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     CHAPTER 5: Walkthrough

   Level 1: Trouble in Paradise First-Person Shooter

1. Get to the end of the building by the elevator.
2. Find the missing vials.
3. Rescue Agent Zoe Nightshade.

    If you get the Gold Medal you get: Golden Gun

     Use your Q-Decryptor to get a Bond Move and then use Q-Claw to get to the top 
of the building. Fall in the hole and use the P2K to kill the guard. If you want 
punch him with your fists to get a keycard. If you get the keycard, use the Q-
Decryptor on the door behind the guard. Walk across there and use the card to get in 
the armory for a grenade launcher, and some hand grenades.
      Go back to were the guard was and go into the small clearing with the plants. 
Press A to activate the elvator on the right. Go down and kill the guard. There will 
be a lock. Press up on the d-Pad to switch gadgets to Q-Laser. Press B on the lock 
and go in. Turn right and aim a gun on the forklift with the kerosine tank. Shoot it 
to wipe out the guards. Now turn right again and aim for the rope holding a crate. 
Shoot it and get the body armor if you need it. Kill the 4 guards and you have 
Mission 1 completed.
         Now enter the room. The lights will go out. Don't worry about the guardds 
just run. When you get to the light, get the briefcase with the writings on it. Now 
press A on the green button to get to the next place.
         Now you are working on Mission 3. Kill the huard with the laser and pick up 
his SSR 4000. Snipe some of the guards below. Go down the stairs and on the 
elevator. Shoot the barrels to kill all the guards with the fas-shooter guns. Then 
get to Agent Nightshade. Use the Q-Laser to break the lock and you have the level 

    Level 2: Precious Cargo- Rail Shooter
              Gold Medal: Golden MRL-22
1. Infiltrate the large building
2. Locate missing vials

    Start off shooting the helicopter to your left. Hit the pilot then hit the 
cockpit. Keep going until you see the helicopter in front of your vehicle. Destroy 
the cars behind you and shoot the wheels on the van or use the rocket launcher to 
destroy it. Shoot all of the enemies. Ahead there will a square of enemies. Shoot 
the barrels to destroy the cars and enemies. Keep going until you get to the large 
building. Go in it.
     Now Mission 1 is completed. Next, see where the guards are shooting at you from 
and shoot back. Or to make it easier use the rocket launcher on the large tank to 
kill all the enemies. IN the next room shoot at some of the enemies as you move 
along for extra points. In the last room, shoot the red light. The large tank will 
come over the generator. Shoot the red thing on the tank. The door will open and the 
mission is complete.

Level 3: Dangerous Pursuit- Vehicle Shooter
         Gold Medal- Unlimited Missiles
1. Locate Missing Vials
2. Diable Armored Van

  Go along the alley. Shoot the barrels beside the cars blcoking your way. Go 
through the tunnel and get out on the main road. Go which ever way you want. Keep 
going forward. Try out the Q-Smoke and the Q-Pulse on cars to get a few Bond Moves. 
Get some more Q-Pulses for the end if you do cause you'll need em. 
   When you locate the van, mission 1 is complete. Chase the van and destroy the 
cars behind it. Don't destroy the van!!! Switch to Q-Pulse with the Y button and 
press A when close to the armored van. If you hit succesfully, you will win the 

  Level 4: Bad Diplomacy- First-Person Shooter
           Gold Medal- Golden Accuracy

Infiltrate Building with Q-Claw
Get computer password generator
Escape Embassy

Use the DartGun to snipe the guard and make sure none set off the alarms. Go through 
the door and kill the guards. Go past the elevator to the next room and pick up the 
darts. Go back to the elevator and use it by pressing the A button. Walk through the 
kitchen. You have to make noise with the bottles on the floor top get past. Open the 
door where the 2 guards are at. Kill the one closest to the alarm. Then kill the 
other. Where the laser is, use Q-Specs to find a door. Press A to open the door and 
use the Q-Laser to disable it.
        At the end of the next hallway, use Q-Specs to find a secret door. Get the 
darts and go back to the hallway. Go out the window. Back up and use Q-Claw to get 
to the Embassy.
        Go through the hallway. At the statue past the computer, turn right and open 
the door. The woman inside will give you a keycard. Go to the next room on the 
right. You will find Griffin-Dead. But the Griffin Clone will be there. Shoot him 
about three times to kill him. Dodge his darts. Then pick up the passcode generator 
he dropped. Go back to the computer and use it. Then go back to where Griffin was. 
Open the door. Kill the guards don't let them set the alarms off.

   Level 5: Cold Reception- First-Person shooter
            Gold Medal: Gold Clip

Photograph blueprints
Photograph plans
Access three Data Ports
Escape The Room

   Press the green button on the desk to the left to open the door. Go down the 
hallway. Use Q-Laser on the lock on the duct to get a Bond Move. Go in the room and 
kill the guards quietly.(use the Golden Gun Silenced.) Photograph the blueprints in 
the room with a woman's photograph on the wall. Go into the next room. Don't get the 
gun behind the glass, it will set the alarm off. Go in the next room and photgraph 
the plans. Go down the hallway and take the elevator.
     Mission i and 2 are down, this is the hard part. Target the guard at the end of 
the hall with a silenced gun only. Then go up the rows. Be careful because of the 
guards. If the alarm don't go off, you're lucky. When you see the Data Ports, get 
out the Q-Decryptor and use it on them. Then go down the elevator downstairs. Before 
you leave, Photograph the oil rig for a Bond Move. 
        Use the Q-Remote on the green transmitters to get an access code. Be careful 
and go to upstairs to the hook. Use the hook to escape.

 Level 6: Night Of The Jackal- First-Person Shooter
         Gold Medal: Gold Grenades

 .... Sorry again but it is time to go I will continue at Night of the Jackal 

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