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                          THE KING OF FIGHTERS 99

                            KYO-1 CHARACTER FAQ
                            WRITTEN BY OROCHI K
                         E-MAIL: [email protected]
                             FOR PSX & ARCADE


 Copyright 2001 by Orochi K. This FAQ is for personal use only. Do not
 distribute it or use it for profitable purposes. If you want to post
 this FAQ on a website, contact me at [email protected] before doing
 anything. Plagiarism is a crime, just ask. I have no objection on my
 FAQ being posted on someone else's website but you must give credit
 where it is due. Also, please keep in mind that under no circumstances,
 are you allowed to make any changes to this FAQ! It must remain as it is
 and moreover, you are not allowed to rip off part(s) of this FAQ to put
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 Copyright Law, and the Berne Copyright Convention of 1976. I'm well aware
 of my rights and will not hesitate to take legal action against you if you
 don't follow these guidelines. If you wish to take some info from this FAQ
 to include in a more elaborate one, write to me first and tell me what it is
 all about and I'll think about it.
 The King of Fighters 99 and Kyo-1 are copyright SNK, Japan.

 I only send my FAQS to gamefaqs but I always allow them to be posted
 on other websites provided you ask me first.
 CJAYC has kindly set up a Contributor Page for me and if you want to check
 my FAQs and other stuff, you can do so by going to the following URL:

 Feel free to write to me for any reason but you must put the game name in
 the subject line or I will not read it, let alone answer it...


 This is my fourth FAQ. If you've checked the URL above, you've probably
 already noticed that I'm a huge KoF fan. I've decided to write this for
 various reasons. The main one is because there's no Kyo-1 FAQ so far which
 is strange, considering the number of characters FAQS that have been posted.
 Also, despite what many people seem to think, Kyo-1 is one great character.
 I dunno why, maybe because he's a clone, players tend to overlook him.
 Actually, I consider Kyo-1 as one of the best characters, clone or not.
 His combos can be very devastating and he has a lot of pros to make him a
 good choice. I won't be talking about the game itself because if you're
 reading this, you should already know about it. In case you're new to KoF
 and don't know a lot about KoF99, you can read my review at my GameFAQs
 contributor page.


                            1. Revision History
                            2. Controls
                            3. Kyo-1 Bio
                            4. Moveslist
                            5. Moves Description
                            6. Combos
                            7. Strategies


   - Version 0.1 April 28, 2001.
      Finished FAQ.

   - Version 0.2 April 29, 2001.
     Corrected some mistakes.

   - Version 0.3 on May 1, 2001.
     Added 1 combo in Beginners section.
     Added 1 combo in Intermediate section.
     Added 2 combos in Corner section.
     Corrected small mistakes.


           ub   u   uf                        A        B
             \  |  /
           b -- n -- f
             /  |  \
           db   d   df                        D        C

  General Notations:
   n    - neutral                             A     - Weak Punch
   d    - down                                B     - Weak Kick
   u    - up                                  C     - Strong Punch
   b    - back                                D     - Strong Kick
   f    - forward

  Special Notations:
   db   - down-back                           P     - Press A or C
   df   - down-forward                        K     - Press B or D
   ub   - up-back                             AB    - Escape
   uf   - up-forward                          CD    - Attack
   qcf  - d,df,f                              BC    - Call Striker
   qcb  - d,db,b                              ABC   - Enable Counter Mode
   hcf  - b,db,d,df,f                         BCD   - Enable Armor Mode
   hcb  - f,df,d,db,b
   dp   - f,d,df
   rdp  - b,d,db


 Fighting Style:        Kusanagi-ryuu Kobujutsu and Garyuu Kempo
                        (Kusanagi-style weapon fighting and Chinese art
                        of self-defense with own variations)
 Birthday:              7 / 5
 Age:                   20
 Birthplace:            Japan
 Blood Type:            B (RH-)
 Height:                181cm
 Weight:                75kg
 Hobby:                 Arranging techniques
 Favorite Food:         Mero (melon?)
 Best Sport:            None
 Most Important:        His genes
 Dislikes:              Shin Kyo

                  "Victory is mine...was there any doubt?"


