0074)
Difficulty: 1/10

She calls again... Head to her cabin and walk into the red 
marker. After another strange cut scene, go to the last [S] 
on your map.

REWARD: Respect +
11.....Small Town Bank (0075)
Difficulty: 8/10

This is the hardest mission out of all the robbery 
missions. Go to the last [$] icon ony our map (Palomino 
Creek). Catalina wants you to keep your gun on the staff. 
But whatever you do, you get a three star wanted level 
when someone pulls the alarm.

On your way out, kill all the cops you see... they're 
everywhere! Then Catalina hops on a bike and CJ does, 
too. Follow her back to the cabin. Cops are all over, 
so watch out! When you reach a huge jump, some of the 
cops will lose your trail.

Uh-oh. Catalina's trapped around cops now. They knocked 
her off her bike. Go and rescue her! Once you've done that, 
go back to Catalina's cabin. Mission passed.

REWARD: $10000
12.....Wu Zi Mu (0076)
Difficulty: 8/10

*NOTE you must have a car for this mission. I recommend 
the Buffalo next to Catalina's cabin. It's great for speed 
has good handling.

From here, go to the [CV] icon on the map. Time to race...
Here you'll meet Wu Zi Mu, or Woozie. All you have to do is 
win the race and you pass the mission. This is a crazy race... 
and a long one, with turns, jumps, sharp banks and bumpy dirt 
roads. Alays keep an eye out for what's ahead. The first time 
I started this mission, I fell into the river four times!

There's really nothing to say other than keep a lookout for 
what's ahead of you. Relax, and you'll beat this mission.

REWARD: $5000
13.....Farewell, My Love (0077)
Difficulty: 8/10

Walk into the red marker at the Panopticon. This is 
basically the same mission as the last one, but in 
reverse. I pesonally think that this is easier than 
the last one.

The cut scene shows Catalina smashing up CJ's new car. 
When you begin racing, even the slightest bit of damage 
can set the car on fire. 

When you beat the race, it's goodbye Catalina and hello 

Cell Phone Call-
 The Truth calls CJ again. Meet him at the [TT] icon on 
 your map.

REWARD: The Garage (San Fierro)
14.....Are You Going to San Fierro? (0078)
Difficulty: 5/10

So, you pay The Truth. All of a sudden, police come 
from above in heli's, and you have to help The Truth 
burn all of his weed! He hands you a flamethrower to 
help him get rid of the fields. Press [R1] and use your 
right analog stick to aim and press [CIRCLE] to spit fire. 
Burn all of the weed, and try to stay back a distance to 
keep yourself from burning up (Unless you beat level 12 of 
the figherfighter missions; then you're fireproof!). After 
all the weed is gone, go talk to The Truth's van. He'll 
hand you a rocket launcher. Take out the helicopter up 

When it's gone, get inside the Mothership and drive to San 
Fierro. Drive into the red marker at the garage and say 
bye bye to the Badlands!

REWARD: Respect + 

x           S A N   F I E R R O    	   x	(0087)


1......Wear Flowers in Your Hair (0087)
Difficulty: 1/10
Introducing the city of San Fierro. When you begin this 
mission, Cesar, Kendl, CJ and The Truth are all inside 
the garage. They say they want to make the garage a business.
The Truth knows some people that will help you. Let's start!

Get in a car and head over to where Jethro works (blue dot 
on the map). Drive into the red marker and press the [L3] 
button to honk your horn. Then The Truth tells you to drive
to the hospital (the red cross on the map). After that, 
drive to the hot dog stand where Dwaine is at. Again, press 
[L3] to honk your horn. Next, visit the police station. After 
that, visit Zero RC, a shop that Zero owns in Garcia. It's the 
blue dot on the map. Again, press [L3] to honk your horn. Then 
go back to the garage. This ends CJ's first San Fierro mission.

Cell Phone call-
 Zero calls. He says something about his building being sold. 
 Go around to his RC Shop and buy the property (assuming you 
 have enough money, that is). 

2......555 WE TIP (0089) 
Difficulty: 3/10

When you begin the mission, CJ meets Tenpenny & Pulaski 
again. They want CJ to kill a D.A. for them. CJ agrees 
to kill him.

Go to the yellow dot on the map to the valet port (the 
hotel). Drive into or walk into the red marker and watch 
the cut scene. Now follow the car down to the car parking 
lot (the car with the arrow over it). When the valet comes 
out of the car, kill him and take his uniform. Then go back 
to the front of the hotel and wait for the D.A.'s blue Merit 
to arrive. This may take some time, so be patient. When it 
arrives, get in the car before any other valet does.

