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[Version history] (*= Unfinished)
v. 0.1 ----- (1 March 2002) First version: the basics
v. 0.3 ----- (15 March 2002) 1P mode: default variations, Quest mode: 
v. 0.4 ----- (23 March 2002) *Variations, unlockable modes?
v. 1.0 ----- (31 March 2002) Map: grid, coordinates, objects

[The basics]
Welcome to the addictive game of Tetris, accompanied by your favorite 
Disney characters. Included in this FAQ are explanations of Quest mode, 
and each individual mode of unlockable Tetris variations. 

[To begin...]
Ah, everyone's favorite mouse. Press Start to move to the profile 
screen. Enter your name if it is your first time playing. From now on, 
everything you unlock will be saved under your name. So, if you unlock 
all modes in 1P and someone else plays under a different profile, they 
will not be able to play all of the modes without unlocking them first. 
The high scores, however, will be shared throughout all profiles. After 
entering/ selecting your name, you are presented with four blocks 
(modes) in the main menu: 1P, Quest, 2P, and Data. 

1P mode is your basic arcade Tetris, with extra versions that can be 
unlocked in Quest mode. Quest is a RPG-like mode where you have the 
chance to play as a Disney character and challenge others. 2P is a head-
to-head mode, which requires another GameBoy Color. Data mode displays 
the high scores for each variation. 

[1P mode]
After selecting your character and difficulty level, you can choose 
which variation to play. The default variations available are Standard 
and Updown Tetris. Select one to begin. After each Game Over you are 
given the choice and a countdown to continue. Push Start to play the 
same variation or push A to speed up the countdown. This brings you back 
to the main menu.


-Standard Tetris-
This is your typical, day-at-the-arcade Tetris. Get a Tetris (four lines 
at once) and score bonus points, or clear lines one after another to get 
combo multipliers to your final score. This is exclusive to 1P.

-Updown Tetris-
This mode gives you a computer opponent who, according to difficulty, is 
playing a game at the same time you are. If you get hi-scoring combos or 
a Tetris, they gain extra lines on their screen that they have to work 
on clearing, but the same goes for you too. This is found in both Quest 
and 1P.

-Magical Tetris-
This is similar to Updown Tetris, but you should see a black space, or 
the waiting area, at the top of your screen. Like Updown Tetris, you are 
playing against a computer opponent, but instead of getting filler 
lines, you get/ send unusual pieces to the black area. The better you/ 
your opponent does, the more odd pieces will be sent to the other 
player. (Hint: quickly clear a line to get rid of the pieces in the 
black space, giving you less unusual pieces.)

-Signal Tetris-
In this mode you are given a row of colors at the bottom (red and blue 
for Easy and Normal, red, blue, and yellow for Expert), which you must 
match with your default row, located right above the pattern you're 
given. To change the color of your row, you must clear a line, and the 
last block you cleared the line with will change color. Repeat the 
process (you can change multiple block colors) until the colors match. 

-Towering Tetris-
On the left, you will see a column of red. These are the filler lines 
that will appear on your screen. You need to keep clearing lines until 
the column of the left turns completely green, and a keyhole appears at 
the bottom of the screen. Once you clear the line with the keyhole, 
you've beaten the stage. (Hint: a special piece, shaped like two blocks 
put together, shoots individual blocks out once it appears. Push the A 
button repeatedly to shoot blocks out to help clear lines. The piece 
itself will disappear once it reaches the bottom, but the blocks will 

[Quest mode]
In quest mode, you have the choice of playing as Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, 
or Donald Duck in a RPG-type game to win the grand prize in the Tetris 
Coin Rally: Mayor for a day. You must collect the six number coins you 
are assigned in order to win. Win coins by challenging other characters, 
trash cans, buildings, and other objects. You must win the type of 
Tetris presented in order to win the coin.
There are two types of screens in this mode: map and dialogue. The map 
includes a sprite of your character, other characters, objects such as 
trash cans and lamp posts, and buildings. This is where you challenge 
(begin Tetris games) by knocking on objects. The dialogue screen appears 
every time you knock on something. The dialogue screens display a 
picture of your character and whatever you are talking to. Dialogue at 
the bottom displays conversation and instructions for the mode of Tetris 
you are about to play.
D-pad: move character (basic 4-directional movement, one speed only)
A button: "knock", dialogue (used to initiate conversations and 
challenge objects/ people to Tetris matches on map, also used to scroll 
through dialogue on dialogue screen)
B button: not used
Start: pauses game, save menu, dialogue (press once on map screen to 
save/ quit or save/ continue, press on dialogue screen to advance 
dialogue quickly)
Select: displays coin holder (shows remaining coins needed)

