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Marvel VS Capcom 2 Dreamcast/Arcade Strategy Guide Ver. 03
by: Christopher dela Concepcion

Copyright July 26, 2000

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Ver. 01 - First FAQ. Alot of mistakes.

Ver. 02 - Patched up a few mistakes & added Assist Types

Ver. 03 - Added Iron Man and Sonson info. Plus the One-Hit kill for Abyss.

     (Man at long last this thing's done!)Welcome, ladies and gents to my second try 
at a fighting game FAQ. I'm Bahmat. I shall be your guide into the greatest 
crossover fighting game ever. (or probably just until the next best thing comes
along. You can never really tell when it comes to the fickleness of fighters. Oh 
well.) As it stands, I have absolutely NO idea what the story is. The absence of any 
understandable and visble story reduces this game to a simple, mindless bashfest. 
MVC was a bit better, because there was some semblance of a story line. This one has 
no story at all. Capcom must have been in such a hurry to put this one out that they 
forgot to put in something called a storyline. Oh brother. You win this one and what 
do you get? No ending for any of the characters. No little explanation as to why the 
heroes had to be gathered once more. Just some crappy guy saying, "Thanks for 
playing Marvel versus Capcom 2. Your name will be inscribed in fighting history." 
while the credits roll out, and some song which sounds like something from the 99.1
(for us here in Bacolod) Crossover radio station, andd a few pictures showing
the characters riding Ruby Heart's ship and that's all. What the hell is the story!? 
Why DO they have to fight Abyss? Ah but what the hell. It's a great game, 
nonetheless, so let's get ready to kick ass! But before we begin, let me remind all 
of you out there that I don't mind very much if you do copy this FAQ for home use. 
Hell, have a blast!! All I ask is that if this FAQ is to be copied for purposes such 
as freebies or magazine FAQ's or what not, please be civilized enough to give me 
credit. Also if you see anything wrong or missing in this FAQ, (typographical errors 
do not count) feel free to contact me at bahmat or you can check out 
Kao Megura's FAQ at for a more complete guide. I'm doing this to gain 
more experience in writing FAQs and hoping to entertain those who have read my 
previous FAQ at Marvel vs Capcom. So strap on your mouse cord, crack your knuckles, 
rest your reading eyes, clean your glasses (if you wear any) and hang on tight. But 
most importantly, have fun. Let the games begin.

Table of Contents

I.   Basic Controls and Tricks
II.  Marvel Fighters
III. Capcom Fighters
IV. Crashing Abyss 
V.  The Usual Raves
VI. Acknowledgements

I. Basic Controls and Tricks

     As you all well know, Capcom lets you now control THREE fighters ala King of 
Fighters, instead of the usual two. How you're going to beat all three fighter 
before the clock runs out depends on skill. Capcom also decided to do away with the 
six button configuration of their games and merged the LP with MP and WK with MK, 
placed the HP and HK in the second button spot and added a new feature on the third 
buttons. That's right, quick helper summons. The set up is something that looks like 

                         A - WP/MP    B - HP    E - 2nd Helper
                         C - WK/MK    D - HK     F - 3rd Helper

     So what this means is that to get MP/MK, you gotta press A/C twice. For 
beginners who are used to the old configuration, it may take quite some time to get 
used to it. But when you do get the hang of it, you'll see that it may prove to be 
very advantageous. Pressing either E or F when your opponent least expects it, say 
when he/she dashes towards you, or while your opponent is busy striking you while 
your blocking, letting him/her think all you're doing is blocking his/her big, bad 
ol'button combos, can make either you 2nd or 3rd character land a devastating sucker 
punch. Devastating, because if your chosen helper is a projectile user, like Gambit 
or Gouki, or a dash character, like Captain America, the moment their attack hits, 
you can follow up with another button-link combo of your own or really give it to 
your opponent with a powerful Super. I should know. I used the same tactics against 
one guy who just would not quit. (Gambit, Morriggan, and Juggernaut). Oh he was
good, let me tell you. He struck with decent button linkers and Super Cancels. 
Problem was, Juggernaut came in and Juggernaut Punched him when he least expected 
it! AH HA HA HA!! What was even funnier was that he was one stubborn sonuva*****! 
Challenged me NINE times, just to prove to his cronies that he could beat me! What 
pride! What courage! What STUPIDITY! But, more of that later. Now, some assissts 
launches your opponent in the air for an air combo, some heal a small amount of Hp, 
others knock your foe out of the sky (anti-air), and some simply grabs and pounds 
your foe. It all depends on who you choose and what type of assisstance you want 
them to give you. On the assist list, I'd suggest you look for it in some of the 
other MVC2 FAQ, because you sure as hell are not gong to find any here! The only 
thing that can make you decide on what perfect assisst type to use for what 
character is experience and familiarity. Once you become familiar with your 
characters, you'll be able to know what assisst type is perfect for your fighters. 

     Also, by pressing both E+F together, you can do a very easy Hyper Combination 
Finish with all three if you're at level 3 or higher, (max is level 5), two fighter 
if level 2, or a quick Super Cancel if on Level 1. That's the other thing that's 
good in this game. I was always wondering why was it that on the PSX version (by the 
way, does anyone know if MVC2 is coming out on PSX, or will it come out only on 
PSX2? I'd really like it to come out on PSX. If it does, I hope Capcom makes it a 
perfect arcade translation instead of all the EX crap they keep sending us!) I could 
do a Captain Corridor, then cancel it immediately into a Captain Sword, but in the 
arcade version of MVC, I couldn't do that. Now in MVC2, canceling is here with a 
vengeance! YES!!

     By the way, here are a few basic button commands and terminology when in my 
FAQ. (There arethose who have read my MVC FAQ before and know the terms well. For 
the newer ones, weeellll...):

f - forward
b - back
d - down
u - up
joystick direction - wherever you move the joystick.
dp - dragon punch (f, d, df)
rdp - reverse dragon punch (b, d, db)
qcf - quarter circle forward (d, df, f)
qcb - quarter circle back (d, db, b)
hcf - half circle foward (b, db, d, df, f)
hcb - half circle back (f, df, d, db, b)
Charge - hold indicated direction for a while
d, u - Hyper Jump
Quotes - what each fighter has said in old Capcom games/from comics/or what I think 
they would say.
Launcher -  anything that strikes an opponent into the air for a quick aerial combo.
Special Moves - the usual ordinary moves
Super Moves - moves that deals tons of damage
WP - Weak Punch
WK - Weak Kick
MP - Medium Kick
MK - Medium kick
HP - Hard Punch
HK - Hard Kick
PP - both punches pressed/ also dashes forward automatically/ pushes attacking foes 
when pressed
while blocking
KK - both kicks pressed / automatic Hyper Jump
f+HP+HK - Tech. Hit (do this when grabbed)
WP+WK - Tag in second fighter
MP+MK - Tag in third fighter
QCF + E/F - Snapback (prevents your opponent from assissting or tagging in for a 
Crossover Tag - b,db,d + E/F when blocking an attack. E-2nd fighter, F-3rd fighter
Beam Supers - projectile Supers that have the ability to deal alot of hit point 
damage (i.e Soul Eraser,
Royal Flush, Magnetic Shockwave, Hyper Megaman)
Charge Super - Body or weapon is thrusted either upward or forward (i.e Hyper 
Charging Star,
Messatsu Goushoryuu, Bone Storm, Shinkuu Tatsumakishipuukyaku)
Impact Super - fighter runs forward and hits. If it connects, hero goes into a 
combo. (i.e Weapon X,    
Captain Storm, Good Naiht Sugah, Midare Zakura) 
E+F - Hyper Combination (Deal INCREDIBLE DAMAGE against your opponent!)
XMCOTA - X-Men: Children Of The Atom
MSH - Marvel Super Heroes
XMVSSF - X-Men Vs. Street Fighter
MSHVSF - Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter
MVC - Marvel Vs Capcom
MVC2 - Marvel Vs Capcom 2
MVC series - starts from XMVSSF to MVC2.

     There is also what is known as a Crossover Super. Super because it involves 
using Super comboes, and Crossover because I chose to call it that way. What you do 
is cancel out one fighter's Super for his/her partner(s) Supers by doing that 
Super's command, depending on how many levels of power you got. I mean is, say 
you're using Morrigan, Gambit, and Captain Commando, (In that order), when you fire 
Morrigan's Soul Eraser/Silohuette Blade/Darkness Illusion, if it connects, at the 
peak of that Super, if you want to do Gambit's Royal Flush/Cajun Explosion, do its 
button command before Morrigan's chosen Super ends. Gambit will then jump in and 
join the party while Morrigan takes a hike. Now if you have Level 3 or higher, 
before the Flush/Explosion ends, if you think you want to throw a Captain 
Storm/Sword, do its button command at the middle of Gambit's Royal Flush. Captain
Commando will then replace Gambit and finish this little dance. Problem with this 
is, you can only throw the next Super in order. You know, First chracter, second, 
then third. Now, whoever is the last one to do his/her Super will continue the 
round. However, not all Supers will connect with the next one. You'll need patience 
and practice before you can master which Super of your chosen characters will flow 
continously. Obviously, the easiest to Crossover Super are the beam-type Supers. For 
Charge and Impact Supers, practice, practice, practice.

     Now Crossover Supers are a safe way( along with Crossover Tag) to switch 
characters. Pressing WK+WP/MP+MK is too obvious and has a 90% chance of being 
blocked and counter attacked. The good thing with connecting with a Tag move is that 
it sends your opponent flying and spinning for a while in the air, which leaves that 
sucker open to a launcher and button link combos. Doing Crossover Supers not only do 
intense damage, but also pushes away enemies for a safe switch. If you know that
your opponent can block your Super, and you desperately need to tag out without 
geting your ass kicked six ways to Sunday, throw a Super in your arsenal which you 
know will push an opponent away, like Beam and Charge Supers. In the middle of that 
Super,make your second character jump in with another Super which pushs him/her even 
farther away. One good thing about this is that sometimes, your opponent will never 
expect you to throw a second Super, so chances are he/she might loosen his/her block 
and leave their fighters open to damage and give you the oppurtunity to take the
fight to them!! Crossover Supers may be the only things that can get you out of a 
very sticky situation and turn the tides in your favor. But you who are reading 
this, don't be pulled in by Crossover Supers. When battling, keep one eye on the 
opponent and always take an occasional glance at his/her Super Meter. When that 
Meter is more than Level 1, always expect a Crossover Super switch. Expect it,
block it, and take the appropriate steps to turn the tables on them. Then again, if 
you suck big time in MVC2, no amount of Crossover Supers will save your sorry butt! 

     One last thing; there is no more EASY Mode!!! AH HA HA HA HA!! The only 
adjustments you'll find are for the Speed Modes: Turbo/Normal. Take that, the 
population of the Cheapo ranks! The only one not affected by this is that little 
troublemaker Megaman. So this time, no more one button press-automatic projectile 
fire or three PPP-automatic Supers! This time you toil to win in this game!! Think 
of this, after the previous three games, this fourth one is a test to see just how 
good you've become after all these years.

     By the way, in case you're wondering why I usually refer to gamers 
as "He/She/They", that's because I beleive both men and women make excellent gamers. 
Hell, my baby sister whoops me everytime in Tekken, and another girl spanked me very 
badly in MVC2 when I was just starting out, using ROLL! OH MY GOD!! AHHHHHHHHH! 
Sorry. Just had to get that off my chest.

     All right, here is the roll call for all fighters, 56 in all! This has got to 
be Capcom's biggest line up of warriors ever! I hope to God there will be MVC3 and I 
hope the Punisher is included. Hell, I even hope that there will be a Captain 
Commando 2 game in the Punsiher format. Y'know, where they can all be big and bulky 
instead of thin and scrawny looking like in the first Captain Commando game.The 
first Capatain Commando was just a wee bit too hard, even with 4 players.

                                      Marvel           Capcom
                                      Colossus         BB Hood
                                      Cable            Anakaris
                                      Gambit           Chun Li
                                      Iceman           Cammy
                                      Rouge            Morrigan
                                      Psylocke         Ryu
                                      Sabertooth       Ken
                                      Cyclops          Dan
                                      Marrow           Sakura
                                      Juggernaut       Gouki
                                      Hulk             Roll
                                      Captain America  Megaman
                                      Spiderman        Zangeif
                                      Silver Samurai   M. Bison
                                      Omega Red        Jill
                                      Magneto          Captain Commando
                                      Iron Man         Guile
                                      War Machine      Nash
                                      Venom            Strider Hiryu
                                      Blackheart       Hayato
                                      Wolverine        Tron Bonne
                                      Wolverine Alpha  Aminggo
                                      Storm            Jin Saotome
                                      Doctor Doom      Ruby Heart
                                      Shuma Gorath     Dhalseim
                                      Spiral           Sonson
                                      Sentinel         Felicia                
                                      Thanos           Kobun
     Now from what I understand and have heard, some of these characters are 
released by the experience points the machine earns over the days. Don't ask me how 
that works because I have absolutely no idea. All I do know is that at certain 
levels, random characters from Marvel and Capcom, or sometimes different color 
boxes, gold boxes around fighters which allows you to choose a different color for 
your fighter, appear. How was I able to get this roll call list? Over time, I simply
kept going to the arcades not paying too much attention to that strange Exp. box 
below the title, every day a new character coming into the picture, till one day, lo 
and behold, all the ? boxes have been filled and all characters present and 
accounted for.

II. Marvel Characters

1. Colossus - the real man of steel is back! Alright! It's been what? 4 
Marvel/Capcom games (MSH, XMVSF, MSHVSF, MVC) when he last saw action. MVC didn't 
even cut it, reducing this X-Man to a support character role? Watch out for this 
one. Although he's big, he's alot faster than Zangeif, Hulk or Juggernaut. What's 
worse is that just like the three aformentioned heavyweights, he's just as strong
as they are, only he's faster. Speed and strength. Deadly combination. Colossus can 
take out an opponent in only a matter of seconds. How's that for being a tad miffed 
at being excluded for so long, eh?

Qoute: "You can't make a better world by destroying the one we live in!" (Uncanny X-
Men # 293)

Assist Types:
A: Rush Tackle
B: Soaring Rush Tackle
Y: Launcher

Launcher - Standing HK

Special Moves:
Rush Tackle - qcf + LK
Soaring Rush Tackle - qcf + HK
Hammer Throw - qcf + P (can be done in air)
Hammer Typhoon - after H. Throw, spin the joystick like crazy for more power.

Super Moves:
Super Armor - qcb + PP
Power Dive - qcf + PP, then P again to dive (can be done in air)

     See what I mean? Others have brains and power. Him? he's just power. Pure and 
simple. Now I wonder how come he's not in the X Men movie? Why?! He's my favorite 
character of all.

Using Colossus - Play defensively. Never try to get the first hit in unless you are 
sure that you will connect. Remember. Colossus may be fast, but only in comparison 
with the other powerhouses in the MVC2 game. Against the other characters like Rouge 
or Gouki, he'll eat their dust. So don't be in a hurry. Be patient. Take advantage 
of every opening you see to show you opponent just how mean Colossus can be. Don't 
skimp on the Super Armor whenever you get the chance to use it. It sort of
increases your chances of winning just a bit. It's up to you to make good use of 
that advantage. Also, NEVER throw a Power Bomb at anyone out of the blue. Although 
one hit from it is equivalent to one ShinkuuHadoken or probably even more, it has 
Horrible starting time and when it is blocked, it has an even more horrible recovery 
time, leaving you very susceptable to a vicious counterattack. What I suggest is to 
use the Super when you have the opponent in the air. After Launching an opponent, A,
C, A , C  then strike with a descending Power Bomb. That means the moment he 
connects with the second C, do the Power Bomb Motion then quickly press d+P. 2-3 of 
that kind of treatment will send your opponent to the dentist for a dental check up 
just to see what teeth are left after eating Colossus' metallic frame. Shoulder 
Charges can be used as defense against projectiles without block damage. With the 
Hammer Throw, when you make contact with an opponent, spin it quickly to make it go 
into Hammer Typhoon for even more damage. Might I suggest that when using Colossus, 
do not EVER, underestimate the power of his Super Armor move. It gives him all the 
qualities of Gold War Machine and Mech-Zangeif. Which means in this mode, he cannot 
be stunned, tripped, launched, thrown, etc. What's even more to your advantage is 
that he can move normally even in that mode! He can even block! Only problem is that 
his speed is reduced a bit. Learn how to use Super Armor to your advantage and y!
 ou are invincible.

Against Colossus - Use fast characters against him. The faster the better. The CPU 
enjoys using Super Armor almost all the time. To get around that, wait for mistakes 
such as blocked Shoulder Charges or Hammer Throws to be able to counterattack and 
don't get stingy with using helpers. Don't get too close because Colossus has a very 
powerful B-button slam and don't keep on throwing projectiles at him. His Shoulder 
Charge move gives him the ability to shrug these things off without damage, just
like Captain America's Charging Star. Wait for Colossus to throw either a misplaced 
Super or Special Move and let 'im have it! You'll want to get rid of him as quickly 
as possible, because he is so very Bad News when against you and even deadlier as a 
support character. 

2. Cable - the time traveling, kick ass, no-nonsense, heavy duty, over the top 
leader of X-Force, Cyclop's bouncing baby boy, Nathan Christopher Summers-Askanison 
makes his video game debut on this version. And just like his father, he's got just 
about as irritating a beam special and Super as his old man. Ain't Papa proud?  

Quote: "There's a difference between being too forceful and refusing to compromise." 
Youngblood Crossover)

Assist Types:
A: Viper Beam
B: Psimitar
Y: Electro Trap

Launcher - Standing WP twice

Special Moves:
Pistol - HP rapidly
Viper Beam - qcf + P
Psimitar - dp + P
Elec-Trap - qcb + K (can be done in air)
Crackdown - qcf + K
Psytage - hcf + P

Supers Moves:
Hyper Viper Blast - qcf + PP (can be done in air)
Time Flip - qcf + KK

     And just like daddy, he's also a very balanced fighter. Cyclops must be so 
proud of him. But then again, if he dares to go up against Cyclops, then, ooohhhhhh! 
Father no happy!! 

