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The Legend of Zelda:  Majora's Mask
Keaton Quiz Q&A
Version 1.1

Keaton, the tree-tailed fox, known also for the mask modeled after his image, emerges from any one of the three groups of "runaway" bushes 
located in and 
around Clock Town.  If you manage to hack up all the bushes before they disappear, Keaton will appear.  He will then ask a series of questions.  
Here are all the 
questions with the answers.

What time does Romani, the girl at the ranch, go to bed? - Eight

At what time does Romani wake up? - Six

How many balloons does Romani use during her bow practice? - One

What weapon does Romani use in practice? - Bow

What is the name given to you by Romani? - Grasshopper

What is the name of the song that Romani teaches you? - Epona's Song

How many cow figurines are there in Clock Town? - Ten

How many cows are there at Romani Ranch? - Three

How many cuccos are in the barn at Romani Ranch? - One

Where does Cremia try to deliver her milk? - Milk Bar

How old is Tingle, the map salesman? - 35

What are the magic words that Tingle created? - Kooloo-Limpah!

Is Tingle left- or right-handed? - Right-handed

What color pants does Tingle wear? - Red

What is the name of the festival held in Clock Town? - Carnival of Time

What is the mayor of Clock Town's name? - Dotour

What is the name of the vintage milk at the Milk Bar? - Chateau Romani

What is the name of Clock Town's inn? - Stock Pot Inn

What bad habit does Anju, the innkeeper, have? - She's quick to apologizes

What is Anju bad at doing? - Cooking

What is Anju's father's name? - Tortus

Who is the leader of the Bomber's gang? - Jim

Once completed, how tall will the festival tower be? - Four stories

How many mailboxes are there in Clock Town? - Five

What does the owner of the bomb shop call his mother? - Mommy

What is the name of the singer in the Indigo-Go's? - Lulu

How many members are there in the Indigo-Go's? - Five

Mikau is of which race? - Zora

Darmani is of which race? - Goron

What instrument does the Skull Kid play? - Flute

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