 Hatsugane                      When close, b / f + C
 Issetsu Seoi Nage              When close, b / f + D
 Kurogami                       f + A
 Honofuri                       f + B
 Migiri Ugachi                  df + C
 Yami Barai                     qcf + P
 Aoki                           qcb + P
 75 Shiki Kai                   qcf + K,K
 Oboro Guruma                   f,d,df + K
 Orochi Nagi                    qcb,hcf + P, hold P to charge

 Striker: "75 Shiki Kai"


  Kurogami  :  f + A
  Kyo-1 thrusts his hand forward and hits you once. This move has a great
  range (and a superb animation too). You should abuse this move. It has a
  great recovery time and can be cancelled into combos.

  Honofuri  :  f + B
  Overhead attack. It is a pretty lame move. Don't even bother about this

  Migiri Ugachi  :  df + C
  Kyo-1 crouches and hits the ground with his hand. Use this only as a
  finishing move when your opponent is down. It has terrible recovery time
  and should only be used to finish off combos.

  Yami Barai  :  qcf + P
  Kyo-1's projectile. Same animation as Kyo 94's projectile. Travels low and
  fairly quick. Note that it will even hit an opponent who is just hitting
  the ground and will combo in like a usual move! Perform it when you've just
  hit a jumping opponent who is about to fall and it will connect for a combo.
  Can be cancelled into a DM in Counter Mode.

  Aoki  :  qcb + P
  Use this only when you are sure it will connect. Kyo-1 will perform a 3-hit
  move where he hits opponent with shoulder. Causes opponent to burn in the
  crimson flames too. Can be cancelled into a DM afer second hit in Counter Mode.

  75 Shiki Kai  :  qcf + K,K
  Juggle which will send opponent in air. The distance travelled by opponent
  depends on which button you press. Thus, D will send your opponent higher
  up in the air. Can be followed by other moves.

  Oboro Guruma  :  f,d,df + K
  Now, this move dishes out serious damage. A 3-hit move which is best used
  in combos. If you pull this out and miss the opponent, you're in for some
  damage because this leaves you wide open for any attack. Kyo-1 will kick
  the opponent up and will jump up with character and kick him 2 more times.
  Can be followed by  Yami Barai (qcf+P).

  Orochi Nagi  :  qcb,hcf + P, hold P to charge
  Desperation move. Kyo-1 holds flame in hand and can charge it for more
  damage. When in SDM, his body will burn and if opponent touches you, he
  will take some damage. You can then release the button and the SDM will
  combo in. Great against cornered opponent.


  These are what KoF is all about. You need to perform these if you want to
  beat the whole game. Each characters comes with a bunch of combos and
  although Kyo-1 has only a small number of moves, he has some great combos
  too. Now, I've been playing KoF since 94 and I find it really easy to pull
  off combos. But if you're new, you'll find it more difficult. You'll need
  a lot of practice to be able to pull off the combos.
  Firstly, I advise to try the simpler ones first, i.e. the ones with less
  hits. They are easier to pull off and you need to master these first
  before passing on to the more complex ones. Just put in some practice.


  1. Standing C, Migiri Ugachi(df+C)
  2. Standing C, C Yami Barai(qcf+C)
  3. Standing C, Oboro Guruma(dp+K)
  4. Standing C, Aoki(qcb+P)
  5. Standing C, 75 Shiki Kai(qcf+K,K)
  6. Crouching D, wait for opponent to hit the ground and do the Migiri

  1. Standing C, Aoki(qcb+P), Yami Barai(qcf+P)
  2. Jump C, Standing C, Migiri Ugachi(df+C)
  3. Standing C, 75 Shiki Kai(qcf+K,K), Yami Barai(qcf+P)
  4. Jump C, Standing C, Oboro Guruma(dp+K)
  5. Standing C, 75 Shiki Kai(qcf+K,K), immediately run to where opponent
     will land and do the Migiri Ugachi(df+C)
  6. Counter Mode Only - 75 Shiki Kai(qcf+K,K),Orochi Nagi(qcb,hcf+A)
     Note: Do not charge the DM, it will not connect, release it as soon as
     you perform it. And use only the A version.

  1. Jump C, Standing C, Aoki(qcb+P)
  2. Jump C, Kurogami(f+A), Oboro Guruma(dp+K)

  The following can only be done when the opponent is cornered. I'll be
  including some notes too here to help you and to show you why Kyo-1 is a
  very good choice.
  You should now understand Kyo-1's main strength. Just get your opponents
  cornered and it's over for them. Why? Read and perform the following and
  you'll know why!

