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Game title: Smackdown shut your mouth
system: Playstation 2
content: How to create the current Kane
Author: nf316
Created: 6/23/2003
Contact list
E-mail: [email protected]
Yahoo: nickf96
Copyright: ©2003 nf 316

Head: any head u want
Hair: 26 color -85,-3
Face: Paint 84 color -100,-3
Skin: 2
Body: No Sleeves Others 20 color -100,-3
Hands: Gloves right hand blank 1 color 25,-100
Legs: Tights others 39 color -100,-3
Feet: Shoes blank 12 length -32 color -100,-100 Shade -100

Figure: Height 6'11
Profile: Name Kane, Ring name, Nickname Kane
Biography: Gender Man, Classification Heavyweight, Face/Heel Super Face, call name 
Crowd signs: kane,kane
Ability: Go to auto setting and pick powerful
Moves: Superstars Kane
Logic: Brawler, Brawler

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