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~*~*~*~MARIO PARTY 8~*~*~*~

                            By *Andi*
                   Copyright © Andrea K. 2009
                    [email protected]
                     Last Edited, 04/04/09

[MP1] Hey it’s me again!! This will be my second ever walkthrough! Mario Party
8. What a great game! So fun! This walkthrough will be all about the extra
stuff, not story line, cuz really it’s not that strategic. So sit back, grab a
bag of chips, and read until your eyes go bloodshot! I’m adding some more
sections such as characters and controls, just to make this the ULTOMATE
walkthrough for Mario Party 8. Please enjoy this walkthrough! - *Andi*

                         Version Info


V.1 This one that you’re reading is my first version. So enjoy it before I
completely change it! (Like I completely changed my other one)


                      Table of Contents

[MP1] Introduction
[MP2] Version Info
[MP3] Table of Contents (You’re looking at it)
[MP4] Bare Bones Guide on Completing the Game
[MP5] Basic Controls
[MP6] Characters
  [MP6.1] Playable Characters
  [MP6.2] Supporting Characters
  [MP6.3] Evil Guys 
[MP7] Boards
[MP8] Spaces
[MP9] Candy
[MP10] Mini Games
  [MP10.1] 4 Player
  [MP10.2] 2 VS 2
  [MP10.3] 1 VS 3
  [MP10.4] Battle
  [MP10.5] Duel
  [MP10.6] Challenge 
  [MP10.7] Last
[MP11] Tents
  [MP11.1] Party Tent
  [MP11.2] Star Battle Arena
  [MP11.3] Mini Game Tent
  [MP11.4] Extras Zone
  [MP11.5] Fun Bazaar
[MP12] Taunts
[MP13] Tag Team Names
[MP14] Odds and Ends
  [MP14.1] Special thanks
  [MP14.2] Contact Methods

             Bare Bones Guide on Completing the Game


I got this idea from nintendo_girl21 (Megan Lynch). Thanks and I hope you don’t
mind me using your idea!

Follow these easy steps and you’ll complete the game in no time!!! 
(I Think…) Haha!

1. If you find the Battle Royal difficult, play the Tag Team battle and put your
partner level to Hard(Or very hard if you have bought it from the Fun Bazaar).
Or you can put the handicap setting on.

2. If you just can’t seem to unlock some mini games, buy them in from the mini
game wagon in the Fun Bazaar.

3. Don’t be afraid to spend some coins on candy.

4. And as always, READ THIS WALKTHROUGH! (Tee hee)

                           Basic Controls


+Control Pad: Used in some mini games

A: Used in some mini games and to select menu options

B: Used in some mini games

+: Press during board play to pause the game

-: Used to quit mini game practice mode

1: Used in some mini games

2: Used in some mini games



This page will tell you all the playable characters (How to unlock the two
missing), and all the supporting ones. Basically all the character 

                       *Playable Characters*

Dry Bones

Unlockable Characters:

Blooper (Complete the Star Battle Arena with any character)
Hammer Bro (Complete the Star Battle Arena with Blooper)

                    *Supporting Characters*

Ballyhoo & Big Top
Donkey Kong
King Boo
Pink Boo’s
Shy Guy
Holly Koopa

                            *Evil Guys*

Like I even have to tell you…




This section will tell you all the boards (How to unlock the missing one), and
how to get a star on the boards.

DK’s Tree Top Temple: Classic clash! Race to reach the stars spread around the
jungle. DK knows shortcuts!

Goomba’s Booty Board Walk: Full speed ahead! Dash up the single path to plunder
the captain’s star stash! 

King Boo’s Haunted Hideaway: Madness in the maze! Search an ever-changing manor
for the secret star room!

Shy Guy‘s Perplex Express: So close, yet so far! Rush up to the front car to get
a star. Simple? Not on this train! 

Koopa’s Tycoon Town: It’s a spendy spin on stars! Snatch up real estate to
become the top tycoon!