     Also, he's perfect for all novice players in the meantime that the cheap little 
runt Mega(ugh!)man has not yet been released, although he's not as annoying as the 
little butt wiper. All they need to do is fire his Pistol from far across the 
screen, then Cancel it with a Viper Beam for an 8-10 hit combo. Or if they can, 
cancel the Viper Beam and throw a Hyper Viper Blast for even more cheap and cheesy
damage! AWWW, what am I saying?! This guy IS just as cheap as that Megaman! 

Using Cable - If you're feling very cheap ( boy do I hate you! NYEEEEEEHHH!), follow 
the instructions above, while utilizing your helpers for extra damage while you sit 
back, pick your nose and fire that beam, you can pass this game with your eyes 
closed and crossed and your thumb in your mouth, with drool coming out. This kind of 
strategy does not work against HUMAN fighters, though (except for the very mentally 
challenged), and all of you cheapsh#!$ can take that to the bank! Instead, utilizng 
your Electro-Trap well and with precise timing will stun your oponent long enough to 
let him or her have it with a button combo or a Super. Use his balance well. Don't 
play defensively unless you really have to. If not, jump in, block a few shots and 
bust heads. Or try this. Jump in with a deep D attack, then button chain on the 
ground, (do not Launch unless you would like to.) a simple A, C combo, end it with a 
double B pistol fire then Cancel with a Viper Beam and Cancel again with!
  a Hyper Viper Beam. Incredible to look at, a crowd wower and shows those of the 
Cheapo ranks what Cable is really capable of. However, be careful about letting go 
of your pistol when your opponent is near without any support fire like an Assist or 
a Viper Beam push away, because after three shots, Cable sort of freezes, leaving 
him open to a very nasty spanking. So watch it! If by some miracle your Time Flip 
Super connects, a shadow of Cable's comes out and begins to tango with the opponent. 
What's great is that it's like an old Ouroboros. While that shadow is busy pummeling 
your foe senseless, back it up with some moves of your own. You can even back it up 
with a Hyper Viper Blast if you feel like it.

Against Cable - in the CPU genepool, boy did Cable ever get the raw deal. Cyclops 
can put up a better fight than he can. The CPU version is pathetic, always leaving 
itself open to air kicks or low WK air combo starters. Other times, he simply 
doesn't block. However, be careful of the human players. When you see Cable pull out 
a pistol, either Super Jump/ Dash Jump over it and always expect a Viper Beam to 
follow it. Jump over the beam and strike Cable's fool head. Also, watch out for 
Electro- Traps. Those things are major trouble. Against HUMAN opponents, don't be so 
quick to dash in after Cable. Keep your distance, but close enough to jump in, as 
most of his moves have big recovery time, (not that long, but long enough to give 
you an edge), then counter appropriately.

3. Gambit - the ragin' Cajun is back for his thrid strike at a Crossover game. Not 
much to say about Remy, although some say, he's become alot faster than his MVC 
version, although I don't see it yet. I do however see that some of his moves have 
become very quick, easy to sucker punch an opponent with.

Quote: "Lebaeu....Remy Lebaeu. Remember dat name." (MVC)

Assist Types:
A: Kinetic Card
B: Cajun Slash
Y: Launcher

Launcher - d+HP

Special Moves:
Kinetic Card - qcf + P (can be done in air)
Trick Card - qcb + P
Cajun Slash - dp + P
Cajun Strike - Charge d 2 sec, u + K
Cajun Smash - Charge d 2 sec, u+P, then P again overhead

Super Moves:
Royal Flush - qcf + PP
Cajun Explosion -  qcf (forward)/qcb(back) + KK

     To all Gambit fans, this is what you want right? Gambit ranks right up there 
among some of the greatest fighters in MVC series. Probably because of his quickness 
and his ability to block on the fly. Now with cancelable moves, he's even deadlier 
than before! Now I've heard that some issues back , Gambit's secret past was 
revealed. Someone care to tell me all about it? I'll thank you very much for
the info.

Using Gambit - Use his speed and quickness to your advantage. Make every hit you 
land on an enemy ones that will make him/her regret ever going up against you. Link 
every hit, either button-link, special, or Super, because you can. Keep your 
opponent guessing by spinning his head with the Cajun Explosion. Let it loose where 
he/she least expects it to be, either from the right or to the left. Not only
does it do incredible damage, but it also has a very small recovery time. Also, 
forget that rule that throwing is cheap. This is the twenty-first century! Gambit's 
air throw (f+HK)(I'm sure most players know) can be used end an air combo with 
decent results. And although the damage ratio of his Royal Flush move has been 
slightly increased, so has his recovery time. Y'know? The one where, if his Flush 
ends, he snaps his fingers and looks pretty cool? Well, if that Super is blocked and 
he's standing too close to an  opponent, he'll look cool alright. Cool and dead! So 
try to keep from tossing the Royal Flush just like that. Wait for the right time to 
make your opponent eat those 37 cards.

Against Gambit - Be very careful going against this one. He can pull off devastating 
comboes and Super Cancels. The CPU AI for Gambit has also made him even craftier 
than before. When going up against Gambit, it's best to use someone whose just as 
fast or even faster than he is to outmove him. Also watch for his spinning move, 
which(Yes, I know that there are you big strapping players who can take on Gambit 
using slower chracters like Zangeif, Juggernaut,Cyclops, etc. Hell. I use Captain
America myself sometimes against him and I can still kick his butt. This suggestion 
is for those who would like to play it safe. Even I, if I have a speedster in my 
team, I'd rather let my fastest fighter go up against him rather than risk getting 
my strongest fighter whacked. )

4.  Iceman - the icy cheap ass from XMCOTA has returned along with Colossus. He's 
just as fast as before and he is still also just as cheap. Although you can't throw 
Ice Avalanches anymore like crazy and win like in XMCOTA, his Ice Beam does massive 
damage and now his Super is doable in air! 

Assist Types:
A: Ice Beam
B: Avalanche
Y: Ice Beam

Launcher: crouching HK

Special Moves:
Ice Beam - qcf + P (can be done in the air)
Ice Avalanche - qcf + K (can be done in air)
Ice Fist - qcf + P

Super Moves:
Artic Attack - D, DF, F + PP (can be done in the air)

     Yeech! This bastard is just as cheap as before!

Using Iceman - Sit back and use the Ice Beam, cheapos! But if you get the feeling 
for a batlle royal, use Iceman's speed. He's one of the faster characters in the 
game. Use that and use your Avalanche sparingly. Nowadays it comes out so slow and 
only in a straight down direction that anyone can cancel it with a projectile, 
assist character, or worse, a Super. Use the Avalanche to prevent your foes
from getting too close to you. Also, it seems that there are some projectiles from 
which Iceman takes no block damage. Figure that out yourselves because I don't have 
a clue. One of my friends just told it to me, and since I seldom use Iceman, I 
couldn't really care alot. Also, you can link his Arctic Attack in the air after a 
blistering air combo. Just launch your foe into the air, A, C, A, C then the moment 
your 2nd C hits, qcf + PP. Always connects. Very Damaging.

Against Iceman - You may not notice this, but Iceman takes just a bit more damage 
than the others. How do I know this? Well, It takes 3 Power Dives to take out 
Cyclops. It takes only 2 to take him out. The damage difference is not immediately 
noticeable, but it's there. Use the advantage of an incredible recovery when Iceman 
uses his Ice Beam. Jump over it and kick his stupid icy head! Always expect 
Avalanches and also expect a Super to follow that Avalanche now that Cancelling has
returned to MVC2. Keep an eye on Iceman and a quick glance at the Super Meter from 
time to time. Cancel Avalanches with projectiles or an assist character, (better an 
assist char. so you won't have your hands full) and take the dance to him.

5. Rogue - the lovely Southern belle makes a return appearance in the fighting game 
scene. It seems she's meaner, faster and with cancelling, a bit deadlier. Beauty and 
strength. It can't get any better than that. Gambit's gotta be pretty happy with 
this development.

Quote: "Darlin', you just don't know when to quit!" (XMVSSF)

Assist Types:
A: Rising Gatling Fist
B: Machine Gun Fist
Y: Status Drain

Launcher: standing HK, d+HP

Special Moves:
Machine Gun Punch - qcf + P (can be done in the air)
Rising Gatling Punch - dp + P
Power Dive Punch - dp + K
Power Drain - qcb + K

Super Moves:
Good Naiht, Sugah - qcf + PP
Machine Gunner Blazer - E+F

     Oh yeah, she's back. After so long an absence from the fighting scene, (No, a 
third character assist appearance on MVC does NOT count as an appearance.) she has 
returned. One of my favoritewarriors from XMVSF has returned. But I've heard in the 
comics that Rogue split with the XMen and joined Magneto. What's up with that?

Using Rouge - Oh man, is she ever FAST! She's one of the fastest fighters in the 
game, if not the fastest. Use her speed to your advantage. Dash in and out of fights 
and throw Machine Gun Punches with an air combo. And always go low. Rouge is so fast 
that sometimes players expect a high attack, not a low one. Take advantage of that 
factor. Break through their guard with a dashing low LK, use a launcher,(preferably 
d+HP. More controlable) then button combo your enemy. I added the Machine Gunner 
Blazer as a combo because it looks so cool, even though it's just another backup 
Super for use in cae of a Hyper Combination Finish. This is Cancelable and linkable. 
WP, WK, then E+F will do wonders. Her Good Naiht Sugah Impact Super is incredibly 
fast. Use that to counteract any misplaced combos or illtimed Supers. Also, if 
you're expecting Rouge to retain her abilities of copying an opponent's power, 
forget it! She doesn't copy powers no more, my friends, (I mean, how the hell do
you expect her to copy the powers of, say, Tron Bonne? or that crappy little runt 
Megaman, or even War Machine? Oh I get it! When she copies War Machine's powers, a 
Shoulder Beam comes ripping thruough her shoulder?! Or will it be through her ass 
for more room? Oh come on!) What she does is that, whenever she makes contact with 
anyone, she gets either a Defense, Power, or Speed Up enhancers. Sortuv like drugs. 
(AHHHHHH!! Rouge's an addict! MOMMMMEEEEE!!!!) Speed Ups will make her the wiriest 
fighter in the game, impossible to follow. Power ups will make her just as strong as 
Hulk, and Defense Up will give her the defensive status of Juggernaut. It all 
depends on what kind of enhancer each fighter is programmed to give.

Against Rouge - Oh good God! She makes my eyes go crossed! Her speed is amazing. If 
you  value your health, stay away from her! If she's a supporting character, she 
will be called out to do her stuff most of the time. She's probably the most 
pathetic support character when the CPU uses her. So take advantage of that little 
info. Every time she's summoned and if you feel that your present opponent who is 
doing the summoning can be fought to a standstill with both eyes closed, attack her 
in anyway possible. Concentrate on taking her out be or reduce her health 
considerably before she comes out onto the feild. Now attack her with fast 
characters as well, but go one the offensive cautiously, because the CPU has that 
annoying and dangerous ability of trapping you and doing low jump kick combos at

you. Some players out there know what I am talking about. She goes into some 
incredible combo which it seems that only the CPU is capable of pulling off, 
throwing Assist Characters at you while she's at it to increase damage effect, then 
ends with a flying kiss taunt. This attack is almost humanly impossible to do 
(because I have never heard of anyone pulling it off successfully. However, if you

do, please e-mail me. I'll verify it and post it on my ver. 03 With full credit to 
the sender, of course.) and extremely difficult to get out of once you get caught in 
the middle of it. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, when she does the 
first low jump kick and you blocked it, either get out of her way by Hyper Jumpimg 
away from her or throwing an Assist character, which attacks, at her before she can 
go into the second jump kick. The Assist Character may either take the damage or 
knock her off her combo. or do a jumping block. Y'know, while jumping back, keep 
holding back to continue blocking. It's alot safer than trying to block it on the 
ground where she can overhead kick you if you duck while blocking. Either way, 
you're saved from a humiliating combo defeat. Pretty soon she'll stop and throw that 
taunt of hers.
 Nows your chance to lauch your counter attack and let'er have it!. And
also, her Good Naiht Sugah Super, when blocked, as horrible recovery time. A blocked 
Sugah (get it? BLOCK SUGAR!? EHHEHEHE! "ahem" You're not laughing. Sorry. Got 
carried away. Boy is my face red.) just might give you the window of oppurtunity 
that you need to bust her out!

6. Psylocke - After her last appearance in MSH as a full time fighter, Betsy 
Braddock's decided that maybe now's the time to take a little walk back into the 
fighting game scene. She was one of my favorite characters in MSH, just so you know.

Quote: "I have danced with the devil himself. You are no threat." (MSH)

Assist Types:
A: Psi-Blade
B: Psi-Blast
Y: Psi-Blade

Launcher: d+HP

Special Moves:
Psy-Blast - qcf + P (can be done in air)
Psy-Blade - qcf + K (can be done in air)
Ninjitsuu - hcb + Any P or K

Super Moves:
Psy-Thrust - qcf + PP (can be done in air, joystick direction+PP again makes her 
thrust a second time
for double damage.)
Psy-Maelstorm - qcf + KK
Kochou Gakure - qcb + KK (can be done in air)

     An original X-Man sex bomb. I wonder how come she's not in the X-Men movie as 

Using Psylocke - Since she's a fast one, use that to fight. Be quick to take 
advanntage of every mistake your enemy makes, and make full use of her short dashes 
from which she seems to recover from more quickly than the others. Because it seems 
that all of her Supers are Cancelable and linkable, whenever you get the chance, 
always cancel or end a combo with a Super whenever possible. Here's one I saw done 
in the arcades. Start with a dashing low WK to break through your opponents
defense, d+HP, WP, WK, MP, MK, u+HK, then cancel that flip move with a HK Psy Blade, 
then Cancel it again with either a Psy-Thrust or a Kouchou Gakure in the air. Plenty 
of OHHHS and AHHHHS there, people. When you find yourself in a tight spot, don't 
skimp on the Ninjitsuu move to avoid a beating or to teleport out of a corner to 
prevent trapping.

Against Psylocke - If I thought Gambit was a hard opponent, Psylocke's AI is even 
harder. She has a nasty habit of Canceling every move she makes into a special or a 
Super move. Don't allow yourself to get trapped by her or you'll be eating psychic 
energy for a while. Instead, always let her make the first move, because she has 
this disadvantageous habit of doing the "WP, WK, cancel-to-a-Psy-Spin or a Psy 
Blast" kind of combo, even when the opponent blocks. So use that. Whenever you block 
a Psy Spin, rush in and counter that move. Also, sometimes Psylocke goes so fast, 
sometimes she can be sucker punched by Assist characters. Block a move and while 
she's busy ramming your defense, slyly press an Assist call button to shock her and 
take advantage of that little window of opportunity. She also enjoys grabbing on the 
fly, so begin mastering that Tech. Hit counter measure that I placed above.

7. Sabertooth - well, well, well, well! Wolverine's better counbterpart has finally 
resurfaced and he's just as bad as ever (Is the rumor true of what I've heard, that 
Sabertooth's skeleton is laced now with adamantium?) Time to kick butt and make his 
presence felt.

Quote: ''This ain't no street fight! You lose...'' (XMVSSF)

Assist Types:
A: Berzerker Slash
B: Birdie Call
Y: HP Attack

Launcher: d+HP

Special Moves:
Berserker Claw - qcf + P
Wild Fang - hcb + P
Birdy Call - hcb + K

Supers Moves:
Berzerker Claw X - qcf + PP
Berzerker Rage - dp + PP
Birdie Cannon - hcb + KK

     Wolverine's nemesis is back with a veangence after being put on hold for so 
long. Wait. Just a sec. I thought Birdie was dead. Hmm. Must be the game where the 
dead come back to life! Whoa! I can see dead people! That's AWESOME!

Using Sabertooth - he's changed much since his stint in XMVSSF. For one, he's wirier 
now. Which means, he's faster than before. And without that stupidly annoying stall 
everytime you dash in XMVSSF, his true potential has been released. His Berserker 
Claw X can't be linked along with a chain combo anymore, like in XMVSSF (launcher, 
WP, WK, MP, MK, then grab in mid-air with HP, which results in a slam that sends 
your opponent flying straight into the air, just like the kind of reactiuon you get 
when you make contact with a WP+WK Tag or a MP+MK Tag, which, with proper timing, 
can be linked with a Berserker Claw X Super. Expert Sabertooth players know what I'm
talking about. With that gone, almost none of his Supers are linkable anymore. (I'm 
still experimenting if Berserker Rage is linkable.) If anyone wishes to correct me 
on this score, please contact me at my e-mail address above. However, his Berserker 
Claws have become mucho rapido! Use these every once in a while to blindside an 
unsuspecting opponent. If timed right, they say it can even go through some 
projectiles. (I'm testing this claim as well.) His Wild Fang move can hop over 
projectiles. So use this move frequently on jerks like that sonuva"bleep"! Megaman 
and Cable! It can go over projectiles and hit them where they least expect it. Or 
better yet, his Berserker Rage for more painful results. Not only does it go over 
projectiles, but gives your opponent a spanking like nothing any of their fathers
had ever given them before! Dash in and out of a fight, slashing with every 
oppurtunity you get. Summon Birdie once in a while for a few hits (as well as a few 
laughs), but in the name of all that is good and reasonable, DO NOT throw his Birdie 
Cannon Super unless you know how to time it well enough to hit an enemy. It's 
enormous starting time which leaves the bank door wide open for counter attacks to 
counter this move. And even if no one counters this, only those who are so damn 
ignorant who do not know of the existence of something called a back direction which 
activates the blocking mechanism, will eat Birdie's shots.

Against Sabertooth - Watch it! He is fast! But then, the CPU version should prove no 
problem. However, it enjoys throwing Assist characters every now and then. Learn to 
counteract that little problem. Also, Sabertooth has a very damaging aerial rave 
combo, so try to avoid getting struck up into the air often. But then, you're 
biggest window of oppurtunity comes from the CPU's annoying habit of sometimes 
standing still and jamming on the WP buttons for no good reason, even when you are 
on the otherside on the screen. Don't question the morality or the legality of the 
situations, my child. Go for it! Break that guy wide open. Try to keep firing 
projectiles at a minimum and keep your eyes open for a quick Berserker Claw or a 
Wild Fang which could break your defense startegy wide open. Learn to recognize his 
Birdie Cannon Super animation and throw a Super of your own, preferably a Beam or 
Charge Super. Impact Super have a 50-50 chance of being successful before Birdie 
comes out.!
  Why take the risk, eh? Or better yet, HYPER COMBINATION FINISH!

