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FAQ Title:Life on the Farm.


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                        Life on the Farm!

                       Table of Contents:

                     * The Story

                     * The Girls

                     * The Bachelors

                     * Moon Mountian
                     * Items

                     * Annex & Extensions

                     * Prizes

                     * Festivals

                     * Characters
                     * Photo albums
                     * Secerts

                     * Recipies

                     * Website Refferals

                              * The Story *

                      This is how the story begins...
You've heard the news.  Your grandpa is dead.  The villagers are all gathered in the 
town square, mourning for your grandfather.  You go and talk to the mayor, then 
visit your grandpa's farm.  The farm's a wreck.  There are millions of weeds and 
small annoying rocks, stumps, and boulders.  Then you go just out the town and talk 
to your father.  He asks if grandpa is already gone, then he asks if you really want 
to stay at grandpa's farm.  You say yes.  So now you've got your hands full to work 
on a farm!  Your dad says he'll be back on the third summer to see how you're doing, 
and then he leaves.  Now the work begins!

                                  * The Girls *

Name: Popuri
Works: The florist shop 
Likes: Flowers, sweets
Dislikes: Mushrooms, animals
Rival: Gray (Ann's brother; he'l marry Popuri if you don't.)
Popuri is very talkative once you get to know her, and she really loves flowers, of 
course.  You'll find her most often either in the flower shop, outside it, or 
somewhere out in the woods (near the builders' home or in the small space off of it, 
and sometimes in the winter, after you've built the bridge, she goes on top of the 
mountain.) Her mother owns the flower shop and her father searches lands for new 
flowers to bring home.  (He's sort of obsessed with his daughter and his flowers.)  
On Starry Night, she can be found on the top of Moon Mountain.

Name: Elli
Works:  the bakery
Likes: Sweets, flowers
Dislikes: Bugs/Animals
Rival: Owner of the bakery Jeff
Elli is a very sweet girl who is good at baking.  She is mostly found in the bakery, 
but she can also be found in the woods during summer and fall.  If you talk to her 
every single day, she'll grow to like you a lot.  Elli has no parents (that I know 
of.)On Starry Night, she is in the church, singing.

Name: Karen
Works: The bar (at night; lives at the vineyard)
Likes: Berries, sweets
Dislikes: Animals
Rival: Kai
(Flowers are sort of in-between.)
Karen has a temper problem and lives in the vineyard with her mother and father, and 
their worker.  Her father and her often fight, and if you don't marry her by the 
second summer, she sails away and leaves her parents, and then the worker Kai leaves 
also.  Karen is mostly found around the vineyard or at the beach, and at nights 
except on Sundays she works at the bar/inn.  On Starry Night, she can be found at 
the beach.

Name: Ann
Works: Doesn't, but lives on the ranch
Likes: Animals, flowers, sweets, mushrooms
Dislikes: bugs, berries
Rival: Cliff (stray traveler; he's acually kinda nice if you ask me...)
Ann is very outgoing and doesn't stop talking, even if you've just met her.  She 
lives on the ranch with her father and surly brother, and talks about animals half 
her life.  She is mostly found on the ranch, except when she's out in the woods on 
Sundays.  Her father sells you your animals and animal medicine.  On Starry Night, 
visit the church to hear her sing.

Name:  Maria
Works: the library   Lives: the Mayor's house
Likes: sweets, flowers
Dislikes: animals (dogs especially)
Rival: mailman 
Maria is extremely shy and is found in the library except on Sundays and Mondays.  
Othrwise, she's in the woods or outside the church.  She loves to read and is barely 
ever found at the mayor's house, so you don't need to visit them that much.  On 
Starry Night she's at the church, like you've heard before.

Getting the Girl You Want
To get the girl you've chosen, you have to dance with her at every festival (don't 
vote for her to be flower queen, or you won't dance with her unless you're King) 
give her at least one gift every day, and talk to her every day.  The small heart in 
the corner changes as her affection grows for you. 
Red(or pink...)=Truly in Love
Don't forget to visit your girl on Starry Night and New Years' Eve!

Marrying is really simple.  As soon as you see the girls' heart is red, go to Rick's 
Tool Shop every day until you see a blue feather.  Buy it, and gie it to your girl.  
(A blue feather is their way of proposing.)

To have a baby, you have to  be reeeeally nice to your wife, not stay out late, and 
not talk to any bachellorettes.  Pretty soon she'll let you know if she's pregnant.

                                  * The Bachelors *

In the game, you have to get all the guys married(obviously except the guy who likes 
your wife/girlfriend). The couples are...

Harris and Maria

Kai and Karen

Cliff and Ann

Jeff and Elli

Gray and Popuri

Now, you have to become friends with the guys to get them to like the girls. Each 
guy likes different things for gifts. You have to give them gifts obviously to 
become their friends, then scenes may happen between them and their girl, and they 
start talking about different things.

Gray-Gray likes two things, eggs and your dog. Give him an egg everyday(no real need 
to show him your dog a lot) and he'll soon become your friend. When he starts 
saying "...sorry" and different things then he usually says, you know he is your 
friend. Some scenes that happen for him are he plants flowers at the ranch to make 
Popuri like him.