Unlockable Boards:

Bowser’s Warped Orbit: Hunt… and be hunted! Go on the star attack in Bowser’s
twisted realm!  



This will tell you all the possible spaces in tag team, battle royal, and duel.

Battle Royal/Tag Team/ Duel Battle:

Blue Space: You’ll receive 3 coins when you land on this space.

Green Space: landing on this space triggers a surprise event, which varies by
board and location.

*Lucky Space: This triggers a very lucky event, which varies by board and

DK Space: Landing on this space triggers an event that helps you out. When it’s
finished, all of these spaces turn into Bowser spaces.

Bowser Space: 	Landing on this space starts an event that hinders you. When it’s
finished, all of these spaces turn into DK spaces.

Red Space: You’ll lose 3 coins when you land on this space.

*= Not in duels

Duel Battle Extra Spaces:

VS. Space: Landing on this space will start a duel mini game
The winner will take coins or stars from the loser.

Coin Area: When you pass through this area and hit the coin block, you will
receive coins. (Passing through does not count against your dice block roll)

Challenge Space: Landing on this space starts a challenge mini game.



This will tell you all the candy, what it does, and the category it fits under.

Red Candy-Affects the dice block:

Twice Candy: Lets you hit 2 dice blocks

Thrice Candy: Lets you hit 3 dice blocks

Slowgo Candy: This makes the dice block show only the numbers 1 through 5 and
slows the scrolling of the numbers so you can get what you want.

Green Candy-Makes impact before you move:
Springo Candy: Turns you legs into springs, so you can hop to a faraway rival as
determined by a dart throw.

Cashzap Candy: releases lightning that reduces your opponent’s or other team’s
coins by half.

Vampire Candy: Turns you into a vampire bat that steals a number of coins from
your opponents as determined by your dart throw.

Yellow Candy-Makes impact while you move:

Bitsize Candy: Turns you into a pixellated character who collects 3 coins for
every space traveled.

Bloway Candy: Turns you into a tornado that sends every opponent you pass back
to the start.

Bowlo Candy: Turns you into a ball that bowls over ever opponent you pass,
stealing each one’s coins. In battle royal and tag battle, you’ll steal 10
coins. In duel battle and star battle, you’ll steal 20 coins

Weeglee Candy: turns you into three tiny versions of your character that
collectively steal one candy from each opponent you pass.

Blue Candy-Makes massive impact while you move:

Thwomp Candy: Transform into a thwomp and squash every opponent you pass,
reducing their coins by half. 

Bullet Candy: Transform into a bullet bill and hit three dice blocks, stealing
one star from each opponent you pass.

Bowser Candy: Transform into Bowser and hit two dice blocks, stealing two stars
from each opponent you pass.

Duelo Candy: Burn with the passion for the duel! You will hit two dice blocks
and stop and duel with the first opponent you encounter. If you win, you can
steal coins or stars with a spin of the wheel.

You can buy these candies in stores, or look for candy scattered all across the

                               Mini Games


This section will tell you all the mini games you can play and what category
they fit under.

                             *4 Player*

1. Speedy Graffiti
2. Swing Kings*
3. Water Ski Spree*
4. Punch-a-Bunch*
5. Crank to Rank*
6. At the Chomp Wash*
7. Mosh-Pit Playroom*
8. Mario Matrix
9. Lava or Leave ‘Em
10. Kartastrophe
11. Rudder Madness*
12. Sick and Twisted
13. Shake It Up*
14. In the Nick of Time
15. Scooter Pursuit*
16. Flip the Chimp
17. Alpine Assault
18. Treacherous Tightrope

                              *2 VS 2*

1. Grabby Gridiron
2. Bumper Balloons
3. Rowed to Victory
4. Winner or Dinner*
5. Paint Misbehaving‘*
6. Sugar Rush*
7. King of the Thrill*
8. Lean, Mean Ravine*
9. Boo-ting Gallery
10. Crops ‘n‘ Robbers

