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Secrets: 1**

GAS STATION AND FIRST MASTABA: As you explore, a wild dog comes out from between the 
two buildings ahead and to the left. There's another dog slinking around the truck 
parked by the gas station, a little farther to the left (north). After clearing the 
area, pick up the JERRYCAN near the gas pumps.

(2) Return to the boarded-up door with the "Danger" sign near where you began the 
level. Shoot the boards, enter the building and kill a couple of bats. It looks like 
there's nothing here, but wait. There's a cleverly concealed trapdoor in the middle 
of the floor. Lighting a flare might help you spot it. It's the one square that's 
divided into smaller squares. Position Lara facing this square, standing just 
outside it, with her back to the entrance. (As in this screenshot.) Press Action to 
lift the trapdoor. Climb down the ladder to the bottom of the shaft, where you'll 
find a large medipak. This is secret #1 (67/70). Climb back out of the pit. Exit and 
go to the right between this building and the next.

(3) NORTHWEST MASTABA: Kick open the door (Action key) and enter the next building. 
Pick up revolver ammo in one corner. The trapdoor in this room is much more obvious. 
Stand near the handle and press Action to open it. Drop into the tunnel and kill a 
wild dog. Follow the tunnel. At the split, go left (east). Continue to a room with 2 
more dogs.

(4) ROOM WITH THREE GOLDEN LIONS' HEADS: Pick up normal arrows and a small medipak 
from the floor. Use the pistols to shoot each of the gems in the lions' mouths. You 
don't need to waster revolver ammo here. Instead draw pistols, stand Lara in front 
of each lion's head and jump while shooting. When all of the gems are broken, the 
door will open. There are 2 mummies lurking in the alcove. You can destroy both with 
a single grenade or explosive arrow. (Other weapons are ineffective.) Go into the 
alcove and pick up the SMALL WATERSKIN.

Follow the tunnel back to the split. This time head left (south). You'll meet 2 more 
dogs as you go. At the end of the passage, climb through the opening in the ceiling 
to another ruined mastaba.

(5) SOUTHWEST MASTABA: Kill 2 bats and a black scorpion (normal size). Exit and go 
the right (east). You'll meet a wild dog just around the corner. Take a running jump 
across the excavation pit to the building with the "Danger" sign.

(6) SOUTHWEST CENTRAL MASTABA: Shoot the boards, open the door and kill 2 bats and a 
dog inside the ruined building. Open the trapdoor and hop down into the pit. Follow 
the tunnel and, when it forks, go right (east).

(7) ANOTHER ROOM WITH THREE GOLDEN LIONS' HEADS: Kill 2 wild dogs and a bat. I found 
it helped to advance slowly down the stairs to trigger only the dogs, deal with them 
using the shotgun, then switch to pistols and enter the room to kill the bat. Now 
repeat the business of shooting the gems in the lions' mouths (see ROOM WITH THREE 
GOLDEN LIONS' HEADS, above). The same as before, when you shatter all the gems, the 
alcove door opens, releasing 2 mummies. Only this time there are also 2 more bats, 
which make targeting a bit more difficult. I recommend first using a grenade, which 
should take care of the mummies, then switching over to pistols for the bats if 
they're still alive. Pick up the BAG OF SAND in the alcove.

Return along the passage to the fork. This time, go right (north). You will soon 
come to two left turns, one after the other. There's a wild dog waiting here. Take 
the first left, kill another dog just around the corner, and continue to a dead end 
where you'll find a large medipak and revolver ammo. Return to the intersection and 
turn left, then left again. Continue to an opening where you can climb up.

(8) WEST CENTRAL MASTABA: Shoot several bats inside the ruined tomb. Then shoot the 
boards across the door and exit. Take a running jump across the excavation pit to 
the small ledge at the corner of the next building (on the right/northwest). Take a 
standing jump from there to the ledge in front of the building. (Use the directional 
keys to pivot in the air if necessary to help land these tricky jumps.)

(9) NORTHWEST CENTRAL MASTABA: Enter the building and kill 2 scorpions. Open the 
trapdoor and drop down into the tunnel. Follow the tunnel, turning right (west) at 
the T intersection. Kill the wild dog in the passage and pick up the WOODEN TORCH at 
the end. Return eastward along the passage, past turn where you came in from the 
surface. When you come to the stairs leading down to the next room, drop the torch 
and draw weapons. (Remember where you left the torch, since you'll be needing it 

bats. Again, I found it easier to trigger the dogs first, use the shotgun to kill 
them, then switch to pistols and enter the room to kill the bats. Then repeat the 
process of shooting the gems in the lions' mouths to open the door (see ROOM WITH 
THREE GOLDEN LIONS' HEADS, above). Enter the next room and kill 2 more bats. Here is 
a puzzle involving three scales. These are labeled with symbols for water (wavy blue 
lines), fire (sun) and earth (pyramid).

