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                 Lord of The Rings The fellowship of the ring The Guide      
By: Philip Weisbrod
E-mail: [email protected]
Thank you for reading this Guide for Lord Of The Rings its my first but you wont be 
cause I know what I’m doing I’ve beaten this game and payed attention to almost 
except for a few trees. Thanks if you would like additional hints please E-mail me. 
Thank you

 Copyrighted to Philip Weisbrod any copy without signed permission from me will 
result in legal
matters I have a great lawyer but you are allowed to print and share with your 
                 Thanks from Philip 
 Part 1: Characters
 Part 2: Levels
 Part 3: Types of Orcs
 Part 4: The Guide
 Part 5: Cool stuff to do

                       PART 1: Characters

    Ok you probably know already that Frodo, Aragorn, and Gandalf are the main 
characters. Right ok so you know them but you probably dont know these...

 Sam: Ok so sam's kinda slow he does not fight very well but he can keep you safe a 
lot of the time.
Merry & Pippin: Ok the reason I put these guys together is because they are similar 
so Merry is fast and helpful but he does not do to well in fights by himself: 
Pippin is the same as Merry but you get him after Merry some time so together they 
are great.
Gimli: Ok Gimli the dwarf is so COOL he can save you so many times like when I was 
in Moria I was cornerd against a wall by two orcs I was low on miruvor and they 
were coming in fast so one was almost to me the other was passing a hallway I was 
done for until Gimli Jumped out of the hall and hacked the one down and I was saved.

Legolas: Ok Legolas is ok the problem is he is not with you half the time.

Borimir: Almost the same as Legolas but he is actually more helpful for fights

                   PART 2: Levels

    Ok the levels we'll be in the guide so I'll tell you the PLACES in Middle 
Earth. So here you go... 
                          1. The Shire
                          2. Old Forest
                          3. Gondor (I dont know why I'm putting this in because 
its not in the game)      4. Hobbiton
                          5. Withywindle (linked with the Old Forest)
                          6. Barrow Downs
                          7. Bree
                          8. Weathertop
                          9. Rivendell
                         10. Hollin
                         11. Moria
                         12. Lothlorien
                         13. Amon Hen

                         PART 3: Types of orcs

       Ok there are different types of these       guys so here they are ...
                             1. Moria orcs: ok these guy use arrows alot so just be 
carful                    2. Orcs: these are kinda hard kinda easy
                             3. Uruk Hai: These Guys are tough they have hard armor 
and come in big numbers

                     PART 4: the guide 
  OK I know you want your guide and here it is are you ready...

        Level 1 Hobbiton: Objectives: they will be shown at the bottom left corner:

            Ok so your Frodo right now but nothing seems to go to smooth because 
you cant find anything. Well explore the house have fun cause you can pretty much 
come here only 2 times. So find the chest that has the deed the key will be 
sparkling in the front hallway on a table across from the door. Then leave the 
house. EXPLORE Hobbiton while you can in the day until you find a bridge. Keep 
Hobbiton rememberd. Cross the the bridge keep going along the path until you reach 
Bywater. Go into The Green Dragon a hotel and/or bar. talk to people and listen to 
what they say. Once you talk tou Merry and Pippin go back to your house and get the 
ring. Then go and talk to the Old Gaffer just down the lane OH NO! its a Nazgul 
also known as a ringwraith. Well this parts hard save the game as soon as the 
movies done. Then go left quickly while the words or objectives are still on the 
screen get quickly to this house with a wooden fence behind it go behind the house 
and go to the fence theres Sandyman's mill run over to this tree thats right up 
near the fence OK you have done this but what next wait until the Nazgul goes in 
sight then back right after this run and jump over the small stone fence turn left 
and run over to this house stay still watch for that same Nazgul as soon as he's 
gone run forward jump over the stone fence same for the next go forward more then 
save your game. Start sneaking get to the third tree thats right near the bridge 
then go up to it while sneaking get to the front of it then slowly turn left go 
into first person view aim far away to the right diagnol from you. Then throw a 
rock after that quickly exit first person mode turn around left and as the Nazgul 
goes by sneak around the tree so he does not see you then when he's away run back 
around the tree and jump the stone fence then RUN across the bridge and I meen RUN 
then keep going and then leave Hobbiton. HURRAY the bad dudes are gone but you must 
get to Bywater so hurry hurry we must get there. OH NO its the sheriff Robin 
Smallburrow and he's being ATTACKED we have to save him from this wolf click the 
left mouse button to attack it after that defend by holding left ctrl good. Once 
you beat him SAVE the game then go to the other exit of Bywater now run and dont 
stop. OH NO there are wolves everywhere RUN along the path. ESCAPE by going throu 
some trees but be warned once your on the bridge ahead you SHOULD jump in the 
stream the walk along it. WHAT! Another Nazgul but but but we got past in Hobbiton 
well I guess we should go back in the water. Hurrey but dont run until your by a 
HUGE boulder not a medium one. Then throw a rock to the diagnol left but wait until 
he leaves it might take a couple of tries after hes there turn around run up on the 
land go across the bridge and run to Merry,Pippin, and Sam.

Level 2: Old Forest:Objectives will be shown in the bottom left corner.

I know you want More but wait please Thank you for your patience

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