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Items and Weapons FAQ
Created by: gameman250
Version 1.01 - 6/3/2010

/// Contents ///

1 - Legal Schmegal
2 - Contact Info
3 - Version History
4 - FAQ Intro
5 - Game Information
6 - Reading the Guide
7 - The Item / Weapon List
8 - Sources
9 - Closing

/// 1 - Legal Schmegal ///

This guide is copyright 2010 Sam Marcinko (gameman250).  You may download this
guide for personal use, but you are not allowed to sell it for profit.  You
cannot claim this guide is a work of yours, either.

This guide is intended to be hosted on GameFAQs (  They have
some stuff in their help section that says their affiliates and partner sites
can link to this, but whatever.  Don't ask to have this guide hosted on your
site.  For my two other FAQs I did a long time ago I did this and am keeping
no track of who is featuring my guides where.  But as long as they credit me
for the work I don't care.  This time around I'm keeping it on GameFAQs.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

/// 2 - Contact Info ///

[email protected]

Use it for questions about the guide, mistakes you want to point out, or extra
information you want to add in.  Specify in your subject line that your email
is on one of those items.  Something along the lines of "Spelunky Item / 
Weapon FAQ Question / Correction / Suggestion" will work.  Anything else will
most likely be junked.

And yes, Gmail.  Blah blah blah, insecure, all because of a freakin' security
question to recover the account.  Well I use the security question as a "second
password" to prevent getting hacked.  Basically just put in some random garbage
unrelated to what the question is in.  Thieves will have a hard time figuring
it out.

/// 3 - Version History ///

[Version 1.01 - 6/3/2010]
- Suggestion from reader "Skinart" added to ropes entry.

[Version 1.0 - 1/13/2010]
- First version to be posted.

/// 4 - FAQ Intro ///

Well, I've said in my Bestiary FAQ that I would add more FAQs for the Spelunky!
entry on GameFAQs, and here is the second: An Item and Weapon FAQ!  This baby
will cover items you can pick up and throw at enemies, use as firearms or
melee weapons, or equip to improve your ability to explore the caves.

Not much more I can say here, so let's move on.

/// 5 - Game Information ///

Spelunky! is a roguelike platformer that has randomly generated levels every
time you play.  The game centers around exploring cave levels, collecting
treasure, and combating enemy creatures.  The deaths you experience may be
cheap, but at least it's nothing the likes of I Wanna Be The Guy cheap.

You can download the latest version of the game for free at:

/// 6 - Reading the List ///

{Item / Weapon Name}
[Type: --- | POW: ---]
[Shop Price:  +  per level after Lv. 1]
Description goes here.  Multiple paragraphs will be used as it becomes

- Item / Weapon Name: This should be obvious.
- Type: Defines item / weapon type (See below)
- POW: Damage the weapon can deal (if applicable)
- Shop Price: How much it costs in the shop (if applicable).  The prices
increases with each level, so you'll see the base price plus how much to add on
based on the level the shop is found in.

[Shop Price: $4500 + $500 per level after Lv. 1]

If you're on level 6, minus 1 level (now at 5), then multiply it by the extra
cost ($500 * 5 = $2500), and finally add it to the base cost ($4500 + $2500 =

Item / Weapon Types:
- Throwing: Item you can throw at enemies.
- Melee: Weapon you can attack with in a short range.
- Ranged: Weapon you can shoot.
- Equipment: Item you can equip to enhance your abilities.

/// 7 - The Item / Weapon List ///

[Type: Throwing | POW: 1]
[Shop Price: ---]
Rocks make for decent weapons.  They are lightweight, and you can use them as
many times as you want, so long as you can retrieve it.  The damage it inflicts
may be minimal, but if I can stun the enemy with it then it's good enough for
me.  Careful they don't bounce back and hit you.

[Type: Throwing | POW: 1]
[Shop Price: ---]
Pots are lightweight and good for throwing at enemies, but they shatter easily.
When they do shatter they may drop some small treasure, like gold chunks or
gems.  Some pots will contain snakes or spiders inside, so be careful.  If you
whip or shoot the pot you can automatically kill whatever enemy was inside!

