Just Beat it: Vice City ver. 1.0 - Guide for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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Just Beat It: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 1.0
Written by Jim, Psycho_Mantis, Email me at [email protected] for help, cheats and extra 
things you want me to add.
This guide is broken into sections: 
1. Characters 
2. Weapons
3. Items & Properties
4. Vehicles
5. Story missions
6. Asset and Extra missions
7. Cheats (and plenty of ‘em)

Section 1: Characters
Tommy Vercetti, Voiced by Ray Liotta: A 35 year old punk, just back on the streets 
after a 15 year conviction, who was sent to the land of beautiful women and fast 
cars: Vice City, to watch over a drug deal.  Needless to say, the deal goes sour.  
Some heavily armed men jack your coke and your cash, forcing you to earn the cash 
and drugs that you need.  Relation to last game: You played as Tommy Vercetti in 
Liberty City. 

Ken Rosenberg, Voiced by Bill Fichtner: A prominent lawyer in Vice City, and the 
head of Rosenberg & Associates, he shows up at the drug deal, but when it went sour, 
he and Tommy took off like all hell had broken loose, which it had.  He is heard to 
have some drug problems, with crack, specifically.  Relation to last game: He 
schmoozed with Sonny Forelli, but nothing more.

Sonny Forelli, Voiced by Tom Sizemore: One of the biggest crime lords in Liberty 
City, he was afraid of what Tommy Vercetti might do to him when he got out of 
prison, so he sent him to Vice City.  You confront him during your last mission.  
Relation to last game: You worked for him, during your stay in Portland.

Steve Scott, Voiced by Dennis Hopper: A film director with a love for giant sharks 
and big ‘ol mounds of mashed potatoes, word has it that he has been seen talking to 
Vice City’s rich and infamous to drum up cash to finance his latest movie.  Relation 
to last game: None

Avery Carrington Voiced by Burt Reynolds: An aging Southerner and real estate mogul, 
he has some missions for you, and informs you of any good chances to buy real 
estate.  Relation to last game: Shows you the most powerful man in Liberty City: 
Donald Love!

Ricardo Diaz Voiced by Luis Guzman: The most powerful and richest man in Vice City, 
he is also known as the Coke Baron.  It was his men that jacked your drug load and 
cash, but you exact revenge from him by killing him.  Relation to last game: None

Lance Vance, Voiced by Phillip Michael Thomas: One of your best buddies, his brother 
and he were at the drug deal that Tommy supervised, and when it went sour, he was 
one of only three to make it out alive.  He fights alongside you, and supplies 
support in tough times.  Relation to last game: None

Colonel Juan Cortez, Voiced by Robert Davi: This is one of Vice City’s most powerful 
men, but he is more or less a migrant, he travels all over the world.  His main 
station in Vice City is down on the docks, Pier 2.  Relation to last game: None

Umberto Robina, Voiced by Danny Trejo: Head of the Cuban Gang in Little Havana, he 
stations himself in Café Robina, and has never himself been implicated in a crime.  
Relation to the last game: None

Phil Cassady, Voiced by Gary Busey: A redneck arms dealer, he is stationed in Little 
Haiti.  He has been known for gun smuggling and his strange ties to the military, 
although no military records show that he was actually in the military.  Word also 
has it that he distills Boomshine.  Relation to last game: He was an arms dealer who 
worked with Ray, a cop you met while working for Asuka.

Mitch Baker, Voiced by Lee Majors: One of the last true bikers, he hangs out at the 
Greasy Chopper, a biker bar in Downtown.  He doesn’t take kindly to people walking 
in off the streets, and has been arrested for things such as public urination.  
Relation to last game: None

Mercedes Cortez, Voiced by Fairuza Balk: The daughter of Colonel Cortez, Mercedes is 
into sex and drugs.  Relation to last game: None

Kent Paul, Voiced by Danny Dyer: A British sleaze ball, he hangs around the Malibu 
and with Love Fist.  He tells you some important stuff, but he has no other 
discernable use.  Relation to last game: None

Auntie Poulet, Voiced by Youree Cleomill Harris (Miss Cleo): The leader of the 
Haitians, she is said to have been involved in an age-old war with the Cubans.  She 
also has a brew that can pack a punch.  Haitians heavily guard Auntie Poulet at all 
times.  Relation to the last game: None

Section 2: Weapons
	Everyone’s favorite part of the game, there are 10 weapon slots, one 
reserved for the camera, used once.

