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Author-Half LifeĀ†
Title- Information Not Shown In The Game Content.
Logo By- Stephen.H

Game Title-HalfLife 2
Creators and Publisers- VALVe, Sierra
Dta Records-1
Awards-PC Gamer Editors Choice.
Other Versions-Half Life.

	Table Of Contents-
				☼What Is Found In This Guide.
				☼Black Messa-Black Massa
				☼The G MAN
				☼City17 And The Story Line of HL2
				☼From The Very Start And What Went Wrong
				☼CopyWright Info.(2005-2005)


Hi there my name is Steve and i have written this guide on behalf of my free time 
during the day.
Not totally sure when this guide was made found it on one of my old HDD (Hard Drive 
Device [S]) had no date so copyWright is 05-05
  Enjoy! ☻
Oh also Don't Worry To much on the Metallica Logo I put that for everything i post 
on the web just my little logo (Not-Lisenced)

--What Is Found In This Guide--

This Guide hold information that Both versions of half life 1,2 HAVE NEVER RELEASED 
TO THERE PLAYERS So thus with a bit of reserch
over the net some questions asked to buddys and just plain common sense i have 
desided to put it all into a mini Data Pack.

You will FInd Information about The Ever so Famous Gordan.FreeMen (Main Player) the 
stubbren and crul Adminastrator.Breen and of course
everyone's favirote :P THE G MAN! 

Who Is the G MAN
Is he a alien?

All THat will be Explained Hear.

Other Things such as what Happen In black Massa and what has happen to City17 and 
its history will be shown hear.

		From the Start To The FInish Line Information on the so called Best 
Game ever made over 50 Game Of the Year awards....Halflife (1,2)

Shall We begin >:)....

----------Black Messa-Black Massa----------

-How Ever you spell it one thing is for sure Black Massa Is not your everyday 
regular Labatory Reserch Fascility...Found in New Mexico 
Black Massa is the Key Area to the game HalfLife...were it all began.

Scientests...Military...Secret Labatory Reserch was all done hear.
Under the order of Ad.Breen and under the ownage of Dela Prime (Government) Black 
Massa is not the place to fool around in.

Millions of dollars of Expensive Equipment and Rooms are well put into this Make 
Belive world.

Let me begin on who and how Work is done in Black Massa....

Ok Black Massa has strick rules on that certin people with levels of PHD Etc, Can 
only work hear others who wish too must have some skill that would
favour the team in black massa.

Filled with over 144 Diffrent Rooms on each section some haveing below 100 this is 
one huge plant.

Work is dont fast but safly safty is the first priority to Black Massa and is 
intended to be kept that way.

The Type of work done hear is privite and very Risky from Exploiting Pure Samples 
from Pure Speciemen it is a ruff and tiring buiness.

Black Massa Has one thing that is allways more risky and life taking then anything 
else...found deep in Sector 3 below 1000 of other things..

The TEST CHAMBER...Were all government projects are done...Time is of essence in 
the test chamber with high voltage running just in front of you

Powerfull Radiation all around you..there is no time to loose...

not anyone can enter this so called TEST CHAMBER only Test Subjects such as PHD.M 
and PHD.DM  can enter such as Gordan.Freemen a 

very trust worthy scientist caught in.....aww all tell you later >:)

The Test Chamber has over 4000 diffrent secrity Messures pursuited into its 
projects and people that enter in it. If anything were to go wrong
that would threten the safty of others or the world it would have to be shut down 
ASAP...The Test Chamber found in black massa is one of the only
things watched more then others. The test chamber can only be  given permission to 
be used only from! Ad.Breen or the Government.

Ok Enough Information on Black Massa lets move on.

----Gordan Freemen----

The cause of the resident Cascade said  from Ad.Breen but others don't think so.

Gordan Freemen is the main Players that you inrole to play with in the series of 
HalfLife Games 1 and 2.

Gordan Freemen is a 28 YEar old male who has a PHD.DM in Advanced Science and 
Labatory reserch he is the one who is the hero of many lives.

But haveing its freedom has its price.....

Gordan Freemen is not welcomed by all such as Ad.BReen and others Military and 
which not.

This So called Freeman lives by the power of man made things such as GUNS..Guns 
save peoples lives don't they?
YEs but they also take away.

Gordan Freemen is one of Thousands of Scientests who were ment to be killed for 
being involved in the BlackMassa Resident Cascade Problume.

But he did not allow that Gordan Ran through Tough Aliens killed Tons of Military 
Officers who were ordered to Kill him on site and to top it off

Get Past Pesky Retnel Scanners Pad Code Locked doors Wall mines and tricky 
puzzles...But guess what He did it...

He saved Tons and him self all of  a happy ending fro Mr.Freemen Or is it?

Gordan Freemen's Actions were watched very closely by a Government official named 
the GMAN and sooner became his assistent and Emploeey.

Freeman's Destiny allways changed no matter what happen but one thing did not 
change and that was he was born to be free and free others

And that he did....Gordan Freemen Is found in through out both versions of the game 
1 and 2

No matter what version your in Trouble death and chaos to trend in your wake....

but something that will allways follow in your wake is the people and friends that 
have allways followed you..Barny...Eljlie...THEGMAN...Alex...Etc..