                              *1 VS 3*

1. Gun the Runner
2. Grabbin’ Gold*
3. Power Trip 
4. Bob-ombs Away*
5. Swervin’ Skies 
6. Picture Perfect*
7. Snow Way Out*
8. Trash ‘n‘ Crash
9. Chump Rope*


1. Aim of the Game
2. Cut from the Team*
3. Snipe for the Picking*
4. Saucer Swarm*
5. Glacial Meltdown


1. Swing Kings*
2. Aim of the Game
3. Bumper Balloons
4. Paint Misbehaving‘*
5. Sugar Rush *
6. Shake it Up*
7. Saucer Swarm*
8. Attention Graber*
9. Blazing Lassos
10. Wing and a Scare
11. Lob to Rob
12. Pumper Cars
13. Cosmic Slalom*
14. Lava Lobbers*
15. Loco Motives
16. Specter Inspector
17. Frozen Assets*
18. Breakneck Building
19. Surf’s Way Up
20. Balancing Act
21. Ion the Prize* 
22. You’re the Bob-omb*
23. Cardiators*
24. Rotation Station
25. Eyebrawl*
26. Settle It in Court
27. Flip the Chimp


1. Pour to Score
2. Fruit Picker
3. Stampede


1. Superstar Showdown



This next little bit will tell you all the different tents and what you can do
in them.

                                *Party Tent*

When you start a new game in the party tent, you’ll use the following procedure
to choose the rules and settings for your party-board match.

*Select a Battle*
    -Battle Royal (Four characters face of. 1-4 players.)
    -Tag Battle (Two teams of two battle it out. 1-4 players)
    -Duel Battle (Two characters battle. 1-2 players)

(You’ll see the rules for a battle when you select it. Take a good look,
especially if you’re trying a new kind of battle for the first time, and then
confirm your selection)

*Select Players*
    -One Player, three COM
    -Two players, two COM
    -Three players, one COM  
    -Four Players

*Select Character*
    -Random (Player one can select this option to randomly assign              
    characters to players you haven’t chosen one yet.)

(Each player will control a different coloured finger pointer when choosing a
character. Player one must choose any system-controlled (COM) characters. Player
one must also select OK when everyone has finished with their selections.)

*Select Team* (Optional)

(You only have to choose teams when playing a tag battle. Each team has a unique
team name, depending on which two characters are paired.)

*Select Rules 1*
    -Number of Turns
    -Mini Game Settings
         - All Mini Games Set (All party-board mini games can show up)
         -Simple Mini Game Set (Only easy-to-play mini games will appear)
    -Bonus Stars
         -On (Bonus Stars will be awarded at the end of the game)

*Select Rules 2*
    -COM Difficulty Setting
         -Very Hard (Available in the fun Bazaar)
    -Handicap Settings

*Select Stage*  

Select a party-board stage to play!


                             *Star Battle Arena*

The star battle arena is for one player only. You’ll play against a COM
character on each of a series of stages. If you make it to the end, you will be
dubbed the superstar. The rules in the star battle are similar to those in the
duel. Unlike battle royals and tag battles, your game is saved at the end of
each stage, not at the end of each turn. The main point of each board is as follows:

DK’s Treetop Temple: Get 2 stars before your opponent does!

Goomba’s Booty Boardwalk: Collect 50 coins to give to captain Goomba!

King Boo’s Haunted Hideaway: Find king Boo and hunt down 2 stars!

Shy Guy’s Perplex Express: Collect 50 coins to give to the celebrity koopa!

Koopa’s Tycoon Town: Snatch up 4 stars in the hotel biz!   

Bowser’s Warped Orbit: Steal all of your opponent’s stars!

                             *Mini Game Tent*

One to four players can play mini games here that you’ve unlocked in other parts
of the carnival. You’ll need to configure the following settings:

*Select Players*-*Select Characters*-*Select Rules*-*Select Game*-*Choose Start

Five Ways to Play!:

Free Play Arcade: Play any mini game you have encountered in the party tent or
in a star battle. Press + while playing a mini game to access the pause menu.
Press A to restart the mini game. Press - to quit the game. 