Now go to your garage to plant the drugs. You now have a 
clock on the screen counting down from four minutes. After 
the cut scene, go back to the hotel and drive the D.A.'s 
car into the car parking lot underground.

*NOTE if you damage the car, you will have to go back and 
get it fixed. Otherwise, the D.A. will notice if the car 
is damaged.

Get out of the parking lot and head over to the red 
marker around the corner. CJ will call 555-WE-TIP on 
his cell phone. Mission passed.

ODD JOB: Valet parking
3......Deconstruction (0090)
Difficulty: 4/10

At the garage, Kendl says that the contruction workers up the 
hill are disrespecting her. CJ decides to have a little talk
with all of them.

OK, when you begin the mission, you have to head up the hill 
to the construction site behind your garage and destroy all the
portables before the police get there. To destroy the portables,
you have to either shoot the explosives (the barrels) next to 
the portables with a gun or use either the crane or bulldozer
to knock them down. They all have green arrows over them. 

When you destroyed all of the portables, the Foreman comes
out from the mobile toilet and then goes back in and hides.
Use the bulldozer and push the mobile toilet into the marked 
hole and use the cement truck to bury him in there and kill
him. Mission passed.

Cell Phone Call- 
 Jethro wants you to check out the driving school just a couple 
 of blocks away in Doherty. This is a required odd job. It's
 marked with the red [S] on the map.
ODD JOB: Driving School

>> [THE *ZERO* MISSIONS] (0107)

 I added these missions before the Syndicate missions, although 
 the Syndicate missions are first, because I've been getting
 a load of e-mails about these missions. You can find the
 Syndicate missions below Zero's missions.
 You must buy Zero's RC Shop in order to play these missions. 
1......Air Raid (0107)
Difficulty: 6/10

This is the easiest mission out of all three. But whatever you
do, DON'T DO THIS MISSION AT NIGHT! I can't stress this enough.
CJ meets Zero in the shop, and he's not happy. Zero's enemy, 
Berkley, is back in San Fierro, and he wants Zero to go down. 
Not without a fight, says. This is the beginning of serious 

After the cut scene and when CJ controls the minigun, you enter
first person shooting mode. You have to destroy all the planes
that come near Zero's transmitters (hey, they throw bombs) before
the transmitters are all ruined.

>> Countdown timer: 3:10

If you save at least one transmitter, the mission is passed. 

REWARD: $3000
2......Supply Lines (0108)
Difficluty: 10/10

Now this is definately one of the hardest missions in the 
game... why I get so many questions about this mission. 
Head back to Zero's shop to begin this mission. Zero is 
caught up in the closet... CJ rescues him and now Zero 
wants revenge for what Berkley has done.

Zero wants you to use the RC Baron to destory all of 
Berkley's couriers before they make their deliveries. 
You only have about five or six minutes of fuel to 
kill 'em all.

There are three vans and two bikes. One of the can couriers 
will try to escape when you shoot at him, so kill him before 
he gets away. The other two van couriers will drive off, so 
be sure to make the vans blow up.  One courier on a bike 
will get off and try to kill you, and the other will drive 
off to the highway. Get 'em!


* Try not to shoot at the couriers from the ground. Instead, 
  shoot while in flight. It's WAY easier to shoot from above.

* I suggest you kill the first two couriers on the left of 
  Zero's shop.  There is a van and a bike. Then head over to 
  the furthest courier on the upper left corner of the map 
  and then tun around and go the other way to find the last 

* Stay calm, dude. If you freak out because you couldn't beat 
  the mission isn't going to do you any good. At least practice 
  using the RC Baron on the first try, and then go all out on 
  the second.
* If you still can't beat this mission, move on with the other
  storyline missions until you reach the mission (Verdant 
  Meadows). There, you can finish the nine plane tests and
  you will gain some flight experience, thus you can control
  the RC Baron a lot better.   
When you're done, HURRY TO ZERO'S ROOF! If you run out of fuel 
before you get there, you fail the mission. If you make it, 
congrats! Now you can brag about winning this mission to all 
your friends. =P

REWARD: $5000
3......New Model Army (0109)
Difficulty: 8/10

Still catching your breath on the last mission? Heh. 
This is an easier but somewhat hard mission. When you 
begin, Zero says he wants Berkley to leave San Fierro... 
Berkley's going down!