Slot 1: Camera: Your basic camera, it handles just like a sniper rifle.  Used once.

Slot 2: Face-Breakers
1. Fists: Your basic ass-kickers, you have to hit O to use your new combos.
2. Brass Knuckles: Just the same as fists, except stronger.

Slot 3: Melee weapons: A notch above fists, you still need to be close to do damage.
1. Screwdriver: Turns screws, and is excellent for stabbing purposes.
2. Hammer: Pounds nails, car doors, and heads.
3. Golf Club: 9 iron?  4?  Who cares!  It beats old, rich dude skull in just as well.
4. Nightstick: The police version of the baseball bat.
5. Baseball Bat: The good ‘ol American butt-whupper.  Three swings, and they’re out!
6. Knife: Nice cutter, but you want to cut up your enemies, not your meat.
7. Cleaver: The heavy-duty cousin of the knife.
8. Machete: The heavier-duty brother of the knife.
9. Katana: The ninja weapon of choice, it can kill with one swipe, but you gotta 
gore people.
10. Chainsaw: Whoo! This is the funnest of the melee weapons, just run and hold O to 

Slot 4: Projectiles: Weapons that you throw from a distance, hold O at different 
pressures to throw at different lengths.
1. Grenades: One of the most fun explosives, just throw and stand back! 
2. Teargas: Same as the grenade, but this causes loss of armor, then health, slowly.
3. Molotov: Throw, stand back and watch the flames, but beware.  It explodes on 
4. Detonator: This is planted on grenades to give them remote detonation 

Slot 5: Pistol: The basic firearm, aim and shoot for killing fun! 
1. Colt 45: Used by the U.S. Army and the VC police, this is the basic pistol for 
2. Colt Python: Revolver action!  This awesome gun fires .357 Magnum bullets, which 
kill in one shot.  It can only shoot 6 times before you reload.

Slot 6: Shotguns: The neat-o shotgun, this has a wide firing spread and does a lot 
of damage.
1. Chromed Shotgun: 2 barrels, twice the fun!  Shoot while close.
2. Spaz 12 Shotgun: Multi firing capabilities!  Press O 7 times to load off all 
shots fastly.
3. Stubby Shotgun: A sawed-off, this gun fires a larger spread of shots, and it does 
more damage than the Spaz.

Slot 7: Uzi: Your hand-held full-automatic gun, but the longer your fire, the less 
the accuracy.
1. Tec-9: Nice gun, fires at a good speed, but is not much better than that.
2. Ingram Mac 10: The Uzi you want!  It fires fast and reloads quickly.  You can run 
while firing.
3. Uzi 9mm: The best one for reloads, but you can’t run while firing.
4. MP5: The military Uzi, it fires slowly for an Uzi.  You have to kill an FBI or 
military man to get it.

Slot 8: Assault Rifles: These are the full-auto rifles you wanted!  You can’t run 
while aiming/firing.
1. Ruger: This rifle fires more slowly than the M4, but it is more accurate.
2. Colt M4: The fastest firing weapon in the game!  You have less accuracy, though.

Slot 9: Mass kickers: The strongest weapons ever!  These make you slow, so be 
1. Rocket Launcher: The most killing weapon ever, but fires, reloads, and makes you 
move slowly.
2.  Flame-thrower: It throws flame (Duh).  You can’t aim, but it’s easy to kill with.
3. M60: The slower, more powerful-than-the-M4-gun that is good for killing with 
fewer bullets.
4. Minigun/Gattling Gun: The fastest, most powerful bullet weapon there is!  You 
can’t run while firing.

Slot 10: Sniper Rifles: The long distance killers you love.
1. Sniper Rifle: The classic hunting rifle, but it’s better for urban hunting.
2. PSG-1: The sniper rifle with a clip.  Fires well, and reloads faster than the 
Sniper Rifle.

Section 3: Items & Properties
	There are 15 properties and 6 different items to collect.

Health: Shaped like a heart in a circle, this icon gives you 100 health or 150 if 
you’ve earned it.  Use when you need it, but grab it when you have a low health, 50 
or below.

