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Hi! Me again. Now this is split into 3 Chapters like before (to whom who read my 
plant chapter item find). First is weapons, then we move on to items then special 
items. Note: Chapter 2 is split into 2 sections due to items you get when you start 
the game and those you get during the game.

Chapter 1

M9: You start off with it
USP: You tranquilize Olga and you get USP
Magazine: From a gun
Grenade (Chaff): Deck C, Locker

Chapter 2
Section 1

AP (Anti Personal) Sensor
Section 2

Cardboard box:Deck D, Storage Room
Dog tags*: Hold up Soilders
Bandage: Shake Soilders after shot
Pantaziam: Outside Ship, Bottom part
Wet Box: Deck E, Outside right

Chapter 3

Stealth: 80 DogTags*
Bandana: 60 DogTags*

The dogtag count might be off. I havent been playing in a while.
Questions Comments contact me at [email protected] =) =) =)

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