You control a mini plane called the Goblin, and Zero 
controls an RC Bandit. You and Zero both have three of 
each, so don't panic if Berkley has destroyed on of your 

>> Countdown timer: 8:00

Berkley's Goblin drops barrels and whatnot while Zero tries 
to get past them. Your job: Remove the barrels from the path 
so Zero can get through. You also have to return to base and
retrieve a plank and place it across the river so the Bandit 
can get through.

*NOTE that Berkley has three mini tanks along the path route. 
 When you hear them attack the abndit, hurry to your base and 
 grab a bomb and drop it on the tanks!

When you removed all the objects in the way of the path and 
all of Berkley's toys, you pass the mission. Just continue 
to follow Zero's Bandit to Berkley's base and you're done.

REWARD: $7000  /  New Asset (Zero's RC Shop)


1......Photo Opportunity (0092)
Difficulty: 1/10

OK, begin this mission by heading back to CJ's garage in 
Doherty. When you start the mission, Cesar calls. He caught 
some Ballas in the middle of some drug deal. Go meet him 
(the blue dot on the map). Now head to Angel Pine (now the 
yellow dot on the map). When you get there, drive into the 
red marker and watch the cut scene. 

*NOTE you must be very quick in this mission. Be on your 
 best alert when you reach the rooftop.

Take a photograph of the people that CJ & Cesar mention.

Camera Contols-
 Press [R1] and use the right analog stick to aim the camera.
 Press [L2] and [R2] to zoom in and out. Press [CIRCLE] or 
 [L1] to snap a photo.
Photo one: It's Ryder! Take a photo of him.

Photo two: His name is T-Bone Mendez. Listen to what Cesar 
says about him. Take a photo of him.

Photo three: A guy in a nice suit pops out of a car. Snap
a picture of him.

Photo four: A guy in a purple-ish suit. Snap him. After you 
got all four pictures, the mission is passed.

REWARD: Respect +
ODD JOB: San Fierro Photo Ops
2......Jizzy (0093)
Difficulty: 4/10

Back at your garage, Woozie stops in and gives you the 
4-1-1 on the people you photographed. There are all 
members of what is called the Loco Syndicate. Woozie
talks about a Jizzy, the biggest pimp in town. Time 
to pay him a little visit!

Get in a car and drive to the [L] icon on the map. it's
a strip club. Walk into the red marker and watch the cut 
scene. Jizzy wants you to take care of some business for

Job one: Drive his girl downtown. Take the girl in the car
for a ride to downtown San Fierro. DDrive into the red 
marker to get another call from Jizzy.

Job two: Kill another pimp across town. Head to the yellow
dot on the map. Kill the guy who's fighting with the girl.

Job three: Save another one of Jizzy's girls. Kill the men 
who are hurting her.

>> Ho health: Jizzy's girl is going to die if you don't
   rescue her!

Job four: Go to the yellow dot on the map. You must now
kill the people that are in the limo and car. Do a drive 
by or just ram them off the road until their car blows up.
Mission passed.

Cell Phone Call-
 Woozie calls. He has some jobs for you. His missions are 
 shown on the map with the [W] icon.  

REWARD: Respect +  /  $3000
3......T-Bone Mendez (0095)
Difficulty: 5/10

Go back to Jizzy's strip club for another mission. Jizzy
wants you to find and kill the people who stole some cash
from a drug run. Go to the blue dot on the map and watch 
the cut scene. The hop out of the van with bikes! Kill 'em!

*NOTE you can steal the cash by driving really close next to
 the bike and press [L1] to steal it.
That's it... kill them, retrieve the packages before they
escape, and return to the strip club. 

REWARD: Respect +  /  $5000
4......Mike Toreno (0096)
Difficulty: 4/10

Return to the strip club. When you begin the mission, T-Bone
Mendez is mad because the Syndicate leader, Mike Toreno, is
trapped in the back of a van that's been ambushed. It's a wild,
clue-chase until you find Toreno.

>> Battery Meter: 4:00 

Toreno gives you some clues to where he is, but he's calling 
from his cell phone nd the battery is running out. Hurry to 
all the locations that he gives you (the yellow dots on the
map). In all, there are four locations he gives you. When he
finally says he's near the airport, the signal bar appears
onscreen. The closer you get to the van, the more the bar 
fills up.

Once you find him, kill the bikers and then kill the men who
jump out of the van. Then Toreno wants you to destroy the van
by any means necessary. Blow up the van.

