Sonic Adventure 2

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Kart Racing Guide

Sonic Adventure 2
Kart Racing Guide
written by "Strangevision"

Use of this FAQ and all its contents is permitted as long as you notify
me at and give me credit for my own work.
Changing or altering this FAQ in any way is prohibited.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. How do I get it?
III. Characters
     A. Sonic
     B. Tails
     C. Knuckles
     D. Shadow
     E. Eggman
     F. Rouge
IV. Courses
V. Techniques
VI. Post your Best Time!!
VII. Closing
VIII. Credits

Revision History
v1.1 major areas completed.

v1.2 time sent in. New technique.

v1.3,v1.4,v1.5,v1.6,v1.7,v1.8,v1.9 more best times added.

v2.0 Updated info on Rouge. More times added.

v2.1,2.2 more best times added.


Welcome to my kart racing FAQ for the awesome platform game, Sonic
Adventure 2. I hope you enjoy reading this FAQ as well as playing the
game . If you have any questions, etc. you can e-mail me at Thanks!

How do I get get it?

To get the Kart Racing mini-game is simple. Simply beat Tails' action
stage in which he races against as fast as he can to catch the
president. After completion you will be rewarded with the mini-game
complete with all characters and stages. Also in the Dark adventure
stages, you will play a similar level with Rogue that will open 2P mode.
Have fun!

Note: This can also be done vice-versa. Most people would play the Hero
adventure first anyway. But if not beat Rouge's mini-game to win the
first three tracks and then Tails' to get 2P mode.



As you would expect Sonic is a speed demon on the race track. He has
avereage control and acceleration as well. A must if you are a beginner.
The only downside to Sonic is that he doesn't handle very tight turns to

Best suited for: Beginner/Standard Tracks


Miles Prower (aka Tails) is a bit slower than his friend Sonic. He has
great acceleration however and will speed past the other vehicles at the
start of a race. He also handles turns well. Sadly Tails doesn't have
enough speed to benefit from straightaways.

Best suited for: Standard/Expert tracks.


Probably my favorite character. He doesn't excel in any particular area
but all his stats are well above average. His main strengths are speed
and control.

Best suited for: All tracks


Think Sonic. He is exactly the same so only choose him if you are in an
evil mood. Plus Shadow just looks cool. Chaos Control!

Best suited for: Beginner/Standard tracks.

Playing as the bad guy can be a lot of fun! Dr. Robotnick is similar to
Knuckles but has better control. He is probably the best character

Best suited for: All tracks


What a disapointment! I really liked Rouge in SA2 but racing with her is
a disgrace. She has great acceleration like Tails but not even half the
speed! If you use Rouge gather lots of rings because you will have to
rely on boosts. On a higher note, she handles turns well making the
expert tracks fairly easier. *Note* Even though Rouge seems to have the
same stats as Tails she still is worse. Trust me. IT *must* be some sort
of glitch.

Best suited for: Expert Tracks (the only track where speed is not as
important as control)


Beginner Course:

 Don't worry too much about braking here. The turns are nice and long
making them easy to handle. Plus there are lots of speed pads. Sonic and
Shadow work well here. This course should be mastered before proceeding
to the next.

Standard Course:

The difficulty has taken a large increase from the last track. Featured
in this level are pits and water hazards. Plus there are various ramps
that leap over large chasms. Someone like Tails or Knuckles would be
ideal for this stage.

Expert Course:

Take all the traps from the standard course and mix them with tight
turns, speed boosts, and insanely fast opponents. I find sticking to
left side wall of the stage helps tremendously on curbs and collecting
rings for speed boosts. As far as choosing a character, I feel
comfortable using Tails or Knuckles. Eggman is also a good choice.


Speed Boosts: Collect 20 rings to gain a quick burst of speed (activated
by pressing the Y button)

Braking Turns: Hold down the B button while going around a sharp turn.
This will shave off a few seconds,however.

Non-Braking Turn: As I have been informed, you can take even the
sharpest turns without ever using your brakes! How? Simply go into the
turn and for a brief moment let go of the accelerator button and then
press it again when your kart is straightened up. This will prevent you
from running into a wall while only taking a few points off your speed.
A must if you want to finish ahead of the crowd!

Restart: Press start and hit restart. Simple but very useful.

Post Your best Time!!

What is the point of racing when you can't brag about how fast you are?
E-mail me at with this information.

Course: (Beginner, etc.)
Character: (Sonic, etc.)
Time: (19minutes 59seconds, etc.)
Your Name or Alias: (Strangevision, etc.)

They will be listed below. I will only keep the top 10 scores.

Beginner Course

1. 1:53:53
   contributed by: Dragon XTC

2. 1:53:96
   Shadow (arrrrgh!)
   contributed by: Doomsday

3. 1:54:48
   contributed by: Dean Tallon

4. 1:54:73
   contributed by: Firehawk

5. 1:54:86
   contributed by: Kiyo 21       (What happened to Tails and Rouge?)
6. 1:55:53
   contributed by: Kiyo21

7. 1:55:91
   contributed by: Shadow the Hedgehog

8. 1:56:33
   contributed by: Firehawk

9. 1:56:43
   contributed by: Sonic 2517

10. 1:56:96
   contributed by: geZus

                                             (some of you are dropping
                                                    off the list!)

Standard Course

1. 2:22:22
   contributed by: Oopster

2. 2:23:96
   contributed by: SpanishSyko

3. 2:25:10
   contributed by: Shadow the Hedgehog

4. 2:27:73
   contributed by: mrb319

5. 2:29:26
   contributed by: Sonic 2517

6. 2:30:60
   contributed by: Sonic 2517

7. 2:36:23
   contributed by: LK4O4

8. 2:36:63
   contributed by: Poodgie

9. 2:36:71
   contributed by: LK4O4

10. 2:37:68
   contributed by: LK4O4

   (some people are dropping off the list!)

Expert Courses

1. 3:01:95
   contributed by: Magcannon

2. 3:13:93
   contributed by: Shadow the Hedgehog   (Is Expert that Hard?!)
                                      (Send me some times!)
3. 3:15:25
   contributed by: Sonic 2517

4. 3:19:38
   contributed by: mrb319

5. 3:19:60
   contributed by: Sonic 2517

6. 3:38:38
   contributed by: LK4O4

7. 3:39:13
   contributed by: Poodgie    (Poodgie (?) says Sonic is a smurf)

8. 3:41:18
   contributed by: LK4O4


Questions?Comments?Tips? Send them to me at
and I will answer them as best as I can. You will have a written reply
in 2 days or less. Thanks for reading!


1. Thanks to Sega for making an awesome game, SA2.

2. No thanks to the death of the Dreamcast. Bleh!

3. for hosting this FAQ.

4. The Academy (^_^) You really,really like me!

5. A round of applause for Sonic 2517 for contributing his best times
and sending information. (see Techniques section)

6. All of you willing enough to send me your best racing times. Good

Copyright "Strangevision" 2001

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