8. Cyclops - Behold! Optic Blast!! The original master of gigantic Beam Supers has 
returned to the playing field. Probably to keep an eye on his bouncing little boy.

Quote: "You know why I won? I kept an eye on you!" (MSHVSSF)

Assist Types:
A: Optic Blast
B: Gene Splicer
Y: Cyclone Kick

Launcher: standing A twice

Special Moves:
Optic Blast - qcf + P (can be done in the air)
Rising Uppercut - dp + P
Cyclone Kick - qcb + K
Optic Sweep - f, df, d + P

Super Moves:
Mega Optic Blast - qcf + PP (can be done in air)
Tracer Optic Blast - qcf + KK (can be done in air)

     Hmmmmmm. Could Papa be coming in to get his little boy out of trouble, or to 
prove to the world that this old geezer still has what it takes to whoop ass!

Using Cyclops - Just like Cable, he's also a very balanced fighter. So it's only 
logical that, except for a few differences, they really do play alike. So what's 
good for Cable is also good for Cyclops. So play as you would with Cable. If you're 
a cheapo, sit back and Optic Blast away. But if you want to do it like a master, 
ready your fists and gird your loins. Cyclops, like Cable, is an excellent Assist 
character when you pick his Projectile Assist Type, so keep him back for a while, 
don't be so quick to jump into a fight with Cyclops for a while. If you have other 
fighters you know how to use well, use them and have Cyclops provide back-up. Also, 
like some of the other fighters, for the novices, here is a free combo. Launcher, 
WP, WK, MP, MK then qcf + PP. This is why it's great now, because he can finally do 
a real Super in the air and it doesn't matter if it is blocked. He has almost zero 
recovery time from a blocked Mega Optic Blast.

Against Cyclops - Always expect your opponent to Cancel his Optic Blast into the 
Mega one. However, if your opponent is one of those cheapos, then what the hell do 
you have to be worried about? Cyclops, just like his son, (unfortunately) has a 
quite a recovery time while doing his Optic Blast. Not as long as his son's but long 
enough to be taken advantage of. The thing is that, if say, an Assist character 
intercepts the blast, you're not affected. So use your Assist characters as sheilds 
and take it to this one eyed menace to society. Also, he telegraphs his Mega Optic 
Blast all of the time. So learn to recognize the opening sequence of his Mega Optic 
Blast, ("Behold! Optic Blast!!") Hyper jump over it, and counter with a Super of 
your own. Watch out though for opponents who keep Cyclops in the rear for a while. 
Always expect him to come out once in a while to wreak havoc on your sanity. Be 
careful because his Optic Blasts can cancel out alot of moves, even some Supers. 

 9. Marrow - now this has got to be Marvel's most disgusting superheroine yet.I mean 
with BONES coming out of her body as her own mutant power? Whoa! She should've been 
in the X-Men movie! I thought Storm ripped her heart out with the bomb strapped to 
it before. But then I also heard that she had joined the X-Men! How the hell is she 
still alive? And to think that Sarah had grown to this...

Assist Types:
A: Boneerang
B: Tearing Spine
Y: Ricochet Strike

Launcher: d+B

Special Moves:
Boneerang - qcf + P (can be done in air)
Tearing Spine - dp + P
Ricochet Slash - qcb + K
Let Me Ride - hcb + P (can be done in air)

Super Moves:
Stinger Bones - qcf + PP
Bone Storm - qcb + PP

     To think I had seen the limits to which ugly could  go to.....

Using Marrow - Oh but is she fast! (Isn't it any wonder that most of the female 
characters are speedsters? I wonder what they're in such a hurry for.) If you think 
that you can use the Boneerang like any other projectile, oh no, no, no, my son. You 
have to be in a certain position for the Boneerang to come into contact with. What 
it does is to act as a barrier behind your oppnent, so that when you throw one, you 
quickly give your opponent a quick button combo which pushes him/her towards the 
spinning projectile for extra damage. Also, play at keep away, because Marrow is an
incredible keep away gihter. Use her Ricochet Slash when the opponent least expects 
it and when she is blocked, she'll jump back to a safe distance to prevent attacks. 
What's also best to do is to place her in the Assist character's role, use one 
fighter, and have her back up every attack with her one Assist. (Might I suggest, 
ladies and gentlemen, to either choose a painful Expansion Assist Type which
utilizes her richochet Slash, or a trapper Projectile Assist Type..) You'll find out 
that she's a great Assist character in time. With her speed, she has almost no 
recovery time from her attacks, so come in low, d+WK, d+HP, WP, WK, MP, MK, then qcb 
+ PP as fast as humanly possible to finish with a Bone Storm Super (Actually, it's 
better to do a Bone Storm in the air than on the ground because if done on the 
ground, she sort of floats back for a few seconds and lets it go, horribly 
telegraphing her move.)

Against Marrow - Be careful of this speed demon. Always learn to play defensively 
when going up against characters as fast as she is. Although she has almost no 
recovery time, no fighter is that perfect as to have zero recovery time. Stay on the 
defensive becaue her d+HP has some recovery time and also her Ricochet Slash. A 
blocked launcher can give you time to sneak in a quick sweep kick or a quick HK/HP 
attack (nothing too fancy, unless you know what you're doing.) Watch for Ricochet
Slashes, (the CPU seems to be fond of doing that) block, then when she jumps back, 
which she's bound to do after a blocked Ricochet Slash, (it's best to use a speedy 
fighter for this one) dash after her and lay the smackdown on her. Or use a Super 
which comes out quickly enough to catch her just before she recovers from the 
blocked Ricochet Slash. (personally, I prefer an Impact Super.) Also, bewary when 
fighting against the CPU. If Marrow gets you in the air, hold back on your joystick 
to continue defending. You may think it's a lost cause because you're in the middle 
of a button combo. Wrong! She almost always finishes every aerial rave combo with a 
Bone Storm. it comes out pretty fast, but it still has a stall in it. Proper timing 
will prevent you from eating bone shards.

10. Juggernaut - Oh my God!! My God!! The big red machine! The big red machine is 
back! and he's back to kick some ass!

Quote: "I'm the unstoppable force, didn't ya know?" (XMVSSF)

Assist Types:
A: Earthquake 
B: Juggernaut Punch
Y: Juggernaut Splash

Launcher - d+HP

Special Moves:
Earthquake Slam - f, df, d + P
Juggernaut Punch - hcf + P
Juggernaut Body Smash - hcf + K (can be done in air)
Cytorak Power-Up - dp + PP

Super Moves:
Juggernaut Headcrush - qcf + PP

     After so long, the Juggernaut has returned to his proper place in the fighting 
arena as the strongest fighter in the world! (maybe in the game only). 

Using Juggernaut - First thing to remember is: Juggernaut is HUGE. Which means his 
level of speed is extremely low. He more than makes up for that in power. If you 
noticed, his attacks can take out quite a bit more than the others. So that's why 
it's important to remember to keep your guard up, especially against faster foes who 
seem to just hop all over the place. Don't be so quick to throw special moves 
because, truth to tell, Juggernaut has the WORSE recovery time in the entire game. An
Earthquake Slam leaves him open to jump attacks. Juggernaut Punches/Body Smashes 
leave him very susceptible to counter combos or Supers, and Cytorakk Power Up, if 
near a foe, will leave him out in the open. Learn to block and strike. Block and 
strike. Let your opponent go wild throwing his/her moves then counbterattack with 
every oppurtunity that presents itself. One thing to be said about Juggernaut, his 
attacks may have horrible recovery time, but they come out pretty fast, which can
sometimes catch an opponent offguard. So learn to time your attacks. Also try to 
Power Up every once in a while when you do get the chance. It makes you even 
stronger than normal. With a Power Up in place, 2 Headcrushes will blow your foe 
away. Hell, I've seen the CPU Juggernaut, after one Power Up, who was also done to 
probably less than 15% of Health Meter, use a Juggernaut Headcrush on a full life 
Wolverine and drained the rest of the ol' Cabuckle-head's like water. Took out a 
full lifed opponent with ONE Super! Now THAT is power!! Make good use of your Super 
Armor. Take in the fact that it will take two hits / one HP/HK to stun you. But 
Juggernaut's real potential is best put to use in the Assist mode. Choose the 
Juggernaut Punch (Dash) Assist Type and while one of your fighters is blocking, 
summon him for an unexpected Juggernaut Punch. It takes away loads of life and
it's so fast that very few fighters will see it coming before it's too late, and 
they come face to face with one mother of a big fist!

Against Juggernaut - Against him? AH HA HA HA!! He's my favorite enemy! The CPU 
version can be put away in your sleep! Consider him a give away character. Simply 
block all, and I do mean all, of his attacks and counter appropriately. He's only 
dangerous when he's down to almost 25% of life. That's when he starts throwing 
unexpected, and often times very fatal, Headcrushes. The real danger comes in his 
Assist mode. Always keep the side of your eyes on the screen's left and right sides 
for a quick block in case Juggernaut comes thundering through, especially against an 
opponent who loves to call for help. Against a HUMAN opponent, however, do not be 
fooled by all the blocking jive. Be wary when jumping in and attack because you 
might just begin eating a mouthload of fist. Bait your opponent into attacking first 
all the time. Let him/her make the mistake of making the first move, then take 
advantage of Juggernaut's recovery time to kick the big guy's massive ass!

11. Hulk - the Jade Giant makes another appearance into the fighting scene, but now, 
he's got incredible competition coming. With the return of Colossus and Juggernaut, 
it looks like the Hulk will have to really fight his way into the ''Strongest 

Assist Types:
A: Gamma Rip 
B: Gamma Charge
Y: Aerial Gamma Charge

Launcher - d+HP

Special Moves:
Gamma Hurricane - hcb + P
Gamma Rip - qcf + P
Gamma Charge - Charge b 2 sec, f + K
Aerial Gamma Charge - Charge d 2 sec, u + K

Super Moves:
Gamma Wave - qcf + PP
Gamma Crush - qcb + PP
Gamma Quake - qcf + KK

     Ever wonder what would happen should the Hulk return to normal in the middle of 
a fight?

Using Hulk - Just like the Juggernaut, he has Super Armor, reduced speed, fast 
moves, and terrifying recovery time. Play like you would the Juggernaut. Bait your 
opponents and strike. Make good use of Hulk's tremendous strength. Let them strike 
first, and when they make a mistake, make'em regret it! Hulk's Gamma Rip creates a 
small wave of rock which is perfect for playing keep away and prevent low jumping 
enemies from getting too personal. His Gamma Hurricane comes out pretty fast, so use
that as a counter measure against blocked specials which have incredible recovery 
time. His Gamma Charge, (for those of you who have yet to use the Hulk) can be done 
twice by first excecuting one Gamma Charge, aerial/ground, then pressing f+K when in 
an Aerial Gamma Charge to continue pounding your foe with a horizontal Gamma Charge 
in the air, or u+K after a ground Gamma Charge to follow up your opponent in the air 
with an Aerial Gamma Charge. Also, Although the Hulk is slow, he's somewhat faster 
than Juggernaut and the 'Geif, plus he's got very damaging Supers. So when you
do get an oppurtunity, d+HP, then qcf + KK to shower them (75% success)/ qcb + PP to 
crush them (99% success)Also, try this. Dash forward with d+LK, d+HP, (when laced 
with a d+LK, d+HP only gets one hit. Two hits from d+HP is necessary to launch your 
opponent.)then qcf + PP for a quick ride on a rocky Wave. Intensive damage. Again, 
the Hulk, just like the rest of the big guys, are at their best when kept in an 
Assist mode, especially when Hulk comes out of nowhere and bashes an enemy. Also, be 
quick to answer to Hyper jumps or jumpy opponents, (i.e Spiderman, Strider Hiryu)and 
any aerial attacks with a scathing Gamma Crush when your opponent least expects it. 
Make him/her fulfill their daily Recommended Dietary Allowance with a big healthy 
helping of rock!

Against Hulk - Just like Juggernaut, you can put him away in your sleep, only the 
CPU Hulk is a bit trickier than Juggernaut. For one, he enjoys using jump attacks. 
He also likes to call out support when you least expect it. But the real danger 
comes when he has energy in his Super Meter. Avoid jumping too close to him because, 
more often than not, he'll respond in a way most painful. So take advantage of his 
recovery time. Keep baiting him into using a special or a Super. When he does 
respond, block, then strike away with your best combo. However, if he's got no Super 
Meter juice left, by all means, attack him like you would Juggernaut, but be 
cautious. His power doesn't only come from his Supers, you know.

12. Captain America - the living sentinel of liberty,truth,justice,and democracy, 
Mon Kapitan America! Not a speedy character, but has great balance. Let Communism 
and oppresion fear him!

Quote: "Beleive in your country, but first beleive in yourself." (MVC)

Assist Types:
A: Sheild Slash 
B: Stars & Stripes
Y: Charging Star

Launcher - d+HP

Special Moves:
Shield Slash - qcf + P (can be done in air)
Stars & Stripes - dp + P
Charging Star - hcf + K
Cartwheel - hcb + P

Super Moves:
Final Justice - qcf + PP
Hyper Stars n' Stripes - dp + PP
Hyper Charging Star - qcf + KK

     After all these years, Cap still hasn't changed. This is his, what, 3rd 
appearance in the fighting game scene?

Using Captain America - Remember, he's fast, but he sure ain't no Road Runner! Let's 
say, reasonably fast. When going up against foes using Captain America, it's always 
good to put your best foot forward. Case in point, his sheild.Use Cap's balance 
speed, and wide HP range to weave your way to a victory. Having one of the most 
painful button link combos, running up towards an opponent, WP, WK, then dp + PP to 
go into Hyper Stars n' Stripes, make sure to learn when to use it, preferably
against those who have incredible recovery time. Remember, if you don't want any 
block damage, cancel any projectile with a Charging Star. His Cartwheel move gives 
you the oppurtunity to sneak up behind opponents and let them feel America's might. 
Plus, it's also a great way to get out of corners to avoid getting trapped by 
characters who enjoy trapping and opponent and pummeling them out. Never 
Underestimate the defensive power of the Hyper Charging Star. It grants invincibilty 
to anything, and I do mean ANYTHING, even most Supers. Also, it can be brought out 
from a block, so when your opponent throws something, block it and throw a 
surprising Hyper Charging Star which can really fool some opponents who think you're 
still blocking. Hell, I once went through three guys who did a Hyper Combination on 
me, (Morrigan, Gouki, and Iron Man.) If your close enough, like I was, Cap shrugs
off their Supers and make'em it sheild! All THREE!!! AHHAHAHA!! But , if say, your 
at the end of the screen, what will happen is, they throw their Supers and when you 
throw yours, you cancel out their Supers, taking their shots like a man, a receive 
ZERO block damage. Incredible.

Against Captain America - This one is dangerous. Always expect Cap to Cancel 
everything. Just wait your ground. Cap always throws Sheild Slashes, but once in a 
while, he lets go of a Charging Star or Stars n' Stripes. When the sequence ends, 
counterattack. His worse recovery time comes from using these moves. It's wven worse 
during a Hyper Stars n' Stripes Super, the only one in his Super arsenal which has 
any recovery time to speak of. (Final Justice has almost none and Hyper Charging  
Star, when block, pushes Cap away from you.) Don't pursue an attack after he blocks 
a projectile, because chances are, while he's blocking, a Hyper Charging Star is 
just waiting for you to come closer. When faced with a Hyper Charging Star, do not 
attempt to cancel it, especially if it's close, (yes I know that there are big 
players out there who have practiced Canceling out this Super, but, again, this is 
for the players who would just like to play it safe.). Either block it, or Hyper 
Jump o!
 f over it if you don't want any block damage. Learn to see where he goes when he 
does a Cartwheel and block appropriately. No need to get smacked from behind. Then 
counterattack like a good little soldier.

13. Spider-Man - The accursed insect is here AGAIN!!!!! UGH! Is it just my 
imagination, or has he gotten faster and more agile than before? I dunno. I've never 
been much of a Spidey fan.

Quote: ''You're not so tough! I expected better." (MSHVSSF)

Assist Types:
A: Web Ball 
B: Web Swing
Y: Spider Sting

Launcher - Standing A twice/ d+WK, MK,  standing HK

Special Moves:
Web Ball - qcf + P (can be done in air)
Web Swing - qcb + K
Spider Sting - dp + P, then P again for a second hit
Web Throw - hcb + P (can be done in air)

Super Moves:
Max. Spider - qcf + PP (can be done in air)
Crawler Assault - qcf + KK
Ultimate Web Throw - qcb + PP

     The one thing on my mind whenever I watch him fight is that, why does he looks 
so different from the rest of thefighters? It seems as though, when you use him, he 
doesn't seem to blend in with the background? Hmmmm...Also if he wins, it's "One for 
J.J." If not, well it's "None for J.J".

Using Spider Man - Bad thing about this guy is that none of his moves are Cancelable 
into Supers, (probably except only for his Crawler Assault(low C, d+HP, then qcf + 
KK) or so I've observed watching other Spidey players play.) That's their same 
complaint here. Cammy's Lock On is the same like Spidey's Max. Spider, yet this one 
can't be Canceled into from the air, unlike the Lock On which will be discussed 
later on.) however, his Max Spider can only be Canceled when you throw an LP Spider 
Sting then quickly cancel to Max. Spider before they fall to the ground. This is 
very difficult to do and timing and practice is necessary to get this baby. But his 
Supers DO come out mighty quick. Well except for the Ultimate Web Throw. Spidey is 
still a very fast character, so use that speed. Jump in and out of fights, spin an 
opponent's head in wondering from which direction you will strike next, and use 
Spidey's speed to take maximum advantage over blocked Supers, missed special moves,!
  or a miffed combo. Tossing Web Balls to stun an opponent for a while gives you the 
chance to pummel the trapped opponent senseless. Toss Web Swings when they least 
expect it and learn to keep your distance from the stronger fighters. Spider Sting 
opponents who like to go in the air or better yet, throw a HP Web Throw (goes 
straight up) at an opponent above you to swing him/her back down to earth. Be 
careful about throwing Supers out of the blue, especially his Max. Spider, because 
of the, you guessed it, recovery time. If blocked, these Supers can sign your death 
warrant. Also, it would be great to choose the Throw Assist Type of Spider Man. 
Surprises foes who get a bit too close to you.