Get in the limo and wait for Toreno to get in. If you have a
wanted level (you most likely do!) hurry to the Pay n Spray.
Then return to Jizzy's strip club to complete the mission.

Cell Phone Call-
 Jizzy calls and he wants to talk about something with you.
 You can find him at a Xooner gas station, the blue dot on
 the map.

REWARD: Respect +  /  $7000
5......Outrider (0098) 
Difficulty: 6/10

After a brief scare, Toreno and T-Bone send CJ to 
clear some police roadblocks to make way for a van
that's carrying some drugs. Oh boy, prepare to run,
and fast!

When you get to the location of the van, collect the
sniper rifle and rocket launcher next to the bike.

>> Ammo watch: You only have 20 rockets to launch.
   Don't get crazy on me, now!
Now, head to the red dot on the map to the first road
block. Clear the cars and cops and make way for the van 
before it arrives! 

The second roadblock has snipers on the roof and windows 
of buldings. Kill them QUICKLY, and move on to the third.
The fourth and fifth roadblocks are the same as the third.
Work as quickly as you can. Once the final roadblock is
cleared, show the van the way to the crack factory (the 
yellow dot on the map). Mission accomplished...

Uh-oh. Now why did your [CJ] icon turn into a [C] icon?

REWARD: Respect +  /  $9000
6......Snail Trail (0099)
Difficulty: 2/10

At yout garage, you find Tenpenny and Pulaski. A reporter 
found out about Tenpenny's little business. They want CJ
to kill the reporter.

This is a slow and long mission (hence the mission name).
Tenpenny hid a sniper rifle for you at the construction site
behind your garage. Go pick it up, and  get to the yellow dot
on the map quickly.

You must have a car! Head over to the train station and you'll 
notice that the train is leaving without you. Follow that train!
Then once you're in Los Santos, the reporter gets off the train 
and hops in a taxi. Follow the taxi.

>> Spook-o-Meter: Don't get too close to the reporter, or he'll
   get really spooked and you fail the mission. Keep the meter 
   down and you'll be fine.
Once you reach the pier, follow the reporter. Snipe the reporter
when he meets his contact and kill the contact, too. Mission
accomplished. Head back to San Fierro... it's a long ride!   

7......Ice Cold Killa (0101)
Difficulty: 4/10
ATTENTION: This is a night mission. You can only access it at night.
Head back to your garage to begin this mission. Woozie left CJ a
message about Jizzy. If CJ can get Jizzy's cell phone after he 
dials a number to someone at a Ballas meeting, he can find out
the location and kill some Ballas. 

Go to Jizzy's blub and get his cell phone! When you get there,
the guard won't let you inside. So... sneak into the building
through the skylight (climb up the scaffolding) and find Jizzy.
When you fins the red marker walk into it and watch the cut scene.

After Jizzy's finished with the phone call, CJ suddenly appears 
Jizzy tries to get away! Hunt him down and kill him, then 
retrieve the cell phone. You're done with this mission.
REWARD: Respect +  /  $12000
8......Pier 69 (0102)  
Difficulty: 7/10
Head to the red dot on the map and go up the stairs and walk 
into the red marker. Cesar shows CJ all the security that 
T-Bone Mendez has up on the rooftops. The Triads wasnt to help
CJ and Cesar witht he ambush, but T-Bone's guards are too 
powerful for the Triads. Kill all of the guards with the sniper
rifle and help the Triad leader get through. If the Triad leader 
gets killed, you fail the mission. 

After you sniped all the guards, go down the stairs and head 
across the street to the pier and kill T-Bone. You'll see a 
cut scene of him dying and Ryder getting away. CJ goes after 
him! KILL RYDER by ANY means necessary. He'll soon try to flee
on a speedboat. There's a second speedboat near a small island.
Hop on that boat and chase down Ryder. You can do a drive by or
you can jump onto Ryder's boat and kill him that way.
REWARD: Respect +  /  $15000
9......Toreno's Last Flight (0103)
Difficulty: 8/10

Go back to your garage. When you start the mission, you 
get a phone call from Woozie. He says Toreno is on his 
way out of San Fierro. CJ must kill him before he leaves!

Get a car and drive to the helicopter landing pad. Beware 
that there are a lot of guards there. Kill them all. When
you killed them, go up to the helicopter pad and pick up 
up the rocket launcher. Then go get in a car and chase
down Toreno's helicopter!

>> Heli Health: Seek & destroy before Toreno gets away!