{Skull Head}
[Type: Throwing | POW: 1]
[Shop Price: ---]
Skull heads are like pots but with two differences.  One, they don't yield
items or enemies when broken.  Two, they might actually be Skeletons, resting
and waiting for you to approach them so they can spring up and damage you on

[Type: Throwing | POW: 2]
[Shop Price: ---]
Arrows can be retrieved from Arrow Traps or from a bow you might have.  These
are like the rocks, but they actually disappear if they damage something.  If
you throw it hard enough, an arrow can stick in the wall and you can hang on it
like a ledge.

[Type: Throwing | POW: 1]
[Shop Price: ---]
Not used much as a throwing weapon as it is used as a source of items.  It
can't be thrown far because of it's weight (from holding an item inside.)
Pressing Up and the attack button allows you to open the chest and get a random
item inside.  Most commonly you will receive Bombs or Ropes, but sometimes
you get lucky and receive an extra valuable item!  When you enter a Dark Level
you're given a box with three flares inside.

[Type: Throwing | POW: 1]
[Shop Price: ---]
Like the Crate, the Chest is mainly sought after for its contents.  Most of the
time you'll get Gems.  Normal sized Gems and small versions of which.  But
sometimes you'll get a bomb that's just about to explode!  Get away, quick!  If
you see a chest with a lock on it you'll need the key to open it.  Those chests
yield the Udjat Eye.

[Type: Throwing | POW: 1]
[Shop Price: ---]
The Key is comparable to the rock.  You'll need it to open the locked chest for
the Udjat Eye.

[Type: Throwing | POW: 1]
[Shop Price: ---]
At the beginning of Dark Levels you get a box of flares.  You can either carry
the whole box at once, or break it open and carry the flares individually.
Again, these are the same as rocks.  They are extinguished if they fall in
water (which makes them disappear).

{Golden Idol}
[Type: Throwing | POW: 1]
[Shop Price: ---]
Alright, now I'm just dragging this out longer.  The Golden Idol can be
retrieved from an Idol trap (depending on the Area), and used as a heavy
throwing object until you cash it in at either the level exit or a shop.  To
avoid a separate entry for it, there exists a Crystal Skull item that's worth
three times as much money.

[Type: Throwing | POW: A lot]
[Shop Price: (Bag of 3) $2250 + $250 per level after Lv. 1]
             (Box of 12) $9000 + $1000 per level after Lv. 1]
Bombs can do two things.  One, they'll blow away walls and solid structures so
you can access closed off sections or mine for any treasure the walls will
contain.  Two, they'll damage enemies so much you're almost guaranteed a kill.
They throw just as far as rocks and do the same amount of damage when they
hit something before exploding.  Upgrade them to Sticky Bombs with the Bomb
Paste and they'll stick to whatever they hit first.  They cannot do throwing
damage on enemies, however.

You start with 4 Bombs, and can find additional bombs in crates or in shops.
Bombs come in bags of three or boxes of 12.

[Type: Throwing | POW: 1]
[Shop Price: (Pack of 3) $2250 + $250 per level after Lv. 1]
Okay, the rope isn't really useful as a weapon.  You can throw it up, watch it
uncoil, and then climb up it.  You can also select it with the change item key
and drop it down to lower sections by flip hanging over a ledge or standing on
the edge of something for too long.  The rope can also be uncoiled downward if
you crouch next to a ledge, and you can flip hang off the ledge and transition
to the rope.  This is useful for safe descents from high up places.

You start with 4 Ropes, and can find additional ropes in crates or in shops.
They come in packs of three.

Sent in from Skinart:

 "I wanted to point out that ropes can be used as weapons. They only work on
 enemies that are directly overhead. This makes them ideal for getting spiders
 at rest or high jumpers. Furthermore, because they pass through enemies you
 can take out multiple enemies with one attack. I will concede they have very
 limited use as weapons, but where they can be used, they are very effective."

