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                             Gran theft auto-San andreas
                                     los Santos

  Mission Walkthroughs

Tagging the Turf:

  Drive down to sweets house.Once you get here you will meet up with 
your brother Sweet.Drive Sweet down into Balla terittory.There Sweet 
will teach you how to tag.Go find the other Balla tags and spray over
them.Once you get them all go back to the car.Now drive into another
place owned by the Ballas.Sweet will drop you off and meet up wwith 
you after you get 3 of the other tags.Go get them and Sweet will come 
and meet up with you.Once you see him get in the car and head back to 
Sweet's house.

Cleaning the Hood

  Drive with Ryder to B-Dubs crib.Once you watch the clip go find the 
crack-dealer and kill him.Once you do that go to his crib and kill the 
Ballas inside.Make sure you use the bat cause if you use the gun the cops
will hear you.Once your done drive back to your hood.

Drive Thru

  You will first have to drive to the nearest Cluckin Bell to eed your
crew.But once you order Ballas will perfoem a brive-by.Chase them down.
Concentrate on driving and your boys/crew will do the shooting.Once you 
kill them drive to Sweets house.Drop off  Sweet and Ryder but drive 
Big Smoke back to his crib.

Nines and AK's

  You and Smoke will drive to emmey's to get some weapons from an old
friend.Once you get there Smoke will teach you ho to shoot in all ways.
Once you complete that drive Smoke back to his crib.

Drive by

  Drive your crew into Balla's territory to perform some drive-bys.
Youw ill find your first gang drive by them and your crew will
shoot at them.But dont stop the cr or it will blow up.You will
perform 4 drivebys.Once your done two wanted level stars will appear.
Drive to a Pay 'n' Spry to susspend your stars.Once you do that
drive back to Sweet's house.

Sweet's Girl

  Go into sweets house but nobody will be there.You will get a phone
call from Sweet.Sweet and his girl are under fire.You must drive 
over to sweet and save him from dieing.Hurry though,once you get there 
kill the gand thats shooting at Sweet.Once you kill them get a 4 door
car and meet Sweet in the front.Drive Sweet abck to te Hood but a gang 
will be following you they will begin to open fire.Make sure you lose

Ceasar Validpino
  Go to the garage in Willowfield to get your brand new Lowrider.Go to 
lowrider meetingin El Corona.When you get there you must challege 
someone in a lowrider dance-off.You must win.After you win you
will become friends with Ceasar.



Home Invasion 
  Drive  the Burglar Van to the house.When you get there go inside.
You must still amunation crates inside.But be Queit.The owner is
still there but sleeping dont wake him up.Steal at least three
crates and get back in the van.Drive the van to the lock up


  You and Ryder must drive down to the tracks.You will find a 
non-moving train.Stop next to it.There will be Vogos around it, 
kill them.Once you kill them some Ballas will show up.
you must also kill them.After that go onto the back of the
train.The train will begin to start moving.Ryder will be right behind
you.You mus through some crates to Ryder Once your done with that
Cops will be after you drive to a pay n spray tp lose them.
Then drive back to the hood.

Robbing Uncle Sam

  Drive the Van to the Navy/Army staion at the docks.Jump over the
fence and shoot the guards.Then shoot the keypad on the fence to open
it.Ryder will drive-in.Go to the warhouse and shoot the keypad.Once 
the door opens there will be guards inside.Kill them.Get inside the fork 
lift and pick up the boxes and put them iside the van.Once you get
all 6 boxes get out of there.Drive  to the lock up garage.But there will
some visiters.The Army will com after you and try o stop you.
Honk the horn to make Ryder thro a crate at the vehicale to blow it up.



High Stake, Low rider

  Drive down to cesars house.Then follow him to the lowrider race.
You must race 8 other riders to the pier.Be carful cause these guys
dont like to lose.Also look out for other drivers that arent racers.


    Big Smoke

O.G Loc

  Get inside the car and drive own to the police station to pick
up OG.After that drive to freddys house.You will stay with OG and
Smoke will take off.Freddy will try to escape on a motorcycle.
You must hunt him down.Get on the other bike and have OG get on the 
back.OG will shoot at Freddy as you drive

Running Dog

  You and Smoke will drive to pick up a cousin.Later on some Vogos 
will talk some trash Smoke will take one out you must take out the 
other.Chase him down but there will be others protecting him.

Wrong side of the Tracks

  Drive down to the train station same place you went when you
did the lowrider dance contest.Once you get there you will see
some Vogos.They will jump onto a on boardin train.Get on the 
dirtbike next to you.Smoke will get on the back.Catch up with the 
train to shoot the Vogos.Smoke will shoot them, you must keep up.
Make sur thry dont get acroos the waters.And also look out for 
on coming trains.