It's a wild ride. Just remember to stay ahead of the 
helicopter's path and then get out of your car or bike and
gun it down. That way you have time to aim and fire.

When you're done, if you didn't complete Woozie's missions
yet, do it now. Then it will open up Yay-Ka-Boom-Boom.

REWARD: Respect +  /  $18000
10.....Yay Ka-Boom-Boom (0105) 
Difficulty: 9/10

>> ATTENTION: You need to complete all of the Loco 
   Syndicate and Woozie's missions in order to unlock
   this mission.
To begin the mission, go to your garage. When you start out, 
CJ, Cesar, and Woozie meet. Woozie says the drug bust isn't
over until you blow up the crack factory. That's your job.

I suggest you be armed with several weapons for this mission.
Begin by stealing a car and driving to the yellow dot on the 
map to pick up the rigged car. You'll need to place this car 
inside the crack factory and get out before it explodes.

When you arrive at the factory, kill any guards you see. They
are everywhere, so watch out. When you're in, drive the car up
the small ramp in the building and the game tells you to park
the car near the chemical containers. When you're there, press
[CIRCLE] to activate the bomb. Now get the hell outta there!

There are guards swarming the area, so shoot and run as quickly
as you can. WHen you approach the main enterance, you'll see a 
cut scene showing that the gate's closing. Oh, crap! 

Now kill the guards who came in the entrance way right before 
the gate closed. Then get in that car and find the ramp out of
the building. Jump the ramp and escape before the building
explodes. Go back to the garage. Mission passed.
Cell Phone Call-
 CJ gets a phone call from someone... but who? head 
 to the [?] icon in Tierra Robada to find out.
REWARD: Respect +  /  $25000


1......Mountain Cloud Boys (0111)
Difficulty: 3/10

Meet Woozie in Chinatown (the [W] icon on the map).  When you
begin, Woozie wants to check on a member of the Triads who
didn't show up at the last meeting. CJ comes along for the ride.

Drive Woozie to the meeting site. When you're there, wtch the cut 
scene. The meeting has been ambushed by some Vietnamese gangs!
It's a trap. They're planning to kill Woozie, too. Escape the 
area in one piece.

>> Woozie's Health: Remember, he's blind. Help him! If he dies, 
   you fail the mission.

There are a lot of people trying to kill you and Woozie. Watch
out for the sniper on the roof! When you are done, CJ and Woozie
get in a car and backup and hit a Da Nang car. Now, drive back to
Woozie's place. Either let Woozie destroy the car, or you can.

UNNECESSARY SIDE NOTE: Heh... just happens that I'm Vietnamese. 

REWARD: Respect +  /  $5000
2......Ran Fa Li (0112) 
Difficulty: 5/10

When you begin the mission you'll meet Ran Fa Li. Ran Fa Li wants 
to pick up a package. CJ offers to pick it up. Now, go get a car
and head to the airport. Drive into the red marker and watch the 
cut scene. You need to steal the Sabre. Oh, crap. It's another 
sneak attack by the Da Nang. 

You can either get out of the car and kill them, or just simply 
wiz by them and head to the Triad garage. There will be a couple 
of Da Nang boys and roadblocks trying to stop you, but just ignore 
them and make a run for it.

>> Damage Meter: If you let the car get blown up, you fail the 
   mission. Watch out for attackers!
Park the Sabre in the garage. Mission passed.   

REWARD: Respect +  /  $6000
3......Lure (0114)
Difficulty: 5/10

 Trip skip is available in this mission.

Go back to Woozie's place in Chinatown and walk into the red 
marker to begin this mission. The Vietnamese have spied and
learned that Ran Fa Li is staying at Woozie's. They want to
kill him when he leaves. Woozie wants CJ to lure the Vietnamese
into the middle of nowhere by driving Ran Fa Li's car out into
the Badlands, so Ran Fa Li can get out safely.

Start by driving the car to Angel Pine (the yellow dot on the 
map). Then drive ito the red marker. You're now being chased by
some Da Nang gang members. Follow the red checkpoints through 
the countryside until you reach a gas station.

>> Damage Meter: Drive fast; take shortcuts, just stay ahead of 
   the Vietnamese on the bikes. If the damage meter gets to it's 
   lowest, you fail the mission.

There are only eight checkpoints. When you're at the gas station,
you pass the mission. Go back to Woozie's place.

REWARD: Respect +  /  $8000
4......Amphibious Assault (0115)
Difficulty: 7/10

ATTENTION: This is a night mission. You can only access it at night.  