[Type: Melee | POW: 1]
[Shop Price: ---]
Finally, we're getting out of the Throwing type!  The Whip is the Spelunker's
default attack when not holding another item.  It's kinda short ranged and you
can't do anything fancy with it but it still has its uses.  You can hit enemies
behind you when the Spelunker is in the frame of his whipping animation where
he has the whip behind him.  Aaaaaand that's all I can think of right now.  For
downsides besides weak damage and short range, some enemies are immune to whip
damage, forcing you to find an alternate means of attacking.  Sucks, don't it?

[Type: Melee | POW: 1-3]
[Shop Price: $7300 + $700 per level after Lv. 1]
If only the Machete could replace the Whip as your unequipped attack.  Such is
not the case.  You have to be carrying this weapon in order to use it.  The
Machete slashes in an arc from above to in front of the Spelunker, and slashes
three times in rapid succession.  It can also damage enemies the whip cannot,
and it can harm enemies that are stunned as well.  You can also cut up spider
webs with it.

[Type: Melee | POW: 1]
[Shop Price: $7200 + $800 per level after Lv. 1]
The mattock can be used to break through one ground tile either in front of you
or below you and one tile over.  Or if you position yourself on a tile right it
can break the tile your standing on.  An alternative to bombing through
ground tiles, the mattock can be used to reach sections of the level that have
been closed off by the ground and walls.  HOWEVER, the Mattock Head eventually
breaks off and the tool becomes useless.  You can use the Mattock Head as a
throwing object, but that's it.  When does the Mattock Head fall off?  It's a
random probability, but the more you use it the better the chance it breaks.

If you get the Snake Pit in one of the levels in Area 1 you can destroy the
bottom of it to get a Mattock.

If you're playing as the Tunnel Man your default attack is a Mattock that never
breaks!  But you can't use jump attacks. :(

[Type: Ranged | POW: 0]
[Shop Price: $1800 + $200 per level after Lv. 1]
The Webcannon fires spider webs.  Actually, it fires little globs that burst
into spider webs.  You can use them to trap enemies (spiders and Giant Spiders
withstanding) and get some easy kills in.  Hell, it's really effective for
killing a Shopkeeper!  If you haven't angered one, that is.  Simply shoot the
Webcannon at point blank and immediately jump to avoid his shotgun blast.  Then
bounce on his head repeatedly until he dies!  But don't try this if you have
the Spike Shoes equipped.  He never seems to die for me under those

[Type: Ranged | POW: 2 (normal), A lot (Bomb Arrow)]
[Shop Price: $900 + $100 per level after Lv. 1]
The only projectile weapon that actually runs on ammunition.  Holding down the
attack button primes the arrow for firing.  The longer you charge it up the
more distance it covers.  But it does arc towards the ground even at full
charge.  So it's not really that good a weapon.  Plus you have to find arrows
to shoot, either from arrow traps or by salvaging already fired arrows.

Then again... you can do Bomb Arrows with these things.  Charge up an arrow and
press the Bomb key to create the Bomb Arrow.  Better shoot it off quickly!  Use
this to stick bombs to the wall, an alternative to Sticky Bombs (but with less
to aim at).

[Type: Ranged | POW: 4]
[Shop Price: $4500 + $500 per level after Lv. 1]
Now here's a suitable weapon to defend you from damn near everything.  Running
on infinite ammo, the pistol fires bullets straightfoward and quickly.  It has
a fairly fast firing rate, too.  In Dark Levels you can get a burst of light
from shooting it, so use it a lot and ignore the flares.

