Level 6 - The Great Hypostyle Hall (Part 1) - Guide for Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation

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Secrets: none*

(NOTE: The Temple of Karnak, Great Hypostyle Hall and Sacred Lake, are like one big 
level made up of linked parts. You can go between them as many times as you need to, 
but twice through each level should be enough if you explore thoroughly.)

OUTDOOR AREA WITH TOPPLED BLOCKS: Climb out of the pit and go up the ramp to the 
left to an outdoor area. To the left (south) there are several doorways between 
square columns. To the right (north) there's a square opening framed with carvings. 
Pick up the shotgun shells on one of the blocks ahead, then explore inside the 
doorways with square columns. Here you'll find 2 black scorpions along with flares 
and a small medipak. Return outside, then go through the square opening with the 

lurking on the left side of the lower level. Kill them, then climb onto one of the 
square blocks and through one of the openings in the ceiling to the upper level. 
There are 2 more scorpions up here on the right (north) side, along with wideshot 
shells and Uzi clips in two of the alcoves.

At the far side of the area with the alcoves, jump to grab the bars on the ceiling. 
Traverse forward and to the right to drop on one of the ledges. Jump over to the 
dark alcove ahead (to the north) and get some flares. Jump back across the ledges to 
the far (southern) alcove to get a box of shotgun shells. Then return to the middle 
ledge and, from there, jump to the long, well-lit, sand-colored ledge on the west 
side of the room.

You can also follow the hallway at floor level, but you'll miss Uzi clips and a 
small medipak near the end of the ledge. After getting these items drop down and 
continue to the deep pit.

Cut scene: Two jeeps arrive, along with Von Croy's car. Von Croy gets out and orders 
his henchmen to go after Lara.

Take a running jump from the bit of floor that juts out over the pit to grab the 
other side. Pull up and continue to a SMALL OPEN SPACE BETWEEN BUILDINGS. Note the 
crawlspace in the northwest corner. You aren't yet able to open the door at the end 
of that passageway (you're missing the HYPOSTYLE KEY), but you'll be back. For now, 
go through the square opening on the north side. Inside the building, to the left, 
is a small medipak on the floor and Uzi clips on a ledge. Get these, then slide down 
the ramp to enter the next level.

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