With out them This so called FreeMan Could not make it....

Gordan is the trigger to the resident cascade founded in Black Massa but he was 
only follwing his orders was he not? >:)


Not much to say on Adminastrator Breen not to much information was found. 
All that is known is that.

		Ad.Breen Has power to all of black Massa and city17 he controlls a 
series of special forces such as the US Military and Combine.
The Combine was ment to save and help the People of City17 Thus they brough chaos 
and death to many.

Just like in the very begging the military was ordered to kill all scientests who 
were involded in the Black Massa Cascade...Tragic lost.

Ad.Breen is one of the most protective Men alive through out the game no aliens 
ever attack him no combine or military ever try to kill him...

Could he be Linked to Orthico? hmm i wonder >:]

Well all just tell you... Orthico is the final boss on Half Life or some call him a 
Baby ...Ad.Breen Knew that a resident Cascade would arouse if the 
purifiyed Specimen was inplaced into the test chambers laser beams thus giving life 
to all life Orthico....Many thought that after you killed orthico he was 
dead forever...Well your wrong Ad.Breen Found life in orthico at City17 thus 
Ad.Breen was followed with his orders...

Every hear Ad.Breen Talk about the cididal in City17 and hear how it was given to 
him by the councial or Benufactors well the councial and
Benufactors is Orthico...the means to make all of humanity a living hell was the 
main mission for Ad.BReen And Orthico.

Ad.Breen Is gordan's main rivial he sends out all means of attack to kill gordan 
Freemen and trys to tell his public that Freemen is the cause of lives and
the cascade in Black massa...

But the very veyr very very very!!!!!!!!! Few Scientests including Gordan him self 
who lived through black massa never belived Ad.Breen.

So many including Aljlie ....Alex's Father tried to warn Ad.Breen that a resident 
cascade would occur if the project went any further...
And so it did...


-----THE G MAN!-----


Very Famous words Given from the GMAN

There are many names for the Gman

-The Government man
-The Go Man
-The Godan Man

But really the one that i really think that fits is... THE GOVERNMENT MAN...

The Gman is the Officle Top Secret most classified Government officle in the 
world...He died in 1971 so why thus was he in black massa >:) 

Makes you think eh? :P

The GMAN is Immortal and returned to see Gordans Destiny and Humanitys Destiny 

The GMAN is the bringer of Paths Gordan was given 2 Choices to either put to 
eternal Rest until his hour comes again or  Die in a battle he will
never win.

In HalfLife2 The GMAN Wakes Gordan from his eternal rest and says his hour has come 
again...The GMAN can never be seen by combine or Ad.Breen

He can only be seen by Gordan Soem Scientests and by orthico.

The GMAN is the Lord ship of life and is the one who delivers Gordan to his 
missions and arivels. Such as City17 as long as the GMAN is around Gordan
is never ending...


City17 is yet the main area in the life of gordan freemen..he must safe the people 
living there from the ruthless powers of the combine and the ruthless
commands from Ad.Breen

The Special thing about City17 is of 2 things....

Firstly city17 can nto be harmed by any which aliens or military and City17 dose 
not alow the Female spcies to make new life so they can not breed.

Ok well thats about it for City17 Lol i know its not lots but theres not much on 
city17 :P

Firstly if you play the game you know the story line picks up very fast.

----From The Very Start And What Went Wrong.----

Many people get very confused on what really happen in black massa allow me to 

Firstly Gordan Freemen was senteced back to BlackMassa's Test Chamber for a Top 
Secret Test on a very unknown VERY Pure But Very Unstable Speciement
Founded by the government.

Gordan Freemen was ment to push the Pure yellow crystle form specimen into the 
Radiational waves of the test chamer and recover a sample from it...

Well that never happen the Specimen was to unstable to hold the power from the 
radiation and caused a resident cascade to the world...Like a black Hole.

It cause this aliens from a diffrent Galaxy to make contact with earth and to 

Gordan Freemen wondered through faviours parts of black massa killing off aliens 
Military and making it to the surffece.....



Not knowing a clue what went wrong...

Well this project was lisenced by the GMAN and the Government he insured the 
Adminastrator Breen that nothing bad would happen..

Yes well not to them but to the rest of the world.

The Resident Cascade was made to see how Humanity would live after words and if 
possible how they could controll life...

The GMAN Dissapered shortly after Gordan Killed orthico but only to arrive shortly 
after to have a talk with gordan and to warn him that this is not the end

I hope that clears things up.


-Stephen Hummell
-Adam Hummell

☼CopyWright Info.(2005-2005)☼

-Well I hoped you liked my very spaced very little info pack on Half Life 1 and 2.

Email is- [email protected]


IF you need any further help with levels or Online Help such as Problumes with 
connecting with the game online or a boss you can't beat ask me 

On either AIM or MSN i beat the games in all diffuculties.

Thanks to CheatCodes for Publising this.


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