Kaufmen Cab Mission Help - Guide for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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I'm not going to do any of that fancy stuff, I'm going to get right to the point.

1. Kuafmen Cab Mission #1
2. Kuafmen Cab Mission #2
3. Kuafmen Cab Mission #3

1.	In the first K.C. (Kaufman Cab) mission you have to pick up a V.I.P., but 
when you get there the other cab company gets in your way and tales the V.I.P. So 
you have to chase him down and get the V.I.P. If you wreck him against a wall (Do 
not flip him over) for a long enough time the V.I.P will get out and come to you. 
Then you can kill the other cab driver. After that just do what the game tells you.

2.	In the second K.C. mission you have to kill three of the other cab 
business’s cars. I strongly suggest you get an uzi or other drive by gun to use. If 
you don’t have one already you can go to any ammunation and buy one. Then you ram 
the other cab into a wall and do a drive by just sitting next to him until he 
lights on fire. Then drive to the other cabs and repeat.

3.	In the third K.C. mission it says you have to go pick up Mercedes, but all 
you really do is go to the place it tells you and the other cab company comes and 
tries to kill you. What you have to do is stay alive for one minute as the other 
cab company tries to kill you. You should just drive around in a circle for one 
minute. After you survive the lead cab comes after you and tries to kill you. What 
you should do is get him off you the run him into a wall, keep him there, get out 
of your car, take his, then run over him to beat the mission.

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