Armor: Shaped like a vest, this gives you 100 armor, which is like another 100 
health.  Use it like you use a Health Icon.

Adrenaline: Shaped like a pill in a circle, this slows time down, but makes you move 
slowly, and lets you shoot regularly.

Rampage: Shaped like a skull in a circle, there are 35 of these in the game.  
Collecting these gives you infinite ammo for a weapon and gives you a goal, like 
destroy 10 vehicles or 30 gang members.

Police Bribes: Shaped like a star in a circle, these lower your police level by 
one.  Use to lose the pigs.

Hidden Packages: Shaped like a bird, or Mayan artifact, there are 100 of these in 
the game.  Collect: 
10: Body Armor 
20: Chainsaw 
30: Python 
40: Flame-thrower 
50: PSG-1
60: Minigun
70: Rocket Launcher
80: Sea Sparrow, delivered to the Mansion helipad on Starfish Island
90: Rhino, delivered to Fort Baxter Air Base, off of Escobar International Airport
100: Hunter (Apache Helicopter), delivered to Fort Baxter Air Base, off of Escobar 
International Airport

There are 15 properties, 8 of which have missions you can complete and use as safe 

Boatyard: Cost: 10,000.  Mission(s): “Checkpoint Charlie”.  Asset Cash: 2,000

Cherry Popper Ice Cream Company: Cost: 30,000.  Mission(s): Distribution.  Asset 
Cash: 3,000

Kaufman Cabs: Cost: 40,000.  Mission(s): V.I.P, Friendly Rivalry, Cabmeggedon.  
Asset Cash: 5,000

Sunshine Autos: Cost: 50,000 Mission(s): 4 Car Jack Missions, 6 Vice City Races.  
Asset Cash: 9,000 after all 4 Car Jack missions are completed.

Print Works: Cost: 70,000.  Mission(s): Spilling The Beans, Hit The Courier.  Asset 
Cash: 8,000

Interglobal Films: Cost: 60,000.  Mission(s): Recruitment Drive, Dildo Dodo, 
Martha’s Mug Shot, G-Spotlight.  Asset Cash: 8,000

The Malibu: Cost: 120,000.  Mission(s): No Escape?, The Shootist, The Driver, The 
Job.  Asset Cash: 10,000

Pole Position: Cost: 30,000.  Mission(s): Blow 600 bucks on the babe in the first 
room.  Asset Cash: 4,000

El Swanko Casa: Cost: 8,000.  Extras: 1-Car Garage

Links View Apartments: Cost: 6,000.  Extras: 1-Car Garage

Ocean Heights: Cost: 7,000.  Extras: 1-Car Garage

Hyman Condo: Cost: 14,000.  Extras: 1 4-Car Garage, 2 2-Car Garages and a Heliport.

1102 Washington Street: Cost: 3,000.  Extras: None

3321 Vice Point: Cost: 2,500.  Extras: None

Skumole Shack: Cost: 1,000.  Extras: None

Section 4: Vehicles
 There are 10 types of cars.

Cars:			Aircraft:		Boats:		Miscellaneous:	
Blista Compact		Maverick		Coast Guard	Baggage
Cuban Hermes		Police Maverick	Dinghy		Love Fist Limo
Hermes			Sea Sparrow		Reefer		Caddy
Manana			Skimmer		Speeder		Romero’s Hearse
Phoenix		Sparrow		Cuban Jetmax	Stretch
Sabre Turbo		VCN Maverick		Marquis
Stallion						Rio		Vans:
Sabre			2-Wheelers:		Squallo		Burrito
Voodoo			Angel			Tropic		Moonbeam
Banshee		Freeway				Rumpo	
Cheetah		PCJ-600		Odd Jobs:	Gang Burrito
Deluxo			Faggio			Ambulance	Pony
Infernus		Sanchez		Kaufman Cab	Top Fun
Bloodring Banger				FBI Rancher	
Comet			RC Vehicles:		Barracks OL		SUVS & Pick-
Hotring Racer		RC Bandit		Enforcer		BF Injection
Stinger			RC Raider		FBI Washington	Landstalker
Admiral		RC Baron		Fire Truck		Patriot
Glendale					Cabbie			Bobcat
Idaho			Trucks & Buses:	Pizza Boy		Mesa Grande
Perennial		Benson			Predator		Rancher
Sentinel XS		Bus			Taxi			Sandking
Esperanto		Flatbed			Hunter
Greenwood		Mule			Mr. Whoopee
Oceanic		Walton			Police
Regina			Boxville		Rhino
Sentinel		Coach			Zebra Cab
Virgo			Linerunner			
Washington		Packer
 			Spand Express

Section 5: Story Missions
 No frills.  Just the Mission stats.

