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Incredible Crisis FAQ
Platform: Playstation
Written By: Matthew BeCraft
E-mail: [email protected]
Version: 2.0

Table of Contents

1: Characters
2: Walkthrough
3: Copyright Notice
4:Version 2.5 Ideas
5:Contact Me
1: Characters
1: Taneo 
   Taneo is the main character of the game that goes through some of the funniest 
and weirdest things. Watching the funny dance in the beginning is worth half the 

2: Etsuko
    Taneo’s wife, Etsuko has to get through some really weird scenarios like 
destroying a GIANT teddy bear trying to destroy the city. If that’s not enough, try 
the moral values taught in “Steal the Golden Pig.”

3: Ririka
    Taneo and Etsuko’s daughter, Ririka ends up skipping school to go to the mall. 
It is because of her that Etsuko has to destroy the giant teddy bear. She also ends 
up getting in a situation with aliens.

4: Tsuyoshi
    The son of Etsuko and Taneo, Tsuyoshi just decides to stay in the backyard {I 
guess he’s too young to go to school.} He ends up getting shrunk to the size of an 
ant, and has to get away from a grasshopper.

2: Walkthrough

Beginning Movie: It is Grandma Hatsu’s birthday and she is telling everyone to be 
home as soon as they can. Etsuko is going to make a birthday dinner, Ririka plans to 
skip school to go to the mall. Tsuyoshi is going to stay outside in the backyard, 
and Taneo is just going to work.

Stage 1 “Taneo Dance Fever”: This level is like one of those Parrapa The Rapper or 
Um Jammer Lammy games. Just press the button when it goes over the arrow.

Stage 2 “Bowling Inferno”: Just outside Taneo’s office, some workers are building 
one of those “Samson’s Gym” type statues. The world is the only part needed to 
finish it. Well, as the helicopter lowers it onto the statue, the cables break and 
the world goes through the window of Taneo’s office. The only thing to do here is to 
RUN. “Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m Taneo, the business man.”

Stage 3 “Elevator Of Doom”: As Taneo finally gets away from the big huge globe, he 
finds himself in an elevator. As he goes to get home, the elevator suddenly starts 
going haywire. Taneo must press the stop button so many times while dodging falling 
objects. The only hint I can think of is to use a controller with a turbo function 
on it.

Stage 4 “Nerd On A Wire”: Well, I think he finally got away from the globe…NOT. The 
globe falls, busts the elevator open and sends Taneo onto a very unstable flagpole. 
Just get to the window without the pole breaking. After this level you will get 
graded on your performance and may get more lives and you can save here

Stage 5 “Paramedics, The A Team”: Taneo gets away from the giant globe, and a vase 
or something falls on his head. The paramedics come to take him to the hospital. On 
the way there, they decide to check if Taneo is still thinking straight. So, they’re 
going to give him some questions to check. The only thing that you could do here is 
either have finished school or have someone who has nearby.

Stage 6 “Let’s Go By Stretcher”: The paramedics got so excited, they accidentally 
pushed him out of the ambulance while he was still on the stretcher. Now he has to 
get a certain distance on the stretcher. Stay on the middle, until something comes 
your way.

Stage 7 “Love, Fireworks, And Ferris Wheel”: After the stretcher incident, Taneo 
hits the giant globe {Last incident with the globe}, and the woman from the dancing 
level finds him on the ground. Taneo follows her to the fair on the Ferris wheel and 
has to give her a back massage. Just use the turbo controller to rub her back really 
quick. Grading and save after level.

Stage 8 “Independence Bay”: The woman turned out to be a spy, and she put a bomb in 
their Ferris wheel seat and jumped on a helicopter. Taneo jumps too, causing the 
helicopter to go down. Taneo and the others jump off as the helicopter explodes. He 
finds himself near a dock. Ririka calls, asking if he sees a UFO. She says to 
destroy everything trying to destroy the UFO. Taneo finds a huge cannon. No hints or 
tips available.

Stage 9 “Titanic Away”: The last missile hit’s the cannon, and it blows up and Taneo 
goes flying into the water. Some boatman comes to take Taneo back to the dock. The 
problem is Taneo pulls the plug, and bunches of water comes into the boat. Taneo 
must drain the boat. Use the turbo controller. The umbrella will not protect you 
from the man, so don’t even try. This is the end of Taneo’s Story. Grading and save 

Stage 10 “Afternoon Of The Wolves”: This begins Etsuko's story. Etsuko is going to 
the bank after 
shopping. When she enters, some people are robbing the bank. She dives behind a 
chair. The point is to escape without being caught. Wait till all dots are green and 
start going towards the next checkpoint. If a dot turns a different color get back 
to your checkpoint.