Against Spiderman - Use fast characters against him to keep him off his feet. One 
thing irritating about him is that his attacks seem to always to be able to strike 
you first. Dash in, block and combo. Always keep an eye out for a Super. Learn to 
recognize the Max. spider. Block it and when he begins to jump back after a blocked 
Max. Spider, let him have IT!! For those of you Captain Commando users (WHHOOOO!! 
PHWEET!) I'm sure you know Spiderman's weakness when the CPU plays him. This was 
evident in MVC. If not, here it is. Hang all the way back in the end screen using 
Capt. Commando, then fire a Captain Fire. Spiderman will block it and Hyper Jump 
towards you. Move two steps back, wait for him to land, and the instant he does, 
let'im have it with a powerful Captain Corridor which will throw him right back to 
the other end of the screen. Repeat process, because the CPU just doesn't want to 
learn until he croaks!! Some practice will be necessary to get this move right, but 
 en you do get it, consider a Spidey victory in the bag.

14. Silver Samurai - Hmmm. Never saw him for quite sometime now. His last appearance 
was in XMCOTA. And now he's decided to resurface after all these years. Will wonders 
never cease.

Quote: "For what cause would the Silver Samurai draw his sword on your behalf?" 
(XMen Annual #3)

Assist Types:
A: Sword Storm
B: Shuriken
Y: Launcher

Launcher - d+HP

Special Moves:
Shuriken - qcf + P (can be done in air)
Sword Storm - P repeatedly or dp + P,
Dashing Storm - While in Sword Storm, f, f

Super Moves:
Triple Shuriken  - qcf + PP (can be done in air)
Lightning Sword - qcb + P
Ice Sword - qcb + LK
Fire Sword - qcb + HK
Thunder Storm - Switch to Lightning Sword Mode, then qcf + KK
Infernal Hurricane - Switch to Fire Sword Mode, then qcf + KK
Glacial Rush - Switch to Ice Sword Mode, then qcf + KK

     Every time he moves, he always seems to groan. Wonder what's so painful. It's 
like he's doing all the screaming whenever he moves just to lessen the pain of 
whatever ails him! NEEYAAAAWH!

Using Silver Samurai - This one is probably just as slow as Captain America. Also 
his launcher comes out pretty slow, so you'll have to learn how to mix it with some 
button combo or better yet, stun your opponent with a jumping HP hit, then quickly 
follow up with d+HP. The Shuriken attack is a multi-hitter, even when blocked, so 
for all you cheese fighters out there, remember that. Try incorporating that into a 
combo, i.e after launcher, A, C, A, C, then qcf + P for a bigger combo. Or even 
better, qcf + PP for REAL damage. The Sword Storm comes out pretty fast. Use it to 
corner opponents  who seem too fast for you. If you want, you can even move while 
doing the Sword Storm, taking out more damage. But Samurai's real strength lies in 
his ability to switch elements on the fly. Think of Gen of Street Fighter Alpha. 
Only instead of switching styles, Samurai switches the element of his sword.
>From ice, to fire, to lightning. Hang back once in a while to switch his elements. 
Don't worry about counterattacks. Every time he switches, he uses up a Super Meter. 
That's the bad thing. But when he does it, it looks like he's about to throw a 
Super. That's good, because most fighters will instinctively block, thinking that 
you're about to release a Super, giving you enough time to for a quick change.
Switching also increases your strength in different ways, with fire being the 
strongest, (or so I've been told). However, remember that each element has a time 
limit of its own. It comes out very slowly, but that's no reason to just hang back 
like you're taking a walk in a the park. Take it to your opponent while the element 
is still fresh, (Mmmm, like baked hot bread. Whoops! Getting away from the subject. 
Anyways...) Each element comes with it's own kind of Super. That's a good thing. Ice 
element has a low running Super which must be blocked low or Hyper jumped over. Fire 
has a vertical Super which can be chained with a launcher. If timed right, it can 
take out a 25-37 hit combo. Lighting has the strongest Super, because it can catch 
foes in all directions. An electrical scattershot. Keep you're opponents' heads 
spinning with occasional elemental switches, and sooner or later, they'll forget 
which element uses what Super and you can nail them good.

Against Silver Samurai - The CPU version is just as pathetic as the CPU version of 
Cable. No worries there. Just hit him with quick jump kicks and button combo chains 
and he's yours for the taking. The danger are the HUMAN fighters. If possible, 
cancel out the Shurikens with a projectile of your own instead of simply blocking 
them for less cheese damage. He's reasonably fast, so keep your guard up. Always 
keep your eye on his sword. Don't try to rush in when he switches elements. His 
animation for Supers and elemental switching is one and the same, so it's hard to 
tell whether he's just in  for a change or he's about to throw a Super. However, 
when you see him shaking with his sword flashing colors, that's a change. Don't be 
so quick to rush into him or you'll get your head. Time everything just right in 
order to take him out. Use fast characters on him and call out the reserves from 
time to time. Learn to recognize his elements by looking at the state of his sword 
to preven!
 t confusion. When his sword starts to sparkle like a diamond, that's Ice. That's 
the signal that when a Super comes out, block low. When it smokes and sometimes 
glows orange, that's Fire. That's the signal to cool your jumping feet for a while. 
Do NOT jump towards him or you get blown away, for the Fire Hurricane
can come out pretty fast. When it has little crackling lines traveling across the 
blade, that's Lightning. General blocking will save you from electrocution. Learning 
to recognize it will not only add to your trivia knowledge but will also prevent you 
from eating a Super because you failed to take the proper safety measures and block 

15. Omega Red - So, comrades. Arkady is back to kick some hiney! Wonder why all the 
Russians fighters are coming back. Must be one big get together.

Quote : "Destiny shall light me a path to victory." (MSHVSSF)

Assist Types:
A: Carbonadium Coil
B: Omega Strike
Y: db + HK Attack

Launcher: Standing A2x

Special Moves:
Omega Strike (Horizontal)- qcf + LK
Omega Strike (Diagonal) - qcf + HK
Omega Strike (Vertical) - qcf + KK
Carbonadium Coil (Horizontal)- qcf + LP }
Carbonadium Coil (Diagonal) - qcf + HP  } - (all can be done in air)
Carbonadium Coil (Vertical) - qcf + PP    }
Snapback - While in Omega Strike, press b + K to return to original position.
Life Drain - Press P rapidly when Carbonadium Coil connects.
Coil Slam - Joystick direction + P

Super Moves:
Omega Destroyer - qcb + PP
Omega Smasher - in air, qcb + PP

     Omega Red has become faster after coming out of the Capcom freezer. Dangerous 
Red sonuva... if I'd ever seen one.

Using Omega Red - Now, this guy is sort of as fast as Captain America. So don't rush 
in too quick. Wait. Take advantage of every mistake your opponent makes. Also, to 
further confuse your enemies, throw an Omega Strike at his/her direction. If 
blocked, quickly Snapback. Omega Strikes, on their own, have horrible recovery time, 
and that is what most players expect. After a blocked Omega Strike, most players 
will pursue with a counterattack. So surprise them with either a Snapback, make them
think that when they block it, you will continue going straight forward. After 
Snapback, throw a quick Carbonadium Coil before they recover from that nasty 
surprise. Or after say, a Vertical Omega Strike, you throw Carbonadium Coils two 
times. Most people expect you to come down after a blocked Omega Strike. Very few 
expect you to throw a Carbonadium Coil and they get sucker punched by this surprise. 
There will be those who think this move cheap? Well screw them! Here's a little 
trick a friend of mine, Doods, taught me. First launch your foe in the air, then A, 
C, A, C, then cancel it with a WP Carbonadium Coil. When you catch your opponent 
with a Carbonadium Coil, drain a small amount of life with Life Drain,then, before 
Omega Red drops'em, Coil Slam your opponent into the air in the u+P direction. Then, 
when you let go, your foe's flying straight up, right? Catch'em with a Vertical 
Carbonadium Coil. Drain then throw up again, then drain and throw up again. Timing is
necessary to pull this off. You have to make it so that when you toss your opponent 
into the air, he / she will be so surprised with a Vertical Coil Slam, that they 
won't have time to defend for it and will be usually caught off guard. The maximum I 
can do is two. However I've heard of some who have done five or six. If you don't 
know what you're doing, try to keep it at a minimum. Know that although you can 
probably pull off this trick probably two-four times (usually) with the CPU, HUMAN 
fighters are a different story. They can, and will, catch on to your scam. So keep 
it to a minimum and don't rely so much on this trick. This is pretty unnnerving 
during the first few times, but then if this is all you can do and when people catch 
on, boy, will you ever be in trouble! Throw Supers when they least expect it. it 
cancels out some projectiles. PLEASE use his Carbonadium Smasher very, very, very, 
VERY sparingly. It starts up incredibly slow, and it can be blocked. If blocked yo!
 u can get your ass burned for good!!

Against Omega Red - this guy is one mean mother! The CPU version is deadly! Don't go 
rushing in like a maddog on fire! This is the mistake most players make which is why 
they always get their heads handed to'em. Don't be a sucker. Play it safe and cheap. 
Throw Assist characters all the time or when the CPU least expects it to greatly 
reduce his life. Also, watch it when he's the Assist character. He has a grab Assist 
which comes out fast and has quite a range on it. Watch out for Carbonadium Coils 
that seem to come out've no where to grab and drain/throw you away! Block it and 
throw a quick countermeasure, most likely a fast-moving projectile. remember that 
his Coil can be cancelled with a projectile move. When you do get hit by the trick 
featured above, when you get thrown up the first time, always expect a Vertical 
Carbonadium Coil to chase you up, so keep the joystick in the block direction. Don't 
be so quick to give chase after a blocked Omega Strike. When he Snapbacks, !
 don't waste time trying to rush him/her to do an aerial rave combo. Forget it! 
Throw a fast projectile, or if you're mad at the clown and you want to get down, if 
you gots the power, use a Super to blow him/her away! Don't rely so much on 
projectiles users because if your opponents see that all you do is sit back and fire 
shots with clowns, like say, Megaman, they can deploy an Omega Destroyer to cancel 
out Megaman's wimpy shots and smack his stupid robotic head! So knock off the 
cheappy fighting! get serious, slapnuts!

16.  Magneto - the Master of Magnetism has returned to the game! I really think the 
XMen movie did not give Magneto enough justice. Hell, I REALLY think the movie did 
not give Magneto enough justice! He's the most pwerful mutant on the earth and in 
the movie that's what he's reduced to? The movie was just about as brainless as this 
game. No plot, no storyline that jives with what we read in the comics. This is 
bull! (In the movie, Magneto look like he just woke up from a hard night's 
Oktoberfest!) He's faster, but his power has been toned down a bit. but still, one 
of the better players.

Quote: "You have learned a very valuable lesson today. I am powerful and you are 
nothing!" (MSH)

Assist Types:
A: EM Disruptor
B: Hyper Grav
Y: Launcher

Launcher - d+HP

Special Moves:
E.M. Distruptor - hcf + P (can be done in air)
Hyper Grav -hcb + K (can be done in air)
Magnetic Force Field - hcf + K
Magnetic Blast - jump, u, uf, f + P

Super Moves:
Magnetic Shockwave - qcf + PP
Magnetic Tempest - qcf + KK (can be done in air)

     Waitaminit. If Magneto is here, could it be that Master Onslaught could also 
come into the game? No? Why?! Lord Onslaught was the most powerful combatant in MVC. 
If a HUMAN player could control him, imagine the power! If some soft little dick 
like Thanos can get in the game, why did Capcom exclude the mighty Onslaught? 
Pathetic sheep!! Afraid of the power of the Almighty One! I just hope there will be 
another XMEN movie with Onslaught as the villain. This time with some sense, please? 
That would be awesome!

Using Magneto - Using the Master of Magnetism is quite simple actually. Simply use 
his speed to take out your foes. It's a big, big shame that you can't use Magneto's 
Magnetic Tempest here like you did in MSH, where it comes out fast and follows 
enemies, which made it linkable to aerial button combos, unlike now that it comes 
out in scattershot form, since XMVSSF, like Iceman's Arctic Attack, only it comes 
out much. MUCH, slower, which will hit only those who are either the incredibly 
stupid or the incredibly bad lucked. However, his Magnetic Shockwave comes out 
reasonably fast and it is cancelable. Simply do a d+HK attack on your enemies to 
trip them and then execute the Shockwave as soon as you see your foe flying through 
the air after being tripped Don't wait for him/her to touch the ground. Or you can 
use it like a Captain Sword. Launch your foe into the air and Magnetic Shockwave.  
Also, if timed right, his Magnetic Sheild will block anything thrown at him. I've 
yet to !
 see if this works on Supers, but mostly all moves can be blocked by Magneto using 
this move without fear of block damage. His Hyper Grav comes out quickly and will 
trap unsuspecting foes. So make use of it when the battle starts to get fierce. When 
your foes start to dash recklessly, throw Hyper Gravs all around. It's also great 
for use as an Assist move. Trap your foes and let your current fighter beat him/her 
senseless. Best of all is, Hyper Grav can follow your foes to a certain distance and 
it cannot be canceled by mere projectiles. Only way to cancel it is to hit Magneto, 
which will be tough to do if you throw the Hyper Grav in the air while your opponent 
is on the gorund.. Lastly, Magneto may be throwing beam projectiles, but that 
doesn't entitle him to the "Cheapo" ranks. Why? Because his E.M Disruptor Blast 
comes out with some lag time and when it hits it only hits once. It doesn't
come out as fast as some of the projectiles. So, Magneto users, take it to 'em like 

Against Magneto - He's one of the easiest fighters in the game. CPU version is 
pathetic. HUMAN fighters are dangerous, but you can overcome them. Simply watch out 
for all of his projectiles and measure their recovery time. Hyper Gravs, when 
blocked, leave Magneto open for a few seconds, so block and counter. Also, E.M 
Disruptor, if blocked near him, allows you to get into Magneto's face. Also, keep an 
eye on his Super Meter. His d+HK attack, when blocked, serves as a window of
oppurtunity. However, it may be Canceled immediately with a Magnetic Shockwave by 
the craftier fighters. So keep one eye on the Super Meter and don't just rush in, 
because you  ust might be eating his Magnetic Shockwave. When you see a Magnetic 
Tempest coming out, don't grin and say, "No threat." and Hyper Jump over Magneto to 
attack him from behind. The Tempest may just be a screen for a quick Crossover 
Super. The Tempest sets you up, and when you Hyper Jump behind him to avoid it, a 
sudden Crossover Super from the next fighter might knock you down, leavng you with 
your jaw hanging open and your eyes wide in disbeleif for being one big jackass. So 
learn to recognize screen tactics.

17. Iron Man - Oh yes. The founder of the "Cheapo" rank has returned and he is just 
as pathetic as ever. Cheap ass!

Quote: ''I've fought A.I.M flunkies tougher than you." (MSH)

Assist Types:
A: Uni-Beam
B: Repulsor Blast
Y: Launcher

Launcher - standing WK twice

Special Moves:
Uni-Beam - qcf + P (can be done in air)
Repulsor Blast - qcb + P
Bomb - WK+HP (can be done in air)
Flight - qcb + K

Super Moves:
Proton Cannon - qcf + PP

    Hmph. Mr. Cheapo himself has returned and there seems to be no changes at all. 
Plays like War Machine only without the War Destroyer Super.

Using Iron Man - All I can advice you on is to play  the (ugh!) Cheapo way, in which 
you (yeech) sit back and ( ugh!) fire 
away with his Uni-Beam. (I've really got to get the feel of using him, otherwise, 
how can you people play with him using ways other than the Cheapo method, eh?

But 3 brave souls have written me recently and have added their inputs. One of which 
was Corey Girard who wrote;

"I have recently stumbled across your review to Marvel vs. Capcom 2. I noted that 
you needed input on how to use Iron Man. Well here it is... First off, I make the 
person belive that Iron Man is slow. I just walk around every once in a while 
jumping and performing a special move. Just when the time is right, the opponent 
jumps into the air. Repulsor Blast followed by Proton Cannnon. It gets them every 
time. But don't do it too often or they tend to catch on. Another great thing about 
waiting is when they screw up and perform a special while your still blocking. The 
greatest way to counter is simply holding down, WP, WP, Proton Cannon. This places 
the opponent in the perfect position of the proton cannon. It is right in the eye of 
the beam which provides the most hits and damage. Which is around 45-50 hits. 
Another little cheap trick I like to do is his knee dash multiple times in a row. I 
recommend doing this once or twice every battle because it frustrates the hell out 
of the opponent and makes them tend to screw up more often. To do this jump into the 
air and press down+HK while over the opponent, just as it hits, use his fly 
technique, followed by another knee bash, which can chain over and over again. I 
usually only do it 2-3 times before the opponent realizes what just happened to 
them. Those are probably the most effective moves and strategy I know to use 

Taylor S also wrote;

"hey man there are many ways to use iron man without being cheap. he was the first 
character i used. i'll be honest at first i was one of those cheap guys who used uni-
beam all the time then i realized how to really use him. iron man is fast. very 
fast. and this comes as a great advantage. the only problem is u have to be in close 
to get him to work. you can accomplish this by dashing in then use wp , hk to launch 
them. then in air you have to dash a lot to get anything to work. use some wp, wk, 
and a hp which can be directed either diagonally up and down or straight out then 
finish it off with a uni-beam. aslo contrary to popular belief the proton cannon can 
be linked into combos which is really good. cause it does some massive damage. the 2 
ways i know of on how to link it is crounching wp twice puts them into a mini lauch 
and then go into the proton cannon. but u must be very fast to pull it off. i've 
only done it a few times myself. another way is to get them into a repulsor beam and 
cancel into the proton cannon. my personal favorite is to get them with jin or 
akuma's expansion assist (where they do hurricane actions to hold them in place) and 
then let fly with the proton cannon. guys jaws drop when they see their character 
lose up to 1/2 life between the damage of the assist and the super. very pleasing to 
watch. his assist is also great to get those pesky fast characters away. so all in 
all i think he is a good character. you just have to figure out how to use him 
without being cheap."

