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Zelda Ocarina of Time                     /\
   WALKTHROUGH                           /  \
                                       /\    /\
                                      /  \  /  \
	Author: Drew Dahmen

	Kokiri Forest
	Sword- To get the sword, go to the training camp at the top of the hill.  
Enter the little
hole & go to the left but be careful of the rolling boulder.  In the large chest 
you will find the
	Shield- The shield costs 40 rupees.  Cut plants, throw rocks & pots, and do 
moves in the
training course to earn rupees.  Next, is on to the Deku Tree.

		Deku Tree
	Climb the ladder on the left.  Go all the way around until you see a door.  
Open the door
and block the Deku Shrub’s Deku nuts.  Open the next door.  Jump on the floating  
pad and
quickly jump on the other side.  Open all of the chests and equip the slingshot.  
Shoot the ladder
above the door you came through.  Go back until you reach the vines.  Shoot the 
spiders with
the slingshot then climb up and at the top move to the left.  Move across until you 
see a wooden
diving board type thing.  When you move close to it a spider will fall down.  Shoot 
it while it is not
facing you.  Then jump off the edge and land in the spider web.  You should go 
further down. 
Go on the platform where the button is.  Step on it to make fire.  Light a stick 
and quickly go to
where the door with the web is.  Burn the web and go in the door.  Face the Deku 
shrub.  He
should tell you that the order of his brothers is: 2,3,1.  Go into the next room to 
see water, a
spike roller and a pad.  Jump in the water and hit the button right below the spike 
roller to lower
the water.  Quickly go onto the platform that you jumped from and jump on the pad.  
Jump to
the other side before the water rises.  Light a stick in the next room and roll on 
the web.  Fall
down and you will see the 3 brothers.  Defeat them in the order 2, 3, 1.  Go 
through the next
door and look up using C^.  Until you see two red dots.

	Parasitic Armored Arachnid-Queen Ghoma  

	Stun him with Deku Nuts.  Then hit him with your sword as many times 
possible.  He will
go up to the ceiling and drop three eggs.  Quickly destroy the eggs or they will 
hatch.  To
destroy the hatchlings throw a Deku nut and stun them.  Repeat the process to kill 
the boss. 
Next is to Hyrule Castle.

		Hyrule Field, Market, Hyrule Castle.

	Make your way to the Hyrule Castle.  Enter in the morning when the Gate is 
down.  Go
into the market and go strait to the castle.
Talk to the girl near the vines.  Keep talking to her until she gives you the egg.  
Hold the egg (w/
1 of the c buttons) for a day and then it will hatch.  Climb up the vines and walk 
to the top of the
gate.  Jump down at the end.  Now this is hard. Go up the side of the hill.  Not 
the first, the second.  Walk on the path until you see a staircase. Ignore it. Go 
up the stone wall on the LEFT SIDE. Jump in the moat. all the way to where the 
pyrimid thing is. Go up it. Go to the Girls Dad. Use the chicken to wake him up. 
Then Move the blocks in this order.
M                 O               A                  T
                            - -^ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
                           |   |--------------------  B      |
		           | --------- - B                   |
                           - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

	Jump on the second block and then into the hole.   Make your way past all 
of the guards
and to where princess Zelda waits for you.  Impa will lead you out of the castle 
but go back in
and buy a Hylian Shield for 80 rupees.  Next step: Goron Ruby.

                         Death Mountain           

	Go up the stairs into Kakakiro Village. 
Head to Kakakiro Village. Go left of the tree near the entrance to the Village, and 
climb the
stairs to the left, and follow the path to find the gate to Death Mountain being 
guarded by
a....guard! Show him Zelda's Letter, and he will allow you to pass. From here, you 
can now enter
Death Mountain.  Head up to the top of the path (Death Mountain Trail), and enter 
Goron City
that is to the north-east of the Trail. Talk to the various Goron if you wish to 
learn more about
them, and head down to the large door near the spinning vase. Play Zelda's Lullaby 
to open the
door, and enter it to meet Darunia. Speak to him, then play Saria's Song to make 
him dance
away! After hearing this song, Darunia gives Link the Goron's Bracelet, which 
allows Link to lift
bomb flowers. Exit Goron City, and veer to the right to find a small single bomb 
flower near the
fence. Pick it up, and toss it over the fence so that it lands in front of the 
boulder blocking
Dodongo's Cavern. This will blow the boulder away, allowing you to access the next 

