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                           Driver: Parallel Lines
                          By:Bubble Master Dude Man

Chapter 1:Weapons
Chapter 2:Cheats

         Hello and welcome to the FAQ that was the first ever made!
We'll start going by the first gun you get to the last gun in 1978.(besides the 
shotgun). (NOTE: these are not the gun names in the game but in real life. Some guns 
will have the game name and the real life name.)


Name (RN):38. Special
Name (GN):???????????
Effective Rating: 1
Clip Capacity: 8

Note: This is "Slink's Present" or the first "Heater" you get.

Name (RN):38. Magnum
Name (GN):44H
Effective Rating: 4 (angainst armoured people: 3)
Range:Short to Long
Clip Capacity: 7

Note: I found this gun very interesting for a pistol. Plus I like the "SHINY" silver.

Name (RN):MAC10
Name (GN):?????
Effective Rating: 3
Range:Short to Mid
Clip Capacity: 32

Note: I hate the fact it speads bullets everywhere!

Name (RN):M4
NAME (GN):U 15
Effective Rating: 3
Range:Short to Mid
Clip Capacity: 30

Note: Well, Not very Different from the MAC10

Name (RN):12 Gauge
NAME (GN):Shotgun
Effective Rating: 4 at short range.
Clip Capacity: 8

Note: While it is a CP choice of a weapon, it is not mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name (RN):????????
Name (GN):Grenade Launcher
Effective Rating: 5 (besides the fact the grenade rolls on the ground)
Range:You Decide (LOL)
Clip Capacity: 1

Note: BOOM,BABY,BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                          CHEATERS TIME HAS COME!!!!!!!
Pause during Gameplay go to settings,cheats and enter cheat codes. Activation is 
made at where you find the Enter Cheat Code Link.

GUNRANGE: Infinate ammo
GUNBELT : All weapons
TOOLEDUP : 0$ on everything!
ROOLBAR: Indestructable Cars
ZOOMZOOM : Infinate Nitro
CARSHOW : All cars in garage
KEYSTONE : Weak cop cars

The rest you must unlock by milage!

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