Jeff-Jeff loves milk, especially gold milk! If you give him gold milk(or large) 
everyday he will soon also become your friend. He also starts talking about tea, and 
about Elli. One scene that happens is he and Elli are fishing at the river in the 
mountain and he gets splashed with water!

Cliff-Cliff likes very berries a lot. He also likes mainly anything else including 
flowers, cake, etc. He starts talking about betrayal when he becomes your friend and 
starts liking Ann. One scene for him is he is with Ann at the forest and they are 
arguing over Cane(his pet bird) eating an animal.

Harris-Harris likes anything like flowers, cake, milk, etc. He starts talking about 
connecting people and stuff when he is your friend and likes Maria a lot. A scene 
for him is he saves Maria from Sammy the Salesman!

Kai-Kai likes different types of berries. When he is 
your friend he will start talking about his past and where he used to live and 
stuff. He also starts talking about how Karen is kind to him and how he likes her 
and is attracted to her. A scene for him and Karen is in the bar during summer or 
fall Kai will be trying to calm down Karen after she has a fight with her father. 
Karen leaves the bar and Kai follows her because he is worried!

If you become friends with them, you will see a scene or two, then later they will 
come to your house and ask you to come to the wedding. You won't get to like feed 
animals or anything, but you get to see their wedding. Once they get married the 
living arrangements are..

Cliff and Ann- They live at Green Ranch

Gray and Popuri- They live at Green Ranch

Elli and Jeff-They live at the Bakery, or wherever they did before.

Maria and Harris- They live at Maria's House(the Mayor's House)

Kai and Karen-They live at the Vineyard.

                                * Moon Mountian *

Gathering at the Mountain

You gather a variety of things in the mountain. From berries to mushrooms, to herbs 
to walnuts.


Veryberry Fruit-purple berries can be found in the woods and are worth 40G each. 
Once you pick one, it will not grow back until the next day. You can find 4 
veryberries in the first spring, and only 3 in all the rest of the springs.

Medicinaly Herbs-The owner of the Potion Shop has been looking for these plants to 
make his medicine. Look for them in the cave. They are worth 70G. You can find 3 in 
the mountain a day.

Edible Herbs-These herbs, also found in the cave, are tasty but not as valuable as 
berries. You'll earn just 30G for each herb. You can find 2 of these in the mountain 
every day.


Tropical Fruit-During the summer you should hike the mountain area to look for 
freebies such as the Tropical Fruit. It was worth 40G and you can only find one in 
the mountain a day.

Walnuts-Walnuts are also found in the summer when you hike in the woods. AT 70G per 
nut, it's worth it to search for them. You can find 2 of these in the mountain a day.

Medicinal Herbs

Edible Herbs


Wild Grapes-Head to the hills in the fall to look for these tasty grapes. You can 
store extra items in you Belongings Inventory(backpack), so fill up on every trip. 
They are worth 40G each, and you only find one a day.

Mushrooms-Mushrooms are tasty and valuable at 70G. You can find 4 of these in the 
first fall, and 3 in all the following falls.

Poison Mushrooms-Some mushrooms are poisonous. You can identify them by the red and 
yellow markings on their cap. These go for 30G each, and you can find two a day.

Medicinal Herbs

Edible Herbs


There is nothing to gather in the winter, but you can go to work in the mine. 


Iron Ore-This looks like two gray rocks, it is worth 100G each.

Moonlight Stone-This is worth 500G each, it looks like crystals. Don't forget to 
save a few to give to Rick to get a Firefly Light in the second Summer.

Blue Stone-This looks like a blue crystal, and is worth 700G each. Give one to the 
Craft Store owner, and he'll change that red pot he never sells(because it was a 
mistake) to a blue pot which you can buy.

Rare Minerals-rare minerals are a greenish color, and are worth 1000G each. If you 
give them to Rick, something cool might happen! 

                                  * Items *


There are quite a variety of items in Harvest Moon 64. I'm going to list them and 
then a description of each!

The Hoe, Hammer, Axe, Sickle and Watering Can get upgraded as you use them more, the 
upgrades are...normal, then silver, then gold! The gold obviously being the best.

Hoe-You have this when you begin the game. Use it to plow the ground, dig in the 
mines during winter, and if you want to, get rid of grass seed by using it right 
after you cut the grass. 

Hammer-Use this to clear your field of boulders, and you can either use it on small 
rocks, or throw the rocks in the water.

Axe-Use this to cut wood to clear your field or in the mountain, then you can use 
the wood for renovating your house or fences.

Sickle-Use the sickle to cut weeds(but you can pick up weeds and throw them) and to 
cut grass in your grass field.

Watering Can-Use your watering can to water your crops and flowers if you have them.

Brush-You can use your brush to brush your horse, cows and sheep. Use the brush to 
make your animals happier, you need it to win horse races and cow festivals.

Milker-The milker is used on adult cows to get milk. The milk sizes are, small
(100G),medium(150G),large(300G),special(500G, you get the special if your cow wins 
the cow festival).The happier your cow, the better quality the milk is.

Shears-You can use the shears to cut the wool from your sheep when they are adult.