Stage 11 “Pound For Pound”: As Etsuko leaves the bank, the gang’s leader, the girl 
again, comes in and makes her steal the Golden Pig. This level would be much easier 
with a calculator.

Stage 12 “Etsuko And The Golden Pig”: The gang takes Etsuko to their hideout. There 
you must play a certain amount of musical notes on the pig. Just press the button as 
it gets to a certain point. There should be a save and grading point here.

Stage 13 “Snowboarding With Wolves”: The golden pig opens to reveal “BENJAMIN.” It 
shoots members of the gang. Etsuko smacks BENJAMIN with her purse causing it to 
explode, sending Etsuko outside the hideout to snowboard. Just keep dodging the 
shots and snowmobiles.

Stage 14 “Looks Like Top Gun”: Etsuko goes flying off a cliff and ends up in front 
of a weird looking building. 
Suddenly she hears a voice saying for all fighters to their jets. She gets into a 
jet and has to exit the hangar without getting hit too many times. If you’ve played 
Brave Fencer Musashi and reached the log or mine cart level, you should be able to 
pass easily. If not just watch out.

Stage 15 “Bear Wars”: This is one of the easiest levels. Just lock your target on 
the giant bear and fire before either the bear or the jet moves. This ends Etsuko’s 
series of levels. Save and get graded.

Stage 16 “King Of The Hill”: This begins Tsuyoshi’s Story. When the giant bear gets 
destroyed, it sends rays out that shrink Tsuyoshi to the size of an ant. Get up the 
hill without getting hit too many times with rocks.

Stage 17 “Kiss Of The Spider-Man”: Tsuyoshi finds a rope, and climbs it to find that 
it is part of a spider web. Just remember “Nerd On A Wire.”

Stage 18 “Titanic Away Again?!?”: Like father, like son. Tsuyoshi ends up in the 
boat and does the same thing as his father, Taneo. Just use the same strategy as 
before. The boat got shrunk too.

Stage 19 “Mantis Park”: Tsuyoshi gets out of the boat only to find more trouble, A 
praying mantis trying to chase him down and eat him. Just use the same strategy as 
in “Bowling Inferno.”

Stage 20 “The Tense Teacher”: The start of Ririka’s story. She is in class, front 
row. She is talking to one of her friends about shopping. Suddenly, the mean teacher 
throws a piece of chalk and knocks her friend out. Ririka REALLY wants to go 
shopping. The object is get to the last desk without getting hit with a piece of 
Move people until they get hit, then make your move. It works most of the time.

Stage 21 “The Goods Must Be Crazy”: The easiest level. Just locate the item and 
place in your shopping bag. There is a save and grade point here.

Stage 22 “Ignorant Encounters”: After shopping, Ririka finds a “Have your picture 
made on a teddy bear” machine. She is having her picture made when a mini-UFO comes 
up and makes the picture look like Ririka is in a REALLY bad mood. She hypnotizes 
the UFO and it sends lightning beams everywhere. One hit’s the bear and it grows, 
{Making sense now?} She sees Taneo on a monitor and calls him and tells him to 
protect the “Mothership.” In the meantime, Ririka must send some kind of signal to 
the mothership. It’s just like the game “Simon.” If you’ve played it, it’ll be more 
than easy for you. If not, just remember the pattern and repeat it.

Stage 23 “Titanic Away, One More Time”: Same story. Just use the turbo controller 
again. Afterwards, the UFO shrinks the boat {Still making sense?}

Stage 24 “De Crane, De Crane”: Next, Ririka must find a way to get home, so she 
borrows someone’s bicycle to ride home. The wolf gang tries to destroy Ririka and 
the mini-UFO. Just stay in the middle unless the wrecking ball comes your way or 
there’s something there. Afterwards, save and get graded for the last time. WOO HOO, 
the game is over. Sit back watch the ending movie and get ready for Incredible 
Crisis 2.

3:Copyright Notice
Copyright © 2001 Matthew BeCraft. 

4:Version 2.5 Ideas

1: More hints
2: Codes
3: Keep my promise and actually GET the hints and codes!!! 
5:Contact Me
You can contact me at [email protected] I also can be Instant Messaged. I will 
talk about ALMOST anything.
P.S: If there is ANYTHING wrong with this FAQ, just somehow let me know, please???

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