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Gamingrox                                                               Volume 2
[email protected] 

     Hi! Welcome back to the Rookie Guide! Made by your's truly! Me! Well,let's 
get down bo business with Chapter 1!

Chapter 1-Game Modes and Chapters_______________________________________________

Well,there's a simple sentence to answer the Modes part!There's Story and 
Freeplay Mode!And the chapter are Raiders of the Lost Ark,The Temple of Doom 
and The Last Crusade.

Chapter 2-Bonuses_______________________________________________________________

Well,here's a list of bonuses

3 artifacts done in Raiders of the Lost Ark=Young Indy level and Young Indy and 
Boy Scout (characters)
A few done artifacts (not sure how many) in The Temple of Doom=Ancient City 
1,000,000 stud challenge
All artifact pieces in every chapter=Warehouse level
Game 100% complete=Studs will RAIN FROM BARNETT COLLEGE!

Chapter 3-Character List________________________________________________________

Here are ALL characters you can buy from the Library!
Belloq (Desert)  
Belloq (Jungle)  
Belloq (Priest)   
British Commander 
British Officer  
British Trooper 
Captain Katanga 
Colonel Dietrich 
Colonel Vogel  
Dancing Girl 
Desert Digger  
Desert Enemy Officer  
Desert Masked Badit
Desert Monkey Man
Desert Soldier 
Desert Swordsman 
Dr. Schneider (Desert) 
Dr. Schneider (Officer) 
Enemy Bazookaman 
Enemy Butler 
Enemy Communications Officer 
Enemy Guard 
Enemy Guard (Nepal) 
Enemy Officer 
Enemy Pilot 
First Mate   
Grail Knight  
Hovitos Tribesman  
Indiana Jones (Officer) 
Indiana Jones (Disguised) 
Jungle Guide 
Kazim (Desert)  
Kazim (Venice)  
Major Toht 
Mola Ram 
Pankot Assassin 
Pankot Guard 
Punjabi Dignitary
Punjabi Village Elder 
Sherpa Brawler 
Sherpa Gunner
Thuggee Slave Child
Thuggee (Chatter Lal)
Thuggee Priest 
Thuggee Slavedriver 
Willie (DJ) 
Willie (Pajamas)  

The End of Volume 2

LEGO Indiana Jones-Rookie Guide ©
Copyright 2010

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