Animal Medicine-When your cow or sheep gets sick(from either being left out in bad 
weather or neglect), use the medicine on them, but try to keep them healthy it cost 
1,000G per medicine.

Miracle Potion-Use the miracle potion to make an adult cow pregnant.

Ocarina-Get this from the craft shop, if you get it you could have a chance of 
playing at the Spirit Festival.

Blue Vase-Get this from the craft shop. To get it, during winter go to the mining 
cave and try to find a blue rock, then give it to the craft shop owner, and he will 
make the red mistake jug into a blue one you can buy that decorates your home!

Rug-Get this from Rick's shop, just adds a rug to your home.

Organizer-Also get this from Rick's shop, goes in your house and you can store 
flowers in it.

Firefly Light-Give Rick a few moonlight stones that you mine in the winter and he 
will make a Firefly light that you can get before the Firefly Festival.

Blue Feather-After you have a girl at pink heart, and you have a kitchen, you can 
buy the blue feather at Rick's shop, give this to the girl to propose to her.

Seeds-Buy seeds from the flower shop to plant crops. You can buy turnip, cabbage, 
potato, tomato, corn, eggplant, strawberry, grass, moondrop flower and pink cat-mint 
flower seeds there according to the season. 

     Marbles-You get these from the little kid Stu (black-haired kid) if you plant a 
lot of flowers (three bunches or more) in spring or summer. 

Treasure Map-You get this if you go to the tree at the corner of your property and 
press A to it.  I don't know if its a real treasure map or not, since I haven't 
gotten it yet...

Old Wine ("Door to Heaven")-You only get this is you try to restore the vineyard--
that secret is coming soon.

Music Box-You find this on your farm.Give it to the girl you like.

Cake Lottery Card- Use to win things at the Lottery.

Flower Lotto Card- Same as cake card.

Buth Agent - Flower Lotto

Knit Socks- Recieved on B-day from Ann*

Potpurri- Recieved on B-day from Popurri*

Hankercief- Recieved on B-day from Elli*

Painting- Recieved on B-day from Maria*

Fortune- Recieved on B-day from Karen*

Picture of Chocolate Bar- Recieved on B-day from Maria***

Book- Given to by Saberria in 3rd Year*

Gold Pendant- Given to by Sammy*

                          * Annex & Extentions *


There are 6 different home extentions you can get. You get them from the Carpenter's 
House in the mountain(across the river). They all cost a certain amount of money and 

Kitchen 5,000 450 The Kitchen adds a large room to the side of your house. In it is 
a table, refridgerator and some counters. You can't cook, but you can store things
in the fridge. You can also on the wall see how many power berries 
you have and the recipes you have! 

Bathroom 3,000 300 The bathroom is added to the Kitchen, or if you don't have the 
Kitchen you have to go outside then go in the door to the bathroom. It comes with a 
toilet and a bath. The bath helps with 
Stamina, I guess the toilet does too! 

Stairs 1,500 150 The stairs lead up to the roof where you can walk around. There's 
no real purpose maybe they were going to have a second story but if you want to get 
all the photos you must build stairs! 

Deck 7,000 350 The deck goes behind the house. It is actually very large. It will 
have a purpose when your dad comes. 

Baby Bed 1,000 200 You need the baby bed to have a baby. It is just a small bed that 
goes at the foot of your bed, and when you have a baby that's where it sleeps! 

Greenhouse 30,000 580 The greenhouse is VERY useful. You get a very large space, and 
you can grow any type of crop you want all year long! This is good for winter when 
business is slow. VERY good investment! It might be blown over in hurricanes but 
might not! 

Entry Hall*****:Dont know much about this yet heard you need all 32 pictures
in both photo albums.

                           * Prizes *

There are several things you can win prizes for in the game.

Horse and Dog Races

Egg Festival

Sea Festival

Flower Shop End of Year Raffle

Bakery Shop End of Year Raffle

Horse and Dog Races
At the Horse and Dog Races, there are 6 prizes altogether that you can win. You win 
by betting medals on horses and dogs. Each medal costs 50G. But there is a Coin 
Trick so that you don't have to spend anything (*See Secrets). Also if you 
participate and win I think you get medals(plus a photo see *Photo Album*) The 
prizes are as follows at the Horse Races.

500 Medals-Sutaining Carrot- This Carrot tames horses, but I think it makes your 
horse spring faster!

1000 Medals-Stuffed Horse- This is just a Stuffed Horse that sits on top of your 

3000 Medals-New Stable-All this is is a new paint job on your horses stable. But if 
you really want it I guess its cool!

The prizes for the Dog Races are as follows.

500 Medals-500 Materials- This is just 500 pieces of wood. Good if need wood for a 
greenhouse or other extensions!

1000 Medals-Cute Clock-This changes the clock when you press start
from the wood look to make it look like a cow patter(white and black).

3000 Medals - Dog House-This also is just a new paint job! The color is different of 
course though! We all need a little change!

Egg Festival

The egg festival is an easy win, no one else can really win it unless you can't find 
the eggI don't know what you win your 3rd 
year and after that, but these are the first two years!

Power Berry-The first year you win you get a Power Berry!

