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Warriors Orochi 3 / Musou Orochi 2 Item guide
Version 1.0 (4.19.12)
Written by divini - lighthawkknight(at)gmail(dot)com


I.   Normal Items
II.  Item Crate Locations
III. Item Farming Tips
IV.  Unique Items
V.   Unique Item Notes
VI.  FAQ/Conclusion


* Received from Item crates and a chance drop from officers killed with a
Providence weapon.
* Item levels max at +20

Phoenix Wing		+1% Life / level
Dragon's Spleen		+1% Musou / level
Lion's Fang		+1% Attack / level
Chimera Shell		+1% Defense / level
Charm of Alacrity	+1% Speed / level
Spear of Sacrifice	+2% Attack and -1% Defense / level
Shield of Sacrifice	+2% Defense and -1% Attack / level
Mystic's Brace		+1% Proficiency Gain / level


* Items are in wooden-metallic brown crates unless otherwise stated.
* Sorted in order of earliest unlock.

The Slaying of the Hydra
1.  Food jar in mid-eastern edge of map
2.  Food jar mid-west edge of map on high ground (9-star only)

1.  Mid-Eastern garrison south of the island
2.  South of southwest bridge
3.  Open area in Stone Sentinel Maze, near west entrance

1.  Southwest of northwest garrison, by a tree
2.  Southeastern small garrison in southern section

Ueda Castle
1.  Town south of castle, along south border
2.  East path from center area

1.  North main base
2.  Center harbor, north coast
3.  South garrison

1.  Main castle, west wall
2.  Southeast corner of map
3.  Middle garrison, north of river, just outside west wall

1.  Central-East 'vertical' size garrison
2.  West Castle

Odawara Castle
1.  First courtyard upon entering castle, along north wall
2.  Outside main keep in northeast, next to south entrance stairs

Mt. Xingshi
1.  Mid-North small garrison
2.  Southeast at troop base between the garrison and mountain path

1.  Easternmost garrison bordering river
2.  Southeast garrison
3.  Southwest garrison

1.  Treasure chest at southwest corner of area north of western bridge
2.  Treasure chest in troop base in exploding fire trap area in the south

1.  Southeast area between the 3 garrisons
2.  Next to northeast garrison

1.  Lower central garrison next to drawbridge
2.  Northeast castle

Mt. Niutou
1.  Center garrison
2.  Northeast garrison, outside west wall

1.  Center arena
2.  Northwest passage gate

Mt. Dingjun
1.  Northwest mountain garrison
2.  Southeast mountain castle

1.  North Castle, southeast stairs
2.  Central area, at the river's coast

1.  Central castle on high ground, just outside west gate
2.  Northeast garrison

1.  Castle first level, near east garrison
2.  Castle top level, inside palace

1.  South-central garrison, outside west wall
2.  South castle gate

1.  Northwest garrison, outside north wall
2.  Southwest area, next to garrison with 3 entrances

1.  Just oustside castle main gate, west
2.  Middle-East edge of map, next to troop gate

1.  North area gate, north side
2.  Mid-west cliff, high ground

Liang Province
1.  Center garrison
2.  Northwest garrison

Tong Gate
1.  Southwest castle, just outside east wall leading to boats
2.  Southeast garrison on the southern path to the main camp from river

1. Southwest mountain, northeast garrison
2. At entrance to the direct path from center to northeast garrison

Yangping Gate
1.  West garrison on low ground
2.  Northeast section of map, next to ramp from low ground
3.  North castle, just inside gate

1.  Southeast garrison
2.  North of center garrison

1.  Southeast garrison, just outside north wall
2.  Northeast L-shaped garrison, just outside west wall

1.  Middle-West garden, next to the trees
2.  Northwest section, next to stairs

Luo Castle
1.  Southwest castle
2.  Northeast garrison

Fan Castle
1.  Hill north of southern castle
2.  Northwest garrison

1.  Directly south from Northeast main camp, behind gate
2.  Southwest garrison
3.  High ground, southeast section behind gate

1.  Northwest castle
2.  Southeast garrison

Hulao Gate
1.  Large central garrison in southeast
2.  Southwest garrison, outside east wall

Osaka Castle
1.  Main keep, south drawbridge
2.  Southwest corner of the outer castle moat

1.  Top of western cliff
2.  West of eastern village gate, next to hill
3.  South garrison, outside north wall

1.  Center island, east garrison
2.  Northeast castle

Orochi's End / Into the Fire
1.  Food jar north of central ley line
2.  Food jar in northeast section of map between the two troop gates
3.  Food jar in southern section of map, north of troop gate

Prelude to Apocalypse / Susano'o's Last Stand
1.  North of stone maze's northern exit, next to troop gate
2.  Just outside west wall of mid-eastern garrison

World's End / The Demise of Orochi X
1.  Food jar north of Koshi Castle main gates, near troop gate
2.  Food jar in southern area, in the low ground surrounded by stairs
3.  Food jar in western area, south of the altar


- Higher difficulty setting / star rating / Fortune proficiency = better 
quality items.
- Fortune officers - Bao Sanniang, Xiaoqiao, Gracia.
- +20 items start becoming common starting at around 7-star chaos.
- Providence weapon skill for more item drops per stage from officer kills.