Finally TheKatchoMan writes;

"1- he dashes pretty fast, so just dash-in and immediatly follow up with aa HK(his 
best launcher if you ask me)  then just air-combo (lp,lk,mp,mk, and follow with 
unibeam) the opponent's ass. you can also add a lp before the laucher but no more, 
or else it becomes very hard to perform.  just repeat until death.
2- the second way is to put him as an assis charactor with the beta type. make sure 
that the charactor you use is a very good air-combo performer(i.e. gambit, storm, 
rogue strider and, many more). When you call him he will use the repulsor blast, and 
if timed correctly, will lift the opponent in the air. This is the perfect 
opportunity for you to launch an air-combo and cause heavy damage to the ennemy.  
This is a great way to use him and by immediatly going on the otherside of the 
opponent, ( i.e.  you, opponent, ironman) it becomes very confusing. If you can 
master the assist, this is deadly!"
well, thats the best i can give you for iron man,  and although i dont quite like 
him myself, he dosn't have to be a cheap charactor if you know how to use him (just 
like cable and daddy"

 Give a hand to these 3 brave souls. Because of people like them, real Iron Man 
users can hold their heads up higher.

Against Iron Man - Again, the CPU version is pathetic. Play against him like you did 
in MSH. HUMAN players are the problem. But also quite easy to manipulate, unless 
they are that damn good, into making horrible mistakes. Jump towards Iron Man to 
make his players throw an automatic Repulsor Blast, (Most players are fooled with 
this). It pushes you away to a short distance while the Repulsor Blast finishes its 
animation, leaving Iron Man open for some time. Use that time to kick his ass so 
badly with your best button chain combo, or, better yet, a Super to really make him 
feel it! His Uni Beam comes out pretty slow, and takes quite a while before it ends. 
So jump over it while it runs its course and smack ol' Tin head in the face, then 
give it your best combo. Iron Man can go down in a snap!

18. War Machine - Iron Man's copycat, the VP of the Cheapo ranks, War Machine is 
here again. Great. Just what we need. More cheapos! A few changes, but he still 
plays the same. Sort of took on Gold Iron Man's style. You'll see what I mean in a 

Quote: ''You can chalk this loss up to experience."

Assist Types:
A: Shoulder Cannon
B: Repulsor Blast
Y: Plasma Bomb

Launcher - standing WK twice

Special Moves:
Shoulder Cannon - qcf + P ( can be done in air)
Repulsor Blast - qcb + P
Bomb - WK + HP (can be done in air)
Flight - qcb + KK

Super Moves:
Proton Cannon - qcf + PP
War Destroyer - qcf + KK

     Now do you see the difference? Now that Iron Man is back, War Machine's lost 
his Shoulder Cannon Beam and replaced it with Gold War Machine's Missiles and d+HP 
now gives off a short beam blast. Kind of like Iron Man's reverse moves. But the 
missiles come out in the style of the beam and can pack a wallop.

Using War Machine - Not much difference between iron Man and War Machine, so play 
with him like you would Iron Man or refer to the (ugh!) guide above. Hey, maybe this 
is the only combo I can offer, although it has a fifty-fifty chance of success; C, 
Launcher, then War Destroyer. (Someone please teach me how to use Iron Man properly! 
No cheapos!)

Against War Machine - Against him?! Are you kidding? See the guide above? Use it. 
Play against him like you wuld Iron Man. They have the same moves which means they 
have the same weaknesses. Exploit these weaknesses and take the tin men out for good.

19. Venom - Okay, the stronger version of Spiderman comes back unchanged. Hey, but 
that's cool. Those who have used Venom before will not be bothered too much with the 
changes in MVC2. Most novices use him as one of the fighters to help them get used 
to MVC2.

Quote: ''That devil Spiderman will pay for his sins!" (MVC)

Assist Types:
A: Venom Fang
B: Venom Bite
Y: Launcher

Launcher - d+HP

Special Moves:
Venom Fang - qcf + P (can be done in air)
Web Throw - hcb + P
Venom Rush - qcf + K

Super Moves:
Venom Web - qcf + PP
Death Bite - qcf + KK

     This one may not be as fast as Spiderman, but a real gamer who knows how to use 
Venom well, knows how to use him effectively against all comers.

Using Venom - His Venom Fang takes priority over almost any move, which means most 
moves, some of which are projectiles, won't work on him when he does his Venom Fang. 
It's also an overhead move, so use it against ducking foes to knock 'em out of 
waiting position. It also has great combo-ability. Simply Launch your foe, then A, 
C, A, C, D then quickly Venom Fang before the HK animation ends. This is the old 
school style of using Venom. Old, but effective. His Web Throw comes out pretty 
fast, which means it can lock onto unsuspecting foes who like to rush in, thinking,
"Oh. Venom's a big guy. Slow. Too easy. Rush in and dance." Smile, Web Throw, and 
watch 'em fly. Use his Venom Rush to get an extra hit in on unsupecting foes who 
rarely expect a Venom Rush to come into their faces. Or use it to deflect jumpers 
from getting too personal. Venom is sort of anti-projectiles. Death Bite has the 
ability to cancel out projectiles and rush right into your opponents' faces. Use it 
against heavy projectile users. His Venom Web gets priority over most moves including
Supers. When your opponent throws a projectile, if you have power in your Super 
Meter, don't waste time. Excecute a Venom Web for that projectile to pass under you 
and the Web strikes your opponent just before he/she recovers from the projectile 
firing animation. Effective? Yes. Cheap? Very. Do you care? Do we care? No. This is 
the kind of cheapness that is associated with great gamers. Standing back and firing 
away with projectiles is a cheapness for players who would like to pretend to be 
Against Venom - Now CPU Venom has that annoying habit of blocking on the fly instead 
of taking his lumps like a good boy. He also waits for jumping opponents to jump 
near and hits them with a powerful HK attack. So, Rule no. 1, keep jumping towards 
him to a minimum. Stick to low-high strikes, because Venom rarely blocks below, 
giving you the oppurtunity to knock the floor from under his feet. He also likes to 
call constantly to his buddies for help. Don't try to counterattack after a blocked  
Venom Fang  because one thing's for sure, this move has fast recovery time, plus good
players know to throw an Assist character just in case his Venom Fang is blocked. 
Counterattack only when Venom does a Venom Fang which places him in close proximity 
with you, giving you the oppurtunity to strike and canceling out his Assist 
character before they can even help out. Watch out for Web Throws and the sometimes 
surprising Venom Rush which sometimes appears out of nowhere. Jump towards Venom 
when you see a Venom Rush headed for you and try not to get too cocky when
you see a player using Venom and dash in. You could go for a ride. Weigh things 
first. Do not refrain from throwing Assist characters, as Venom is one of the meaner 
fighters in this game. Which is why I suggest using speedy fighters on him, because 
they leave venom in the dust. Do not throw anything when you see him glow white. 
That's a signal for his Venom Web Super. His white glow grants him temporary 
immunity. In short, in cancels out your projectiles and the Web blows you away. Just 
block it, because the moment he comes down, if there is no danger of a Crossover 
Super, NAIL HIM!

20. Blackheart - He has the potential to be as powerful a fighter as they come. 
However, speed is the only difficulty that hampers any Blackheart player.

Quote: "Like father, like son. Suffer!" (MSHVSSF)

Assist Types:
A: Dark Thunder
B: Inferno
Y: Launcher

Launcher - d + HP

Special Moves:
Fire Inferno - hcb + WP
Lightning Storm - hcb + HP
Ice Blizzard - hcb + K
Dark Thunder - qcf + P

Super Moves:
Armageddon - qcf + PP
Heart of Darkness - qcf + KK
Judgement Day - qcb + KK (can be done in air)

     He still plays as he did in MSHVSSF. One question that comes to my mind is why 
did he bother coming back?

Using Blackheart - Of course, speed is the one and only hamper in the game. He's 
even slower than the Juggernaut, which is why, play defensively. Blackheart is 
nothing in the speed department and therefore useless in that area. Take advantage 
of every mistake your oponent makes. But his dash can also be used as teleport move, 
or even as a great evasive move by the better players. Think of it as the
smaller version of Abyss' underground(?) dash. If timed right, when you dash, 
projectiles, like the Hadouken or the Psyblast, will go over you and miss you 
completely. Bad news is, if you surface before the projectile completely passes you, 
like say, a beam projectile, you eat the remnants. Try to measure the firing time 
and learn when to dive and when to just block. Blackheart was one of the first
two Marvel fighters to make use of a trapping skill (the other one's Magneto) but 
his is simpler. Use his D trap attack to hold the opponent for a while or the B trap 
attack to disenable your opponent's blocking ability for a while. When trapped, hit 
all opponents with a Fire Inferno, Lightning Storm, or an Ice Blizzard. These are 
also great for anti-air attacks against the jumpier foes, because now, it seems to 
have followed Storm's Double Typhoon ability of chasing your opponents, coming up 
where they stand or in the position they take. A plus for the son of darkness. Very 
few of his Supers can be chained into a combo, since he has no aerial moves to stick 
the opponent long enough to get hit with a Super (his Traps cannot hit to end an 
aerial rave). The only Super which, to my knowledge, that can be chained is a simple 
Launcher, then Armaggedon. That's it. However, remember, when Blackheart was in MSH 
and in MSHSSF, when he trapped someone, he could only either button comb!
 o his
opponent, or Special Move them, but never Super? Well, now, the only Super you can 
throw at your opponent when he/she is trapped is the Judgement Day Super, which can 
take an incredible amount of life. His power more than makes up for his lack of 

Against Blackheart - For some reason, Blackheart folds up when you rush him. 
Especially the CPU version. If you stay back, that's when he's at his strongest, 
with his traps and his moves. But if you take the fight to him with you fastest and 
strongest chain combos, since all of his moves have horrible starting time, so 
Blackheart players have no choice but to block or eat fist when their opponents come
at them, quickly and with precision. Just keep pounding his defense and keep using 
your Assist characters as screens to cover up your recovery time when you end your 
chain combos. Just be careful, because when you end a chain combo without throwing 
an Assist character to back you up, Blackheart players can, and will, make you feel 
the pain of a thousand hells. What some of them do while they're blocking while you 
whale away with your most powerful combo is they suck in the pain, then give it 
right back to you a thousand fold. Blackheart may be slow but his moves pack a 
wallop. Also, just be cautious of Assist characters Blackheart might throw at you 
while you're firing away, catching you by surprise and giving Blackheart the 
breathing space he needs to blow you away. But, all in all, he's one of the easier 
characters to beat in the game. Just don't get cocky.

21.  Wolverine - The ol' Canuckle head is back in his what? 5th fighting game 
appearance? Talk about popular.

Quote: ''You need more experince to beat me, rookie." (MVC)

Assist Types:
A: Berzerker Barrage
B: Tornado Claw
Y: Drill Claw

Launcher - Standing HK

Special Moves:
Berserker Barrage - qcf + P
Berserker Slash - qcb + P
Tornado Claw - dp + P
Drill Claw - WK + HP (can be done in air)

Super Moves:
Berserker Barrage X - qcf + PP
Berserker Rage - qcb + PP
Weapon X - dp + PP
Fatal Claw - dp + KK (can be done in air)

     After all these years, I still don't have a clue as to where in the name of all 
that is holy does he do the Fatal Claw move. Never saw it in any of the comics. 
Where the hell does he do this pathetically useless Super?

Using Wolverine - This one I don't need to advice anyone on. Almost everyone you 
meet know how to use this one. Hell, since his debut in XMCOTA, he's been the number 
one fighter for most of the players since then. Using him, it's easy to understand 
why. He's quick, though not as before, but quick, nonetheless. Even his moves are so 
quick, some of them can hit the opponent before he/she can make the next move. 
Anything I advice you on is already known by majority of players everywhere and
anywhere. Maybe all I can give you is this combo: dash towards the opponent, A, C, 
then Berserker Barrage X. A simple and effective way to gain a quick 20-hit combo. 
While it's going on, this Super is also a good starter for a Crossover Super. Also, 
I don't care how many of you out there don't like throws, welcome to the twenty 
first century. Here's a great combo: launch, A, C then f+B for his aerial grab, then 
jam on the buttons when he grabs the foe to add even more damage. Great combo.
Takes some time to get, but hey, well worth the wait. And I do not care what you 
Wolverine affectionadoes might think of me, when he does his Berserker Barrage, or 
the Berserker Barrage X for that matter, he still looks like he's got something 
jammed right up his ass! AH HA HA HA!

Against Wolverine - He can be baited into commiting some awful mistakes. Fake him 
into doing Drill Claws, or Tornado Claws by jumping towards him, then block it. When 
he jumps back after a blocked Drill Claw, strike him out. If you block a Tornado 
Claw, throw a Super quickly. Wolverine is probably the easiest character to sucker 
punch alot because all of his moves. Block all of his moves because they have 
incredible lag time and take him out. Just be careful of Super Cancels. If you are
certain that there is no way Wolverin can possibly throw a Super Cancel, by all 
means, bust him up real good.

22. Wolverine Alpha - Hooooh boy. Someone in Capcom must have said, "Hey! Wolverine 
is so damn popular, why don't we give the players the oppurtunity to select two 
Wolverines? We can simply make his claws instead of steel into bone and we can call 
him Adamantiumless Wolverine!" Oh yes. Just what the game needs. More berserker 
short stuffs.

Quote: ''I've had manicures which were rougher on my nails than you were." (MSH)

Assist Types:
A: HP Slash
B: Launcher
Y: Sliding Slash

Launcher - Standing HK

Special Moves:
Berserker Slash - qcb + P
Tornado Claw - dp + P (can be done in air)
Drill Claw - WK + HP

Super Moves:
Berserker Barrage - qcf + PP
Weapon X - dp + PP

     Adamantiumless Wolverine!? Are you serious!? It's just a fancy shmancy name! 
What they did was change his claws, that's all, and made him regress to the MSH type 
Wolverine! Adamantiumless Wolverine!? What a load of crap!

Using Wolverine Alpha - Use the directions above. They  both play the same anyways. 
However you can end his aerial chain combos with a Tornado Claw, which mysteriously 
can now be done in the air. Hmmmmm. Wonders never cease in this game. But even if he 
plays like the MSH Wolverine, if some of you are looking for that irritating 99-hit 
combo of his which he was notorius for back in MSH, forget it, numbnuts!!

Against Wolverine Alpha - Use the guide above. Both of them are just as predictable, 
although, I think Wolverine Alpha's a mite faster than Wolverine. But still, 

23.  Storm - Just like Rouge, the mistress of the weather has returned after a two 
game absence. And just as in XMVSSF, there are players who know how to use her in 
the cheapest ways possible.

Quote: "You are not worthy enough to challenge my powers." (XMVSSF)
Assist Types:
A: Typhoon
B: Lightning Attack
Y: Double Typhoon

Launcher: Standing HK

Special Moves:
Whirlwind - qcf + K (can be done in air)
Double Typhoon - hcb + K (can be done in air)
Lightning Attack - HP + WK (can be done in air)
Lightning Sphere - jump, qcb + P
Flight - qcb + K

Super Moves:
Lightning Storm -hcf + PP (can be done in air)
Blizzard - qcb + PP

    Ororo has returned and I wonder why she even bothered.

Using Storm - Now Storm is one of the females who do not have speed on their side. 
She's fast, but not that fast. Must be that cape of hers. Go ahead. Compare her to 
the likes of Rouge, Psylocke, Marrow. I dare ya. You'll see that they're waaay 
faster than she is, so that means you don't go traipsing around, whacking and 
banging all the way. Two reasons for this is one: the aformentioned speed deficit, 
and two, she has one of the wildest launchers I have ever seen. What you do first is 
try to get the feel of Storm before using her. Try to learn when, after her 
Launcher, would be the best time to start a aerial rave button combo. Play safe and 
play defensive. Also, get your Assist charcters out once in a while to set your 
opponents up for mean combos. Don't go standing in the back and firing away, for 
although Storm does belong in the "Cheapo" ranks, she is in no way a good projectile
player. Why? See her Typhoon? Capcom has given her Typhoon a faster starting time, 
however, she still telegraphs this move horribly. A slight stall, then fire. 
Telegraph. Even her Double Typhoon is slow. When dashing, however, she's at par w
ith Magneto. Ice Storm is a big NO NO when going up against HUMAN players, because 
it has the worst starting time in the game, giving opponents sufficient time to 
block that move or worse, hit you with a very painful Super/Hyper Combintation
Super. Her Lightning Storm, however, now there's a different story. Comes out hard, 
fast, and fills the whole screen. Great for suckering opponents who decide to sit 
back and fire away below. Probably the best way to play with Storm is to fake and 
thrust, fake and thrust.
Against Storm - The CPU version seems to be  a student of Rouge's humanly impossible 
combo, but with a twist. She first traps you, goes into that despicable combo all 
the while throwing Assist characters at you left and right, knocks you down and goes 
through the whole combo again. Best remedy for this avoid getting pushed into a 
corner. If you feel she's pushing you to a trap, Hyper Jump or use an Assist 
character to widen the playing feild a bit, give yourself some room t'move! Do
not attempt projectile trading unless you have a stronger projectile for her, 
because Typhoon is like a Beam projectile. It cancels out lesser projectiles and 
smacks you square in the face. However, Storm plays initialy alot like Cable, or 
probably worse, because jump attacks always make contact, or high-low strikes take 
her out. When her life bar reaches 50%, the CPU becomes pathetic. Easy win. Also,
I've noticed that alot of players who use Storm like to hang back and use the same 
tactic in XMVSSF to gain an easy victory by constantly using Double Typhoons to trap 
an enemy, keep him/her there, then slowly drain away his/her lifebar. The ultimate 
cheese move! However, do NOT be afraid of that. NO NO NO! I'll admit. The Double 
Typhoon is dangerous because it comes up from where you're standing, surprising you 
sometimes. Well yes. Double Typhoon is dangerous...only when it hits the place it 
thinks you'll be in! Learn to recognize the animation for Double Typhoon (shouldn't 
be too hard. Storm first thrusts her arms forward, screams out the name of the move 
then fires. that's all the time you'll ever need.) Moving two steps backward or 
forward from the spot you were standing on will leave that Double Typhoon grasping 
at nothing but air. It still amazes me how alot of players are suckered in by this 
move. After neatly evading this patheticaly slow move, counterattack in the w!
you thnk is best. I recommend a Super. But as always, caution is best, because she 
could throw a powerful Lightining Storm at you, which, if close enough can drain 
about 75% of your life! Keep an eye on the meter and attack wth precision and 

24. Doctor Doom - Whoa! The Latverian Dictator is usable, after all that time in the 
MSH game. At last, we get to find out just how damn strong he is.

