Knuckles' and Rouge's Level-up Items - Guide for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

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  | /                   |    |
  |-   |---  |   |  --- | /  |  ---  |---
  | \  |   | |   | |    |-   | |---| |---|
  |  \ |   |  ---|  --- | \  | \---   ---|

Mystic Melody: (Wild Canyon) You'll need Shovel Claw. This level-up item is located 
behind the wall painting above the Lonely Statue. Dig into it and you'll go into the 
room with the Mystic Melody in it.

Shovel Claw: (Pumpkin Hill) Knuckles' most important upgrade, the Shovel Claw, is 
straight ahead acroos the narrow beam at the beginning of the level.

Air Necklace: (Aquatic Mine) Lower the water level to three at the top level. Once 
done, go down to the main room below and go into the mineshaft in the north west. 
(All directions are relative to the starting point) You must navigate the tunnels 
quickly to avoid running out of air. When you come out of the last tunnel (tap A 
quickly swim to the surface), the Air Necklace will be waiting for you.

Hammer Gloves: (Death Chamber) Flip the hour glass just ahead of the starting point, 
and walk through the door that opens. Break the wooden crates to the right in the 
adjacent hallway and you'll find the Hammer Gloves.

Sunglasses: (Meteor Herd) You'll need Hammer Gloves. Near the large central 
structure is a platform with a meteor on it. You'll need to hit it across the gap to 
smash the door on the wall ahead. Destroy the iron container and there will be a 
switch. Use the switch and the ground in the structure will open. The Sunglasses are 
in the ground on a platform.


 |   |
 |---    ---  |   |  ---   ---
 |   \  |   | |   | |   | |---|
 |    \  ---   ---   ---| \---

Mystic Melody: (Dry Lagoon) You need Pick Nails and Iron Boots. Destroy the iron 
containers on the ledge of the top area, revealing a wall painting you can dig into. 
The Mystic Melody is in the room behind the wall painting.

Pick Nails: (Egg Quarters) Go through the doorway beneath the giant fish statue in 
the Egg Fish Chamber, leading into the room containing the crucial level-up item.

Treasure Scope: (Securtiy Hall) You need the Iron Boots and Mystic Melody. Play the 
Mystic Melody near the ancient shrine on the yellow section section C. Jump across 
the series of platforms that appear, destroy the iron containers in the wall, and 
walk down the revealed passage to grab the Treasure Scope.

Iron Boots: (Mad Space) The crucial upgrade is in the blue space pod atop the 
Spherical Planet.

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