Items From Secret Hunt Items - Guide for Final Fantasy Tactics

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Enemy Name              Common Item            Rare Item               Commonly Found
Chocobo                    Phoenix Down             Hi-Potion               Mandalia Plains
Black Chocobo            Eye Drop                    X-Potion               Barious Hill/Barious 
Red Chocobo             Remedy                      Barette                 Finath River/Barious Hill
Goblin                        Potion                        Hi-Potion              Mandalia Plains Sweegy 
Black Goblin                Hi-Potion                   Antidote                Sweegy Woods
Gobbledeguck            Mage Masher            Ancient Sword        Barious Valley/Dolbodar 
Red Panther                Antidote                    Battle Boots           Mandalia Plains
Cuar                           Soft                           Germinas Boots     Germinas Peak 
Vampire                     Holy Water                 C Bag                   Zirekile Falls/Germinas 
Bomb                         Fire Ball                      Flame Rod            Sweegy Wood
Grenade                     Water Ball                   Flame Whip          Bed Desert/Zeklaus 
Explosive                    Lightning Ball              Flame Shield         Bed Desert/Zeklaus 
Skeleton                     Holy Water                 Ether                    Araguay Woods/Zigolis 
Bone Snatch               Hi-Potion                    Partisan                 Araguay Woods/Zigolis 
Living Bone                Wizard Mantle            Elf Mantle              Bervenia 
Volcano/Zeklaus Desert 
Ghoul                        Ether                          Ninja Knife             Araguay Woods/Zigolis 
Gust                          Hi-potion                    Main Gauche         Araguay Woods/Zigolis 
Revnant                     Hi-Ether                      Mythril Gun           Yuguo Woods
Floariball                   Shuriken                      Plantina Dagger    Fovoham Plains
Ahriman                    Magic Shuriken            Air Knife               Bervenia 
Volcano/Fovoham Plains
Plague                      Yagyu Darkness           Zorlin Shape         Bervenia 
Volcano/Germinas Peak
Pisco Demon             Echo Grass                  Hi-Potion              Zirekile Falls/Fovoham 
Squidlarkan               Small Mantle               Sleep Sword         Zirekile Falls/Dolbodar 
Mind Flare                 Hi-Ether                      Dracula Mantle    Zirekile Falls/Fovoham 
Juravis                      Potion                         Rubber Shoes      Zeklaus Desert/Fovoham 
Steel Hawk                Phoenix Down              Hunting Bow        Zeklaus 
Desert/Germinas Peak 
Cockatoris                Soft                             Feather Mantle     Fovoham 
Bull Demon               Battle Axe                     Giant Axe            Zeklaus Desert/Barious 
Minitaurus                Coral Sword                  Slasher               Zeklaus Desert/Barious 
Sacred                      Holy Lance                   Ivory Rod            Zeklaus Desert/BRIDGE 
Morbol                     Platina Dagger              Ice Shield           Araguay Woods
Ochu                        N-Kai Armlet                Chameleon Robe  Finath River
Great Morbol           Elixir                             Madlemgen        VOYAGE 
Woodman                Eye Drop                     Healing Staff        Araguay Woods/MLAPAN 
Trent                        Gold Staff                     Fairy Harp          Araguay Woods/MLAPAN 
Taiju                         Defense Ring                Defender            MLAPAN 
Dragon                     Jade Armlet                 H Bag                 Bed 
Blue Dragon              Cashmere                    Dragon Rod        Dolbodar 
Red Dragon              Salty Rage                   Dragon Whisker   Bed Desert/VOYAGE
Behemoth                 Defense Armlet            P Bag                  Poeskas Lake/VOYAGE
King Behemoth         Ultimus Bow                 Cherche               Poeskas Lake/VOYAGE
Dark Behemoth         Wizard Rod                 Stone Gun            VOYAGE
Hyudra                     Blood Sword               Scorpion Tail        VOYAGE/Nelveska Temple
Hydra                       Setiemson                  Rubber Costume   VOYAGE 
Tiamat                      Ryozan Silk                 Whale Whisker      END
Uribo                        Maiden's Kiss             Cachusha             END
Porky                        Chantage                    Nagrarock           END
Wildbow                   Ribbon                       FS Bag                 Breeding Only.

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