Ken Rosenberg (L on map) missions

The Party: When you start, drive to Rafael’s Clothes Store, then jack the Freeway 
the guy leaves unattended, then drive to the pink dot on the map.  After the 
cutscene, take Mercedes to the Pole Position to earn $100

Back Alley Brawl: After talking to Ken, head to the pink dot, The Malibu.  Talk to 
Kent Paul, then head to the pink dot.  Kill the chef, take his cell phone and talk 
to Lance.  Kill off the other chefs that appear, or just head off to Lance’s car.  
Drive to Ammu-Nation, then head back to your hotel to earn $200.

Jury Fury: Grab the hammer the guy drops, then hop in a car and head towards the 
first dot.  Run at his car, and then hit circle to bust up his car.  He takes off, 
so head to the last blip on the map.  Hit the juror with the hammer, then beat the 
heck out of his car door, and then jack his car to earn $400.

Riot: After meeting with Avery, head towards Rafael’s to get your working man 
outfit.  Grab yourself a weapon, then head to the pink dot.  Beat up four workers to 
start a riot.  After it starts, go towards the trucks and blow them up.  You’ll earn 
yourself $1,000, and two new allies.

Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez (C on the map) missions

Treacherous Swine: After talking with Cortez, go to the pink dot.  Chase the guy out 
of his house then cut or beat him to bits to earn yourself $250.

Mall Shootout: Head towards the Washington Mall after your talk with Cortez.  Go up 
the stairs, then stand near the French Courier.  When the French SWAT Team appears, 
take off after the Courier.  Kill him, take the chips and return them to Cortez for 

Guardian Angels: Head towards the blip to pick up a Ruger rifle and Lance.  Then 
drive towards the shooting point and hold R1.  Watch the road behind the deal, then 
shoot up the Haitians as they arrive.  A couple might make it up to Lance, so watch 
his health.  Don’t forget about Diaz’s health, either.  After you kill a bunch, two 
take the drugs and take off on Sanchezes.  Lance blasts one, so hop on the Sanchez 
and chase the guy with the drugs.  You can shoot forward on your Sanchez, so use it 
to the fullest.  After you kill the Haitian with the drugs, take them back to Diaz 
for $1,000 and a new ally.

Sir, Yes, Sir!: After beating Diaz’s first two missions, you can complete Cortez’s 
last two missions.  To beat this, you have to jack a Rhino, then drive it to 
safety.  To get the Rhino, take a melee weapon and beat the door off the Rhino.  
When the military guys say “Back away NOW, Sir,” stop hitting the door and walk 
away.  Come back and destroy the door and jack the tank, then take off towards the 
pink dot.  Drive the tank in and get out for $2,000.

All Hands On Deck: This is the final Cortez mission.  Get to Cortez, then walk 
around to the lower deck.  Blow up the boats that appear, then you’ll be transported 
up to the top deck.  Talk to Cortez, then blow up the boats surrounding you.  Walk 
around the deck and blow up the now-closing Mavericks.  When the Apache appears, 
blow the living heck out of it.  When it blows up, you’ll get a boat and $5,000.

Ricardo Diaz (D on the map) missions

The Chase: Head to the pink dot, then go up the stairs to find the punk you’re 
looking for.  Follow him closely, and he won’t fire at you too often.  When he gets 
in his BF Injection, hop on the Faggio.  This makes you a smaller target.  Don’t 
blow up his car, or you’ll fail.  Follow him to Prawn Island to his hideout.  Pull 
this off to earn $1,000.

Phnom Penh  ’86: You are automatically put in a chopper, and you are the gunner.  
Fire at the boats and the guys on land.  Keep an eye on the chopper health or you 
will die.  When you land, kill the guys you see, grab the cash, and Lance will pick 
you up for $2,000.

The Fastest Boat: Get to the Boatyard (the red dot) and kill as many people as 
possible to get inside the boathouse.  Stand in the pink thingy, then rush to the 
boat.  Boat back to Diaz’s Mansion to earn $4,000.

