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                         *Table of Contents*

                   Part One:Grandpa's Death

                   Part Two:Life on the Ranch

                   Part Three: The Love of your Life

                   Part Four: Possessions

                   Part Five: The Supernatural

                   Part Six: Flower Bud Village

                   Part Seven: The Townsfolk

                   Part Eight: Moon Moutain

                   Part Nine: Recipes
                   Part Ten: Power Nuts

                   Part Eleven: Photos

                   Part Twelve: Annex and Extensions

                   Part Thirteen: Seasons and Festivals

                   Part Fourteen: Secerts of the Harvest Moon



                           Part One :

                        Grandpa's Death

                After the tragic and surprising death of your
                grandfather you take on your own domain with a 
                question in your heart.Why did your grandfather
                just hold on until you got there and who is 
                that little girl you used to know?

                          Part Two:

                        Life on the Ranch

                     Your ranch is the only thing you 
                     have left to remind you of your 
                     departed grandfather.

                            Objectives on Ranch:

                             First of all you need:

                      * money

                      * animals

                      * vegetables

                      * grass fields

                      * friends

                      * extensions

                      * a wife

                      * a child

                            Part Three:

                            The Love of your Life

                         In Harvest moon there are 5 Lovely 
                         young ladies

                         * Elli: Elli is the daughter
                           of the baker,and is quite a
                           in her own right a cook even
                           though she is too humbel to say so.

                          and flowers.

                          Dislikes:Squirrels,and Bugs

                          Dream:After you hear the dream go to the lower
                          part of town to see May and Stu playing.

                         * Popuri: Popuri is as bright and 
                           chipper as the flowers in her
                           parents store.

                          Likes: Flowers,Strawberries
                          Dislikes:Bugs(including butterflies.)

                          Dream: After you hear her dream go to the
                          carpenter's area in the mountain and save her.

                          * Ann: Ann is the daughter of the Green Ranch
                            owner and is very outgoing.

                           Likes:Wool,Corn,Your Dog

                           Dream: After you hear this dream go to the 
                           carpenters area again and see Ann rescue a
                           baby bird.

                          * Maria:The Mayor's daughter Maria
                            works in the library.She is a bit


                            Dream:After the dream go to the library .

                         * Karen:Though a bit tempermental,Karen is actually
                           quite nice.She works the bar.

                           Likes:Veryberrys,and Wild Grapes and Strawberries

                           Dislikes:Your dog,bugs

                           Dream:After the dream meet Karen at the wine shack.

                                  Part Four:Possessions

                           The Possessions are things
                           you get from friends here is a list.

                           * Treasure Map  Found: Hole in a tree on your ranch.

                           * Music Box Found: In the soil of your ranch.

                           * Cake Card Found: In Bakery.
                           * Flower Card Found: In Flower Shop.

                           * Door to Heaven Found: Given to by Duke.

                           * Gold Pendant Found: Given to by the Evil Salesman.
                           * Hand Stitched Hankerchief Found: Given to by Elli.

                           * Potpurri Found: Given to by Popurri.

                           * Hand Knit Socks Found: Given to by Ann.

                           * Painting Found: Given to by Maria.

                           * Charm Bracelet Found: Given to by Karen.

                           * Weather Vane Found: In Ore Mine.

                           * Sutaining Carrot Found: Horse Race.

                           * Marbles Found: Given to by Stu.
                           * Book Found: Given to by Saberia.

                           * Ocarana Found: In Crafts Shop.

                           * Buth Agent Found: Flower Lottery.  
                           * Firefly Light Found: Rick.
                                       Part Five:

                                     The Supernatural

                             There are stories of fantastic
                             creatures inhabiting Moon Moutain.

                           * Harvest Goddess

                           * Harvest Sprites

                           * Water Imp

                           * Keifu Faries

                           * Spirit of the Grapes


                                    Part Six:

                               Flower Bud Village

                               The Mayor of nearby 
                               Flower Bud Village
                               Invites you to take 
                               a look around town.

                          * The Bakery: The village bakery
                            has a reputation for quality
                            and freshness.The cookies,pies
                            and cakes there will help you 
                            regain some energy.They're all 
                            delicous from recipes handed
                            down from over the years.

                         * The Bar: Is open in the evenings
                           and is a good place to unwind
                           after a long day of work.Many of the
                           townsfolk can be found there
                           unwinding.Karen from the vineyard
                           serves drinks.

                         * The Church: Most of the village
                           goes to church on sunday mornings
                           but it is also used for a school
                           for the villages children.

                         * The Florist: Sells all the seeds
                           will every need.Their selection
                           changes every season.

                         * The Library:The Library has 
                           a large volume of books on
                           a wide array of topics.