5......The Da Nang Thang (0118)
Difficulty: 8/10

Mission details here.


x           T H E   D E S E R T    	   x	(0208)


1......Monster (0208)

Mission details here.

2......Highjack (0209)

Mission details here. 

3......Interdiction (0210)

Mission details here.
4......Verdant Meadows (0212)

Mission details here.  


  Congrats, you've beat San Andreas's storyline missions.   
  But... the storyline missions only contribute about 70%
  of the game. The other 30% are required odd jobs. I bid
  you good luck.

x   R O C K S T A R   D O C U M E N T S    x	

1......San Andreas Cast (ASX-1-35)

Carl "CJ" Johnson...........................Chris Bellard
Sean "Sweet" Johnson........................Faizon Love
Kendl Johnson...............................Yo Yo
Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris...................Clifton Powell
Lance "Ryder" Wilson........................MC Eiht
Jeffrey "O.G. Loc" Cross....................Jonathon Anderson
Barry "Big Bear" Thorne.....................Big Boy
Emmet.......................................Eugene Jeter Jr
Madd Dogg...................................Ice T
Cesar Vialpondo.............................Clifton Collins, Jr.
Officer Frank Tenpenny......................Samuel L. Jackson
Officer Eddie Pulaski.......................Chris Penn
Catalina....................................Cynthia Farrell
The Truth...................................Peter Fonda
Jizzy B.....................................Charlie Murphy
T-Bone Mendez...............................Kid Frost
Mike Toreno.................................James Woods
Woozie......................................James Yaegashi
Su Xi Mu....................................Richard Chang
Ran Fa Li...................................Hunter Platin
Zero........................................David Cross
Kent Paul...................................Danny Dyer
Maccer......................................Shaun Ryder
Ken Rosenburg...............................Bill Fichtner
Salvatore Leone.............................Frank Vincent
Maria La Torra..............................Debi Mazar
Johnny Sindacco.............................Casey Siemaszko
Jimmy Silverman.............................Gary Yudman
Bettina.....................................Noelle Sadler
Jethro......................................John Zurhellen
Dwaine......................................Navid Khonsari
Millie Perkins..............................Orfeh
Barbara Schtervarf..........................Danielle Lee Greaves
Denise Robinson.............................Heather Alicia Simms
Michelle Cannes.............................Vanessa Aspillaga
Helena Wankstein............................Bijou Phillips
Katie Zahn..................................China Chow

2......The Radio Stations & Playlists (ASX-1-50)*

* see code (SPCL-3657)

PLAYBACK FM (Classic Hip-Hop)
 1. "Road to the Riches" / Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
 2. "Warm It Up Kane" / Big Daddy Kane
 3. "The Godfather" / Spoonie Gee
 4. "Me & the Biz" / Masta Ace
 5. "Children's Story" / Slick Rick
 6. "Rebel Without A Pause" / Public Enemy
 7. "I Know You Got Soul" / Eric B. & Rakim
 8. "It Takes Two" / Rod Base & DJ EZ Rock
 9. "B.Y.S." / Gang Starr
 10. "The Vapors" / Biz Markie
 11. "Brand Nubian" / Brand Nubian
 12. "Critical Beatdown" / Ultramagnetic MC's

 1. "I Don't Give a Fuck" / 2 Pac
 2. "Hood Took Me Under" / Compton's Most Wanted
 3. "Nuthin' But a 'G' Thang" / Dr. Dre
 4. "The Ghetto" / Too Short
 5. "Alwayz Into Somethin'" / NWA
 6. "Check Yo Self (The Message Remix)" / Ice Cube
 7. "La Raza" / Kid Frost
 8. "How I Could Just Kill a Man" / Cypress Hill
 9. "Fuck Wit Dre Day" / Dr. Dre
 10. "It's Funky Enough" / The D.O.C.
 11. "Express Yourself" / NWA
 12. "It Was a Good Day" / Ice Cube
 13. "Eazy-Er Said Then Dunn" / Eazy-E
 14. "Murder Rap" / Above The Law
 15. "Deep Cover" / Dr. Dre
 16. "Guerillas In Tha Mist" / Da Lench Mob

