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Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

1: About me
2: Characters
3: Places
4: The Guide
5: Fun Stuff

                           Section 1: About Me

Hi there everyone its me Philip Weisbrod Back from the Two Towers this is my sequel 
guide to that one. Ok if youve read my Two Towers guide youl know me ok Same stuff 
E-mail me for hints and tips at      [email protected]            ok now have 
fun!!!!!!!!!!!         Oh yes DONT USE CHEATS!!!!!!!!!!!they dont work till u beat 
the game!

                           Section 2: Characters

Ok heres all the Characters profiles PLEAZ READ!!!!!...........................
     Path of the King Characters
                       Aragorn: Strong quick and agile use him FIRST!!!!!
                       Gimli:Hes stronger than all the rest of them use him 
SECOND!!!              Legolas:Hes the fastest of them all use him THIRD!!!!!!
     Path of the Wizard Characters
                           Gandalf: He is the best with kills use him FOURTH!!!!!

     Path of the Hobbits Charcters
                         Frodo: Agile and Stealthy use him sixth That all u can use 
                         Sam:strong agile and kinda stealthy USE HIM fifth!!!!!

                           Section 3: Places

Ok heres some of my fave places see 4 fun..................................

                      1. Moria
                      2. Lothlorien
                      3. Helms Deep
                      4. Rohan
                      5. The Shire
                      6. Gondor
                      7. Mordor
                      8. Paths of the     
                      9. The Lonely Mountain  
                     10. Mirkwood

                           Section 4: The Guide

               Ok guys and Gals heres the guide...........
                  Helms Deep: Characters: Gandalf

Ok its just strait out listen to the directions and youl have it done. WATCH YOUr 
HEALTH BAR!!!!!          Path of the KIng
                  Paths of the     :Characters: Aragorn,Legolas, or Gimli

            Pretty much you just explore kill the      guys and get to the end near 
the end there is a gate go left then down then right to get the switch push  R1 to 
activate it keep pushing till its open. kill all ghosts then cross the big bridge 
youll be trapped bye rocks and ghosts kill 35 ghosts then run left to the end. GOOD 
                 King of the     :Characters: Same
    This ones ez and hard just run up fierce attack him then run back shoot him wit 
an arrow until he burrows then kill his minions repeat untill      or hes trying 2 
kil you with wind finish him. Hurray

                 Escaping the path: Characters same
     Strait forward just run like heck till the end         all skeleton ghosts on 
the way!

                The Southern Gate: CHaracters Same
Just walk forward a lil, a cave troll will jump down from the gate kill all 
surrounding orcs fire the catapult finish the troll then run right a lil to climb a 
ladder climb up shoot the troll till hes      then kill the orcs kill the Oliphant 
with your arrows (tip: shoot the green armored parts first then pull the lever 
(after         some more orcs) pull it with R1 (the action button) then pour the 
hot liquid on the other orcs run down run throught the gate and win!!!!

                 Pelanor Fields: Characters Same
Ok run forward kill orcs that attack YOU! run to the left a lil climb the cliff and 
shoot the rest then kill the oliphant run to the edge of the path if hes on that 
side run down and to the bottown and left of your screen then kill it shoot the 
witch king wit arrows  (hes to the far left) Kill the other oliphants switching 
sides as needed good just repeat till you win!!!!

                The Black Gate: Characters same

               Ok just kill the Lietenent Then kill all orcs and the health orcs 
defending whoever you need to ok then  after         six Health orcs The NAZGUL 
APPEAR (dont worry only 3)           with fire and flame spears and fierce attacks 
then u win ez (sorta)

                 The Path of the Wizard: Characters: Gandalf

                                  The road To Isengard
Ok ez just follow the path blowing up dynamite till you get a check point then run 
along the path         orcs as you go blow up the towers with magic hit the 
dynamite under them         along the way then yull get to an ent shoot the orcs on 
the far ledge then kill all behind you then shoot the ledge then.... ahhh you get 
my point then you win!!!!!GJ (Good Job)

                        Minas Tirith:top of the wall
                       Character: same 
Ok knock ladders off with 0 (physical attack) run along the wall where needed 
killing all orcs!!!! ok do until siege towers come the secret is use yur Ranged 
weapon on them when there in front of you then when the last one comes it will land 
use irradiate (R1,R2,L1,L2 all at once) on the group of orcs then kill off the 
tower then run down to the gate (down the staircase)  there u beat it good job

                         Minis Tirith: Courtyard
                        Character: same    
 ok i cant help you much just use the skills youve learned and ill tell you 2 
things ok 3 1. theres potions to the left and right in the water barrels 2. trolls 
come at 150 women in 3. Parry like heck when you reach 175 women to win ok gj if 
you win!!!!!

                           Path of the Hobbits                               
                Ok have fun on this one guys gl (good luck)

                       Escape from Osgiliath
ok basically run through escaping nazgul using yur special ability (R1 R2 L1 L2) 
(hobbit cape) as needed then when you get to the pipes run through use ranged 
weapons to kill the fat orc it fun then win basically through the gate GOOD 
                         Shelobs lair
      ok bascially go right right then left there are some torches throw them at 
the mini spiders then run through do that kinda thing as needed go through till yur 
at shelob.   
                 BOSS: SHELOB
ok the trick is to hit her face when she runs at you charge strait at here hit her 
a few times then run back repeat till her kids come out kill thewm dodge her then 
do as before Repeat till      ok GJ when you beat her
                    Cirith Ungol 
this ones strait out use yur skills to win GL 

           Boss: SHAGRAT
ok basically pick up spear throw break shield pick up other spear throw hes stunned 
run up hurt then run back and repeat till hes      GJ!!

                      NOW FINALLY THE       OF DOOM!!!!!!!!! 
                      character: Frodo
  ok basically trick gollum into losing is balnce at the edge then firce attack him 
then finish with R2 repeat 5 times till hes      ok  CONGRADULATIONS YOU BEAT IT 

                Section 5: Cool Stuff 

      Hey there Me again I hope you LOVE my guide but yur choice Ok fun stuff to do

                  Gandalf Easy Cave troll kill:Lvl Minis Tirith Courtyard

    Ok There will be some troll if you have lvl 20 Gandalf with EVERYTHING!!!! You 
can charge to the cave trolls and use a cool arsenal of spells heres a cool order:
Shoot some magic from staff Fierce attack ring of fire speed attack ring of fire 
and pure light stab when he falls on the ground.

Ok ill have more fun things soon......

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