                         * Tool Shop:Rick the shop owner 
                           is quite a clever inventor.
                           Meanwhile Sabera next door is quite 

                                   Part Seven:

                                  The Townsfolk
                      * Mayor Thomas

                      * Maria 

                      * Anna

                      * Ms.Mana
                      * Kai

                      * Karen

                      * Gotz

                      * Sasha

                      * Basil

                      * Lilia

                      * Popuri

                      * Elli

                      * Ellen

                      * Jeff

                      * Gourment Judge

                      * Three Lovely Ladies

                      * The Old Couple

                      * The Restaurant Couple

                      * The Honeymooners

                      * Grey

                      * Ann

                      * Doug

                      * Evil Salesman

                      * The Carpenters

                      * Kent

                      * Potion Master

                      * Stu 

                      * Pastor Brown

                      * Duke

                      * Midwife

                      * May

                      * Greg

                      * Zack

                      * Dad

                      * Cliff

                             Part Eight:

                           Moon Moutian

                         These are the area in the mountain

                       * Main-Fisher's tent,and pond.

                       * Springs-Hot Springs,and brige.

                       * Grove-Goddess Pond,and Blue Mist.

                       * Summit-Restuarant,and Moonlight Berry.

                       * Cliff-Popuri's Dream.

                       * Caves-Ore Mine,and Harvest Sprites.

                                Part Nine:


                              * Bread Pudding: Give Elli a egg.

                              * Char Stuffed with Mushrooms:Give Carpenter's
                                Son a mushroom.

                              * Cinn Milk:Give Milk to Jeff.

                              * Corn Fritter: Give Rancher a corn.

                              * Corn Pasta: Give Basil a corn.

                              * Cream of Turnip: Give Maria's Mom a turnip.

                              * E-Z Tomato soup: Give buyer a tomato.

                              * E.Plant with Miso Paste: Give midwife a Egg Plant.

                              * Fried Char: Give Fisher a fish.

                              * Fried Mushroom Pie: Give priest a mushroom.

                              * Fried Potatos and Bacon: Give Mayor a potato.

                              * Garlic Potato Beef: Give Harris a potato.

                              * Grilled Trout w/cheese: Give Carpenter's  Son a fish.

                              * Handmade Butter: Give Rick milk.

                              * Herb cake: Give restuarant lady a herb.

                              * Herb Tea : Give Cliff an egg and milk.

                              * Hot Spicy Wine : Give Duke a spicy grape.

                              * Mashed Potato: Give Ann a potato.

                              * Milk Recipe: Give Rick Milk.

                              * Miso Soup: Give Potion Master a herb.

                              * Mushroom Rice: Give Dad Carpenter a mushroom.

                              * Mushroom Salsa: Give the Head Harvest Sprite.

                              * Pickled Turnip and Cabbage: Give the restuarant
                                man a turnip.

                              * Potato Pancakes: Give May a potato.

                              * Rolled Cabbage: Give a cabbage to Maria.

                              * Sesame Dandelion Greens: Give Sabierra a medicinal

                              * Simple Tomato Soup: Give a tomato to the town priest.

                              * Spa-poached Eggs: Give Kent a egg.

                              * Steamed Clams with Wine: Give Karen's Dad a Grape.

                              * Strawberry Champange: Give a strawberry to Karen.

                              * Strawberry Dog: Give Stu a strawberry.

                              * Strawberry Jam: Give Popuri a strawberry.

                              * Strawberry Wine: Give Karen a FRESH strawberry.

                              * Stuffed Omelette: Give Grey a egg.

                              * Tomato Rice: Give Karen's Mom a tomato.

                              * Twiced Cooked Tomatoes and Greens: Give Lilia a 

                              * Very Berry Wine: Give Kai a Very Berry.

                              * Walnut Cake: Give Elli's grandma a walnut.

                                         Part Ten:

                                      Power Nuts

                            Power Nuts increase your energy.

                    I. The first power nut is under the soil in your Ranch.

                    II. Travel to the fisherman's tent with a level three hammer
                        in the winter hit the rock.

                    III. Plant 5 moondrop seeds and 5 pink cat mint seeds
                         Stu will come and trade the flowers for marbles
                         give the harvest sprites the marbles.

                    IV. Travel 4 levels down in the mine and dig around.

                    V. Purchase a power nut at the Flower Festival
                       for the price of 1000G.

                    VI. Win a power nut at the egg festival in year one.

                    VII. Fish out a small fish and drop it into the(spring only)
                         fisherman's pond.

                    VIII. Without doing any physical activity during(spring only)
                          the day harvest a veggie and drop it in the 
                          water in the grove ask for strength.

                     IX. During the spring fish off the dock and (spring only)
                         eventually you will catch a power nut.

                     X. Befriend Basil and he will reward your
                        friendship with a power nut.

                              Part Eleven: 


                      In your house there is an old photo Photo Albums 
In the 1st and 2nd photo albums there are 16 pictures in each.  Here's some 
information about the photos and how to get them. 
First Album 

