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Lufia 4 Alchemist Locations and Ancient Cave Bosses
By: Fox White

IMO, this game lives up to the first two Lufia titles, but the 3rd one sucked 
horribly and it needs to be burned. Anyway, on with the lists.

Update - Thursday, October 02, 2003.
- Added 3 Alchemists.
- Next update will have new bossess.

Update - Saturday, July 26, 2003.
- Added 1 Alchemists.
- Fixed Alchemist List.
- Added new list for Alchemist Locations.
- Added 2 Ancient Cave Bosses.

Update - Thursday, July 24, 2003.
- Added 5 Ancient Cave Bosses.
- Added 0 Alchemists.

Update - Wednesday, July 23, 2003.
- Added 2 Alchemists.
- Added 11 Ancient Cave Bosses.
- Added new information about topics.
- Added EXP and Gold in Ancient Cave section.

Update - Tuesday, July 22, 2003.
- Added 7 Alchemist Locations.
- Added 1 Ancient Cave Boss.
- Published to Cheatcodes.

Alchemists can teach you many needed combinations to create good items. Search them 
out and discover their secrets. Then find the needed components to make items.

Item		Description		Location
		Slime			Main Characters Home
		Monkey			School in Gruberik
		Priest			Front of Ancient Cave
		Bird			Near Old Well
		Pirate			Auction Room after Purchasing Moon Stone
		Man Lying Face Down	Karnack
		Dog			Nazare
		Rat			Gruberik after Gratze takes control
		Horse			Ordens
Ex-Potion	Dog			End of Jungle Spire
Revive		Man in Bed		Inn in Narbick
Egg Ring	Red Core		Top left corner in Rangoon
Fortune Ring	Girl in bunny costume	House in Eristol
Ex-Magic	Book Case		Bookcase in the Inn

-Ancient Cave-
If the bosses are different for you, please E-mail me with the Boss you encountered 
for each floor.

-Information about the Ancient Cave-
- The Ancient Cave has been completely re-done, there are bosses on each floor that 
must be defeated in order to move on to the next floor.
- Be sure to check for shrines in each area so that you can increase your power.
- This is a great place for training the main character, and if you want, you can 
even bring your friend's main characters along!
- Make sure you have plenty of potions when you enter the Ancient Cave. If you die, 
you lose all of your equipment and items found in the cave.
- Even though you cannot bring any other party members, you can take your monster 
in with you.
- Use a Providence to leave the cave. It can be found within the cave itself, but 
cannot be taken outside.
- Be careful, monsters will come out of chests and bags. Thieves can be found in 
shrines and bags.
- You can't open your inventory in the Ancient Cave until you beat an Area Boss, 
make sure your health is 100% when you enter new areas.
- Save your AP for harder fights. 
- Miracle Hit is a great way to prevent yourself from getting killed while still 

Ancient Cave Bosses
Floor	Boss				EXP	Gold
1-1	Goblin				250	100
1-2	King Lizard			50	22
1-3	Mini Dragon			63	100
1-4	King Spider			365	400
1-5	Light Essence x2			1000	400
1-6	Elpasar				2000	550
1-7	High Hydra			520	150
1-8	Shell Snake			818	333
1-9	Dryzan				6000	2500
1-10	King Spider x2			730	800
1-11	Death Petal			1070	???
1-12	Elasmosaur			1355	???
1-13	Ghoul				800	???
1-14	Thunder Hawk			1200	420
1-15	Commander				1008	350
1-16	Lava Dragon			1000	555
1-17	Parasitic Cell			20100	???
1-18	Metal Yan			680	250
1-19	White Whale			1850	380

- Myself for all my hard work...if you can call sitting down playing video games 
and typing on a keyboard hard work.

This List is (c) Jonathan Turner.

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