Turtle Figure- Now this is supposed to protect your Greenhouse from Typhoons(so it 
won't blow away) and I think it works! It sits on your T.V.

Sea Festival

The sea festival is also pretty easy, just tap the A button at a constant fast pace! 
Kai is your main competition he's the fastest! I only know the first 2 prizes I'm 
guessing other prizes are money or wood or something!

Invinsible Katori- This is supposed to make your farm invinvicible against typhoons 
and stuff, I don't think it works though.

One months worth of Wood-All this is is about 200 pieces of wood.

Bakery Raffle

There is a raffle at the Bakery the 25th-29th in Winter every year. For ever CAKE
 you buy, you get one point, and for every 10 points you have 
you get one ticket! The prizes are as follows.

Table Cloth This adds a blue and white checkered cloth to your table in the bedroom.

Mug-This adds cup to your kitchen table.

Table Mats-This adds two table mats to your kitchen table

Honey Cookies-These are cookies that regain your strength by 100 points.

Flower Shop Raffle

This is basically the same as the Bakery Raffle, but it is at the Flower shop(same 
dates 25-29 of Winter). For every 10 flowers you buy, you get 1 ticket(one point per 
box of flower seeds).

Cushion-This is a cushion that goes in your house. 

Bath Agent-This is like bath crystals, it helps you relax while taking a bath.

Flower Seal-Ever wonder why there are empty spaces under the stamps on your calender?
(on the wall next to your bed), well if you get this, you get more stamps to use on 
the calender!

Catmint Seeds-This is just a bag of Catmint Flower Seeds.

                  *  Festival *

There are different festivals in different seasons. Each one is unique and some are 
very fun. There's festivals for every season, and it's a good idea to go to them, as 
you might win useful prizes and earn popularity!

Planting Festival
The first festival of the year is a time-honored is supposed to help farmers have a 
good growing year. All the townsfolk release balloons into the air when you give the 
signal. Each year a king is chosen at the Harvest Festival in Fall, and the king 
gets to go up in the balloon with a chosen assistant. The first year I believe is 
always the Potion Shop Owner.

Flower Festival-
All the people get to vote for the Princess of the Flower Festiival during the week 
leading up to the festivities. Once the Princess is chosen, you'll be able to dance 
with the girl of your choice. Good advice is not to vote for the girl you like, she 
won't dance with you, but the king. But in your 2nd year if you aren't king and the 
girl you like is princess and has like a yellow or pink heart(or maybe any heart col 
or), the king might ask to switch partners so you can dance with her!

Other Events-
Other events include the Horse Race! At horse races, when your horse is old enough, 
you can participate in the races. If you don't you can still bet on horses! The 
horse race is the 17th. See the *Secrets section to find out a cool cheat!

Vegetable Festival-
Date: 9th
Either take a vegetable to enter the contest at the annual Vegetable Festival or go 
empty-handed and serve as a judge. Like most festivals, your participation increases 
your standing in the community.

Firefly Festival-
The Firefly Festival is another ancient tradition of the local people. It involves 
launching a flotilla of lit lanters onto the water down at the beach. You can buy a 
lantern from Rick's shop in the 2nd year if you give him Moonlight Stones found in 
the mines(during winter).

Sea Festival-
This party falls late in the summer. Like the horse races in spring, it requires 
skill and stamina to win the swimming race and first place trophy. Like the Firefly 
Festival, the Sea Festival takes place on the sandy beach.

Other Events-
There is one other event this month. The fireworks. They are on the 1st of the 
month. Karen is at the beach, and I'm not sure where everyone else is I will check 
and add it later.

Cow Festival-
Take your best adult cow to the festival to be judged against other top cows in the 
area. The cow that gives the finest quality milk is your best bet for the first 
prize. If you don't take a cow, you'll have to judge the entries. If you win, your 
cow produces special milk which is worth 500G! And if you win, leave your cow 
outside the day after, something may happen!

Harvest Festival-
This is your chance to sample the produce and food from the rest of the town. Elli 
from the bakery will give you a cake. Be sure to take it, because there might be a 
coin inside the cake. If you get a coin, you will be next years King!

Egg Festival-
The Egg Festival is like a variation of the Easter Egg Hunt. The main event is an 
egg hunt in which the mayor shows a colored egg and the contestants try to find an 
identical egg somewhere in the village. See *Prizes to find out what you win!

Other Events-
This month is also another Horse Race on the 28th, and in the first summer, you can 
work on the bridge in the mountain with the carpenters from the 23rd to the 27th.

The quaint custom for this holiday involves young farmers staying at home to greet a 
number of guests. In this case, the young ladies from town might bring by gifts of 
food(cake). When your special sweetheart comes by, you'd better be waiting.

Starry Night-
This is a magical night best spent with you girlfriend. Three of the prospective 
mates--Marie, Ann, and Eli--- will be singing in the church. You'll be able to find 
Karen on the beach and Popuri in the woods.

Spirit Festival-
If you bought the ocarina from Rick's shop, take it to the town square on the 
evening of the 27th and jam with Popuri and the owner of the bakery. The music is 
said to scare away mischievous ghosts.