When you enter dodongoes cave you will come to a dead end look for a bomb flower 
end blow
up the wall in your way when that’s done enter the next room and you will find lots 
of lava pits.
This is a good time to change your shield to the Hylian shield so your Deku shield 
doesn't burn
up if you fall into the lava pit. now pick up the bomb flowers and blow up the fake 
these walls will look like the one you blew up at the start) every wall you blow up 
you will find
helpful items in the small rooms one of them will be the dungeon map once you get 
this item
just blow up the fake walls on the right side of the entrance one of these will be 
a pathway to the
next room so when you blow it up run down the pathway. as your running you may 
notice little
Spontaneously combustible lizards that will try to run into run and blow up just 
ignore those
freaks and keep running down the path until you get to a place with a blue switch 
and 2 statues.
Push the statues onto the blue switch and a door will open up for you go through 
the door and
you will find another pathway but this time it is short and is full of keese
(mutated bats) quickly
run through the next doorway before the Keefe start to attack. You will now be in a 
room with
lots of lava and two fire breathing dinosaurs armed with a sword kill these 
dinosaurs and go
through the next door. you should now be in a long narrow room. Get out a Deku 
stick and let it
catch on fire then light up all the torches once that is done go through to the 
next room where
you will find a switch. Step on the switch to unlock the door on the other side of 
the main
chamber at the start of the level. go across to the new door you have opened and 
enter through it
and you will find a lot of bomb flowers in a row and to bomb flowers away from them 
go get
one of those bomb flowers and place it at the gap between the bomb flowers and a 
big stair case
will come down go up the stair case and enter the new door. Now you will be in a 
room with a
bunch of statues that will attack you if you come near them kill them all and climb 
up the little
platform there protecting and step on the switch to unlock a door go through that 
door and you
will be in a room with invincible spikes. run past the all and you will find a 
ladder climb up the
ladder then jump to a platform where you will find a treasure chest and a bomb 
flower. Pick up
the bomb flower and blow up the door behind the ladder. Once the fake wall is gone 
enter the
room where you will find a flame and a golden eye on the wall shoot it with your 
sling shot to
put out the flame than enter the room where you will find the fire breathing 
dinosaurs with
swords kill them again then enter the next room where you will find 2 platforms 
both of them
are on fire and again look fore the golden eyes and shoot them. now that the flames 
are out go to
then go to the platform leading to the next room but to the right you will find a 
treasure chest
open it to find a bomb bag full of bombs now go to the next room where you will 
find a switch
that makes the platform from the bottom floor go up to the to floor step on it then 
go run across a
bridge near the switch as you run along the bridge you will notice holes in it drop 
bombs through
the holes and the eyes on the dodongo skull will go red and its mouth will open 
jump down to
the bottom floor then enter the dodongo skull where you will find burning Keefe 
ignore them
and climb up a platform in that room that leads to a room like a maze climb up one 
of the walls
of the room to get to a blocked area of the room once your there run through the 
corridor and
you will find a block push it off the edge then into a little hole in the middle of 
the room. ones
the block is in there a door will open up for you enter through the door to find a 
room in the
middle of the room place a bomb, when the bomb goes of a hole will be left in the 
room jump
down the hole and you will now be in the boss room. to beat the boss equip the 
Hylian shield so
when the boss goes to run you over he won't hurt you. Now that he's gone over you 
chase him
and when he goes to breath fire at you throw a bomb in his mouth then when he falls 
to the
ground hit him with your sword keep repeating this until he's dead. When he is dead 
grab the
heart piece and enter the blue light. Now you will see a short movie of link 
getting the Goron

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