IV.  UNIQUE ITEMS  (Credit - Akari from for officer/kill info)

* Hard/Chaos only
* Non-Redux stage only
* Only one of the listed officers are required to be in your team
* Counts total K.O.'s, can be achieved from any combination of kills from
* Gold-colored
* Drops next to player at location where kill threshold is reached


Prayer Beads - Automatically triggers Support Attacks when player dives.
Chapter 1 Battle of Yiling
Officers: Xiahou Ba, Cao Pi, Jiang Wei, Da Ji, Keiji Maeda, Ginchiyo Tachibana
2000 kills

Spirit Armor - Spirit Charges will occasionaly use up no Musou.
Chapter 1 Battle of Ueda Castle
Officers: Nobunaga Oda, Jia Xu, Taishi Ci, Kanetsugu Naoe, Dian Wei
1500 kills

Musou Magatama - Special Attacks will occasionally use up no Musou.
Chapter 1 Battle of Dongkou
Officers: Sun Wukong, Sima Yi, Mitsuhide Akechi, Sima Shi, Nene, Lu Meng
1500 kills

Raiment of Unrest - Become temporarily invincible following a sidestep.
Chapter 1 Battle of Shouchun
Officers: Zhang Liao, Sima Zhao, Huang Gai, Fu Xi, Kenshin Uesugi,
Kotarou Fuuma
1000 kills

Iron Gauntlets - Enemy attacks are rendered ineffective when using a Charge
Chapter 1 Battle of Nagashino
Officers: Zhou Tai, Deng Ai, Toshiie Maeda, Oichi, Cao Cao, Nuwa
1000 kills

Musou Armour - Enemy projectile attacks will not knock player back.
Chapter 1 Battle of Odawara Castle
Officers: Wang Yuanji
1500 kills

Eight Hand Mirror - Occasionally repel enemy projectile attacks when mounted.
Chapter 2 Battle of Hasedo
Officers: Kunoichi
2000 kills

Gold Gauntlets - Cannot be knocked over when blocking.
Chapter 2 Battle of Kyushu
Officers: Sun Shangxiang
1500 kills

Demon Mask - Enables attacks from behind to be blocked.
Chapter 2 Battle of Nanzhong
Officers: Xiahou Ba
1500 kills

Vestment of Voidance - Nullifies attributes of enemy attacks.
Chapter 2 Battle of Anegawa
Officers: Huang Zhong, Guo Huai, Masamune Date, Dodomeki
2000 kills

Gauntlets of Vitality - Refills a certain amount of Life Gauge when executing
a counterattack.
Chapter 2 Battle of Mt Dingjun
Officers: No, Zhao Yun, Gyuuki
1500 kills

Gauntlets of Malice - Refills a certain amount of Musou Gauge when executing
a counterattack.
Chapter 2 Battle of Xuchang
Officers: Guan Yu, Hanzou Hattori, Sanzang
1000 kills

Tome of Medicine - Doubles effect of recovery items.
Chapter 2 Battle of Sekigahara
Officers: Ranmaru Mori, Zhang Fei, Benkei
1000 kills

True Vision - Double Attack for a certain time when Life Gauge becomes red.
Chapter 2 Battle of Luoyang
Officers: Dong Zhuo, Zhuge Liang, Hideyoshi Toyotomi
1000 kills

Iron Armor - Double Defense for a certain time when Life Gauge becomes red.
Chapter 3 Battle of Tong Gate
Officers: Motonari Mori, Liu Bei, Susano'o
1000 kills

Rabbit Skin Leggings - Double Speed for a certain time when Life Gauge becomes

Chapter 3 Battle of Yangping Gate
Officers: Nezha, Diaochan, Tadakatsu Honda, Aya
1000 kills

Sun Tzu's Art of War - Extends effective time of ability-increasing items.
Chapter 3 Battle of Shizugatake
Officers: Zhenji, Lu Bu, Ina, Shuten Doji, Masanori Fukushima
1500 kills

Pleiades Belt - Increases likelihood of obtaining high quality weapons.
Chapter 3 Battle of Changban
Officers: Xiaoqiao, Ryu Hayabusa, Bao Sanniang, Ieyasu Tokugawa
1000 kills

Matsukaze Saddle - Begin battle mounted on Matsukaze.
Chapter 3 Battle of Honnoji
Officers: Musashi Miyamoto, Mitsunari Ishida, Ayane
1500 kills

Red Hare Saddle - Begin battle mounted on Red Hare.
Chapter 3 Battle of Fan Castle
Officers: Xu Huang, Wang Yi, Joan of Arc, Kojirou Sasaki
1500 kills

Bear Saddle - Begin battle mounted on a bear.
Chapter 3 Battle of Yamazaki
Officers: Zhang He, Nemea, Guo Jia
1000 kills

Elephant Saddle - Begin battle on an elephant.
Chapter 3 Battle of Hulao Gate
Officers: Yukimura Sanada, Achilles, Orochi
1500 kills


- Prayer Beads' "dive" applies to L1 Air Recovery, and is dependent on the
same chance of an auto support attack.
- Eight Hand Mirror's counterattack works with the Brilliance weapon skill.
- Gold Gauntlets + Demon Mask combo lets you block everything except grapples.
- Tome of Medicine applies to entire team.
- Sun Tzu's Art of War applies only to equipped officer, but duration is
carried over if you switch.
- Red Hare / Matsukaze mounts your team high enough to avoid projectiles, but
only on even ground with the attacker.
- Bear Saddle and Elephant Saddle have their own mounted attacks and does not
use your character's weapon.


"Some of your info is wrong / You're missing an item location."
A:  Please send me an e-mail (listed above) and I'll correct it ASAP

"Your directions are too confusing!"
A:  I made an effort to use the most concise and clear description as possible.

If it's still too hard to find, I wouldn't mind elaborating further if you
asked me personally.

"I know another officer that isn't listed that can get Unique Item X."
A:  I am aware that there are reports of other officers that can qualify for
the item that aren't listed anywhere.  I will add it to this FAQ if you send
a message/e-mail.

This Document Copyright 2012 divini

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