Supply & Demand: You’ll head to Diaz’s docks, then speed towards the Pink dot, which 
is the Coke dealer, and then head back to Diaz’s docks.  You’ll earn $10,000 and the 
start of your revolution.

Tommy Vercetti Criminal Empire (V on the map) missions

Death Row: Follow the K on the map to Kent Paul, and he’ll tell you that Lance is 
being held at the junkyard outside of Little Haiti, so drive there in a good car.  
Run over as many Cubans as you can, then get out and shoot the rest.  Go to the 
house where Lance is and kill the scum inside.  Talk to Lance, then hop in a car.  
You have to drive well, or you’ll kill Lance.  The Cubans are waiting for you as you 
drive off, so avoid them and get to the hospital quickly.  You won’t get any cash, 
but the Vercetti Empire starts soon.

Rub Out: Drive to the outside of Diaz’s estate to trigger this mission.  Lance gives 
you an M4 to take out your enemies.  Kill the guys in the maze, which you enter by 
going up the stairs on the far right side of Diaz’s estate.  Kill everyone, then 
enter the door at the end.  Kill everyone you see inside, and then head up the 
stairs.  Kill the guys by Diaz when you find him, then finish off Diaz.  You will 
get 50,000 for this big mission, as well as open up the Vercetti Criminal Empire.

Shakedown: Talk to your friends, then head to the North Point Mall and enter.  Shoot 
the windows on the first floor, then go up and destroy the ones on the top floor.  
Head back and shake the heat.  You have 5 minutes.  Beat it and earn $2,000.

Bar Brawl: Talk with your associates, then head to the Front Page Bar. Kill the PIGs 
standing there.  Walk into the pink marker.  Head to DBP Security and kill the guys 
standing there.  Two will escape, then take off on PCJs, so give chase.  Run them 
over in any 4-wheeled vehicle to earn $4,000.

Copland: Get in the car with Lance, then go to the blip.  Cause some trouble with 
the police and lure 2 of them in.  You’ll get some amusing commentary, then take the 
cop car by the garage.  Head to the North Point Mall, then to Tarbrush Coffee.  
Plant the bomb in the marker, then run!  You have 5 seconds to get away from there, 
so make the best of it.  You’ll have a Wanted Level of 5 on your behind, so use the 
cheat and dash, but go to the Pay ‘N’ Spray if you don’t like to cheat.  Complete 
this, and earn $10,000, and $5,000 a day from the Vercetti Mansion.

FINAL MISSIONS (NOTE: You need the seven important pieces of property [The Malibu, 
The Print Works, Kaufman Cabs, Sunshine Autos, The Boatyard, Cherry Poppers Ice 
Cream Factory and Interglobal Films] to access these missions)

Cap the Collector: Old Man Kelly tells you a guy named Forello or something roughed 
him up.  Head to the Print Works and talk to Kelly.  Grab a fast car and get to the 
boatyard to meet these collectors.  They ride Sanchezes, so run them over.  Kill 
six.  You’ll earn $30,000 for busting up these dirtbags.

Keep Your Friends Close…: Head to the marker outside of your mansion to begin this 
slaughterfest.  You will talk with your friends and Sonny will show up.  Move 
upstairs and kill the guys coming at your vault.  After you kill 15 or so, You can 
go after Lance.  Go up to the roof and kill anyone you see.  Once up there, kill 
everyone except Lance.  After all the rest are dead, aim a Rocket Launcher and fire 
at Lance to kill him.  Go back downstairs and get ready.

Keep Your Friends Close…Pt.2: After you get downstairs, kill the goons that appear 
and head to the left banister and aim at Sonny.  When more goons appear to jack your 
cash, get back in your vault room and kill them, and then put in your armor and 
health cheats.  Do this as much as you need to so that Sonny dies.  You’ll hear him 
yell, then die.  Enjoy your ending sequence, you now own Vice City!

Section 6: Asset & Extra Missions

Avery Carrington (A on the map) missions

Four Iron: Drive up to Jocksports to get your country club attire, then go to the 
country club.  Walk through security, leaving your guns behind.  You should still 
have your melee weapons.  Once you get inside, you can put in the weapon cheat and 
kill the guy at a distance for and easy $500.

