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Ok you bought the game and you are at create family mode. What do you do now?

1. There is a great code that is easy to do. First, make all the people you 
want as kids. Now, starting with the one make it an adult. Name it, give it 
points, ect. Do it with all the people you want adults. 

2. Now that you have the family done, move them in. Anywhere is fine. When you 
get to the lot look at the bottom, click on any adult. Click on the job 
button, and you see he/she already has some points!

3. The only thing is when you look for a job it will say you already have a 
job look anyway. Here is a few guidelines for jobs:

Lots of Charisma: Law

Lots of Body: Xtreme Career

Lots of Logic: Scientist

  Ok things you need to buy:

Refrigerator and Appliances
Seat of some sort

This is stuff you should buy, if you have extra money.
Burglar Alarm
Fire Detector

In every job, you need friends. I lot of people will come by your house and 
ring the doorbell, talk with them until your relationship is 20. Then you 
complement and joke with them. Some people need to wait for a better 
relationship before you joke and complement. At around 40, you can flirt with 
them. Go until 100 and then ask them to leave. You loose 2 points a day so if 
you get a call saying you might loose a friend invite them over or talk to 
them. If you invite them over, they might give you a present!

Well I hope you like my guide! E-mail me with any questions! 
[email protected]

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