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               /-------\            /-------\
              /         \          /         \
             /           \        /           \
            /             \      /             \
           /               \    /               \
          /                 \  /                 \
         /                   \/                   \ario Party 3

4.Starting Partners
6.Mini Games
7.Board Maps
8.Story Mode
9.Party Mode
11.Hidden Blocks

code:* means coins : ☼ means stars


In the center of a vast universe a remarkably bright star was born.  Only once in 
1,000 years, the millennium star according to legend whoever possessed this 
mystical star would become the greatest superstar in the universe but, however 
since the star was but a new born it fell from the starry sky. Around that time 
Mario and all his friends were happily relaxing when.... Suddenly the millennium 
star came crashing down.  Mario and all his friends soon began arguing about who 
should keep the millennium star.  Seeing this, Lakitu came flying in, dangling a 
toybox from his rod.  That’s right they could play Mario party to see who the 
biggest super star was suddenly the millennium star gave off a brilliantly bright 
flash of light and with that bright flash Mario and all his friends were 
transported inside the toy box

Mario--Our famous hero uses the GOLDEN MUSHROOM to dash about
Luigi--This man of many talents loves to use SKELETON KEYS
Peach--She’s tricky so watch out when she uses the PLUNDER CHEST
Daisy--Quite the tomboy she’s a fan of the CELLULAR SHOPPER
Yoshi--WARPING is his way of keeping others on their toes
Wario (my favorite)--This matchless dueler loves using the DUELING GLOVE
Donkey Kong--Strongest of all he likes the REVERSE MUSHROOM
Waluigi--Beware or this sneak may use the POISON MUSHROOM

Mushroom 5* T lets you have 2 dice blocks
Skeleton Key5* T/B lets you open gates
Cellular Shopper 5* T lets you buy an item whenever and from whoever
Warp block *5 T randomly switches you and someones spots
Boo repellent 10* T if boo comes to steal stuff the boo repellent goes to stop him
Dueling glove 10* T lets you duel anyone you want
Golden mushroom 10* T three diceblocks to rool
Magic Lamp 20* T takes you to the star when you use it
Item bag 30* T/B gives you 3 items
Poison mushroom 5* B sets a person to only 3 spaces
Reverse mushroom 5* B sets a person backwords
Plunder Chest 10* B randomly steals an item from someond
Bowser suit 10* B steals 20 * from any one you pass
Luckey lamp 10* B randomly moves the star
Boo bell 15* B have boo come to you
Item bag 30* B/T get 3 items
(found in toads item bags,questions from toad or hidden blocks)
Koopa card lets you take all the money uot of the bank when passed
Wacky watch sets it to only 5 more turns
Lucky charm go to gameguy
Barter Box swap all items

4.Starting Partners
Mario-Koopa Attack:1 <3:2 *1
Luigi-Goomba Attack:2 <3:1 *2
Peach-Toad Attack:1 <3:1 *1
Daisy-Snifit Attack:2 <3:2 *5
Yoshi-Boo Attack:2 <3:1 *3
Wario-Bob-omb Attack:1 <3:1 *5
Donkey Kong-Whomp Attack:0 <3:4 *3
Waluigi-Piranha Plant Attack:3 <3:1 *5

Battle Royal Map \/
Blue Space-3 more*
Red Space-3 less*
Happining Space-something meight happin
Chance Time Space-chance time
Bowser Space-bowser will pop up
Item Space-get an item
Battle Space-start a battle
Gameguy Space-its a game guy mini game
Duel Map \/
Basic Space-Get a space
Minigame Space-Mini game
Power Up Space-Partner power up
Happining Space-happing will pop up
Your Space-you get coins
Opponents Space-loose coins
Gameguy Space-game guy minigame
Home-get 10* and partner

6.Mini Games
1 red 3 blue or 1 blue 3 red = 1vs3 minigame
2 red 2 blue = 2vs2 minigame
4 red or 4 blue = 4 player minigame
green = randomly chose colors

7.Board Maps
Battle Royal Maps
Chilly Waters
Deep Bloober Sea
Spiny Desert
Woody Woods
Creepy Cavern

Duel Maps
Gate Guy

8.Story Mode
Do all the battle royal maps and duel maps but you must come in first to move on to 
the next map if you dont you will get held back and soon you will win and get your 
face on mt.mariomoor but its only one player

9.Party Mode
you can free play here and have other humans play you can choose the map too! and 
you can go to stuff you cant in story mode

you can collect coins by winning minigames and battles bowser is a bit diffrint you 
must have 0* and talk to him or land on a bank or pass a bank with a koopa kard or 
have boo steal coins

11.Hidden blocks
Sometimes if you land on a space you will find hidden blocks in theese are: ☼,*, or 

BOO steals coins or stars from someone it costs 5* to steal * and 50 to steal ☼
MILLENNUIM STAR gives you ☼ for 20*
ACTION TIME PEOPLE makes an action time happen

Koopa Bank-you must pay 5* but if you land on it you get all * in it
Item Shop-you buy items here
Junction-you can pass through theese with skeleton keys

Waluigis Island is a battle royal map
Backtrack is a duel map
Staff credits
(note you must beat story mode any level to get theese)

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