[Type: Ranged | POW: 4 per bullet]
[Shop Price: $13500 + $1500 per level after Lv. 1]
Good ol' shotgun.  The weapon of choice for hauling ass, with 6 bulelts being
fired and scattering slightly as they travel.  Few enemies will survive taking
one full shotgun blast, and those enemies are the Yeti King and the Giant
Piranha.  But another blast puts them right to bed.  All shopkeepers carry a
shotgun and they'll only break 'em out if you piss them off.  You can also get
a shotgun from bombing a grave that says "Ash" on it in the Restless Dead
Levels.  Shotguns, like pistols, can produce bursts of light in Dark Levels,
but they have a slower rate of fire and minor recoil.  They're still kickass
enough to be carrying.

[Type: Ranged | POW: Insta Kill]
[Shop Price: ---]
The Scepter can be acquired by killing the Mummy on Level 13.  With it, you can
shoot psychic bubbles that hone in on the nearest enemy (and damsel, sadly).
And the bubbles pass through walls / floors!  The bad news?  They'll consider
corpses of dead enemies to be targets.  Plus, if you're doing a City of Gold
run you will lose the Scepter when opening the door to the City of Gold on
Level 14.  Let's hope there's a shopkeeper (angry or whatever) on that level so
you can take his shotgun after you use the Scepter on the door.

[Type: ??? | POW: Insta Kill (See Below)]
[Shop Price: $9000 + $1000 per level after Lv. 1]
Yeah, I really don't know what item type to file this under.  The teleporter
teleports you ahead several tiles, bypassing through ground tiles, possibly.
But be careful when using it.  If you teleport ahead into a large chunk of
ground tiles you'll end up in one of them and get killed.  You'll also die if
you try to teleport to outside the boundaries of the level.  As an offensive
feature you can teleport to right where enemies stand and kill them instantly!

{Spring Shoes}
[Type: Equipment | POW: ---]
[Shop Price: $4500 + $500 per level after Lv. 1]
Spring Shoes will roughly triple your jump height, allowing you to reach some
of those high up places without using ropes.  Jump attacks with your whip will
become more difficult, though, and you wanna make sure your hopping around
doesn't result in unnecessary fall damage.

{Spike Shoes}
[Type: Equipment | POW: Jump damage x 3]
[Shop Price: $3600 + $400 per level after Lv. 1]
Spike Shoes triple the damage you can deal from jumping on enemies.  They also
allow you to stomp on (and kill) Man-Eating Plants, where ordinarily it'd eat
you if you tried.  You also won't slip around on the ice.  An advantage for
tackling Area 3.

{Climbing Gloves}
[Type: Equipment | POW: ---]
[Shop Price: $7200 + $800 per level after Lv. 1]
Climbing Gloves allow you to climb up the walls.  Another item that lets you
conserve some ropes and can even be used to prevent fall damage by grabbing
a nearby wall before you hit the ground.

{Pitcher's Mitt}
[Type: Equipment | POW: ---]
[Shop Price: $3600 + $400 per level after Lv. 1]
The Pitcher's Mitt upgrades your throwing strength.  Rock and pots go way more
distance with these things, and heavy objects like chests and Idols can be
thrown like rocks... if you lacked the Pitcher's Mitt.  Throwing Bombs with the
Throw Bomb key don't gain extra distance.  You must equip the bomb with the
Change Item key.

[Type: Equipment | POW: ---]
[Shop: $10800 + $1200 per level after Lv. 1]
While you can't fly with the Super Mario World-esque Cape, nor can you swing it
around in an offensive manner you CAN slow your descent down long drops.  Just
press the Jump key to begin floating, and press it again to cancel floatation.
You can also float down onto spikes and not kill yourself!  If you find and
equip the Jetpack you'll drop the Cape because you can't equip both of them at
the same time.

If you happen to come across the Restless Dead Level try killing a vampire
while you're there.  You can get a free Cape from him.

[Type: Equipment | POW: ---]
[Shop: $18000 + $2000 per level after Lv. 1]
A combination of the Spring Shoes, the Climbing Gloves, the Cape, and some
ropes make for a nice equipment setup, but the Jetpack trumps them all.  While
airborne, press and hold the Jump key to let the Jetpack propell you upwards.
It has limited fuel, but it instantly recharges once you land on the ground.
Just be careful: irresponsible Jetpack shenanigans can lead to stupid fall
damage or worse...

