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Hey. It's me again; this is just another one of my brief slightly helpful little 

I thought I’d to mercenaries 'cause it's kind of challenging to a newer player. 1-
6, type CTRL F to find what you're looking for. 1 Movement, 2 Entering Vehicles, 3 
Firing, 4 Air Strikes, 5 C5, and 6 Drops. 

  1 Moving around: When you start off, you're in a plane. Left Analog stick moves 
your character, and right analog stick controls the camera movement. When in a 
vehicle, Left Analog stick controls turning, and right analog stick controls camera 
  2 Entering & Mounting etc.: You'll notice around the mercenaries world that 
there's a lot of objects that you can mount * Gun emplacements, vehicle weapons, 
etc.) And vehicles you can drive. Hitting the Triangle button, while near the 
driver side of the vehicle, enters that vehicle. Make sure you're in the little 
green circle. Also, mounting is the same. If a vehicle has a weapon that's fired 
from outside of the vehicle, there'll be another Green circle, usually towards the 
back. Press Triangle to enter or mount the weapon. Triangle also dismounts and 
leaves a vehicle.

 3 Firing & Explosions: If you have a weapon, that has ammo of course, you may 
fire/shoot the weapon. *This goes with mounted weapons, too* The Default fire 
button is R1. Hold it, if you have an automatic weapon, to unleash a volley of 
fire, or tap it to unleash single or bust fire. If you have a weapon like the 
Chinese or South Korean TOW, after you fire the right analog stick controls the 
rockets path. Up goes up, Down is down, and you get the picture.
 4 Calling in Air Strikes: Once you've started the game, the Allied mission has a 
surgical strike. Equip it * up and directional pad accesses inventory*, after 
neutralizing the enemy's in the area, and point the laser where you want the bomb 
to hit. There are several types of Air Support/Strikes. One: Laser, this is pretty 
accurate from a distance, as it reaches sometimes further then satellite. Two: 
Satellite, this is super accurate at close to medium range, but it doesn't go very 
far until it's out of range. Beacon: This is used for Artillery Strikes and 
airlifts. It isn't very accurate, so you should stay away from the area. Also make 
sure there's minimal or no losses to friendly nations or civilians.
 5 C4: C4 plastic explosives are great to take out structures, like towers, alarms, 
and even lightly armored vehicles. To place these, head into your inventory and 
select C4. It will be in your hand, so go to the area where you wish to place it, 
and hit the Fire Button, R1. It takes a few moments to set it, so make sure you're 
not vulnerable to enemy fire. After you place it, you'll notice your weapon change 
from C4 to a trigger. Move to a safe distance away from the blast, and hit the fire 
button, R1. The C4 will detonate.
 6 Drops: Drops, Supplies and Vehicles, are precious cargo. Make sure that all AA 
(Anti-Aircraft) guns and vehicles are taken out, or you may lose your cargo. Supply 
drops are usually fast, and safer. They drop the items and fly away, nice and 
effectively. But Vehicles are much slower. They have to lower it down slowly, which 
makes the helicopter vulnerable to fire. Even small arms fire, though rarely, may 
take out an aircraft. Make sure the enemy's in the area are neutralized, or 
scattered. Take out all AA guns and machine gun nests. If it's an emergency, you 
may be able to get some supplies in with AA fire, just position the supplies away 
from most of the action.

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