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2.Portland Missions

I.100% Completion
  Completing 100% of the game is cool. It creates a tank in Fort Staunton and makes 
speed boats available in Portland.The list im about to give you is a list of what 
you MUST do to get 100% completion:
-Complete all Main Story Missions (duh!)
-Complete all Odd Jobs [Not Main Story missions(Missions like 
taxi,firefighter,ambulance.) Stuff like that]
-Get first place in ALL races.
-Find all 16 cars in Love Media's "Car-azy Car Giveaway"(Gives you a PCJ-600 and
a V8 Ghost at your Staunton safehouse)
-Collet 100 Hidden Packages(This ones not my favorite)
-Complete 26 Unique Stunt Jumps
-Complete all 20 Rampages
II.Hooker Trick
  This is GTA, so there is a hooker trick. Drive up in a sports car 
to a lady of the evening and stop to allow her to enter. Go into an ally and
she'll get busy.It replenishes your health but drains your wallet.So get out
when your health is full. She will get out also.Kill her. Get your money back.

Mission Strand:Vincenzo Cilli
I.Home Sweet Home
This is easy just drive to your safehouse then go to his place.
Pick up Vins dealer and take him to where he works.
III.Dealing Revenge
Unlocks: Car Salesman
Bring a weapon.Sub-Machine preferred.Kill all the Sindaccos.
Unlocks JD O'Toole's mission strand.
Get a gun. Go to the construction yard. Kill the Sindacco by the Hellanbach GT.
V.Smash and Grab
Unlocks Ma Ciprianis Mission Strand.
Get a 4 Seater Vehicle.Rescue Vin's men.Lose the cops. Take the gang back to Vin's.
VI.Hot Wheels
Collect Vincenzos car and deliver it to the lock-up. As you pull out of the area
police surround you. Smash through the barricade. Lose the cops by pay n spray
or bribes. Then crush his car.
VII.The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade (Complete all Vincenzo missions and JD
missions first)
Go to the freighter and enter it. Find the Python with 20 round in the hall
before the first set of stairs. I suggest also finding the armor to the nook at
the left of the second stairs. Defeat the assassins.(Run behind the boxes to
block them from getting you with the chainsaws.) Vincenzo wants you out of the
picture. Hes got an Uzi on him so watch out.(He wont shoot until hes in firing
range) Shoot him with the python once to knock him down then shoot him 2 or 3
more times till hes dead.
Bonus:Overalls now at your safe house.

I.Bone Voyeur!
Get into the car and collect money from JDs hookers. Be quick, you only have 5
game hours(FIVE MINUTES)If one is with a pimp, the pimp takes off just run him
down and kill him.
II.Don In 60 Seconds
Get in the car with Salvatore and take off. Your immediately hit with a two star
wanted level. Lose it with the nearby pay n spray then head to Salvatore mansion.
Bonus:Salvatore Mission Strand
Bonus:Micro SMGs at Ammunation
More Coming Soon.

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