Demolition Man: Get to the Top Fun van where the blip is and get in.  If you want, 
go searching and kill the guys on each floor.  Be careful, the Raider can be blown 
up, and you only get 1.  There are 4 bombs, and you have 7 minutes after picking up 
the first one to get them all in.  Do it, and earn yourself $1,000.

Two Bit Hit: Get yourself some Cuban duds, then head to Romero’s Funeral Parlor.  
Snipe off the guys and the hearse to earn yourself a cool $2,500.

Love Fist (Skull on the map) missions

Love Juice: Follow the red blip in a car and honk the horn when you get there.  A 
dealer will come out and take your money.  Then he’ll take off on a PCJ.  Chase him 
down and kill him.  Kent Paul will call and have you get Mercedes.  Get Mercedes, 
then you have 1 minute 30 seconds to get her back to Love Fist, so drive fast.  Get 
her there and you’ll earn $2,000.

Psycho Killer: This mission is a pain, especially with the Love Fist Limo.  Grab a 
fast vehicle (preferably a motorcycle) and head down the street to Rock City.  Park 
it close to the building, then go back and pick up Love Fist.  When the psycho pops 
out, take off after him.  Shoot him to kill him.  He has no radar blip, however.  
Kill him to earn $4,000.

Publicity Tour: After beating the Biker Missions, you can do this mission.  It 
starts out with you getting in the Love Fist Limo.  There is a bomb on board.  Drive 
as fast as possible, but don’t blow up.  If you stop or hit a wall, say bye-bye.  
After they defuse the bomb, deliver them to the gig.  You’ll get $8,000.

Biker Missions (Spade on the map)

Alloy Wheels of Steel: Grab a bike and head to the start line.  I suggest you get a 
Freeway, but if you like the Angel, go with it.  Get to the start line and get ready 
to ride.  Ease into the turns and don’t rubberneck when your enemies crash.  Stay in 
first for the last few minutes and you will win.

Messing With The Man: This is tough. You have 3 minutes to fill up your Chaos 
Meter.  Get some rockets and M4 ammo and then run out into the middle of the 
street.  Fire rockets at people and shoot cars with the M4. It takes a while.

Hog Tied: Here, you have to return Mitch’s stolen Angel to the bar.  Take a bike and 
get as much speed as possible, then jump up the steps next to the Ammu-Nation and 
jump over.  Kill as many gang members as possible, then grab Mitch’s Angel and get 
it back to the bar.  Watch out, though, the gang members will drive at you with Gang 
Burritos and shoot at you.

Assassination (appears as a Phone in different locations on the map) missions

Road Kill: Get to the pay phone, then find Carl.  Run him over for an easy $500.

Waste The Wife: This is slightly tougher.  Get a durable yet fast car and park it in 
the pink marker.  When she leaves, ram her car till it bursts into flames.  When it 
does, drive like a maniac to get away from her.  Do it right, and earn $2,000.

Autocide: Grab the PSG-1 and the Uzi, and hop on the PCJ.  Drive till you see the 
billboard with the guy on it.  Snipe him.  Drive to DBP Security, and shoot Dick’s 
car with the PSG-1 and get in your car to drive-by and finish the job.  He may run 
on foot, so kill him.  Drive to the jeweler’s and hang around the corner.  Shoot the 
truck to destroy it.  Head towards Washington Beach to find Nick Kong.  Snipe him 
off too.  Your last target is riding around on his PCJ.  Crush him for $4,000.

Check Out At The Check-In: Run into the airport terminal, then answer the phone.  
Grab the Sniper Rifle, then follow the lady up to the second set of stairs, and then 
stop.  Pull out your Sniper Rifle, and then shoot the guy the lady talks to.  Grab 
the briefcase and take off, taking it back to the drop off, putting in the Wanted 
Level Cheat to get rid of the cops.  The thugs, however, will still chase you.  Get 
back safely and you will win.  This merits you $8,000.

Loose Ends: You take this job right outside where you need to enter.  Kill all 
involved.  Blow up the barrels, then kill any leftovers.  Grab the suitcase and take 
the chopper to Escobar International Airport.  The chopper can be blown up, 
however.  Complete this daunting mission and earn a whopping $16,000!