Quote:''Cretinous children! You would match wits with Doom?"

Assist Types:
A: Photon Shot
B: Molecular Sheild
Y: Plasma Beam

Launcher: d+HP

Special Moves:
Plasma Beam - qcf + P (can be done in air)
Molecular Shield - hcb + K
Photon Shot - hcb + P (can be done in air)

Super Moves:
Electric Cage - qcf + PP
Photon Array - hcb + PP (can be done in the air)
Flame Javelin - qcf + KK

  He's usable in the PSX game of MSH with the help of a Gameshark(see below). 
However, I heard he's usable with just the right button combinations. I do NOT know 
what that combination is. But I can refer you to my friend Anthony Palma at 
[email protected] He's been using button-combo cheats since the Famicom came out. 
Ask him real nice and tell him who sent you.

Using Doom - Before we begin, some of you might be wondering, "Where's he's other 
Launcher? Doom should have two Launchers, the standing C2x launcher. Where is it?" 
To tell you the truth, that Launcher?....STINKS!! The moment it makes contact, it 
knocks your opponent so high up, that you can't get a decent air combo in. It's 
better to use the d+B Launcher instead. Trust me on this one. I should know. I lost 
several times using Doom before I found out that his better Launcher was the d+B
Launcher. You could say I found out the hard way. Anyway, just like in MSH, he has 
playable speed. Not too slow so as to bog you down, but not too fast either that you 
go dashing in and out of fights. Somewhere in the middle. His Plasma Beam should not 
be mistakened for another Iron Man/War Machine/Cable type of projectile, almost like 
Magneto's. It comes out with quite a stall and hits only once (but it takes an 
impressive amount of damage for a one-hit beam). It even stalls after firing. Use
it to keep jumpers away from you while you plan your strategy. His Photon Shot and 
Molecular Sheild are good at canceling projectiles, except the Beam kind, and 
protecting you from up close physical attacks. They even push a blocking enemy away 
for a while. Try to do his Photon Array on the ground to surprise jumping foes, 
because even if they're behind you, this Super really gives new meaning to the 
term, ''spread shot''. Jump up and rain down on unsuspecting ground opponents who
like to do some baiting. His Electiric Cage comes out quite fast and is perfect 
against Charge/Impact Supers (it's pretty obvious it won't Cancel out Beam Supers. 
That's what got me killed in the first place. My Electric Cage couldn't Cancel out 
Cable's Viper Cannon, which is why I suggest keeping this down to a minimum when 
dealing with Beam Users. However, I'm not too sure about the other Beam Supers. E-
mail me and tell me your story.) Probably his only Cancelable Super is his Flame
Javelin. Simply Lancher then Flame Javelin (sortuvlike Captain Commando's Captain 
Sword and Magneto's Magnetic Shockwave. I don't know about the others but I'm on it. 
I'll let you know as soon as possible.

Against Doctor Doom - Funny thing is, CPU Doom? HE HASN'T CHANGED MUCH FROM HIS 
STINT IN MSH!! AH HA HA HA HA HA! Which means, the way you played against him in MSH 
is the same way you should play against him in MVC2, but this time, you're faster, 
meaner, and have Super Cancels to boot. Heh heh heh. Need I say more? HUMANS....big 
problem. These players have something known as a ''brain", especially the good ones, 
which makes going against Doom pretty tough. But there is always a way out of 
everything, right? No one can be that damn good without having any weaknesses. His 
Plasma Beam has a slight stall before beginning. Just a slight stall, not really 
that long, probably a fraction of a second, but once you recognize it's start up 
animation, it's an easy matter to jump over it before it comes out and knock him in 
the head, or block it near him and counterattack. It's only his Molecular Sheild and 
his Photon Shot which seemingly have no ordinary way around them, well except if
you block it near then push away so as to keep him near because Doom has a slight 
stall animation after these two moves come out, then strike him dead. Very few throw 
Flame Javelin Supers out of the blue, but when they do, laugh at so stupid a 
mistake, and throw a Super of your own. His Electric Cage can be Hyper Jumped over, 
so do so and knock him into next Teusday or whichever day you prefer. It's only his 
Photon Array Super which seems to have no weakness whatsoever. This one is only 
Cancelable with a Beam Super and even if you do hit him with a Beam Super, some 
remnants of his Photn Array still hits you, which make knock you out of your Beam 
Super. So the only option left to you is to block it, bear it, and say, "Man! Is he 
ever gonna pay
for that!"

25.  Shuma-Gorath - The squid's back. And for the life of me, I still do not know 
where he/she comes from, who he/she is, and what is his/her motives in the comics. 
Is Shuma a guy / a girl?

Quote: "Perish, you insignificant little flea!" (MSHVSSF)

Assist Types:
A: Mystic Stare
B: Mystic Smash
Y: Mystic Stare

Launcher: standing WK twice

Special Moves:
Mystic Stare - Charge b 2 sec, f + P
Mystic Smash - Charge b  2 sec, f + K (can be done in air)
Devitilization - hcb + K

Super Moves:
Hyper Mystic Stare - qcf + KK
Chaos Dimension - qcf + PP, grab with HP or WP (Level 3 or more)
Mystic Slam - qcb + KK

  Come on. I'm curious. What is Shuma? Where does this squid come from?

Using Shuma Gorath - With decently good speed, Squiddy  is pretty fast in this game. 
Also, if done right, its dash can go under some projectiles, even some Beam Supers, 
if done right. Careful when doing its Mystic Stare. When blocked near, you leave 
yourself open to a pretty long stall. The good thing about its Mystic Stare is that 
it cannot be canceled by a simple, one-hit projectile, such as Hadouken, Megaman's B 
shots (except for the runt's Plasma Cannon) or Soul Fist. The other plus with
this move is that if it does make contact, it gives you an automatic 6-hit combo, 
then the eyes sticks. Now if you don't get hit by your foe or if he/she doesn't tag 
out, the eyes will then detonate, giving you another powerful, unblockable hit. Of 
course, if your opponent does hit you, it cancels the Mystic Stare's effects. But 
hey, it's nice to dream, right? Its Mystic Smash is a great way to end an Aerial
Rave combo. Launcher, A, C, A, C, then Mystic Smash above. Also, it's a great way to 
surprise foes from above, especially baiters. You jump over them, then, just when 
they expect you to come down and release their guard, you throw a surprise Mystic 
Smash. 6 hits and all very painful. Make use all the time of its f+D grab. This, as 
some know, is its Life drainer grab which replenishes a little of your life. Also, 
if it does make contact, jam on the buttons to give you even more life. Use this 
move often to stay alive. His Devitalization comes out quick and is very easy to do, 
but it's got to be done within a certain range. try to trick opponents into coming 
close to you. Block attacks, but keep yourself close to him/her, then let it out, 
baby! His Supers, strictly speaking, SUCK. Well....maybe suck is too harsh
a word. How about...PATHETIC?! His Hyper Mystic Stare comes out with a slight stall 
and Heaven help whoever gets hit with this Super. His Chaos Dimension is somewhat 
good, but just like the Devitalization, it needs to be within a certain range to be 
effective. Only this Super needs to be even closer than the Devitalization, with so-
so damage. So make use of his moves more often than his Supers. It'll be more worth 
your while in the long run.

Against Shuma Gorath - One thing that has improved its is its speed. other than 
that, it still plays like it did in MSHVSF. Pathetic and suckerable. CPU version 
only for you, because I have never gone up against a Shuma Gorath user. Hmmmmm. 
Anyways, keep pouring in those jump attacks because it rarely blocks oiverhead 
attacks. but the best way to play against it (because although it's not that hard
to beat, it does however like to toss around Assist Characters whenever you least 
expect it) is to wait and bait. When it rushes back, it likes to toss Mystic Stares. 
These are very easy to hop over. So do so and kick its ass (if it had one). Also, if 
you bait it long enough by jumping towards it, Shuma will suddenly throw a Mystic 
Smash. When you block it, rush it, because as I have said above, when Shuma's Mystic 
Smash is blocked, it jumps back a bit during recovery. Rush it, Launcher and let the
good times roll! Don't let him get too near you because the CPU has a nasty habit of 
giving a Devitalization when it gets close enough. Its Hyper Mystic Stare is nothing 
to worry about, since it comes out pathetically slow, (but not slow enough to be 
unable to catch unsuspecting players napping) giving you time to jump over it, or 
Hyper Jump over it because it doesn't go up that much. It's range is purely 
horizontal. Vertical range is out of the question. So go over the Super, get behind 
Shuma and give it your best shot.

26.  Spiral - The 6 armed witch is back after so long an absence, and only time will 
tell if she will fit right into the MVC scene.

Quote: "If you take all the eyes that you have been given and still choose to remain 
blind, how am I to blame?" (X-Men # 24)

Assist Types:
A: Single Sword Toss
B: Sword Barrage
Y: 6-Arm HP Attack

Launcher - d + HK

Special Moves:
Dancing Sword - hcb + P
Single Sword Toss - Press WP during Dancing Sword
Sword Barrage - qcf + P during Dancing Sowrd
Scatter Shot - qcf + K during Dancing sowrd
Six-Hand Grapple - dp + P
Super Moves:
Dimensional Dance - qcb + PP
Hyper Sword Dance - qcf + PP
Speed Dance - qcb + KK
Strength Dance - qcf + KK

  When she's not getting down, jamming on with her opponents, ever wonder what she 
does with 6 hands? Besides hitting?

Using Spiral - She's quite fast, I'll give her that. However, her jumping ability 
sucks tons! She sort of floats for a while when she jumps towards her opponents, 
decreasing the power of her jump a bit. But as the users goes on, they may be able 
to go around that little problem. Her Sword attacks are pretty good. takes out alot 
of damage. However, you should learn to budget this move. "Budget? How?" you ask? 
Well, when you throw a Dancing Sword move, 6 blades come out, (I know this is pretty 
obvious to hardcore players, but this is for beginners). Each blade is one long 
range shot which takes out block damage and can strike an enemy from afar which adds 
even more power to Spiral's already long reach. Now, what you want to do is; if 
you're attacking an enemy, you might want to keep him or her away as long as 
possible. So you throw it one by one. Also, try to trick opponents into making a
move with long recovery time and hit them with one of Spiral's blades, kind of like 
a long range suckerpunch. It can even cancel out projectiles, leaving you with five 
more for the count (unfortunately, beam projectiles will disperse the blades and hit 
you. Sorry.) Mix your battle with moves like the Sword Barrage and the Scatter Shot. 
These also keeps enemies at bay, especially the runners and can even strike them 
when they're waaay up there as a result of a Hyper Jump. Of course, down side is, if 
you get hit, Spiral loses the swords swarming around her. Think of that runt
Megaman's Leaf Sheild. If you block, the swords will stay. If you get knocked in the 
kisser, then you lose your swords and you have to do the Sword dance allll over 
again. It's that simple. When you do get the chance, use a Speed or Strength Dance 
to even increase her chances of winning. Her Dimensional Dance comes out very 
quickly, which is why you should use this when your foe least expects it. It comes 
out fast, has the ability to shock your opponent, and has a massive 26-27 hits 
since it gives out smacks from the entire Marvel Team. An awesome Super. Her Hyper 
Sword Dance is slow. VERY slow, Emphasis on VERY, when it comes out. Not good to use 
against any opponent unless it's the CPU or some brainless fool who challenges you, 
because this takes some time to come out, in which the opponent can do three things. 
Either block it, Hyper Jump over it, or worse, Super you out. Try to keep the use of 
this Super to a minimum.

Against Spiral - No one has ever challenged me using Spiral, probably because 
everyone is still experimenting with her, as am I. So, I can only give you the CPU 
version for now. Simply put, the CPU is pathetic, especially when Spiral is the last 
opponent. Plays just like Cable. Very susceptible to jumping attacks. You have to 
watch out for her when she's one of the earlier characters, like say the team 
leader, because she really enjoys calling for Assists. What you want to do is to 
simply make sure that Spiral does not get the chance to make use of her swords. It's 
that simple. If you can prevent her from calling out her blades, then the game is 
yours. Do so because in desperate situations, the CPU can do some pretty crazy 
things with those swords, some humanly impossible to do when using her. I
found that out the hard way. Lost my entire team to the CPU because I made that 
mistake. So when you face her, rush her, don't give her a chance to do some magic, 
throw some of your own, whether in moves, Assists, or Supers. In a while, she goes 
down for the count. HARD.

27. Sentinel - Now here's a character whom I thought I would never see participate 
in an MVC game.
Guess I was wrong.

Quote: ''Mission completed. Mutant terminated" (What they say in mostly all of the 
comics they've
been in.)

Assist Types:
A: Rocket Punch
B: Launcher
Y: Sentinel Strike

Launcher - standing HK

Special Moves:
Rocket Punch - qcf + P (can be done in air)
Upward Rocket Punch - dp + P (can be done in air)
Sentinel Force - qcf + K
Flight - qcb + KK

Super Moves:
Plasma Storm - qcf + PP (can be done in air)
Sentinel Storm - qcf + KK

  Is it just me, or is this thing probably the coolest character in the game. I mean 
by looks alone. Incredible. If the Sentinels really looked like this in the comics, 
that would be awesome! He looks like something straight outta Gundam or some other 
crud like dat!

Using Sentinel - He's still powerful, I'll give him that. His dash is amazingly 
quick for someone of his stature. Even faster than the Hulk's. What's even better is 
that the Super Armor of Juggernaut is with him. Think of it as the combined might of 
Juggernaut and Hulk and the speed of Colossus. Drawback? His jumping attack is like 
Spiral's only a tad slower, with alot of emphasis on the 'float'lag time. Also,
Sentinel's Launcher is telegraphically slow. And when it gets blocked or it misses, 
this places the big guy in a very BAD position. His Rocket Punch come out pretty 
fast and can catch opponents napping when thrown right. LP sends in diagonaly down. 
HP sends it straight ahead. But it will take some time before you master combining a 
rocket Punch to end an Aerial Rave combo. His Sentinel Force is good in keepin 
opponents at bay. The type of Sentinal Force attack depends on the strength of the 
Kick. LK sends them dashing towards the enemy. HK sends them over the enemy, raining 
bombs on them. Don't be using his Flight too often. It renders him defenseless 
against attacks since it robs him of the ability to block attacks. His HP attack is 
an automatic beam attack which sort of makes him like Megaman. Sort of. The only 
reason this move can't be registered in the same bracket as Megaman is because it
has a stall in coming out and it really doesn't do that much damage. (He SPITS it 
out! What've we become!? SPITTERS!!??) Don't try doing his Plasma Storm all the time 
on the ground. It comes outlike Chun-Li's Kikoushou, only it comes out in front of 
Sentinel and it only goes until his waist. So no dice there. But if you do it in the 
air, now that's a different story. Launcher, A, C then Plasma Storm. It comes out 
like sortuva rushing dash like Jill's Shoulder Cannon. Here's an idea. try ending 
the aerial rave combo with a Rocket Punch THEN Plasma Storm. Heavy hittng! Another 
incredible Super of this fighting machine is his Sentinel Storm. Doesn't come out as 
fast as his Plasma Storm but it does the job. Almost like Spiral's Hyper Dancing 
Swords. Only faster. When you get desperate, he recovers so fast from this Super 
that you can throw another one the moment the last one stops. Finish up your entire 
stock of Super meters.

Against Sentinel - Play against him like you would against the Juggernaut, but use 
the same kind of caution on him like the one you would give against Colossus. This 
guy is fast, mean and has enough power to take you out in seconds. But still, the 
CPU version isn't that hard. Plays almost identical to the Juggernaut. So take the 
fight to him. HUMANS can pose a problem. The Rocket Punch may be fast, but it has 
sort of a slow start up time and recoil time as well. Measure the time it takes for 
the Rocket Punch to go and the time it retracts. It may take time but when you 
finally get it, every Sentinel users will regret every blocked Rocket Punch. Dont 
try to rush in all the time because you might eat Sentinel Force if you're not 
careful. Also, jumping all the time won't help, because Sentinel has an awful habit 
of grabbing you very quickly in the air. Those little Sentinels can be destroyed,
y'know. A small jump kick or projectile can take out one little bugger. However 
you'll have to contend with the other two that follow THAT little bugger. So hit 
them with a big Super, preferably a Beam or Charge Super, one that really takes up 
alot of space, because when you do that, Sentinel won't be able to block that little 
attack. Why? Everytime he calls out those little Sentinels, he assumes a pointing
stance that doesn't end until all the Sentinels have done their business and left 
the screen. BOOM! Watch out for his Supers, but nothing to worry about with a ground 
Plasma Storm. Just stay away from him and you won't even get block damage if you're 
beyond his reach. Watch out for his Launcher, though. Don't expect opponents to 
throw a Launcher at you right outta the blue, since it comes out soooo slow. They 
might rather throw a Launcher when you least expect it. Sucker punch! That's when 
the Plasma Storm becomes dangerous. His Sentinel Storm? This Super is dangerous!
Especially when the Sentinel gets desperate, because he starts throwing them very 
quickly and in rapid succession. Don't even think of going behind him because this 
is where the little buggers can REALLY give you a beating. So just block and pray 
for no cheese K.O, or better still, recognize the start-up animation then fire your 
OWN Super before the Sentinels come out. Cancels that mean ol' Super and knocks 
Sentinel right out of his microchips!

28. Thanos - Well, Death's son has returned after soooooo long an abscence and just 
like Doom, it's pretty neat to be able to use him after all this time.

Quote: "Millions have known death at my hands. Now you will join them!" (MSH)

Assist Types:
A: Mental Lancer
B: Bubble Trap
Y: Launcher

Launcher - d + HP

Special Moves:
Bubble Trap - qcf + P
Mental Lancer - qcf + K

Super Moves:
Power Gem - qcf + PP
Space Gem - qcf + KK
Reality Gem - qcb + PP
Soul Gem - qcb + KK

  Sad thing is, you can't pick up the Gems if you hit him with a Super. rats. 
Would've been neat though. Oh well. I guess you can't have everything, eh?