New Years-
Date:1st of Spring
New Year's Day is one of celebration and fun. You've survived for an entire year, 
made new friends, built up the farm and made a life for yourself. This might be a 
good time to ask your favorite young lady to join you. Prepare for this festival by 
drinking a lot of beer, then you can outdrink everyone!

Other Events-
This season also has the mine open in the cave at Moon Mountain the 8th-30th. In 
your first year you can work on the Mountain Spring the 12th-16th, and the Dog Race 
is on the 19th. Also you may be invited to a New Year's Eve celebration somewhere by 
a special lady!

                              * Characters *

There are over many in the game, I will try to list them all, e-mail me if I leave 
any out thank you!

Jack-This is the default name for, you. You own the farm.

Your Dad- This is your dad, he comes to visit you in your third year and see how 
you're doing.

Ann-She lives at the Green Ranch, one of the 5 bachlorettes.

Karen-Another bachlorette, she lives at the Vineyard.

Popuri-She is also available, lives at the Flower Shop.

Elli-another girl you can woo, lives at Bakery.

Maria-5th girl you can marry, mayor's daughter, lives at mayor's house but works at 

Lillia-Popuri's mother, owns Flower Shop.

Basil-I'm not sure his name, goes away during winter, comes back in spring.

Jeff-Owns Bakery, lives with Elli, if you don't marry Elli he will.

Cliff-Comes in spring or summer, will leave in Winter if you aren't his friend, will 
marry Ann if you don't.

Gray-Ann's brother, marries Popuri if you don't. Seems rude, but he isn't very 
social, you just have to get to know him.

Hall-Ann's father, runs Green Ranch and sells you your animals and things to take 
care of them.

Harris-The mailman, likes Maria, will marry her if you don't.

Kai-Works at Vineyard, likes Karen and will marry her if you don't. He will also 
leave if Karen does.

Karen's Dad-Runs Vineyard.

Karen's Mom-Lives at Vineyard.

Pastor Brown-Pastor at the church, teaches the 3 children in the village.

Rick-Owns Rick's Tool Shop, is Ann and Gray's cousin.

Saibara-Owns the Souveneir Shop next to Rick's Shop.

Duke-The bartender at the bar. Jeff the Bakery Master's uncle.

Potion Shop Owner-Owns the potion shop, and is the guardian to Stu and Kent.

Stu-The little black haired kid.

Kent-The little brown haired kid.

Shipper-He ships your items at 5:00 every night, can find him at bar.

May-The Shipper's Daughter is the little girl with black hair.

Midwife-This is the midwife. She is the father to Zack the shipper. She'll help your 
wife give birth.

Head Carpenter-The head of the Carpenters.

Carpenter Helpers-Two guys, they don't really have names, they help the Head 
Carpenter with extensions for your home.

Greg-The fisherman, visit him to get your fishing pole(preferably in the beginning 
of the game.)

Three Girls-These girls are at the horse and dog races, and might come to your farm 
if you have flowers, or to take a picture of your cow. See "Photo Album" for more 

Restauraunt Owners-An old couple, a lady and man, the lady has trouble remembering 
you, but if you give her gifts she will start to remember.

Kissing Couple- I don't know what's their deal, if you have flowers they might come 
to your farm to see them, then they will start kissing.

Old Couple-They are at the horse and dog race, you don't really see them anywhere, 
they might come to your farm the first day of winter and talk about what it looks 

Mayor-The mayor of the town.

Mayor's Wife-She is, well, the mayor's wife.

Gourmet Judge-He comes to the Vegatable Festival and the Cow Festival to be a judge. 
You do not need to become friends with him.

Lady and Son-If you have 3 stalls open in your barn, the owner of Green Ranch will 
come and ask you to take 3 cows for him. Say yes, he will pay you. And the cows I 
think belong to the Lady and her Son, you might find her son in your barn, you can 
talk to her at the bar.

Entymotologist-I think that's how you spell it. This is the guy that comes in 2nd 
Spring looking for some kind of Butterfly.

Sammy the Salesman-This is the guy that sells you rip-off stuff like a special kind 
of chicken feed(it's normal) don't buy anything from him but the power berry at the 
Planting Festival the first spring!

The Photographer-This is the guy who takes your pictures at events like if you win 
the sea festival or when you get married. You can't talk to him or anything, he just 
appears to take pictures.

Harvest Sprites-These are the little people who live in the cave. They were like 
little red hats and have little red outfits and are cute! If you become friends with 
them they may feed your animals during typhoons(they will stop by your house the day 
before if they are going to).

Spring Goddess-This is the goddess that live's in the Goddess's Pond area. Throw a 
crop you grew into the pond in the goddess pond area between 9-5PM and you can get a 
wish from the goddess!

Imp-I don't really know the name of this, but it's some type of god/goddess that 
lives in the Fisherman's Pond. Go fishing in the pond near the fisherman's tent and 
if you catch a big fish throw it back into the pond(must be thrown into the middle) 
and a bluish imp thing will give you a power nut!