Interglobal Films (appears as a cut board on the map) missions

Recruitment Drive: Talk to Steve, and go get Candy.  First you have to kill her 
pimp, then go back and pick her up.  You have to chase her pimp down and blow him to 
smithereens.  Then pick her up and head to the pizza place.  Talk to Mercedes, and 
then drive to Steve for $1,000.

Dildo Dodo: After talking to Steve, walk around the back to the Skimmer.  Pull up to 
go up, and just fly around town.  The first one you want to get is above the 
dirtbike track.  After you get it, a red marker will appear.  Fly through it to stop 
the flow of flyers.  There are 6 pairs.  Beat it and earn $2,000.

Martha’s Mug Shot: Start off by getting in your Sparrow.  Fly over the Limo and stop 
at the WK Chariot Hotel.  Run around the side and look through the balcony at the 
top.  Get three shots with your camera.  It handles like a Sniper Rifle.  You’ll 
have a Wanted Level 5 on you, so get it off and get down the stairs.  There are 2 
pairs of FBI guys to kill, so take them out.  Get in your Sparrow and fly back to 
the studio for $4,000.

G-Spotlight: Take the Security Guard’s PCJ and head for the first dot.  Get upstairs 
and take the elevator up.  Jump out the window and keep going until you reach the 
spotlight.  Walk into the marker and earn $8,000.

The Cuban (weird head on the map) missions

Stunt Boat Challenge: Just drive the boat to the best of your ability.  Don’t miss 
any checkpoints or you’ll fail.  Beat it for $1,000.

Cannon Fodder: Hop in a ride and drive to the point.  Blow up the Haitians and kill 
the Sniper.  Jack the van full of drugs.  Get the men through all of this.  Win and 
earn $2,000.

Naval Engagement: Head down to the docks to Rico’s boat and you’ll get on.  You’re 
the gunner, as usual.  Use a rocket launcher to clear the boats quickly.  Kill the 
Haitians when you get on shore, and pick up the two briefcases full of drugs.  
Rico’s boat will be blown up.  Get back to Little Havana and you will earn $4,000.

Trojan Voodoo: You get this mission after you beat the Haitian missions.  Jack a 
Voodoo with Umberto’s  son and head for their drug factory.  Run over as many 
Haitians while still undercover, then get out and kill a lot of them.  Plant the 
bombs where they need to be planted, and then run towards the front.  Walk onto the 
long set of stairs and run up them.  You get $10,000 and congratulations from 

Haitian (Stick figure on map) missions

Juju Scramble: After visiting with Auntie Poulet, head off for the first pink dot.  
It’s on a building, and a SWAT Sniper will fire at you when you pick it up.  You 
have one minute to pick up the next juju case, so book it over.   It is on a corner 
near the first pickup point.  Your Wanted Level raises to 4.  Drive up the street 
and stop between two buildings.  Your Wanted Level will jump to 5 or 6.  Put in the 
Wanted Level Cheat.  Scramble to Auntie Poulet’s house to earn $1,000.

Bombs Away!: Head to the Top Fun van by the docks.  Fly the Bi-plane with the 
bombs.  Drop the bombs over the Cuban Boats, and then blow up the escaping Cubans.  
You get $2,000.

Dirty Lickin’s: Auntie Poulet will give you a Sniper Rifle to kill the dirty 
Cubans.  Grab the Adrenaline below the vantage point and snipe away.  Kill any 
reinforcements that may show up.  Don’t let all the Haitians die and you will earn 

Boatyard (anchor on the map) mission

Checkpoint Charlie: Pick a boat to hit all 20 checkpoints, then you earn $1,000 for 
each successful completion of the mission.  I suggest the Cuban Jetmax.

Kaufman Cabs (K in a yellow field on the map) missions

VIP: Grab a Kaufman Cab, then speed to the point where you want to pick him up.  A 
rival cab company, VC Cabs, snatches up the VIP.  Drive-by and ram the cab so your 
VIP comes back.  Pick him up, and drive him to Escobar International.  You’ll get 

Friendly Rivalry: Destroy the three marked VC cabs.  Earn yourself $2,000.

Cabmegeddon: Head to the point to pick Mercedes up.  You will soon realize that this 
is not Mercedes.  About 7 rival cabs show up, and they want to kill you.  Drive your 
cab into 8-Ball’s Bomb Shop, then jump out when the cabs swarm you.  After you 
survive for 2 and a half minutes, the leader of VC Cabs appears in a Zebra Cab.  
Jack his car when he drives close, then run him over.  You’ll earn $3,000 and a 
Zebra Cab.