  In case you're wondering, I don't have anything on Thanos, Using or Against (or 
Servebot as you'll see below) since when I finsihed this FAQ the only last new ones 
to be released where Felicia and Sentinel. This move list came from Ben Thunder (not 
his real name) and a few corrections from the movelist on But I do 
hear that Thanos plays just as he had done back in MSH, only a tad faster and enjoys 
throwing multiple combos all the time, which means that he's as predicatable here 
just as he was back in that game. So if you people out there still know how to fight
against Thanos back in MSH, get ready for a ride!

III. Capcom Characters
29. B. B. Hood - Little Red Riding Hood on steriods and with a major attitude 
problem! Hood makes her debut on the Marvel vs. Capcom scene far away from the other 
losers in the Darkstalker genre and it looks like she's out to leave a very big mark!

Quote: "You sleepy baby. You need a wake-up shot!? HA HA HA!!" (Darkstalkers 3)

Assist Types:
A: Smile & Fire
B: Molotov Flame
Y: Shyness Strike

Launcher: standing WK twice

Special Moves:
Smile & Missile - charge b 2 sec, f +P/K
Hop & Missile - charge d 2 sec, u + P
Shyness Strike - qcb + P
Molotov Fire - dp + P (can be done in air)
Ring Around The Posies - hcb + P (near foe)

Super Moves:
Cool Hunting - qcf + PP
Apple For You - hcb + KK
Beautiful Memory - hcf + KK

  I have never, in all my gaming years, seen a game character more twisted and 
perverse than this seemingly innocent little girl/killer. I LOVE IT!!

Using B.B. Hood - She's somewhat down in the speed department, but her dash is 
pretty much decent. Her Launcher, because of its range, may prove to be a bit 
difficult to pull off against opponents, so try to get it very near them. Or simply 
suck them in with a jumping two hit C combo, then dash forward quickly while they're 
stunned and throw another 2 hit C combo. She has a damaging delay combo when you've 
got them in the air. A, C, A, C, stall for half a second, then C, C, then her 
Molotov Fire. Don't underestimate this move. Her Molotov Fire does about as much 
damage as Dhalseim's Yoga Flame move. Her Missiles go the way of Sagat's (ever 
wonder why HE never got a shot in any of the Marvel vs Capcom series?) One goes 
over, the other goes under. Learn which is which and keep your enemies guessing. 
However, it would not be wise to use this move often, since they come out 
ridiculously slow and any fool can either duck or jump over said missile before it 
even comes withtinan in!  ch of them. Her Cool Hunting is, in my opinion, one of the 
most awesome move in the whole MVC2 game! If timed right, it can deal up to 60-hits 
of damage! AH HA HA HA!!! POWER!! It comes out quickly, which means this is the 
Doomsday Weapon against those of the Cheapo fighters, (except for thos with Beam 
projectiles). This Cancels out shots headed her way and makes'em eat lead!! Where 
was this girl brought up? So far I know of no Supers of hers which are Super 
Cancelable. Her Cool Hunting comes out fast, yes, but not fast enough to Cancel it 
with. Her Apple For You move, while very damaging, comes out slower than the Cool 
Hunting which gives the opponent enough time to block it. It gets points for comic 
releif though. Her Beautiful Memory has potential. I'll get back to you when I do 
get it. Bottom line is, Hood is a hunter. So attack cautiously and precisely. Don't 
try to go running in and out of fights, hear?

Against B.B Hood - This girl is BAD news. Hers has got to be the most tuned-up 
Capcom AI in the game (along with Cammy and Anakaris). HUMANS, I'm not so sure, I 
haven't gone up against any B.B Hood users yet. Letcha know on Ver. 2.0 if I do find 
a worthy opponent. CPU on the other hand, plays almost HUMAN. Be careful because she 
constantly blocks anything and everything you throw at her. Most players I've seen, 
even some of the better ones, can only beat her after taking out her mates and try 
to damaging her before the clock stops, winning by time over whne they encounter her 
in the higher levels. Stage 1-3, no threat. Stage 4-5, visbly dangerous, but 
beatable without too much trouble. Stage 6-7? AAAAHHHHH!! Watch out!! She enjoys 
jumping over you and tossing a Landmine (D attack) over yo' head which has gotta 
hurt! She also throws very unexpected Cool Hunting just when you're dashing towards 
her, leaving you wondering where in the name of all things decent did that huge mot!
 her of a Super come from. She's also even more dangerous when she Hyper Combos with 
her friends!! Whoa! I rememeber the CPU throwing a Hyper Combo at me using Cable, 
Iron Man and B.B. Hood. I was dashing in with Captain Commando, see?, coming in to 
give the hurt! Then all of a sudden, she HYPER COMBOS me!! My jaw dropped as it 
racked up to 137 hits, effectively dropping a full healthed Captain Commando! 
AAAARRRRGGHH!! She also has a penchant for tossing out, and making full use of, the 
Assist Characters. Just when you least expects it, they pop out! Whoa!! All I can 
say is, when playing against her, do two things. First, pray that you encounter her 
in the earlier levels, and two, if you're lucky enough, pray that if you do 
encounter her in the higher stages, she makes dozens of mistakes to give you the 
battle. Hey, like the Church says. A battle isn't always about fighting. Prayer 
helps out too.

30. Anakaris - Along with B.B Hood comes another refugee from the Darkstalkers 
series. A mummy with an attitude problem! And one of the harder opponents in the 

Quote: ''How dare you!? Never interfere with the chosen one again!" (Darkstalkers 3)

Assist Types:
A: Cobra Blow
B: Mummy Drop
Y: Coffin Slam

Launcher: d+HP

Special Moves:
Coffin Slam - d, d + P (can be done in air)
Cobra Blow - b, f + P (can be done in air)
Mummy Drop - qcf + P (can be done in air)
Royal Curse - In air, qcf + K 

Super Moves:
Pharaoh Magic - HK, WP,  D,  WK,  HP (can be done in air)
Pharoah Cobra Blow - b, f + PP (can be done in air)
Coffin Rain Blows - d, d  + PP
Pharoah Illusion - WP, WP, F, WK, HP

  With him, think of Dhalseim who died in Egypt in ancient times while on steroids, 
because that is exactly how Anakaris fights.

Using Anakaris - Band-Aid Boy is fast. Just like the Sentinel. Very fast when it 
comes to dashing at foes. But when jumping, Anakaris has that, you guessed 
it, "floatng" jump also seen in Sentinel and Spiral, only he REALLY floats! His 
Coffin Slam can be used to smash opponents who have been tripped, but don't expect 
to use this move all the time, since most opponents already know how to roll away 
from a trip. A Cobra Blow (why is it called a Cobra Blow? The way it looks like, it 
should be called Fish Blow!) is a great way to end an aerial rave combo. It comes 
out quick and fast and it has very little recovery time. But in a projectile trade, 
the projectile is cancelled but Anakaris gets hit since the Cobra Blow IS part of 
his body (duh!) Mummy Drop is good for surprising some of those unsuspecting 
opponents, since the distance of the grab is determined by the P you press. And 
since the rest of the arm is invisible, the opponent won't know you've just thrown 
the move until it's too late! The Royal Curse should not be expected to hit all the 
time, and even if it does, it really doesn't do that much damage. But if it does 
hit, get ready to laugh your socks off. It be funny! All of his button-link Supers 
are incredible visual sights, but sadly unlinkable. (so far as I can tell. But if 
you've had any luck in connecting please tell me about it. I love hearing about new 
ideas.) And oh yeah, his Pharoah Cobra Blow is determined by button-linkage for a 
blow to come out at a certain level. One button throws a blow at head level, another 
hits at stomach level, and one more hits at feet level. It takes some time to 
practice before you can get which button throws which, but ultimately you'll get it. 
Or you can do what I do. MASH those buttons! ALL OF THEM! If all of them connect, 
very good.

Against Anakaris - This guy is tricky. Very tricky. You might just say he's a slow 
guy but in reality, he's pretty fast when it comes to dashing. He's one of the more 
dangerous foes in this game since almost all of his moves have very little recovery 
time which you will find very hard to take advantage of. This applies to both HUMANS 
and CPU. The worst trick will be to get you downstairs and strike you with a d+C, C, 
D  combo. This hurts alot. Don't keep running into the fights alot since you might 
find yourself suddenly wrapped up and slammed out of breath. Those hands of his 
comes out when you least expect it. His Supers come out pretty fast but they go only 
to one certain direction. So what you do when you finally recoginize the start-up 
animation of his Supers is you jump over him and let'im have it. But this might take 
some practice since they do come out pretty fast. Be very careful because if you get 
it wrong, you'll find out just how devastating his Supers can be. But probably the
best style against him is to use quicker opponents, take the fight to him and rain 
Assist characters all the way. 

31. Chun-Li - Now this little girl, the speed queen and, the first female in the 
fighting game scenes, I might add, of Street Fighter is back with the same number of 
games as Ryu and Zangeif. The popularity of these guys are amazing.

Quote: "You underestimated me. Enjoy your defeat." (MVC)

Assist Types:
A: Kikouken
B: Tenkuukyaku
Y: Senenshouo

Launcher: standing HK

Special Moves:
Kikouken - hcf + P
Hyakuretsu Kyaku - K rapidly (can be done in air)
Tenshou Kyaku - dp + K
Senenshouo - hcb + K

Super Moves:
Kikoushou - qcf + PP
Senretsu Kyaku - qcf + KK
Hazantenshou Kyaku - dp + KK

  Hey, Anthony! Have you ever seen the hentai pictures of Chun-Li? It's on Man, she is  HOT!! And I just gotta say, I...huh? What about 
the readers? Readers? What readers?! What the...? Whoops!! Sorry! Forgot where I 
was! Damn! ......Now.... On with the show.....(boy, is my face really red!)

Using Chun-Li - First thing you must remember everytime you play is she is fast. 
Second thing you must remember is that being one of the older generation of 
fighters, almost all her moves and all of her Supers are Cancelable. When you start 
an aerial rave, try ending it with a Hyakuretsu Kyaku. Or if not try this; after 
launching, A, C, A, C, d+C, (this is that old d+MK stomp which keeps your foes in
the air) then A, C, A, C, again. Repeat this as far as you possibly can go. Thanks 
to Doods for this tip. I could get as much as a 13-Hit combo from this one before 
dropping out. Try it and tell me how many hits you guys can get. Her Hienshuu is 
perfect for overhead attacks against people who love to duck, especially against 
Charge fighters like Guile and Nash. She's not much of a projectile user, since her 
Kikouken comes out pretty slow, even her B Kikouken, and she would always lose in a 
projectile trade against Beam projectiles. So this projectile is best used like 
Nash's Sonic Boom. A screener attack with which to force your foes into blocking or 
jumping over you. If he/she blocks it rush'em while they're blocking. Strike them 
with low-high attacks or better still, a grab. If they jump over the Kikouken, have 
a quick Tenshou Kyaku ready to take them out once they're just within a few inches 
of you. She may not be much in the projectle department, but her other moves come!
  out pretty fast, so some players do not expect you to throw a Tenshou Kyaku so 
quickly or better still a Hazantenshou Kyaku when he/she REALLY doesn't expect it 
for more hurt! Chun-Li's Kikoushou comes out quite slow, so don't expect to always 
get hits in. Only use it to hit easily suckered opponents or to sheild yourself from 
projectile Supers in order to avoid block damage. Her Senretsu Kyaku is cancelable by
doing this, A, C, d+B, then while your opponent's reeling from the HP blow, throw 
her Senretsu Kyaku Super to link up with it as fast as possible. Her Hazantenshou 
Kyaku can be combo-linked by A, C, then Hazantenshou Kyaku for great effect. The one 
thing that's really bugging me is, where is her Shichesei Senkuukyaku!? That move 
was not only the most damaging move in her arsenal, it was one of the most 
incredible moves I had ever seen, along with the Eternal Slumber of Morrigan and the 
Captain Storm of Captain Commando. The others are pretty cool, but these three 
Supers were the most awesome Supers in MVC. Now? Weeell....Only time can tell. I'll 
try to compile the list of the most awesome looking Supers, for me, in MVC2 (see 
below). Tell me what your most awesome Supers are.

Against Chun-Li - Now although Chun-Li's fast, she can make some awful mistakes. Her 
Kikouken, when blocked near, a faster foe can shrug it off and strike her quickly. 
Trick her into sending a Tenshou Kyaku or a Hazantenshou Kyaku. Block low, then do 
low hit-Launcher attacks or strike back with a Super of your own, because although 
it comes out quickly, when it ends, she crouches down for a while to probably catch 
her breath. Standing attacks go over her head, so low-hit-Launchers all the way or 
Super. CPU also has the bad habit of suddenly throwing the Hyakuretsu Kyaku out of 
nowhere, which also has quite a recovery time when it ends. Not as long as that of 
the Tenshou Kyaku, but still, it's there. Dash in and take her out. Same goes for 
her Senretsu Kyaku. Block it to its entirety, then take her out. A Super or, if 
you're planning for an aerial combo, throw a Launcher for this one, since low-hit 
attacks such as C won't hit her unless you time it right and standing weak
attacks will knock her back, unless you have a quick 2-hit standing Launcher combo, 
like Cable's and Cyclop's. Her Kikoushou, although deadly when it hits, is crappy 
when blocked, or worse, when thrown far away. When it ends, she pauses for a while, 
just like War Machine & Iron Man after a blocked Proton Cannon, only a little 
longer. So throw a Super of your own, one that doesn't take too long or dash in and 
combo her. Your choice. Be careful because both CPU and HUMAN players like tossing 
out Assist characters unexpectedly. Coupled with her speed, this makes her one of 
the more dangerous characters. So don't go dashing in just like that. Wait. Bait. 
Block. THEN dash in. Just like that.

32. Cammy - M. Bison's right hand assassin is back after a two game rest. And she's 
got the right adjustments to be one of the games finest characters. The adjustments 
I'm talking about, for those of you who are perverts, are not what you think!

Quote: "Bison and I shall laugh about this tonight." (XMVSSF)

Assist Types:
A: Cannon Spike
B: Spiral Arrow
Y: Axle Fist

Launcher - d+HP / standing HK

Special Moves:
Spiral Arrow - qcf + K (can be done in air)
Cannon Spike - dp + K
Spinning Fist - qcf + P
Cammy Counter - hcb + P

Sky Lance - in air, qcb + K
Rolling Frankensteiner - qcb + K, then HK again when near foe's head
Reverse Toe Hold - qcb + K, then HK again when near body of foe
Rolling Slider - qcb + K

Super Moves:
Wild Bull - qcf + KK
Lock On - qcb + PP (can be done in air)
Vertical Spear - qcb + KK

    She's got a new Super. With that, she's ready to hit the road and kick ass!

Using Cammy - Now the first thing you should remember is that she's the fastest 
character among the Capcom characters, with Strider Hiryu in second and Morrigan a 
close third, which means she has the ability to run into a fight, whack out a few 
times, then beat a hasty retreat before the enemy even realizes the game has 
started. That you should use to your advantage, especially against projectile users, 
since Cammy has no projectiles to speak of. So use her speed to jump over 
projectiles and stike foes out. Her Spiral Arrow move goes low and can go under most 
projectiles, if timed right, and hit the opponent doing the firing, if you're near 
enough. If you're feeling bad enough, you can cancel that and go into her Wild Bull 
Super for maximum damage. But don't go throwing Spiral Arrows at just any time. This 
is not a projectile. If it is blocked, you put yourself in a very dangerous position 
as it takes cammy awhile to recover from a blocked Spiral Arrow, leaving her open to 
Supers, Launchers, etc., unless before you throw a Spiral Arrow, you have an Assist 
character back you up, so Cammy'll have some time to recover. Refrain from using her 
Spinning Fist and her Rolling Frankensteiner / Reverse Toehold / Rolling Slider 
command. These moves are the only times when Cammy is at her slowest and her most 
vulnerable. Learn to time a Cammy Counter well in order to stop using the block 
command. Her Cammy Counter is a great way of blocking physical strikes (it won't 
work on projectiles and Beam and Charge Supers though. I've seen her Counter Impact 
Supers before but those were rare.) and make her opponent eat their own foolishness. 
Some of the hard core fighters associate this move with the Parrying Command in 
Street Fighter 3. But make sure to time it right, as it only stays on for just a 
second then disappears. If done perfectly, you block an opponent's attack and strike 
him/her down. If not, well, you get a knuckle sandwich! What's also great about this 
player is that all her Supers are button-link chainable. Her Wild Bull Super is best 
used as described above. Her Vertical Spear is, dash, A / C, then quickly go into 
Vertical Spear as fast as humanly possible. Not for the very slow. This really packs 
a punch. If you would like to hear some OHHs and AHHHs, does this; launcher, A, C, 
A, C, qcf+D (HK Spiral Arrow), then quickly do her Lock On Super. This has got to be 
done as fast as humanly possible to get these hits in and this might take some time 
to master. But hey. No prob.This one's a real crowd pleaser.

Against Cammy - Be very careful with this one. The CPU AI for Cammy is just as anti-
social as Gambit's or Psylocke's plus it has the annoying habit of walking up to you 
and grabbing you when you least expect it. She may be fast but all her moves, when 
blocked, have insane recovery time, recovery times which you must take advantage of 
immediately in order to win. Against HUMAN players, same thing. Block all their 
atacks and counter quickly. Don't try to go for fancy schmany combos which might not 
have a 100% success rate. The simplest combos are always the best. Keep your combos 
against Cammy as simple, but as painful, as possible. Keep your Assist characters on 
their toes. When Cammy's the Assist character, take her out as fast as possible / 
reduce her life considerably before she comes out to the playing field. When in 
doubt, after a blocked move or a Super from Cammy, throw a Super of your own or a 
plain projectile. Just be careful of Crossover Supers. Who the hell cares if 
everyone doesn't think it's flashy enough? Do they feed you?! Do they clothe you?! 
To hell with them! What matters most, in the end, will not be the flashy attacks, 
but who stands over whose dead players victorious.