Walk around behind the scales and stand Lara in the small pool. Select the SMALL 
WATERSKIN from your inventory and press Action to fill it with water. Return to the 
front of the scales, step up onto the low platform and position Lara in front of the 
scale with the water symbol. Use the filled waterskin to pour water into the scale.

Next, position Lara in front of the scale with the sun symbol. Pour gasoline from 
the JERRYCAN into the scale. Go back through the LIONS' HEADS room to get the WOODEN 
TORCH from where you dropped it. Light it on one of the lit torches and use it to 
ignite the gasoline in the scale.

(NOTE: If you're missing the jerrycan you'll need to go back to the beginning of the 
level to do this. If you're missing the torch, it's just down the hall a bit. Go 
through the ROOM WITH GOLDEN LIONS' HEADS and follow the hallway westward to a dead 
end, where you'll find the torch on the ground.)

Finally, position Lara in front of the scale with the pyramid symbol. Use the BAG OF 
SAND to pour sand into the scale. After filling all three scales correctly, the left 
(west) door in the SCALE ROOM opens. Enter the WEST ROOM (11 in the diagram) and 
kill the 2 mummies. Use the CROWBAR to pry the NORTHERN SHAFT KEY off the wall. When 
you do, the east door in the SCALE ROOM opens. Go through the SCALE ROOM into the 
EAST ROOM (12 in the diagram). Pick up poisoned arrows and revolver ammo near the 
ramp. Kill the 2 dogs in the stairway opposite and exit up these stairs.

Follow the passage. After a few bends take the first left and continue to a dead end 
where there's a large medipak. Here 2 wild dogs attack from behind. Backtrack to the 
intersection, turn left and continue to the opening in the ceiling where you can 
climb out of the tunnel.

(NOTE: Before exiting this area, you can also shoot some more gems in the other 
lions' mouths and relight the torches that go out. However, I haven't found that 
this accomplishes anything.)

(13) NORTHEAST CENTRAL MASTABA: Kill a black scorpion in the ruined building, exit 
and kill another scorpion outside. Take a running jump to the north side of the 
excavation pit, tapping the left directional key in-flight to land the jump. Turn 
right an take a running jump across the pit to grab the rim on the south side. Be 
sure to jump across at the left side where the ledges are closer together. (See the 
yellow area with arrows in the diagram.)

(14) SOUTHEAST CENTRAL MASTABA: Open the door of the building on the right 
(southwest), enter and kill several bats. Open the trapdoor and drop down into the 
tunnel. You might want to walk along this tunnel with pistols drawn, since Lara can 
probably see the scorpions before you do. You'll encounter three of them as you go. 
The first is just inside the tunnel. Turn left (north) at the first and only 
intersection. Continue to another scorpion and, a little farther on, some revolver 
ammo. Follow the tunnel back to the intersection, then go left (east). Kill another 
scorpion and continue to where you can climb out into another ruined mastaba.

(15) SOUTHEAST MASTABA: There's a wild dog lurking in the doorway. Just outside is 
another boarded up ruin.

(16) NORTHEAST MASTABA: Shoot the boards, kick open the door and enter. Kill 2 bats 
and open the trapdoor. Follow the tunnel to a T intersection. To the right is an 
obvious dead end. There's a small medipak on the ground here. when you pick it up a 
dog attacks from behind. Continue eastward to yet another ANTEROOM WITH GOLDEN 
LIONS' HEADS (17). Take care of the twin dogs and twin bats, and shoot the gems to 
open the door. (Is it just me, or is this getting a little tedious?)

(18) ROOM WITH MONKEY STATUES: Here we have something a little different. Three 
monkey statues in the classic poses "hear no evil," "see no evil" and "speak no 
evil." Each statue has a lever mechanism in front of it. You'll need to use the 
CROWBAR as a handle to operate each lever. If you like, you can avoid using all but 
the lever on the right. This one releases a friendly monkey that climbs up onto the 
high ledge and uses the switch there to open the door to the right (east).

If curiosity overrides compassion, you can release the other monkeys just to check 
them out. Use the CROWBAR to operate each of the other lever mechanisms. The one on 
the left ("hear no evil") releases a black monkey that attacks Lara. The middle 
lever ("see no evil") releases a ghostly monkey, which also attacks Lara. These guys 
make nice little explosions when you kill them.

The EAST ROOM (19), contains 2 mummies. If you wait for them to move near each 
other, you can destroy both with a single grenade or explosive arrow. When the area 
is clear, go in and pry the SOUTHERN SHAFT KEY off the wall. When you do, the west 
door in the MONKEY ROOM opens. Go through the MONKEY ROOM into the WEST ROOM (20). 
(Again, you can shoot the gems if you like, but I found this didn't do anything.) 
Follow the passage out of the west room and follow the passage to the end of the 

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