  A B C D E F G 

CT= Challenge Tetris (get X amount of pts within time limit)
TT= Towering Tetris (clear lines, keyhole)
TaT= Target Tetris (clear symbols on screen with limited pieces)
MT= Magical Tetris (normal, add strange pieces to opponent)
ST= Signal Tetris (match lights on bottom)
UT= Updown Tetris (add lines according to opponent status)

Buildings and landmarks:
Character houses:
5E     Mickey's house
7E     Minnie's house
1E     Clarabelle's house
3E     Horace's house
2F     Donald's boat
2D     Daisy's boat
4D     Huey, Duey, and Luey's house
7A     Pete's castle (h)
7C     Weasel's house
1C     Goofy's house (h)
5G     Chip & Dale's house 
    Other buildings:
1A     Rally Station (h)
3A     Trolley Building (h)
5A     School (h)
6B     Electrical station (TaT)
4B     Bank (ST)
4B     Post office (h)
2B     Town square (CT)
3C, 6D Trolley station
5C     Fire station
5B     Mickey-shaped flower garden
6F, 7F Forest
6G, 7G 
2G, 3G Bridge
1G     Forbidden Island (ST)

Lamp post- 1A, 4A, 6A, 5B, 7B, 1D, 4D, 1E, 6E, 5F
Mailbox- 2A, 4B (TT), 7B, 3E, 4E, 2G
Manhole- 6A, 2B, 3B, 1C, 6C, 1D, 5D, 7E, 3F, 5G
Trash can- 3A, 4C, 6D, 1F, 3G
Telephone- 5A (CT), 1B, 2C, 5C (TaT), 7D, 1D, 4G

Big Bad Wolf (TT)
Pete (MT)
Clarabelle (CT)
Daisy (UT)
Donald (MT)
Horace (CT)
Ducks (ST)
Minnie (UT)
Chip & Dale (TaT)
Mickey (MT)
Weasel (TT)

Use the grid above to find your way around town. I'm not sure about 
character positions, but Minnie always seems to stay near her house, the 
chipmunks are ALWAYS in the forest, the weasel wanders near the northern 
end, and the ducks are spread out. Everyone else is probably random.  
When they have found all 6 coins, they will make their way to the finish 
line. Your starting point will depend on the character you choose- each 
will start at their respective houses.

-Notes on characters, buildings, and objects-
*The Rally Station (1A) is probably the most important building. During 
your adventure, it tells you the standings by showing how many coins 
each character has. If you actually knock on the Rally Station, though, 
it tells you what numbered coin each character has in their possession.
*Each character will have their own characteristics, and will only offer 
one type of Tetris for you to play. 
*Minnie will always tell you what coins she has before you challenge her 
if you are Mickey Mouse. 
*The main characters will run after you if they notice you on their 
screen, but if you do not wish to play (and possibly lose a coin) you 
can run from that screen and avoid them. As soon as an exclamation mark 
appears on them, run because you will not be offered to decline the 
challenge if they challenge you. On the other hand, you will be given a 
choice to accept of decline if you challenge them first.
*Chip and Dale both offer Tetris games, but only one has the coin, 
decided randomly. Don't bother playing the other one if you have their 
coin. The same goes for Horace and Clarabelle, and the three ducks.
*Most manholes only give you " . . . . . ." when you knock of them but 
some have coins hidden. This is random, and you must read the mailbox/ 
trash can/ telephone hints to find out. 
*Most of the time, trash cans, posts, and telephones only give you 
hints, but some give challenges as well. Knock on everything. Again, 
this is random.
*All houses tell you which coin a character begins with if you knock on 
the door. 
*When you only need one more coin, head over to the Forbidden Island 
Signal Tetris. You will receive the free coin, which fills any slot on 
your coin holder.

-The end?-
If and when you win, do sit through the credits. You will be brought the 
title screen, and a new mode should be unlocked for 1P mode. Each time 
you win the rally in a different difficulty level (Easy, normal, expert) 
of Quest mode unlocks a different mode of Tetris for 1P mode

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