Crown Showdown: Be the first to tally 3, 5 or 7 wins in this competitive mode.
Up to 4 people can play, or you can start a heated duel with only two. When you
have 4 players, you will also need to choose the type of mini game you’ll play. 

Flip-Out Frenzy: When you win a mini game, you can choose one of the panels that
haven’t yet been claimed. When you choose a panel, all of the other panels in
the same row and column will also be seized. To win you must finish with the
most panels. Up to 4 players can play.

Tic-Tac Drop: Play duel mini games to determine who gets drop balls of their own
colour into a grid. The first player to line up three balls of their own colour
wins. One or two players can play.

Test for the Best: In this one-player mode, you’ll play the following ten mini
games, trying to get the best score you can. Your performance will be rated to
determine your mini game level, which sends you ever higher in a hot-air balloon!

-Swing Kings   -Rotation Station   -Settle it in Court   -Saucer Swarm 
-Kartastrophe  -Alpine Assault     -Surf’s Way Up
-Ion the Prize -Pumper Cars        -Snipe for the Picking
*You must purchase this mode in the Fun Bazaar*

                            *Extras Zone*

Eight ”extra-large” mini games appear only on the extras zone. Four of them are
available, the rest you must buy in the Fun Bazaar. You must configure the
following settings when you’re in the extras zone:

Select Players-Choose the number of players

Select Character-Each player can choose to play as either a Mario party
                8 characters, or a mii character. Choose Mini Games.

Choose Mini Games-The mini games you can choose to play are as follows:
                      -Star Carnival Bowling
                      -Trial by Tile
                      -Flagging Rights
                      -Canyon Cruisers
                    Ones you need to buy:
                      -Table Menace
                      -Puzzle Pillars
                      -Chomping Frenzy
                      -Moped Mayhem

                              *Fun Bazaar*

Use your carnival cards earned from playing in other carnival areas to purchase
music, mini games, carnival figures, and other surprises. Or simply drop in to
check the records board or listen to music!

Records Board: Look here for the best records on each mini game, test for the
best results, or for general information about mini game sets.

Mini Game Wagon: Trade your carnival cards for mini games here! You will only be
able to access the mini game wagon after completing the star battle.

Carnival Wagon: Come here to see any carnival figures that you’ve purchased put
on display, or entered into a lively parade!

Surprise Wagon: Trade your carnival cards for various game items here. This is
the inventory list:

-Table Menace {50cc} (This is a table-tennis game you can play in the extras zone)

-Puzzle Pillars {50cc} (This is a puzzle game you can play in the extras zone)

-Chomping Frenzy {50cc} (This is a Chain Chomp game you can play in the extras zone)

-Moped Mayhem {50cc} (This is a moped game you can play in the extras zone)

-Very Hard {50cc} (You can choose Very Hard as a COM difficulty setting)

-Heckling Voices {50cc} (You can use taunts on game boards)

-Test for the Best {50cc} (You can play Test for the Best in the mini game tent) 

-Staff Best Records {50cc} (You can see the game designer’s best performances at
these games!)

-Character Voices {50cc} (You can hear the voices of the characters in this game)

-Carnival Music {50cc} (You can hear the sounds from the party boards)

-Mini Game Music {50cc} (You can hear the sounds from the mini games)

-Staff Credits {100cc} (You can check out the names of everyone who helped make
the game) 

Carnival Figures {30cc each}:

-DK’s Balancing Act

-DK’s Barrel Cannon

-Dolphin Shuttle Swirl

-Shipwrecked Goombas

-King Boo’s Revenge

-Hideaway Breakout

-Perplexed Chef

-Express Engine

-Koopa Crane

-Hotel Happiness 

-Warped Space Shuttle

-Space Colony Tower

-Super Shaken Soda

-Sugar Rush Surprise

-Bullet Blitzer

-Party Karting

-Spinning Boat

-Sweet Saucer

-Flip the Chimp

-Big Bob-omb’s Blast

-Baby Penguin Frolic 

-Lava Bubble Burst 

-Potted Piranha Plant 

-Chain Chomphouse

-Poppin’ Party Tent

-Star Carnival Stage

-Barrel of Fun

-Bowser’s Fury

-Ballyhoo and Big Top

-Test Take Off

Carnival Calliope: Come here to listen to game sounds, music, and character
voices you’ve bought from the Surprise Wagon.