You and Grandpa 
You start out with this picture 
Planting Festival
If you became king at the last Harvest Festival, you go up in the balloon at the 
planting Festival and get a picture! 
Horse Race
Win the Local Horse Race and the next day you'll get a picture. 
Cow Festival
If you win the Cow Festival, leave it outside the next day and 3 girls will come and 
want your picture with it. 
Swim Meet
Win the swim meet and you'll get a picture and a prize. 
Hot Springs
Help out the Carpenter with the construction of Hot Springs and you'll get a 
Dog Race
Win the Local Dog Race and you'll get a picture. 
Getting Married
If you get married the next day you'll get a picture in your mailbox. (be sure to 
marry me!) 
Your Baby
When your wife has a baby you'll get a picture to remember this very special 
Home Extensions
Once you get all the Home Extensions from the carpenter in the mountain, you'll have 
a picture. 
Picture with Karen
This picture is hard to get!  First restore the Vineyard (see secrets), then get 
Karen to at least a yellow heart.  In fall, she'll come to your farm to show you 
Picture with Elli
To get this you need to get Elli to at least a yellow heart.  At the beginning of 
fall, she'll come and show you this. 
Picture with Maria
If you want this photo, Maria has to be on a yellow heart or higher.  If this is 
accomplished then she will come to you in the Summer asking you to see this! 
Picture with Ann
Like the others, Ann must be at least a yellow heart.  In the winter she will show 
you this! 
Picture with Popuri
Unlike the others, Popuri doesn't have to be on a yellow heart to get this.  Just 
buy the Blue Mist Seed. 
Party Picture
This is the hardest of all to get.  You have to accomplish many things to get it.
You must have many friends, 3 cows, 3 sheep, and 5 chickens, won every festival, 
have all the recipes and power berries, married, (some people say you have to be 
married to Karen but I'm not too sure about that) have a kid, and have all the other 

Second Album
Grandmother's Funeral
If you get the 2nd album by the time Elli's Grandma dies, you will get a picture to 
morn the event. 
Ask for Peace
Throw a strawberry into the Goddess's pond (see secrets) and ask for peace.  You'll 
get a picture! 
Night on the Town
Become friends with the Priest, Rick and Gray and give them each an egg.  Later 
you'll have a night on the town. 
Firework Friend
Buy perfume from the Goddess then talk to Kai at the Vinyard on the Fireworks 
Festival and you'll get a picture! 
The Rogue Cow
If Basil is your good friend, when you have the 2nd album, he'll get attached by a 
rampaging cow.  Help him and you'll recieve a picture. 
Give her the pony
When your horse has a baby pony (for this to happen it will take quite a while) give 
it to Ann and you'll get a picture.
Birthday Bash
If you have the 2nd album, on your birthday, the town will hold a huge party for 
Time for School
If you're good friends with the Priest and your child is walking, he will help you 
take him to school. 
The Runaway
Your kid will runaway and when you find him (the Moon Mountain Restaurant) you will 
get a picture.  
Your Anniversery
Give your wife her favorite juice on your Anniversery and you'll get a photo. 
Time to Cook
When Elli has a pink heart for you give her an egg and she'll teach you hoew to cook 
somthing for you. 
Flower Fields
Make sure Popuri is married and you have at least 10 squares of Pink Cat Mint 
flowera.  She'll come and you'll get a picture. 
Travel the World
If you prevent Karen from leaving, She will ask you to come to the city eith her.  
If you say yes, you'll go to the city with her and get your picture taken with her 
in an art museum. 
Working Hard
You start out with this picture. 
sorry pictures aren't avalible. 
Fairy Tale Time
Get Maria to a pink heart.  One day when you visit the library she'll want you to 
read a book.  Choose "Fairy Tale Story" and you'll get a picture. 

                              Part Twelve:

                            Annex and Extensions

                       * Baby Bed Price:1000G Lumber:150

                       * Stairway Price:2000G Lumber:250

                       * Bathroom Price:3000G Lumber:300 
                       * Kitchen Price:5000G Lumber:450

                       * Log Terrace Price:7000G Lumber:350

                       * Greenhouse Price:30000G Lumber:580


                                  Part Thirteen:

                               Seasons and Festivals.

                          There are many festivals in 
                               Harvest Moon 64.


                        3-First day on farm.

                        8-Planting Festival.

                        17-Horse Races.


                        19-22-Voting for Goddess.

                        22-Popuri's Birthday.

                        23-Flower Festival.



                        7-Bamboo Float(married only)

                        9-Vegetable Festival

                        14-Ann's Birthday

                        17-Firefly Festival

                        24-Swimming Festival


                        1-Elli's Birthday

                        4-Cow Festival

                        10-12-Moon Light Berry
                        12-Harvest Festival

                        20-Egg Festival

                        28-Horse Races



                        1-Mrs.Mana's Cows(Y1)


                        10-Thanksgiving Festival

                        11-Maria's Birthday

                        19-Dog Races

                        24-Star Night Festival


                        27-Spirit Festival

                        30-New Years Eve

                               Part Fourteen:

                            Secerts of the Harvest Moon

                      Here are some secerts in Harvest Moon.

                   * The Harvest Sprites will feed your animals
                     if you are their friend.

                   * Sometime in the game Taro the Potion Master's
                     dog will have puppies.

                   * Elli's Grandma will die.

                   * Kent and his grandfather will have a big fight.

                   * The Harvest Sprites will fix your TV.

                   * Popuri will invite you to see the Blue mist seeds scatter.
                   * Ms.Mana and Ann's father may get married if you tried hard 

                     Note to any one who reads this walkthourgh:
                     If I am missing or do not have some information
                                  E-mail me at :
                             [email protected]



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