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                           Grand Theft Auto Vice City
                       The 80's are back in a BIG way!!!

  Well children...I am about 85% complee with the game.  It's a toss up between 3 
game FAQs I am writing.  VERY in the next 2 months AT MOST..I will be 100% 
complete...I think.

This FAQ was written by me...Gary Ansell.
It can only be viewed here at

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I am 66% complete with the game.
Secret Missions
2. Vehicle List
3. Free Weapon Locations Guide!
4. Hidden Packages
5. Rampages
6. Thanks
7. Codes

1.  Secret Missions:

Beach ball:  This is WEIRD!!!"Find a beach ball and run into it.  Equip a heavy 
weapon.  Try to keep it bouncing on your head!  I got up to 28! I really want to 
know what this does!!!

Downtown Chopper Checkpoint: Use the directions to get to the Sparrow (Down Below)

Test Track: Located at the Dirt bike track Downtown.  The Landstalker activates the 

Trial By Dirt: Located at the Dirt bike track Downtown.  The Sanchez activates the 

RC Bandit Race: Located at the Dirt bike track in Washington Beach.  The Top Fun van 
activates the mission.

RC Baron Race: Located at The North Point Mall Parking Lot.  The Top Fun van 
activates the mission.

Go to the Hyman Memorial Stadium at 20:00:
1st Event: Bloodring
2nd Event: Dirtring
3rd Event: Hotring

Car Delivery List by the garages behind Sunshine Autos.

Tier 1:
Blista Compact
1st Reward: The Deluxo in the showroom.

Tier 2:
2nd Reward: Sabre Turbo

Tier 3:
3rd Reward: Sandking

Tier 4:
Cuban Hermes
Baggage "Short for Baggage Handler"
Mr. Whoopee
Pizza Boy
4th Reward: Hotring Racer "HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!!!"
After these Missions are completed: Max Revenue: $9,000

2.  Vehicle List Cars:
Mesa Grande       Oceanic           Burrito           Cheeta
Sentinel          Banshee           Glendale          Sabre
Sentinel XS       Taxi              Rancher           Blista Compact
Comet             Hermez            Moon Beam         Phoenix
Stallion          Top Fun           Voodoo            Admiral
Gang Burrito      Coach             Police            Regina
Walton            Boxville          Washington        Stinger
Greenwood         Rumpo             BF Injection      Spand Express
Cabbie            Caddy             Perennial         Cuban Hermes
Fire Truck        Stretch           Packer            Patriot
Yankee            Benson            Linerunner        Pony
Flatbed           Manana            Baggage Handler   Ambulance
Esperanto         Idaho             Deluxo            Sabre Turbo
Zebra Cab         Sandking          Hotring Racer     Bloodring Racer

Freeway           Pizza Boy         PCJ 600           Sanchez
Angel             Faggio

Squalo            Dinghy            Speeder           Tropic Reefer
Rio               Coast Guard       Predator          Cuban Jetmax

Maverick          Police Maverick   Sparrow           Hunter
VCN Maverick      Sea Sparrow


Hard cars to find:


Use the directions for Hidden Package 23 to get inside the studio unless you own 
it.  Now find the Packer.  Drive it to the main gate.  Hit the ramp and free the 
Patriot from its imprisonment!  There is also a Patriot at Phil’s Place.

FBI Washington
Look for Rock city on your map.  When you find it, go around back and you will see 
it sitting there.  There is armor here too.

Hunter WITHOUT 100 packages!
Simply beat the game, put on a police suit, and drive or fly to Fort Baxter Air Base.

Police Maverick or Sparrow
Go to the Police Station Downtown.  At the parked police car, face north.  Take a 
right into the alley...

Sparrow                                  Police Maverick(Thanks to ObbagottyTeodle)
then go left, right, U-turn to the right       then go right and up the steps.
at the plants and go up the stairs.

VCN Maverick
Go Downtown from Prawn Island and as soon as you get off the bridge, stop and look 
right.  The building says VCN.  Go to the right of the building and in the door.  
Then go up the ramp.

3.  Free Weapon Locations Guide

Base Ball Bat
It is directly behind your Hotel.

Brass Knuckles
To the left of the Base Ball Bat about 100 feet or more.

Mac 10
It is behind the Pay N' Spray in Ocean Beach.

Tec 9
On the stairs near Colonel Cortez' Yacht.

On the roof of El Swanko Casa

On the bridge closest to the Bunch Of Tools Department store in Washington Beach.

Go to Starfish Island, make the 1st right and follow it until you have to turn. Left 
is the only option at this present time.  Go into the 1st driveway on the right.  
The Katana is in the garage.