If you buy Heckling voices, you can use a taunt during board play by shaking the
wii remote. Each character has 2 of their own taunts:

Mario: 1. C’man 2. Boo!

Luigi: 1. Come on, let’s a go! 2. Oh boo! 

Peach: 1. I am the princess! 2. Booo! 

Yoshi: 1. Keee boo, boo, boo! 2. Booo… 

Wario: 1. Looser! 2. (Pffffffffffffttttttt) Excuse me…

Daisy: 1. Na na du buh huh! 2. Lu lu uhn!

Waluigi: 1. Waluigi number one! 2. Wheeeeeeh

Toad: 1. I’m the best! 2. Mn neey…

Boo: 1. Eeeeeeeeee he eeeeee he ehehehehehehe! 2. Meeeeh!

Toadette: 1. Nyahaha nyehehe! 2. Booooooooooooooo!

Birdo: 1. Wow wow, shhhhhhhwow! 2. 2. Boo…

Dry Bones: 1. Ehehehe buhuhu! 2. Shhh ku shhh ku

Blooper: 1. Bloop, bloop, bloop 2. Bleh, bleh, bleh 

Hammer Bro: 1. Hehehe gag adada ban! 2. Ohhh, ohhh…

Some aren’t exact taunts because it was a little hard to decode the sounds into

                              Tag Team Names 


Like I said before, each pair has a unique name. The names are as follows:

*Mario Team Names*

Mario + Luigi = Mario Bros.
Mario + Peach = Power Players
Mario + Yoshi = Fan Favorites
Mario + Wario = Big Starrios
Mario + Daisy = Flower Players
Mario + Waluigi = 'Stache Clashers
Mario + Toad = Fungi Fun Guys
Mario + Boo = Soul Bros.
Mario + Toadette = Marionettes
Mario + Birdo = Super Snozzios
Mario + Dry Bones = BBQ Ribs
Mario + Blooper = 'Stache Splashers
Mario + Hammer Bro = Heavy-Blow Bros.

*Luigi Team Names*

Luigi + Mario = Mario Bros.
Luigi + Peach = Waltzing Brawlers
Luigi + Yoshi = Green Machine
Luigi + Wario = Green 'n' Greedy
Luigi + Daisy = Tango Tanglers
Luigi + Waluigi = Lean 'n' Mean
Luigi + Toad = Savage Sidekicks
Luigi + Boo = Scaredy Pants
Luigi + Toadette = Cha-Cha Chasers
Luigi + Birdo = Samba Smashers
Luigi + Dry Bones = Cry Bones
Luigi + Blooper = Blooper Scoopers
Luigi + Hammer Bro = Longtime-Foe Bros.

*Peach Team Names*

Peach + Mario = Power Players
Peach + Luigi = Waltzing Brawlers
Peach + Yoshi = Kind Hearts
Peach + Wario = Sugar 'n' Spies
Peach + Daisy = Damsels in Success
Peach + Waluigi = Sweet 'n' Sour
Peach + Toad = Loyal Friends
Peach + Boo = Boo-for-Teas
Peach + Toadette = High-Flair Pair
Peach + Birdo = Pink Superpowers
Peach + Dry Bones = Dry Thrones
Peach + Blooper = Royal Flush
Peach + Hammer Bro = Glamour Hammer