  1. Jump C, Standing C, Oboro Guruma(dp+K), Migiri Ugachi(df+C)
     Great combo and will take an impressive amount of life too.

  2. Standing C, Kurogami(f+A), Oboro Guruma(dp+K), Migiri Ugachi(df+C)
     Kyo-1 now shows what he's really capable of. And shows you how he
     shouldn't be underestimated. Do this only twice on a full lifebar and
     it will decrease to the red zone (SDM).

  3. Standing C, qcf+D,B, Oboro Guruma(dp+K), Migiri Ugachi(df+C)
     Timing is crucial here.You need a good timing to make the 3 hits of
     Oboro Guruma connect. This combo also does awesome damage. Just look at
     your opponent's position and perform it when he is just above your special
     bars and watch them sail through the air.

  4. Jump C, Standing C, Kurogami(f+A), Oboro Guruma(dp+K), Migiri Ugachi(df+C)
     Oh my God!!! Have you performed it!? The ultimate combo. This takes away
     more life than a DM and even  SDMs. It actually takes away more than half
     of your life which means that doing 2 of this makes you win. Pull this
     out whenever you can and watch as your opponent takes a trip to hell!!

  5. Counter Mode Only- Jump C, Standing C, Kurogami(f+A), Yami Barai(qcf+P), cancel
     into Orochi Nagi(qcb,hcf+A) immediately (use only A version of Orochi Nagi)
     Nice combo. Note that the hits won't all add up but it's still a combo.

  6. Counter Mode Only- Jump C, Standing C, Kurogami(f+A), Yami Barai(qcf+P), cancel
     into Orochi Nagi(qcb,hcf+A) immediately (use only A version of Orochi Nagi), hop
     forward to perform the Migiri Ugachi(df+C) as soon as he hits the ground.
     Again a great combo which takes away a lot of life. Same as above but with
     an additional hit.


  Well, since players usually think differently, I can't really recommend
  strategies for you. I'll try to think about those and include them in an
  update but here's a few things which you need to know when using Kyo-1.

    You don't need to use DMs or SDMs with him. Sure, DMs and SDMs remain
    remain what they are and take a lot of life but Kyo-1 doesn't need them.
    In fact, while people have been complaining that Kyo-1 and Kyo-2 had only
    one special when KoF 99 first caome out, I wouldn't have minded if he
    didn't have any. You can use them to chip away your opponent's life but
    they're not that necessary. There isn't any noticeable difference when
    he's in Counter Mode either unlike characters like Robert and Takuma who
    are best in Counter Mode. Instead, collect all 3 stocks and enable Armor
    Mode. This will be more useful and is helpful against characters like Choi
    and Whip. Don't waste your stock on Counter Mode or even on desperation
    moves which have a low chance of successfully connecting.

    OK, that's it guys (and gals, if any). If you're still considering Kyo-1
    as a weak character, you have only read this without trying the combos
    I've been describing so far. Go try them and write me if you have any
    combos that I do not know of or for feedback (positive or negative).
    Remember to put KoF99 in the subject line though or I will not reply to
    you. Credit will be given for your contributions. Meanwhile, I'll see
    whether there are any other combos that I've missed. Hope you've enjoyed
    my Kyo-1 FAQ. Seeing for how much time I've been playing KoF and how I
    own every single one of them, it's been great writing this. I just hope
    it gets posted (hint,hint...). See you all on any KoF boards  :)


  - SNK
    For obvious reasons. Dead or not, they remain my favourite video games

  - Kao Megura 
    I used his character bio and movelist names. He has a great KoF 99 FAQ
    which can be viewed at .

  - Vincent Chua 
    I got a lot of info from his site. For providing KoF fans with a great
    site. His site is the best KoF site, check it out.

  - CJAYC 
    For posting this guide and for providing us gamers with a great MB. He
    deserves all the credit.

  - Special Thanks to The King of Chickens 2001 
    For combo #6 in Beginners' Section. Very simple combo indeed, I had
    forgotten about that. For pointing out that the Yami Barai can be cancelled
    into a DM in Counter Mode. For reminding me that the 75 Shiki Kai(qcf+K,K)
    can be followed by a DM in Counter Mode (see combo #6 in Intermediate Section).

                                  THE END

  Copyright 2001, Orochi K. All rights reserved.

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