I think that is all of the characters, there is probably a few more but I can't 
remember! E-mail me if I'm missing any

                              * Photo Albums *

1)Pic of you and Grandpa-This is already in your photo album. It is an old picture 
of you and your grandpa!
 2)Harvest King-If you are the king, at the planting festival, when you go up in the 
balloon, someone will take your picture. The next day check your mail-box!
 3)Horse Race-If you win the horse race you get your picture taken!
 4)Dog Race-If you win the dog race you get your picture taken!
 5)Cow Picture-If you win the cow festival, leave your winning cow outside the next 
day. The three girls who are always at the horse/dog races will come and ask to take 
a picture! Then check the mailbox the next day!
 6)Winner at Meet-If you win the swimming festival, a photographer will take a 
picture. Get it in your mailbox the next day.
 7)Complete Hot Springs-you get this if you work every day with the carpenters in 
the winter on the Hot Springs. It's a good idea you get paid 1,000G a day and get a 
picture in the mail after it is completed!
 8)Wedding-When you get married you will get a picture!
 9)Baby is Born-When your wife has a baby(you have to be nice to her, see Girls 
sections for more info) you will get a picture of the event!
 10)Home Extensions Completion-When you get all of the extensions from the 
carpenters done, you will get a picture in the mail the day after you complete them!
 11)Keifu Fairy Dance-Ok, this picture takes work. See the "secrets" section on 
restoring the Vineyard(you MUST restore the vineyard for this to happen). Now, get 
Karen to a yellow heart, and you have to help her when she sprains her ankle,(to 
find out where she is when this happens see the "girls" section). Then on the 7th of 
Fall, she will come when the shipper is leaving and ask you to come see this!
 12)Blue-Mist Flower-This is with Popuri. The second spring, the flower shop will 
get a Blue Mist seed. Buy it, and you will go to the Godesses' Pond area. You will 
see yourself planting the seed with Popuri. Make sure you water it EVERY day until 
it blooms! When it blooms, Popuri will ask you to go see it(i think she only asks if 
you are on yellow heart, but if you go there every day you will see it even if she 
doesn't ask). The entymotologist who is looking for the butterfly will come because 
the butterfly will be there! He will take a picture and you will get a copy in the 
 13)Maria's Picture-To get this picture, you must be on yellow heart with her, and 
you must help her when she sprains her ankle(see "girls" for more info on that). 
Sometimes after the Firefly festival(i think), she will come after the shipper 
leaves and ask you to go somewhere. Go! Then you will get the picture later!
 14)Elli's Picture-Once again save her when she sprains her ankle and be on yellow 
heart with her. Sometimes between the 1-10th of fall she will come and ask you to go 
somewhere. go and you'll get a picture!
 15)Special Bunny-This is Ann's picture. Be on yellow heart with her and help her 
when she sprains her ankle. Sometimes in the begining of Winter she will ask you to 
go with her and you will see a grey special pika bunny!
 16)Party Picture-Here are the requirements to get the party picture! 

All house add-ons 
Over 5 friends 
Married to Karen 
Have a baby 
Ship something every day (find stuff in the forest) 
Have 3 cows (one has to have been born in your farm) 
Have 3 sheep 
Have 5 chickens 
Have no livestock get sick more than twice. 
1 cow must produce Special Milk 
1 Sheep must have Quality Fur 
No livestock have died 
Dog must have won dog race 
Horse must have won both horse races. 
You must have all power berries 
You must have won in each festival 
You must have played at the Spirit Festival 
You must have helped build the bridge and the Spa 
You must have a good grass field 
You must have many crops and flowers growing 
You must have found all the recipies

Also, if you have these you'll have a party on your porch and your grandfather's 
spirit will come to you and ask you if you want unlimited money, unlimited lumber, 
invincible animals (they can't get sick) or large milk giving cows and quality wool 

Photo Album 2
Grandma's Funeral Elli's grandma will pass away and a picture will be taken. 

Friend's Forever Throw a strawberry in the goddess pond. Ask for peace and a picture 
will be taken. 

Angel's grace Buy a bottle of perfume from the goddess. 

Party time Be good friends with kai.  And talk to him on the first of Summer and he 
will shoot fireworks with you. 

Horse Has a Baby It takes a while to have a baby, but when you have a calf give to 

Birthday bash Be good friends with the towns folks and have a 2 album.   Then when 
it's your birthday a party will be at your house. 

School's in Be good friends with the priest and there will be a scene with you and 
your child going to school. 

Anniversary Party Give your wife a special drink to your wife. 

Book land When Maria has a pink heart she will ask you to read a fairy tale book. 

Field of flowers Make sure your married to Popuri or Popuri and Gray.   Then grow 
about 10 squares of Cat-Mint flowers.  And a picture will be taken. 

Now you're Cooking Make sure Elli has a pink heart, then give her an egg and she 
will teach you how to cook. 

Working Hard You will start out with this picture. 

Day in the City When Karen moves away one, the only way to stop her is to give her a 
pink heart.  Then she will take you with her 

                               * Secerts *

There are several things in the game that take a little figuring out. Let's just 
call them secrets! These include where to find Power-Berries, how to restore the 
Vineyard, and more! 