*Yoshi Team Names*

Yoshi + Mario = Fan Favorites
Yoshi + Luigi = Green Machine
Yoshi + Peach = Kind Hearts
Yoshi + Wario = Poached Eggs
Yoshi + Daisy = Tomboy Trouble
Yoshi + Waluigi = Scrambled Eggs
Yoshi + Toad = Good Buddies
Yoshi + Boo = Hovering Friends
Yoshi + Toadette = Flutter Friends
Yoshi + Birdo = Egg Explosion
Yoshi + Dry Bones = Sky Bones
Yoshi + Blooper = Double Dippers
Yoshi + Hammer Bro = Hungry Hammers

*Wario Team Names*

Wario + Mario = Big Starrios
Wario + Luigi = Green 'n' Greedy
Wario + Peach = Sugar 'n' Spies
Wario + Yoshi = Poached Eggs
Wario + Daisy = Mischief-Makers
Wario + Waluigi = Double-Crossers
Wario + Toad = Crazy Allies
Wario + Boo = Double-Dealers
Wario + Toadette = Double Agents
Wario + Birdo = Rotten Eggs
Wario + Dry Bones = Dumb Skulls
Wario + Blooper = Drenched Stench
Wario + Hammer Bro = Scammer Hammer

*Daisy Team Names*

Daisy + Mario = Flower Players
Daisy + Luigi = Tango Tanglers
Daisy + Peach = Damsels in Success
Daisy + Yoshi = Tomboy Trouble
Daisy + Wario = Mischief-Makers
Daisy + Waluigi = Double-Facers
Daisy + Toad = Bloomy Shroomy
Daisy + Boo = High Spirited Duo
Daisy + Toadette = Perfumed Shroomy
Daisy + Birdo = Gallopin' Gal-Pals
Daisy + Dry Bones = Daisy Pushers
Daisy + Blooper = Bloopsie-Daisy
Daisy + Hammer Bro = Barn-Builders

*Waluigi Team Names*

Waluigi + Mario = 'Stache Clashers
Waluigi + Luigi = Lean 'n' Mean
Waluigi + Peach = Sweet 'n' Sour
Waluigi + Yoshi = Scrambled Eggs
Waluigi + Wario = Double-Crossers
Waluigi + Daisy = Double-Facers
Waluigi + Toad = Half-Cranky Duo
Waluigi + Boo = Total Creeps
Waluigi + Toadette = Half-Pranky Duo
Waluigi + Birdo = Double Scammy
Waluigi + Dry Bones = Boneheads
Waluigi + Blooper = Bloop 'n' Snoop
Waluigi + Hammer Bro = Stench Henchmen

*Toad Team Names*

Toad + Mario = Fungi Fun Guys
Toad + Luigi = Savage Sidekicks
Toad + Peach = Loyal Friends
Toad + Yoshi = Good Buddies
Toad + Wario = Crazy Allies
Toad + Daisy = Bloomy Shroomy
Toad + Waluigi = Half-Cranky Duo
Toad + Boo = Doom 'n' Shroom
Toad + Toadette = Zoomin' Shrooms
Toad + Birdo = Surprise Attackers
Toad + Dry Bones = Short Ribs
Toad + Blooper = Spray Players
Toad + Hammer Bro = Stealth Strikers

*Boo Team Names*

Boo + Mario = Soul Bros.
Boo + Luigi = Scaredy Pants
Boo + Peach = Boo-for-Teas
Boo + Yoshi = Hovering Friends
Boo + Wario = Double-Dealers
Boo + Daisy = High Spirited Duo
Boo + Waluigi = Total Creeps
Boo + Toad = Doom 'n' Shroom
Boo + Toadette = Boo Duet
Boo + Birdo = Unfair Pair
Boo + Dry Bones = Scary Pair
Boo + Blooper = Creature Feature
Boo + Hammer Bro = Bad Vibes