Flame Thrower and Hidden Package
Go straight when you get off the bridge to Starfish Island.  It’s the 3rd mansion on 
the right.  The Flame Thrower is in the very sweet R* pool.  Go upstairs to get the 

Tear Gas
Go to Vice City Police Department in Washington Beach.  It’s round’ back gainst’ da 

Rocket Launcher
Go south from Sunshine Autos.  Then turn right and then left into the Hooker Inn 
Express.  The Rocket Launcher is in the pool.

4. Hidden Packages"I recommend you use the PCJ 600 for some of the Hidden Packages."
1. Underground car-park near Colonel Cortez' Yacht.
2. In the parking lot behind the Malibu at Vice Point.
3. Behind house beside the Heliport at Ocean Beach. "Just south of Colonel Cortez' 
4. At the 2 story driving range at Leaf Links.
5. Inside the Well-stacked Pizza place in Vice Point.
6. When you get off the bridge to Starfish Island, turn right then turn right into 
the pink driveway.  The package is in the doorway.
7. and 8. I have searched Diaz's Mansion on Starfish Island extensively and I found 
2 packages.  They are at the far corners of his Mansion.
9. When you come off the bridge to Starfish Island, go straight and on the right you 
will see a mansion but you can't get to it? Wrong! I did this with the PCJ 600 
motorcycle.  Go to the back of the property, see those bushes, back up and jump 
them.  The package is in the hot tub.
10. Go straight when you get off the bridge to Starfish Island.  It’s the 3rd 
mansion on the right.  The Flame Thrower is in the sweet looking R* pool.  Go 
upstairs to get the package.

You now have the Body Armor!

11. Go to the Bunch Of Tools store at Washington Beach.  See the car parked facing 
some steps.  Get in the car, go up the steps, and go straight until you get to this 
multi colored thing.  The package is inside it.
12. Go to El Swanko Casa.  See that really tall building that is round.  Go to the 
front.  Go up the stairs and to the side.  Go around back and climb the giant diving 
board.  Package is at the top.
13.  Go inside the Golf Coarse and turn right.  The package is under the bridge.
14.  Follow 13 and then go to the Southern most part of the island.  Take the 
package from the bridge.
15.  Follow 14 and Turn around.  Come off the bridge and you should see a little 
weird shaped pond on the radar.  The package is in the middle of the pond.  "Go 
Ahead! Step in! You will NOT drown!"
16. Go in the golf club and to the left there is an S curve road.  Go up it and 
there should be a package in 1 of the sand traps.
17. In the parking garage for The North Point Mall.
18. Between 2 entrances to The North Point Mall nearest to 3321 Vice Point.
19. Go to the Construction Site where Avery's mission icon is/was located.  There is 
a package on the long beam sticking out over the Icon.
20. Go into the Well-Stacked Pizza place and face the doorway.  Go out and turn 
left.  Make a left. Go straight and look to the left. Go straight and look to the 
left.  You should see an open door.  It’s the Jewelry Store but it has no sign.  
Package is behind the register.

You now have the Chainsaw!

21. Go to Prawn Island.  Go up the hill to the 3 mansions.  Go to the green 
mansion.  The package is out back.
22. Go to Prawn Island.  Turn left and go back the alley.  Package is to the right 
JUST before the Police Bribe.
23. This package will test your skills a little.  Go to Prawn Island.  Turn left, 
see that ramp?  Go up to the sidewalk and stop where it turns pink.  FLOOR IT!!!  
STOP!!!  Now back up to the big sign and jump the ramp on the right.  Now you are at 
the top.  Go back as far as you can go.  FLOOR IT!!!  STOP!!!  You should be on the 
roof with the package or next to it.  Just simply jump across to get it.*IF YOU 
CAN'T GET IT, just wait until you get the Helicopter. *
24. Use 23 to get in...There is a package in an empty studio near the main gate.
25. Go to the small police station by El Swanko Casa.  Face north in the police 
parking lot.  Turn left and go down the street to the left and go back the alley.  
Go into the grass and the package is on the right.
26. Go to 3321 Vice Point by The North Point Mall.  Go up the steps to the building 
that is to the right of 3321, go around the back to find the package.
27. On the Light House stairs.
28. Go to Vice Point Linger by The Malibu.  Go back the side walk to the left.  Then 
turn right and go up the steps to get the package.
29. THIS IS HARD TO EXPLAIN SO LISTEN CAREFULLY!!!  From Ocean View Hotel facing 
north, go 2 blocks.  Count 2 dark lines on the Radar.  Turn left ON the 2nd and go a 
block.  After that, keep going but there should be some stairs on the right.  The 
building is really tall and pink.  Go up the stairs, turn right, and you should see 
a pool, Body Armor, and the package.
30. Use your map to go to Ocean View Hospital.  Go around to the back.  Go threw the 
bushes and behind the other building.  You'll see the package. Did you see a big 
shark in the water? Cause I did!?!