Horse Race/Dog Race Trick

For this you need at least 10,000G. At the horse or dog race, go to bet on the 
animals. Place 99 bets on each racer, then instead of hitting the A button, hit the 
B button twice as if you are canceling it. It will still have your 99 bets but you 
won't have paid anything! After you do this, do NOT talk to the mayor again or else 
you'll have to rebet!

Restoring the Vineyard

When to do this:In the first Spring

I'm going to make a list of the steps you need to do, it'll be easier to understand 
that way!

In the first spring, go to the bar everynight(except sunday it's closed) and give 
Duke either a flower or a very berry. Give him the gift, then talk to him until he 
starts repeating things. While doing this,everyday, give the Harvest Sprite in the 
cave(little red guy) a flower so he will be your friend.

Around the 10th of the month, when you talk to him he will give you Old Wine.

Keep giving the Harvest Sprite gifts and talking to it until it repeats stuff. 
Meanwhile save a crop you grew.

Around the end of the month, the Harvest Sprite will mention the Old Winer(Door to 
Heaven wine), it will then after saying that say to talk to the goddess to get more 

Take the crop you grew that you saved(keep it in your rucksack) and go to the 
Goddesses pond(to the left of the Carpenter's Hut through a path type of thing) 
between 9AM and 5PM, stand in the direct middle of the pond and throw the crop in. 
The goddess will come up, and instead of giving you choices of love, strength, etc. 
you can pick Grape goddess or something.

Select the grape goddess, then you will go to the Vineyard and see a scene wher e 
you talk to it from the tree.

During the fall, the goddess will come to you in a dream, when you wake up go 
IMMEDIATELY to the vineyard. Then the vineyard will be restored!

*ALSO* you have to restore the vineyard to get karen's picture, have her at a 
yellow/red heart by Fall 7th to see the Keifu Fairy dance!

Power Berries

How many:10
There are a few power berries and 1 blue one. The red ones give you more strength, 
and the blue on allows you to work outside in the rain without getting sick!

Get a power berry from hoe-ing your land(in the field)

Get a power berry by going to the Goddesses pond(near the Carpenter's House)with 
full strength, and throwing a veggie into it and wishing for strength. She accepts 
offerings 9-5, so go directly there in the morning with a veggie you grew, and throw 
wait to throw it in till 9.

Throw a large blue fish into the Fisherman's Pond and a Water Imp will give you a 
power berry. You have to throw it in the middle of the pond, if nothing happens, you 
did it wrong.

During winter, take your Golden Hammer, and go to the Fisherman's Pond. Use your 
powered-up hammer to smash the boulder behind the pond(only can get it during 
Winter) and a power berry will be under it.

Buy a power berry at the Flower Festival from Sammy the Salesman, it will cost 1,000 
dollars but worth it.

During Winter in the mine, dig until you get to the third to fourth level down(you 
have to find holes, takes a a fest tries) then dig around and you will find it. If 
not try again the next day!

Win the Egg Festival the first year to get another Power Berry.

Go fishing off the pier at the beach(Get to the Beach by going to Green Ranch and 
turning to the left before entering the Ranch) a lot, and eventually you will catch 
a Power Berry!

Plant a lot of Pink Cat Mint flowers and one day Stu will stop by your farm. He'll 
give you a marble. Go to the cave and give the marble to a sprite and they will give 
you a power berry.

Befriend Basil and Lillia and the next year Basil will give you a power berry.

Blue Power Berry:Throw a small fish into the Fisherman's Pond and the Water Imp will 
give you this.

Dang Chickens!

Sick of those stupid chickens always needing food and stuff? Well now here's a way 
to still get eggs, but not feed them! Take your chickens and put them on your roof
(need stairs). They will not need to be fed, but will still lay eggs and won't get 
Submitted by [email protected]

Free Wine

To do this trick you need the bottle which is bought at the Flower Festival. Go to 
the vineyard and into the small house/shack. Go down the stairs and there are large 
barrels. Equip your bottle and press B when you are on the side of one (near the 
opening). You'll have free wine! Use this if you are upgrading tools and you need to 
refresh yourself, or use it to prepare for the New Year's festival so you can beat 
Submitted by [email protected]

Time Machine

If you are good friends with Rick and give something to him everyday, he will come 
to your house in the 3rd or 4th year around late spring to try out his latest 
invention. He has a time machine, but it doesn't work.

More Milk/Wool!

If you let your sheep or cow get sick, then give it the medicine, the milk or wool 
will sell for more the next day!
(Contributed by Blade)

Music Box

This is how to get the music box...
1) click in the tree in your farm
2) you get a map dig where it says 5 to 10 times
3) you get the muisic box 
4) become freinds with rick and later on he will fix it
5) give it to a girl and her heart meter goes up 1
(Contributed by Blade)

Quick Hearts for Karen

Bring your dog to the bar with you and talk to Karen while holding this. It make 
take a few minutes, but continually talk to her! Her heart level should raise to 
pink in no time!

That is all the secrets for now more comings soon!

