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Chess Master is a game of thinking. When you first start chess Master You first have
to make up a name and age of the chess player you want to be. After you do that you 
have a whole lot of things things you can do. They Are quick game
                                                       setup postion
                                                       rated game
                                                       puzzle of the day
                                                  "pandolfini chess school"
                                                       famous games
                                                       player stats
                                                     chess battlefield

when you select one of these games it will effect your rated score. Say if you lost 
to a monkey which is on here if you lose your score which will start out at "1350". 
when you start out and if you lose to the monkey your score will be "936". Note the 
monkey is the best player on chess master so take your time when playing the monkey 
his name is "Stanley". There is a cool thing on chess master you can play online 
but you have to be on a computer having your ps2 hooked up to it with an adaptor. 
When you play online you can only play "2 Players" because chess is only a 2 player 
game. When you get down to 'pandolfini chess school" there are five modes for which 
you can start on. The first mode is beginning, the second mode is Intermediate. The 
third mode is advanced. The fourth mode is Josh he's really hard, and the last mode 
is helpful to chess beginners practice openings. There are two extra special things 
drill records, exam scores. Here is the best part of chess master famous games. 
When you go into famous games they are famous because of who played them and 
because they are dated from 1816-2000. Anyway when watching famous games you get to 
watch and learn how they played them and learn every single move each player maked. 
If you chose player stats that just tells you what your rated score is and what 
game you will play next. the coolest thing you can do on chess master is chess 
battlefield on that you get to be real life players for each thing. There are three 
more thing s that you can do on chess master and they are. championships  puzzle of 
the day and setup postion. In championships all you do is play against the hardest 
players on chess master. Puzzle of the day you have to figure out what they or what 
it is telling you to do. Setup postion that is cool you get to pick if you want to 
be black or white. Also what you get to do in setup postion is you get to put your 
pices were you want them to go or you could put them were they are supposed to go. 
Over all Chess Master is A Game For famlies and chess players I suggest if you 
really like chess or are a chess player get this game it's fun and it takes time 
and patince. if you want to buy this game go to cheatcodes.com, bestbuy.com, or 
gamestop.com all the prices are the same which is $19.99      

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