You now have the Python!

31. Facing away from the Links View Apartment in Links View Heights, go right and go 
to where you have to turn.  Turn left and on the left there should be a building 
with steps.  Go up them and when you reach the top, go left onto the roof and go 
right off the ramp.  The package is behind you to the left.
32. In Sunshine Autos.
33. Alley at the Hyman Condo.
34. In the parking lot for the Hyman Memorial Stadium in the back.
35. Go in the Police Station in Washington Beach.  Go in the showers to the left and 
there should be a police outfit pickup.  Now go to the 2nd floor.  The package is in 
an office.
36. Inside the Laundromat west of Vice City Printing Works on the map.
37. Inside building on the right at Phil Cassidy's Trailer on the Map.
38. On the Helipad in Escobar International Airport.
39. On the Helipad, face north, turn right and you should see 3 yellow and white 
striped jumps.  Jump 1 of them.  The package is on the roof of the bunker.
40. When going to the Airport, "Past the Hooker Inn," go left instead.  Take another 
left and you should see a parking lot and a building with an open door on the left.  
Go in the building. Turn left and go into the office.  The package is in the back 
behind a box.

You now have the Flame Thrower!

41. Turn around and make a U-turn to the left.  Enter the 1st parking lot.  The 
package is between some trailers.
42. Go right from the parking lot and turn right again.  Go behind the building and 
the package is by a pipe between the 4 giant oil tanks.
43. and 44.  In the airport terminal, the 1st package is near the glass at the back 
of the terminal on the 1st floor and the 2nd is back the loading hallway on the left 
on the 2nd floor.
45. From Sunshine Autos, go right, then look left and you should see some stairs.  
The package is at the top.
46. 2nd floor, opposite the Vinyl Countdown store in The North Point Mall.
47. In the GASH store, 2nd floor, in The North Point Mall.
48. From the Skumole Shack in Downtown, go left, then go straight until you see 
stairs and bushes on the left.  Go up those steps.  Follow the path into the office 
building.  The package is behind the computers.
49.  As soon as you come off the bridge to Downtown, immediately turn right.  The 
building says Eight Ten VCN.  Go in the open door to the right.  The package is on 
the ledge to the left of the ramp.
50. Go to the Helipad beside Links View Heights.  Go up the ramp, go down the little 
ramp to the right.  Go left and the package is to the left.

You now have the Laser Scope Sniper Rifle.

51. Behind the Vice City Air Reserve sign at Fort Baxter Air Base.
52. I knew it...go to Francis International Airport AGAIN!!!  Go in the parking area 
to the left of Terminal 1.  Turn right and go as far as you can.  Now turn left and 
the package is behind the small fire station.
53. Go to Cherry Poppers.  Face the road and turn right.  Go to the light and go 
into the store to the right.  The package is behind the counter.
54. Go to the boatyard and then go up a block.  The sign says Vice City Port 
55. Go to Cafe Robina in Little Havana.  Go to the left of the Rockstar sign and 
then right.
56. Up the stairs behind Kaufman cabs.
57. Go to the pizza place in Little Haiti.  From inside go left.  Then go between 
the buildings to the left of it.
58. Go to the half built sea cabin.  It is the South most object.
59.  Go to the hospital close to the Hyman Condo.  Go down the ramp to the right of 
the ambulance and look right.
60.  Get a helicopter and go a little north of the Malibu until you see a building 
with a condo on top.  Land the helicopter in the pool with the tail away from harm.  
The package is up the stairs to the left behind a plant.
61.  From the Malibu, Head south and cross the bridge on the right.  You should see 
a banner on a building that says Spand Express.  Enter to the left, the package is 
round back.

5. Rampages

1. Kill 25 gang members
At the top of some stairs near Ammu-Nation in Downtown.

2. Kill 30 gang members
By the Helipads next to the Hyman Arena.

3. Destroy 12 vehicles in 2 minutes
On the roof of Escobar International Airport Terminal 1.  This is reachable only by 

4. Destroy 15 vehicles in 3 minutes
To the right of Fort Baxter Air Base in the bushes.

5. Kill 30 gang members in 2 minutes
On the sidewalk by the lighthouse in Ocean Beach.

6. Kill 40 gang members in 2 minutes
Go to the Ammu-Nation.  Head toward the bridge and look left.  You should see a 
bunch of stairs.  OOOOOOOOOOO great!!! What did I do now...sorry...I will try to 
find out witch Ammu-Nation!

6. Thanks to: ObbagottyTeodle, Netherlandskids, Blizzid49, bazzcarr, thearne2468, 
jokester540, jagee, hamme82, and 

7. Cheat Codes
All of the codes AFTER October 30th 2002 on work.  Lots O' Gameshark

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