                                * Recipies *

Maria's mother turnip Turnip Stew 
Shipper in the bar tomato Tomato Cream Soup 
Karen's mother tomato Tomato Rice 
Priest tomato Simple Tomato Soup 
Ann's father corn Corn Fritters 
Popuri's father corn Corn Pasta 
Ann potato Mashed Potatoes 
Mayor potato Fried Potatoes and Bacon 
Popuri's mother tomato Twice-cooked Tomatoes and Greens 
Mailman potato Garlic Potato Beef 
Midwife eggplant Eggplant with Misopaste 
Maria cabbage Rolled Cabbage 
Ann's brother egg Stuffed Omelet 
Little boy in yellow egg Spa-poached Egg 
Rick milk Handmade Butter 
Lead Carpenter mushroom Mushroom RiceFisherman large fish Fried Char 
Carpenter by the hot springs large fish Grilled Trout with Cheese 
Carpenter mushroom Char stuffed with Mushrooms 
Karen's father veryberry fruit Steamed Clams with Wine 
Potion shop owner/ herb/ Miso Soup with Sprouts 
Souvenir shop owner /medcinal herb/ Sesame Dandelion Greens 
Elf in cave/ mushroom/ Mushroom Salsa 
Little boy in blue /strawberry/ Strawberry Dog 
Elli's grandmother /walnut/ Walnut Cake/Herb Rice Cake 
Elli/ milk/ Bread Pudding 
Midwife's daughter (girl in red)/ potato/ Potato Pancake 
Popuri/ strawberry/ Strawberry Jam 
Karen/ strawberry/ Strawberry Champagne 
Vineyard worker in purple bandana/ veryberry fruit /Veryberry Wine 
Cliff/ egg /Spice Tea 
Bartender /wild grape/ Hot Spicy Wine 
Bakery worker/ milk/ Cinnamon Milk tea 
Man at Moon Mountain restaurant/ turnip/ Turnip and Cabbage Preserves 

                             ** Website Refferals **

               Here are some cool Harvest moon 64 Sites



                            *** Gameshark Codes ***


These are codes you can put into your game shark(if you have it) and get like cool 
stuff like infinite money, etc.
NOTE:I can not be held liable for anything that may happen to your game cartridge, 
game system or game shark due to the Gameshark Codes.

Infinite Stamina for Horse Races 802F5015 0002 
Infinite Flower Card Points 802373F0 0063 
Infinite Bakery Card Points 80181B10 0063 
Infinite Blue Feathers 8018907c001c 
Infinite Medals for Horse and Dog Races 81189B06 270F

81205206 270F 
Infinite Moondrop Flower Seeds 801c3f70 000f 
Unlimited Medals 81205206 25FD

81189B06 25FD 
Never need to refill Watering Can 8016FBCD 0080 
Unlimited fodder 80180715 0099 
Pink Love Meter For Maria 801C3F90 00FF 
Pink Love Meter For Popuri 801C3F91 00FF 
Pink Love Meter For Elli 801C3F92 00FF 
Pink Love Meter For Ann 801C3F93 00FF 
Pink Love Meter For Karen 801C3F94 00FF 
Infinite Lumber 81189e5003e7 
Infinite Stamina 8018906000ff 
Infinite Money 811fd60effff 
Infinite Chicken Feed 80237411 005C 
All Recipes 8116FAFC FFFF


8016FB03 0007
All Photos 8118905A FFFF 
Make Weather What You Want Sun-802373A9 0001

Rain-802373A9 0002

Snow-802373A9 0003

Rain With Normal Music-802373A9 0004

Typhoon-802373A9 0005
Automatically Feed/Brush Cows and Sheep D01702AD 0003

801702AD 002F

D01702DD 0003

801702DD 002F

D017030D 0003

8017030D 002F

D017033D 0003

8017033D 002F

D017036D 0003

8017036D 002F

D017039D 0003

8017039D 002F

D01703CD 0003

801703CD 002F

D01703FD 0003

801703FD 002F 
Automatically Feed Chickens D01C3C11 0003

801C3C11 0017

D01C3C35 0003

801C3C35 0017

D01C3C59 0003

801C3C59 0017

D01C3C7D 0003

801C3C7D 0017

D01C3CA1 0003

801C3CA1 0017

D01C3CC5 0003

801C3CC5 0017

Friends With Everyone 801C3F90 00FF

801C3F91 00FF

801C3F92 00FF

801C3F93 00FF

801C3F94 00FF

801C3F95 00FF

801C3F96 00FF

801C3F97 00FF

801C3F98 00FF

801C3F99 00FF

801C3F9A 00FF

801C3F9B 00FF

801C3F9C 00FF

801C3F9D 00FF

801C3F9E 00FF

801C3F9F 00FF

801C3FA0 00FF

801C3FA1 00FF

801C3FA2 00FF

801C3FA3 00FF

801C3FA4 00FF

801C3FA5 00FF

801C3FA6 00FF

801C3FA7 00FF

801C3FA8 00FF

801C3FA9 00FF

801C3FAA 00FF

801C3FAB 00FF

801C3FAC 00FF

801C3FAD 00FF

801C3FAE 00FF

801C3FAF 00FF

801C3FB0 00FF

801C3FB1 00FF

801C3FB2 00FF

801C3FB3 00FF

801C3FB4 00FF

801C3FB5 00FF  


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