If you see the Giant Alien somewhere in Area 3, kick his ass.  He's hoarding a
Jetpack from you.

[Type: Equipment | POW: ---]
[Shop: $2700 + $300 per level after Lv. 1]
The Compass makes a red arrow appear at the edge of the screen, pointing you in
the direction of the level's exit.  It does not point out secret exits, like
the hidden exit that goes to the Black Market or the door to the City of Gold.
It IS useful in Area 3: it'll keep you from ending up on the wrong side of the
bottom section where the gaps are wide and the chances of falling into the
bottomless pit are very big (sans any useful equipment).

[Type: Equipment | POW: ---]
[Shop: $7200 + $800 per level after Lv. 1]
Spectacles can reveal hidden Jewels and Items in the walls.  They look like
golden sunglasses.  I want golden sunglasses!

{Udjat Eye}
[Type: Equipment | POW: ---]
[Shop Price: ---]
The first step on your journey to the City of Gold is to find the Udjat Eye in
Area 1.  Grab the Key and combine it with the Locked Chest to receive this
little artifact.  For the most part, the Udjat Eye will reveal hidden jewels in
the walls, just like the Spectacles.  It won't reveal hidden items, sadly.  The
main use of the Udjat Eye is to find the Black Market in Area 2.  When the Eye
blinks and you hear a sort of squeaking sound you're near the entrance.  The
faster it blinks (and squeaks) the closer you are.  When it's really going nuts
bomb the nearby walls and you should find it.

[Type: Equipment | POW: ---]
[Shop Price: $50000 (this does not increase)]
In the back of the Black Market level there is a shop that sells this lone
Ankh item at a hefty price.  If you aim to steal it you'll have to face seven
Shopkeepers to do so.  Not a completely hard task if you know what to do.  The
Ankh's function is to simply sit there and revive you when you die.  Get
yourself killed and you respawn at the beginning of the level with 4 HP.  The
Ankh shatters after reviving you once, so find a good place to kill yourself if
you can.

As part of your City of Gold quest you must find the Ankh statue somewhere in
Area 3 (it looks like an Easter Island head).  Kill yourself near it (ESC + F1
works best), the Ankh will shatter and revive you, and you'll spawn inside the
Ankh statue.  You can then collect the Hedjet and take the alternate exit to
the next level.

[Type: Equipment | POW: ---]
[Shop Price: ---]
If you killed yourself near the Ankh statue with the Ankh in possession you'll
respawn inside the statue and be able to collect the Hedjet.  This bit of
headgear has three features.  One, the ghost never shows up, so you can spend
all the time you want in a level.  Two, it acts as a flare you can wear for
Dark Levels.  Three, you need this and the Scepter to open the door to the City
of Gold.

[Type: Equipment | POW: ---]
[Shop Price: ---]
The Kapala is acquired by offering enough sacrifices on the altar to get 16
favor (two damsels' worth).  This thing allows you to collect drops of blood
from enemies (and yourself, if you get hurt).  When you get enough blood you'll
earn one extra HP.  This should be your new source of health from then on, but
Damsel rescuing is something you can fall back on if there is no altar to
sacrifice her.

/// 8 - Sources ///

- Spelunky Wiki ( - Found shop price information
there (though I think some of it is outdated, probably based on older versions
of the game...)
- This YouTube video of a Spelunky Speedrun
( - Where I saw the trick with
killing a shopkeeper with the Webcannon.  Jump to 0:45 in the video.  I've
tested this myself and it works.
- Reader "Skinart" - Emailed me a suggestion about the ropes being used as
weapons.  I actually knew this information, I just left it out of the guide
because I didn't realize this at the time of writing.

/// 9 - Closing ///

Well here ends another Spelunky! FAQ for GameFAQs.  I think I'll do a Shop FAQ
next.  Be sure you email me with mistakes or suggestions.  Especially prices.

Gameman out.

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