Just Buisness

  Drive Smoke downtown.Smoke will go inside a building for a 
meeting.He will call out for you.It will become a set up.Cops 
will be everywhere you must kill.Onc you kill them go outside with
Smoke and kill the ones outside.Then follow smoke onto a bike.You
will be on the back shooting.There will be cops on bikes and cars
you must shoot them to defend youself from blowing up or atleast hold 
them till you get to the sewer tunnel where you will lose them.


    OG Loc

Lifes a Beach

  Go down to the beach party and you  must talk to the DJ.
You must get her attention by dancing.If you get a dance score 
higher then 2500 she will invite you into her office.Once she does 
steal the van and the sound systm and head to the loch up garage
under the freeway.

Madd Dogg's Rhymes

  Go to Madd Dogg's mansion to steal his rhyme book.Once you go 
inside you will notice guards are everywhere.You must perform 
stealth mode And stick to the shadows to not gget caught.Kill 
the gaurds that get in your way.Make sure you get the book.

House Party

  Go to OG's house when the party has started.You will go outside 
and some one will warn you that ome Ballas are coming.You must
Defend you territory and kill them.But many are coming from everywhere.
Watch your back though Good luck!!!!



Burrning Desire

  You must go down to a hiiden alley way were someone has hidden 
som motavs, go get them.Once you get them drive to the gang house 
and throw them through them through 5 windows but some vogos will
be around the house.Once you get all 5 windows you will notice there
is a girl inside the building.You must save here from death.Go inside 
the building and find her.Once you have found her you just get a fire
estingwisher and put out the fire.This will help you get out of the 
house.Once you save the girl someone special will happen,she will become
your girlfriend.After that drive home next to the Ganton.

Gray Imports
  Go down to the docks where the Ballas and the Russians are making a
deal.There will be guards out and inside the warhouse kill them all.
Do tht then go inside the warhouse by shooting the keypad to open
the door.You will find the russian dealer on the second floor.Her will
 try to escape.Chase after him and kill him but Ballas and Russians 
will try to Protect him from you P.S dont let him get to his car!!!!



Dober man

  Meet up with Sweet at the ammunation store  to by weapons.Once you 
start this mission it will trigger territory war.Gangs will begin to 
battle each other for territory.Go down to Glen Park and kill any 
gang in site after that a message will say "you ahve provoked a 
gang war".You must go threw 3 waves of gangs to conquear that 
territory.The more territory you conquear the more respect you get.
The more respaect you get the more gang members you can recruit.

Las Suplicro's

  Recruit 2 gang members to roll with you and sweet to kill Kane at
the gravyard.Get in the car and drive to Graveyard.You must go through
the back so Kane does not see you.Once you get there jump over the wall 
tell ur gang members what to do.Ki all the Ballas in sight but some of 
them have some armor so youll need more shots then usuall.Once you kill Kane 
get in the get away car with Sweet and get back to Sweet's place.

Reunitting the Families

  Get in the car and drive yourcrew to the grove street meeting at 
the hotel.Once you get here Cops will show up everywhere but Sweet
will still be inside the hotel.Go get him out of there but there will
be some S.W.A.T teams trying to kill you.Get in and find him fast.
Once you find Sweet follow him to the top of the hotel.A heliocopter 
will arriver you must shoot it down to protect the Sweet.Once you shoot
it down go down the stairway with Sweet.Ryder and Smoke will arrive in
the car.Cops will stil be after you.You must shoot them down so you
dont blow up.Bikers will jump onto the car sometimes.Later the gun will
jam and thatswhen the action gets better.Once you lose the cops you
will all split up.

The Green Sabre

 You will get a phone call from Ceasar he says that he needs you.
You must drive and meet him under the freeway.He will be waiting in
a car in a alleyway.Get inside the car.Durning the Clip CJ will catch 
Ryder and Smoke working for the Ballas.After the clip you must huury
to warn Sweet about what he saw.But once you get there Sweet will
be wounded he had been shot.Kill the Ballas as they keep coming to
show them how Grove Street Families Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  Denise-Will become your girlfriend after the mission Burning Desire
         She loves to perform driv-bys and dance
         car- Hustler
         gift-She willl get you a gift its a prize for being a good 
              boyfriend.Its a Pimp Suit
         Time home- 16:00 to 6:00


                        AlR Lap Race with Hortiring Racer
                      Prize - Monster Truck & Hortring racer


                             Binco-average clothing
                             Sub Urban-Moder Clothing 
                             Pro Laps-Sports Wear
                             Burger Shot-Burgers
                             Cluckin Bell-Chicken
                             Pizza Stacks-Pizza

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