The Malibu (palm tree on the map) missions

No Escape?: Get to the Washington Police Station, and go inside to the locker room.  
Go into the shower area and you’ll don the police outfit.  Go all the way upstairs 
and grab the card key and go to the basement area to bust Cam Jones out.  Get him to 
his house safely for $1,000 and a man on safe.

The Shootist: Head to the downtown Ammu-Nation and enter the firing range.  Shoot at 
the back targets, as they are worth 3 points.  After Round 1, walk to Round 2.  Aim 
at only two windows, and you’ll score more points.  There is one more round, but if 
you need it, aim at the Misty target moving up and down the column in front of you.  
Beat a score of 60 and you will win $2,000 and a gunman.

The Driver: You start out in a Sentinel, and he has a Sabre Turbo, so you have to 
take the lead when he screws up.  Other than that, stay the course and beat him to 
the Malibu to win $3,000 and a getaway driver.

The Job: Get in the Taxi in front of The Malibu, then drive to the street across 
from the bank.  Get the suits on, then enter the bank.  Once inside, head upstairs 
with Cam, killing all guards you come across.  Get to the vault, then Cam whines 
about the lock system, so you have to find the bank director.  He’s behind the desk 
in his room.  Take him upstairs, and then go to check on Phil.  When you get to the 
balcony above the first floor, someone pulls the alarm.  You have to get down to the 
pink marker, then kill all the SWAT guys.  After killing off the first wave, you can 
exit the bank.  Once outside, blow up the SWAT vehicles and put in the Wanted Level 
cheat, then drive to Cam’s place.  You will earn a monster $50,000.

Phil Cassady’s (P on the map) missions

Gun Runner: Take Phil’s Patriot, then hit each Walton with drive-bys until the load 
is dropped.  Pick up the load, then after all 4 Waltons are hit, you have to destroy 
them.  Back up will be called, and they arrive on Faggios, and are worth $100 each.  
After all are destroyed, your reward is $2,000.

Boomshine Saigon: After a phone call, Phil invites you over for a little Boomshine.  
In the process, Phil manages to blow his own arm off.  Genius material.  You have to 
drive him to the hospital before he bleeds to death.  Simple, right?  No!  That 
Boomshine you inhaled got you drunk, so the controls are hypersensitive.  It leads 
to massive over steering.  When you get to the hospital, Phil protests.  “Too many 
cops and Vietcong,” as Phil says.  He directs you to an Ex-Military surgeon that is 
about 2 blocks away.  You will get $4,000 for saving Phil’s pathetic self.

Print Works ($ sign on the map) missions

Spilling the Beans: Drive towards the Boatyard, and kill anyone you see.  Run onto 
the ship, to the bottom, where the stairs are.  Walk into the black doorway, and you 
will hear Tommy “persuade” the shipping officer to give him the info.  You will have 
a Wanted Level of 3, so put in the Wanted Level cheat to lose the fuzz.  Drive back 
to the Print Works and earn $2,000.

Hit the Courier: Head to the Boatyard, then wait for the Courier’s lady friends to 
come at you.  Kill them, then blow up the car, collect the plates and head back.  
You’ll get $5,000.

Section 7: cheats
What we’ve been waiting for.  Only the most useful cheats, though.  Email me if you 
want any other cheats.

Weapons 1: R1, R2, L1, R2, L, D, R, U, L, D, R, U
Weapons 2: R1, R2, L1, R2, L, D, R, U, L, D, D, L
Weapons 3: R1, R2, L1, R2, L, D, R, U, L, D, D, D
Lower Wanted Level: R1, R1, O, R2, U, D, U, D, U, D
Raise Wanted Level: R1, R1, O, R2, L, R, L, R, L, R
Full Health: R1, R2, L1, O, L, D, R, U, L, D, R, U
Full Armor: R1, R2, L1, X, L, D, R, U, L, D, R, U
Tank Cheat: O, O, L1, O, O, O, L1, L2, R1, Triangle, O, Triangle

If you can think of any that you want me to add, send them to me.  Notify me if one 
of my codes doesn’t work.

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