*Toadette Team Names*

Toadette + Mario = Marionettes
Toadette + Luigi = Cha-Cha Chasers
Toadette + Peach = High Flair Pair
Toadette + Yoshi = Flutter Friends
Toadette + Wario = Double Agents
Toadette + Daisy = Perfumed Shroomy
Toadette + Waluigi = Half-Pranky Duo
Toadette + Toad = Zoomin' Shrooms
Toadette + Boo = Boo Duet
Toadette + Birdo = Pink Powerhouse
Toadette + Dry Bones = Double Trouble
Toadette + Blooper = Bloop-dee-doo
Toadette + Hammer Bro = Smash Success

*Birdo Team Names

Birdo + Mario = Super Snozzios
Birdo + Luigi = Samba Smashers
Birdo + Peach = Pink Superpowers
Birdo + Yoshi = Egg Explosion
Birdo + Wario = Rotten Eggs
Birdo + Daisy = Gallopin' Gal-Pals
Birdo + Waluigi = Double Scammy
Birdo + Toad = Surprise Attackers
Birdo + Boo = Unfair Pair
Birdo + Toadette = Pink Powerhouse
Birdo + Dry Bones = Bone Chokers
Birdo + Blooper = What-the-Bloop
Birdo + Hammer Bro = Two-Timers

*Dry Bones Team Names*

Dry Bones + Mario = BBQ Ribs
Dry Bones + Luigi = Cry Bones
Dry Bones + Peach = Dry Thrones
Dry Bones + Yoshi = Sky Bones
Dry Bones + Wario = Dumb-Skulls
Dry Bones + Daisy = Daisy Pushers
Dry Bones + Waluigi = Boneheads
Dry Bones + Toad = Short Ribs
Dry Bones + Boo = Scary Pair
Dry Bones + Toadette = Double Trouble
Dry Bones + Birdo = Bone Chokers
Dry Bones + Blooper = Two-Toned Duo
Dry Bones + Hammer Bro = What-the-Deuce

Blooper Team Names

Blooper + Mario = 'Stache Splashers
Blooper + Luigi = Blooper Scoopers
Blooper + Peach = Royal Flush
Blooper + Yoshi = Double-Dippers
Blooper + Wario = Drenched Stench
Blooper + Daisy = Bloopsie-Daisy
Blooper + Waluigi = Bloop 'n' Snoop
Blooper + Toad = Spray Players
Blooper + Boo = Creature Feature
Blooper + Toadette = Bloop-dee-doo
Blooper + Birdo = What-the-Bloop
Blooper + Dry Bones = Two-Toned Duo
Blooper + Hammer Bro = Blooper Bros.

*Hammer Bro Team Names*

Hammer Bro + Mario = Heavy-Blow Bros.
Hammer Bro + Luigi = Longtime-Foe Bros.
Hammer Bro + Peach = Glamour Hammer
Hammer Bro + Yoshi = Hungry Hammers
Hammer Bro + Wario = Scammer Hammer
Hammer Bro + Daisy = Barn-Builders
Hammer Bro + Waluigi = Stench Henchmen
Hammer Bro + Toad = Stealth Strikers
Hammer Bro + Boo = Bad Vibes
Hammer Bro + Toadette = Smash Success
Hammer Bro + Birdo = Two-Timers
Hammer Bro + Dry Bones = What-the-Deuce
Hammer Bro + Blooper = Blooper Bros.

                           Odds and Ends


As another awesome walkthrough by me comes to an end, the final few things still
need to be addressed. SO KEEP READING!!

                             *Special Thanks*

My special thanks go to: My mom for loaning me ten bucks to pay for this game
(Which I still owe), for posting my last walkthrough, and for having this walkthrough, and once again,
nintendo_girl21 for just being awesome!

                             *Contact Methods*

If you like this walkthrough and my other one, I PROMISE you I will make
another. E-mail me for questions or comments (No certain 4 letter words, or 5
letters, or 7, or 3.) if you want to use this walkthrough on another site, you
MUST ask my permission and put me as the author.

Thank you for reading and enjoy Mario Party 8!!

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I’m goin’ to bed… Zzzz. NO CALLS! 

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