 1. "I Can Make You Dance" / Zapp
 2. "Hollywood Swingin'" / Kool and the Gang
 3. "Love Rollercoaster" / Ohio Players
 4. "Cold Blooded" / Rick James
 5. "Twighlight" / Maze
 6. "Yum Yum" / Fatback
 7. "Between the Sheets" / The Isley Brothers
 8. "West Coast Poplock" / Ronnie Hudson
 9. "Fantastic Voyage" / Lakeside
 10. "Loopzilla" / George Clinton
 11. "Let It Whip" / Dazz Band
 12. "Candy" / Cameo
 13. "Love is the Message" / MFSB
 14. "Funky Worm" / Ohio Players
 15. "Odyssey" / Johnny Harris
 16. "Running Away" / Roy Ayers

K-ROSE (Country)
 1. "Amos Moses" / Jerry Reed
 2. "Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man" / Conway Twitty 
 3. "Hey Good Lookin'" / Hank Williams
 4. "Queen of Harts" / Juice Newton
 5. "New York City" / Statler Bros.
 6. "The Letter Johnny Walker Read" / Asleep At The Wheel
 7. "One Step Forward" / The Desert Rose Band
 8. "Crazy" / Willie Nelson
 9. "Three Cigarettes in the Ashtray" / Pasty Cline
 10. "Bed of Roses" / Statler Bros.
 11. "Make the World Go Away" / Mickey Gilley
 12. "Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys" / Ed Bruce
 13. "Always Wanting You" / Merle Haggard
 14. "All My Exes Live in Texas" / Whitey Shafer
 15. "Rabbit" / I Love a Rainy Night

K-DST (Classic Rock)
 1. "Slow Ride" / Foghat
 2. "Green River" / Creedence Clearwater Revival
 3. "Barracuda" / Heart
 4. "Strutter" / Kiss
 5. "Hold the Line" / Toto
 6. "Young Turks" / Rod Stewart
 7. "Running Down a Dream" / Tom Petty
 8. "Woman to Woman" / Joe Cocker
 9. "Get Down to It" / Humble Pie
 10. "Some Kind of Wonderful" / Grand Funk Railroad
 11. "Free Bird" / Lynyrd Skynyrd
 12. "A Horse with No Name" / America
 13. "Eminence Point" / The Wind
 14. "Smokin'" / Boston
 15. "Somebody Up Here Likes Me" / David Bowie
 16. "Two Tickets to Paradise" / Eddie Money
 17. "White Wedding" / Billy Idol
SFUR (House)
 1. "Make My Body Rock" / Jomanda
 2. "Pacific" / Bob State
 3. "Weekend" / The Todd Perry Project
 4. "Let the Music (Use You)" / Nightwriters
 5. "Move Your Body" / Marshall Jefferson
 6. "This is Acid" / Maurice
 7. "Can You Feel It?" / Mr. Fingers
 8. "Voodoo Ray" / A Guy Called Gerald
 9. "Ma Foom Bey" / Cultural Vibe
 10. "Someday" / Ce Ce Rogers
 11. "I'll Be Your Friend" / Robert Owens
 12. "Your Love" / Frankie Knuckles
 13. "Promised Land" / Joe Smooth
 14. "I Need a Rhythm" / 28th Street Crew
 15. "Break 4 Love" / Raze
 16. "The Morning After" / Fallout
 1. "Don't Let It Go to Your Head" / Black Harmony
 2. "Ring My Bell" / Blood Sisters
 3. "Wicked Inna Bed" / Shabba Ranks
 4. "Batty Rider" / Buju Banton
 5. "King Tubby Meets the Rockers Uptown" / Augustus Pablo
 6. "Revolution" / Dennis Brown
 7. "Armagideon Time" / Willie Williams
 8. "Sidewalk Killer" / I Roy
 9. "Funky Kingston" / Toots & the Maytals
 10. "Cocaine In My Brain" / Dillinger
 11. "Pressure Drop" / The Maytals
 12. "Bam Bam" / The Pliers
 13. "Here I Come" / Barrington Levy
 14. "Drum Pan Sound" / Reggie Stepper
 15. "Great Train Robbery" / Black Uhuru
 16. "Chase the Devil" / Max Romeo & the Upsetters
CSR 103.2 (Contemporary Soul Radio)
 1. "I'm So Into You" / SWV
 2. "Keep On Movin'" / Soul II Soul
 3. "So You Like What You See" / Samuelle
 4. "My Lovin' (Never Gonna Get It)" / En Vogue
 5. "Rub You the Right Way" / Johnny Gill
 6. "Sensitivity" / Ralph Tresvant
 7. "Groove Me" / Guy
 8. "Don't Be Afraid" / Aaron Hall
 9. "Motownphilly" / Boyz II Men
 10. "Poison" / Bell Biv Devoe
 11. "I Got the Feeling" / Today
 12. "New Jack Swing" / Wrecks-N-Effect
 13. "Don't Be Cruel" / Bobby Brown

