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Kasimir Ruins

The prerequisites for obtaining a pass to the Kasimir Ruins are similar to 
those of other caves previously.  You must defeat the Boss Enemy in Misty 
Bloom Cave and till 100 squares in that area before Godwin will issue a pass 
for the Kasimir Ruins.  You still will be unable to enter the Kasimir Ruins, 
however, if you have not tamed at least 10 monsters!  It always is a mistake 
to neglect ANY activity in Harvest Moon games.

Kasimir Ruins is the first cave system where you will be able to mine for 
Platinum incidentally.  Platinum is an extremely useful ore.

The first time you enter the Kasimir Ruins, you will find Sharron inside the 
entrance but after this, she again will be outside as usual.  You will be able 
to explore only a few outer corridors and chambers in the Kasimir Ruins at 

When you enter the ruins, walk north, then east down a stairway.  Sharron will 
be found next to a poison square at the foot of the stairs.  Go south from 
there, then east, avoiding the occasional single poison square.  From there, 
go north into the first chamber.  

You will find a new Monster named the 'Yuck' in the first chamber that 
contains two small fields, each with 9 squares, and a few rocks containing 
ore. This monster is related to the 'Ick' monster in Toros Cave.

HP 134
ATK 85  DEF 13
Abilities:  Water ATK, Power ATK, Poison ATK, Paralyse ATK
War Trophies:  Earth Crystal, Fire Crystal, Wind Crystal

Yuck like Ick has powerful attacks but will not help on the farm.

There is a doorway to the north of the Monster Generator.  Go north and follow 
the path west then north again to the next screen.  Here you will find eight 
tillable fields, each with 9 squares.  On either side of this chamber is a 
Monster Generator.  Both Generators create 'Tiny' monsters.  Tiny is a giant.

HP 658 
ATK 91  DEF 16
Abilities:  Wind ATK  Power ATK
War Trophies:  Leather Gloves, Giant Gloves

This monster is a Giant of the same family as Clash and his ilk.  He will not 
help on the farm.

The two Tiny Generators are situated on either side of an altar.  On either 
side of the chamber, you will see a doorway leading inward.  The one on the 
right is open and leads to an empty chamber.  The one on the left is locked, 
and a message can be read:  'The door shall open to the blessing of the land.'

You need to clear all tillable squares in this chamber, then plant crops in 
each one of them.  Water them each day because the mini-Boss you need to 
defeat will not appear until every one of the eight plots yields a Rune.  When 
the crops are ready to be harvested, speak to Sharron.  After this, return to 
the cave and the area with the Tiny monsters where you planted your crops.  
You will  find that the chamber on the right that once was empty contains a 
mini-boss monster who is a Golem.  Defeat him to obtain a Key that will unlock 
the door to the left.

Go through the unlocked door to find a chamber that contains 6 tillable 
fields, a small pool and a Save Point, with a stairwell to the right that 
leads down.  Take the stairs and you will find yourself in the centre of a 
large chamber with exits on all sides.  

Go west first to the next screen.  You will find a Monster Generator that 
creates a Beetle Monster named Herc and some rocks that can be smashed for 

HP 341  
ATK 86  DEF  15
Abilities:  Power ATK, Topple ATK
War Trophies:  Vital Gummi, Rigid Horn

This monster is a beetle from the same 'family' as Volks in the Clemens Cave 
area.  He will not help on the farm.

The chamber containing the Herc Generator is a dead end, so return to the 
central chamber with the stairs.

Now go east to the next screen.  You will find a Monster Generator that 
creates Yucks.

This chamber is the counterpart of the one to the west, and is a dead end as 
well, so return now to the central chamber.

Now take the passage that leads south to the next screen.  You will find 
yourself in a chamber with two Monster Generators that create two different 
types of Mimics named Gobbl and Chest respectively.

HP 333
ATK 87  DEF 17
Abilities:  Power ATK
War Trophies:  Amethyst, Ruby, Sapphire

This blue 'chest' monster is from the 'Mimic' family.  It will not help on the 

HP 117
ATK 79  DEF 15
Ability:  Power ATK
War Trophies:  Aquamarine, Broken Box

This gold and green 'chest' monster is from the 'Mimic' family.  It will not 
help on the farm.

The one on the left is gold and green.  The one on the right is blue.   As you 
see, each type yields different War Trophies. There are poison squares in this 
chamber and a couple of rocks that can be smashed for ore, but it is another 
dead end, so when you have destroyed both generators, return north to the 
central chamber with the stairs.

Now go North through a pair of doors to a path with a T configuration.  You 
have a choice to go either east or west.

Go west first and follow the path north to the next screen, then west to a 
chamber with a Monster Generator that creates Gobbl Blue Mimics.  North of 
this Generator is a door.  If you go through the door, you will find yourself 
in a little alcove with four rocks that can be smashed for ore.  It is a dead 
end, but quite often you will find that rocks in this alcove contain 
Platinum!  It may be your first opportunity to find Platinum in the game.

Retrace your steps to the top of the T path where you had the choice to go 
east or west.  This time, go east.

This side of the path will take you east, then north to the next screen.  
Follow the path east again down a long corridor, then go north to a chamber 
that contains Poison squares and a Monster Generator that creates spider 
monsters named Bitsy.  

HP 335
ATK 81 DEF 17
Abilities:  Water ATK Critical, Poison Attack
War Trophies:  Earth Crystal,  Pretty String

You actually have two choices here.  You either can go west through some 
poison squares to another area or you can go through some doors north of the 
Monster Generator.

First go west through the Poison squares and continue west.  You will find a 
Monster Generator that creates Tundr monsters at a bend in the path.  Tundr is 
the Blue Water Spirit Monster found first in Toros Cave. Destroy its generator 
and continue west to the next screen.

Here you will find a large chamber containing three tillable fields of 9 
squares each as well as a second Save Point.  If you wish to confront the Boss 
Enemy of the Ruins, save your game here, then retrace your steps.  Go east 
through the Poison squares, then go north through the doors in the northern 
wall of the chamber that contained the Bitsy Generator.

You will find yourself at the eastern end of a rectangular chamber.  Go west 
to encounter another Monster Generator that dispenses Bitsy Monsters, then 
take the narrow path that leads further west.  Continue west to the next 
screen on the narrow path and you will find yourself in a chamber that 
contains a Monster Generator creating a Fairy named Tale.  

HP 327
ATK 60  DEF 18
Abilities:  Wind ATK, Water ATK, Seal ATK
War Trophies:  Fairy Powder, Aqua Element, Water Crystal, Wind Crystal

This is the first Sprite you will encounter in Rune Factory.  She will not 
help on the farm but she does 'drop' Fairy Powder, a very important and useful 

When you have destroyed her Generator, go through the double doors to the 
north of the Generator.  Go north through another set of double doors to 
encounter the Boss Enemy of Kasimir Ruins, a large Golem.  Sharron will arrive 
before you engage it in combat and after you defeat it, she will muse about 
the identity of this creature, having believed previously that the Grimoire 
would have been discovered in the Kasimir Ruins.

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