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      Manaphy: the Prince of the Sea:
 Weight: 3.1 lbs.
 Gender: Unknown
 Ability: Hydration
 Height: 1' 00'
EGG Group: Water 1/Fairy

Lv.    Move        Type    PowerBasic  Tail Glow   Bug
Basic  Bubble      Water   20
Basic  Water Sport Water
 9     Charm       Normal
 16    Supersonic  Normal
 24    Bubblebeam  Water   65
 31    Acid Armor  Poison
 39    Whirlpool   Water   15
 46    Water Pulse Water   60
 54    Aqua Ring   Water
 61    Dive        Water   80
 69    Rain Dance  Water
 76    Heart Swap  Psychic
 No.   Name         Type    Power
TM03   Water Pulse  Water   60
TM04   Calm Mind    Psychic 
TM06   Toxic        Poison
TM07   Hail         Ice
TM10   Hidden Power Normal  
TM13   Ice Beam     Ice     95
TM14   Blizzard     Ice     120
TM15   Hyper Beam   Normal  150
TM16   Light Screen Psychic
TM17   Protect      Normal
TM18   Rain Dance   Water
TM20   Safeguard    Normal
TM21   Frustaration Normal
TM27   Return       Normal
TM29   Psychic      Psychic 90
TM30   Shadow Ball  Ghost   80
TM32   Double Team  Normal
TM33   Reflect      Psychic
TM42   Facade       Normal  70TM43   Secret Power Normal  70
TM44   Rest         Psychic
TM48   Skill Swap   Psychic
TM53   Energy Ball  Grass   80
TM55   Brine        Water   65
TM56   Fling        DarkTM58   Endure       Normal
TM68   Giga Impact  Normal  150
TM70   Flash        Normal
TM77   Psych Up     Normal
TM82   Sleep Talk   Normal
TM83   Natural Gift Normal
TM86   Grass Knot   Grass
TM87   Swagger      Normal
TM89   U-Turn       Bug     70
TM90   Substitute   Normal
HM03   Surf         Water   95HM07   Waterfall    Water   80

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