WCTR (Talk Radio)
 Written by: Dan Houser and Lazlow
      Lianne Forget: Sharon Washington
      Richard Burns: Wil Wheaton
      Derreck Thackery: Peter Appel
      James Pedeaston: Sam Tsoutsouvas
      Billy Dexter: Peter Marx
      Jack Howitzer: Randy Perlstein
      Trailer Vo: Jeff Berlin
      General: Ron Reeve
      Kids: Mike, Chris, and James Ferrante
      Lazlow: as himself
      Jenna Forbes: Laura Bykowski
      OG Loc: Jonathan Anderson
      Cris Formage: Fred Melamed
      Darius Fontaine: Danny Burstein
      Maurice: Andy Dick
      Plyton Phillips: Paul Ames
      Mary Phillips: Jackie Hoffman
      Christy Macintyre: Sara Moon
      Fernando: Frank Chavez
 8. AREA 53
      Marvin Trill: Bob Serva                        

RADIO X (Alternative)
 1. "Unsung" / Helmet
 2. "Personal Jesus" / Depeche Mode
 3. "Midlife Crisis" / Faith No More
 4. "Mother" / Danzig
 5. "Cult of Personality" / Living Colour
 6. "Movin' On Up" / Primal Scream
 7. "Welcome to the Jungle" / Gun n' Roses
 8. "Pretend We're Dead" / L7
 9. "Hellraiser" / Ozzy Osbourne
 10. "Rusty Cage" / Soundgarden
 11. "Killing in the Name" / Rage Against the Machine
 12. "Been Caught Stealing" / Jane's Addiction
 13. "Fools Gold" / The Stone Roses
 14. "Them Bones" / Alice in Chains
 16. "Plush" / Stone Temple Pilots

MASTER SOUNDS 98.3 (Rare Grooves)
 1. "Express Yourself" / Charles Wright
 2. "Cross the Tracks (We Better Go Back)" / Maceo & the Macks
 3. "Smokin' Cheeba Cheeba" / Harlem Underground Band
 4. "Jungle Fever" / The Chakachas
 5. "Nautilus" / Bob James
 6. "Green Onions" / Booker T & the MGs
 7. "Rock Creek Park" / The Blackbyrds
 8. "Hot Pants" / Bobby Byrd
 9. "Funky President" / James Brown
 10. "Rock Me Again and Again" / Lyn Collins
 11. "Soul Power 74" / Maceo & the Macks
 12. "I Know You Got Soul" / Bobby Byrd
 13. "The Payback" / James Brown
 14. "Think About It" / Lyn Collins
 16. "Grunt" / The JB's
 17. "Low Rider" / WAR
 18. "Tainted Love" / Gloria Jones
 19. "(I Got) So much Trouble In My Mind" / Sir Joe Quarterman

x       S P E C I A L    T H A N K S       x	(SPCL-3654, SPCL-3655) 
============================================    (SPCL-3656, SPCL-3657)

Special thanks to the following people for helping me with this guide:

~ NATE for putting together the cars and bikes list
~ SOLIDSNAKE01 for helping me organize all the data and type the radio 
  station playlists
~ JOSH N. for helping me gather information from the game and typing 
  the data
~ CKORN04 for the ASCI art

x    L E G A L    I N F O R M A T I O N    x	(ASX-1-36) (ASX-1-40)

   Contact me via e-mail ([email protected]) or AOL Instant 
   Messenger (tinytimton). Please read the whole table of contents 
   to see if I listed the mission you wish to see before contacting 
   me for mission help. I always accept comments and suggestions!   

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x              _     | |                   | |            | |             x
x            _| |___ | |___  _____  ______ | | _    _____ | |             x
x           |_   ___||  _  ||__   ||  __  || |/ /  |  ___|| |             x
x             | |  _ | | | | __|  || |  | ||   |   | |___ | |             x
x             | | | || | | ||  _  || |  | || |\ \  |___  ||_|             x
x             | |_| || | | || |_| || |  | || | \ \  ___| |___             x
x             |_____||_| |_||_____||_|  |_||_|  \_||_____|\_/             x
x                                                                         x
x  									  x
x      F O R      R E A D I N G      M Y      W A L K T H R O U G H       x

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