33. Morrigan - Oh my, my, my! The ultimate sex goddess of the Capcom is back in her 
second installment and best of all when she wins, the bondage victory pose with 
Lilith which appears in the Jap version but not in the American version is here! 
Whoa! Spank me, Morrigan! I've been a naughty boy!!

Quote: "Your soul is strong. May I borrow it ..... forever?" (MVC)

Assist Types:
A: Demon's Claw
B: Soul Fist
Y: Soul Fist

Launcher: df + HP

Special Moves:
Soul Fist - qcf + P (can be done in air)
Demon's Claw - dp + P (can be done in air)
Shell Kick -  in air, qcb + K
Earth Vacuum - hcb + P (near foe)

Super Moves:
Soul Eraser - qcf + PP
Silohuette Blade - dp + PP
Darkness Illusion - qcf + KK (can be done in air)

     Damn! Her Eternal Slumber Super is gone! Hell and a damn!!

Using Morrigan - Just like Cammy, she's a speed fighter, so keep those hits coming. 
She has an incredible combo which few use but it's very intense. It goes like this, 
make sure first that you are anywhere near a corner. Then Launcher, A, C, A, C, then 
Demon Claw. This knocks them towards the wall. While you opponent is in the air 
dropping down on the wall, dash right in and the instant he/she lands, throw a Earth 
Vacuum whcih will catch him/her. Most, while coming down, on seeing you so near, 
will automatically block an attack. Problem is, Earth Vacuum is like Zangeif's 
grabs. Un-blockable. All the blocking they do will merely provide you with an easy 
target. Also, this same combo, minus the Earth Vacuum, if done, say, in the middle 
of the screen, can be linked with a Soul Eraser. How? This Super has been given 
faster recovery time which makes it a great Beam Super. So, after a Demon Claw, when 
the enemy is coming down, the moment he or she lands, FIRE! Very few expect that, 
and since it comes out very fast, chances of a successful hit are 85%. She has one 
of the fastest air dashes in the game which can be put to good use by annoying your 
foe while coming in for a quick hit. Use her Soul Fist to keep opponents away for a 
while then strike. Probably the only Super which is button-link chainable is her 
Silouhette Blade. Dash, d+C then Silouhette Blade, if you're fast enough, or dash, 
A, C, then Siluohette Blade. Just like Captain America's Hyper Star's n' Stripes.

Against Morrigan - The one thing you have to watch for is her air dashes in which 
she uses them to great extent. Don't start rushing in after she throws a projectile. 
You block it, so what? the moment you dash in, she could fire a devastating Soul 
Eraser at you. Although it comes out faster than in MVC, it still has a starter time 
problem, so jump over it and whale away at her. This is also one of the characters 
in which Assist characters are definite must. Sometimes there are ambitous bastards 
who try to throw a Darkness Illusion at you. Make them regret this, since this Super 
is the only one in her repetoire with incredible recovery time when blocked, because 
if this super is blocked, she then jumps back. Remember, don't hesitate. A Super is 
what is called for right away. And just like Cammy, please try to get rid of her 
quickly when she's an Assist character or damage her quite a bit, before she comes 
out. Saves you alot of trouble.

34. Ryu - the Shotokan Master has come back to his 12th game!! Still an arcade 
favorite. all the way!

Quote: "Good fight. Don't restrain yourself next time." (MVC)

Assist Types:
A: Hadouken
B: Shoryuken
Y: Tatsumakishipuukyaku

Launcher - d + HP

Special Moves:
Hadouken - qcf + P (can be done in air)
Shoryuuken - dp + P
Tatsumakishipuukyaku - qcb + K (can be done in air)

Super Moves:
Shinkuu Hadouken - qcf + PP (can be done in air)
Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku - qcb + KK
Shin Shouryuuken - dp + PP (Level 3 or higher)

 Good thing they took out that horrid Change ability of Ryu's in MVC. Yeech! I mean, 
gender-switching in the middle of the fight? Keeerist! FREEEEKEEEEE!

Using Ryu - Now I'm not such an avid fan of Ryu's so I really can't tell you exactly 
on how best to use him. All I know is, he's one of the most balanced fighters in the 
game, which makes him maintain his status as Arcade Fave (At least, from what I've 
observed, although it's slowly waning.) Hell, the only button link-Super chain combo 
I know is the one my friend taught me, launch, A, C, A, C then ShinkuuHadouken in 
the air. That's all I know about Ryu. Sorry. So if you would like better info, go 
get tips from expert users. You must know some of them. Me? I'm still experimenting 
with Ryu. I'll find out how to use him well. When I find the time. I'll post my 
findings on Ver. 03.

Against Ryu - This one is dangerous. Very dangerous. Seems like the CPU version has 
a nasty habit, when it's Super Meter is say at Level 4 or above, of throwing a 
Hadouken, then dashing back and Canceling it with a ShinkuuHadouken, which catches 
alot of players unawares and can put on the big hurt. I've even seen HUMAN players 
use this tactic with very painful results, to their opponents. Also, sometimes he 
does an aerial Tatsumakishipuu Kyaku, which is easily blocked. but the moment he 
touches the ground, he immediately goes Shinkuu Tatsumakishipuu Kyaku, which can 
pull an opponent close into the whirling vortex for quick hits. Worst of all, this 
move has NO recovery time, which means after blocking this attack, Ryu can 
immediately block against the opponent's counter-attack. There is no real way to 
beat a good Ryu player. (against the Cheapos however, there are plenty of ways.) The 
only way to beat Ryu is observance. Watch your opponent's style and counterattack 
when you feel a perfect oppurtuniy comes your way. Good Ryu players may be good, and 
I've gone up against the best of them, but they are certainly not unbeatable. I 
should know. I've kicked some of their asses. Each and every one of them has their 
styles. Learn them, view their strengths and weaknesses, observe their favorite 
combos, master them, beat them.

35. Ken - The Gaijin comes back with a vengence after resting for one game due to 
that (shudder)gender switching issue with Ryu. (Brrrrr).

Quote: "You've got a lot to learn before you beat me." (MSHVSSF)

Assist Types:
A: Shoryuken
B: Hadouken
Y: Tatsumakisempuukyaku

Launcher - d + HP

Special Moves:
Hadouken - qcf + P (can be done in air)
Shoryuuken - dp + P (can be done in air)
Tatsumakisempuukyaku - qcb + K(can be done in air)
Evade Roll - qcb + P

Super Moves:
Shoryuu Reppa - qcf + PP
Shinryuu Ken - qcf + KK
Shipuu Jinrai Kyaku - qcb + KK

  One of the fighters whose own popularity rivals that of his best bud. Let's see 
just how good Blondie is right now.

Using Ken - Obviously, he's waaay faster than his rival Ryu, who opts for balance. 
That much I can tell you. To tell you all the truth, I have never used anyone from 
the Shotokan school of Martial Arts yet. I still have to practice using one of them, 
whether it's Ryu, Ken, (chukle!) Dan (though I'm not sure whether this loser is with 
the Shotokan school), Sakura, and Gouki. But hey, I'm accepting suggestions on how 
to use these guys properly. My e-mail is above, so please send in your suggestions 
along with your e-mail address and your name (name is optional, but e-mail is 
required) so I can thank you and give you credit in Version 03. But really Ken is so 
fast that practically all of his Supers, with the exception of the Shipuu Jinrai 
Kyaku, have a 100% success rate if used properly. Like his Shoryuu Reppa. Simply A, 
C or A, A and then go into Shoryuu Reppa (can also be done with Gouki.) or his 
Shinryuu Ken. Launcher, then Shinryuu Ken. Just like a Captain Sword. Cool.

Against Ken - That speed of Blondie can be used against him. CPU Ken is no threat. 
HUMANS are deadly, with a captital D. His Hadouken, while impressive, disappears at 
a certain distance, sometimes not even getting close enough to give you block 
damage. Time it that when his projectile disappears, throw a projectile of your own. 
If timed right, your projectile will go through the disappearing Hadouken and strike 
Ken before he recovers from the hadouken throw animation. Also, try to trick 
opponents into going into a Shoryuken. Block this low and when he lands, nail the 
blonde geek! His Tatsumakisempuukyaku goes diagonally up, making him very 
susceptible to an anti-air move or Super. So take advantage of that. Take advantage 
of all his blocked Supers because once blocked, Ken leaves himself open to any move 
under the sun, especially his Shipuu Jinrai Kyaku, which, when blocked, ends with 
Ken stalling for a full second, showing you how smashing his red knee is. Bust him 
apart! And always use Assist characters whenever possible. Heaven knows that you'll 
need all the help you can get against him, especially against good Ken players who 
are almost unbeatable ( but not so unbeatable. I've kicked more than one blonde ass 
now and then). 

36. Dan -  The(snicker!)self taught fighter is back, (AH AH AH AH HA!!) 
and he's still as pathetic as ever! AH HA HA HA!! HOOO HA HA HA HA HA!!!

Quote: ''The only master I need is myself." (MSHVSSF)

Assist Types:
A: Gadouken
B: Kouryuken
Y: Autograph

Launcher - d + HP

Special Moves:
Gadouken - qcf + P (can be done in air)
Kouryuuken - dp + K
Hishu Burai-Den - qcb + K (can be done in air)
Autograph - qcf + K

Super Moves:
Dankuu Gadouken - qcf + PP
Shoryuu Reppa - qcf + KK
Desperation - qcb + KK
Super Taunt - qcf, qcf + Start

  Oh yes. You REALLY are going to get anywhere with this guy.....

Using Dan - Oh yes. I really want to use this Ryo Sakazaki/Robert Garcia clone. With 
pathetic moves and pathetic Supers, only those with the mettle can use him without 
being bothered by his (hhmph!) moves, such as they are. But then you'd be 
surprised.Here's what one of my readers, Alex Wreschnig says:

"Well... we were chuckling at how bad he was too... until a friend of mine named Tim 
got really disturbingly good with him (making him basically a decent character).
There are two things you need to remember:
1. He's actually really fast, for a cheesy Ryu-type character.
2. Believe it or not, his super moves do a TON of damage, for only a few hits.  So 
if you get off the right one (this list does not include his "fireball") two hits 
can deal a good 25-30% of someone's life bar.
3. His fireball and his autograph can be cancelled out of.
4. NO ONE thinks that he's any good, so when you cancel out of the autograph into a 
super you can laugh at them all you want (doesn't work vs. cpu)
Basically, avoid attacks until you can get in a combo (for loads of damage), or just 
do what I try to do as dan - jump in/Hishu-Burai-den in (it's a decent move, if done 
well), sweep or something, throw, and get out of the way.  Jump in and fireball, 
then cancel to a super if you get the chance. And it's SOOO worth it when you beat 
someone with him!"
Against Dan - He is the EASIEST character in the game. I'm only going to tell you 
what the score is on the CPU because the HUMANS using Dan who've gone up against me 
always got Dan busted up before the real fight started. Remember, all of his moves 
are pathetically slow. The only real danger comes from his Desperation Super. It 
comes out faster than the rest of his moves with decent speed, which gives it the 
potential to really catch you off guard. But other than that, take the fight to him, 
because CPU has weird habit of standing back and signing autographs, signing them 
and tossing them at you. Jump and take this joke out for good!

37. Sakura - Oh jeez! The little Sailormoon reject has come back again! And just 
like before, she's just as pathetic as ever. I mean, why can't she get her own 
moves, eh? Always copying, always following! What a crackpot fighter! Why the hell 
did she come back anyway? She should go f...waitaminit. Someone at the door. Well, 
hey, Saki, baby! how are ya? You're doing well? What!? ME!? Say  bad things about 
you!? Oh, no no no! You must have heard someone else say that! I'm your biggest fan! 
Really! You don't beleive me, do you? Wait. Lemme explain. Please. Put that down! 

Quote: "I'd never date someone as weak as you!" (MSHVSSF)

Assist Types:
A: Shouoken
B: Hadouken
Y: Shunpuukyaku

Launcher - d+HP

Special Moves:
Shououken - qcf + P (can be done in air), dp + P if Dark Sakura
Hadouken - qcb + P (can be done in air), qcf + P if Dark Sakura
Shunpuu Kyaku - qcb + K (can be done in air)
Ashura Warp - dp + PP/KK (only with Dark Sakura)

Super Moves:
Midare Zakura - qcf + PP, dp + PP if Dark Sakura
Shinkuu Hadouken - qcb + PP, qcf + PP if Dark Sakura
Haru Ichiban - qcb + KK
Dark Sakura - rdp + PP
Shun Goku Satsu - WP, WP, f, WK, HP(Level 3 or higher)  

  She's still one of the better, no, NO, best, BEST, characters in MVC2, just as she 
was in MSHVSSF. Really! Honest to God!! You've gotta beleive me! (There. I said it 
now, Saki. Please don't kill me.....)

Using  Sakura - Is she gone? She is? Whew! Why the hell is she so touchy? Anyways, 
Just like Ryu, I have absolutely no idea how to use her well yet. I'm still 
experimenting and the experiment's not going so well so far. I'll let you know of 
any developments soon.

Against Sakura - No HUMAN fighters yet, so the CPU version will have to do for now. 
Just like B.B Hood, Sakura is dangerous is the higher stages of the game. Always 
seems to be able to find a breach in your defense and throw a quick Shououken which 
really brings down your morale.Always pulls that combo off whenever she hits you and 
she's fast enough to do so. Try to block the Shououken all the time and counter- 
attack quickly, but don't always resort to a Super. Her recovery time from a blocked 
Shououken may be long but it's not that long that you have the luxury to throw a 
Super at her. She's deadly, that I can tell you. Just Like B.B Hood, she's dangerous 
in the higher levels, as both an Assist character and as a regular fighter and 
enjoys throwing out Assists, which for some reason the CPU Sakura is always 
accompanied by some of the strongest fighters in the game. UNFAIR! But the one thing 
that's funny about her is that she enjoys throwing her three basic Supers, Midare 
Zakura, Shinkuu Hadouken, and Haru Ichiban right out of the blues. These three moves 
may prove to be your  windows of opportunity if you master how to use them to your 
advantage. The initial hit of the Shinkuu Hadouken, when blocked on land, will push 
you away, giving you only one point block damage. But what's this? Sakura isn't even 
through throwing the rest of the Super, which leaves her very susceptible to a 
SUPER! Her Haru Ichiban, when blocked below, opens her up for either a Super or a 
Launcher, depends on what you want to do, and her Midare Zakura, When blocked, p
ushes her off a little ways. This one you must treat as an ordinary Shououken. No 
Super. Just a quick counterattack. Might I suggest using your faster fighters to 
take out this clown? What? She's coming back? Sorry, gotta go back into hiding for a 

38. Gouki - The demon master, the man with the chaotic fist, has returned. Another 
victim of the gender-switching issue with Ryu. He really doesn't look too happy 
about that development.

Quote: "This world is starting to lose its appeal." (MSHVSSF)

Assist Types:
A: Gou Hadou
B: Gou Shoryu
Y: Tenma Kuujin Kyaku

Launcher: d + HP

Special Moves:
Gou Hadouken - qcf + P (can be done in air)
Gou Shouryuken - dp + P
Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku - qcb + K (can be done in air)
Tenma Kuujin Kyaku - in air, qcf + K
Forward Ashura Senkuu - dp + PP/KK
Reverse Ashura Senkuu - rdp + PP/KK

Super Moves:
Messatsu Gou Hadou - qcb + PP
Tenma Gou Zankuu - in air, qcf + PP
Messatsu Gou Shouryuu - qcf + PP
Messatsu Gou Rasen - qcf + KK
Shun Goku Satsu - WP, WP, f, WK, HP (level 3 or higher)

  Just like Bison, Gouki has really gone down the tubes when he got transferred to 
the MVC series. Any good Gouki player can remedy that little problem. But he just 
doesn' have that same power which made him fearsome in SF3.

Using Gouki - Fight fans, I know this must come as a great disappointment from me, 
but just like Sakura, I'm still in the stages of experimenting with Gouki. So I 
can't even begin to advice you on how exactly to use Gouki. I don't have the right. 
Perhaps the only combo-Super Cancel that I've been able to pull off so far has been, 
Launcher, A, C, A, C, HK Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku, then half way through that move, 
Tenma Gou Zankuu. Has an 87% success rate, but with constant practice you should be 
able to get that thing to work everytime. The same goes for his Messatsu Gou 
Shouryuu. A, A then Messatsu Gou Shouryuu. That simple. However there is one Super 
I've been meaning to try out. It's Launcher then Messatsu Gou Rasen. Just like 
Magneto's Shockwave after Launcher chain. I don't know if this works, though. I'm 
still testing it. But if anyone can confirm that I'll give him/her full credit in 
Ver. 03.

Against Gouki - Gouki plays alot like a combination of Ryu and Ken, only alot more 
calculating. Figure out how to beat Ryu and Ken, pile up together what you do know 
about busting them up and use it against Gouki who fights like these two. Oh, and 
keep him on the ropes with low-high attacks and Assist Characters. Theres a good lad.

39. Roll - Tsk, tsk, tsk. Roll. Poor Roll. Thrust into a game for the big boys. But, 
hell! Does this little girl care? Hell, no! Watch it! She's comin' to get some!

Quote: "Don't be mad at me. I'm just a little girl." (MVC)

Assist Types:
A: Plasma Fire
B: Deadly Bouquet
Y: Deadly Bouquet

Launcher - standing HK

Special Moves:
Roll Shot - qcf + P (can be done in air)
Deadly Bouquet - dp + P (can be done in air)
Get Rockball - qcf + K, qcb + P to use
Get Tornado Trap - dp + qcb + P to use
Get Leaf Sheild - qcb + qcb + P to use

Super Moves:
Hyper Roll - qcf + PP (can be done in air)
Rush Drill - qcf + KK
Beat Bomber - qcb + KK, p to shoot, K to drop bombs

  Plays a tad just like Megaman, only she doesn't belong in the Cheapo ranks. Capcom 
has also decided to tune her speed up a bit. One question, though. What the hell is 
she? Megaman's sister or the runt's girlfriend? Because in the earlier Megaman 
games, Roll is his sister. In the later ones and in MVC, she's his girlfriend. 
Wusssup with that? I'm more willing to beleive that she is his sister, since they 
play so much alike. But if she's also Megaman's girlfriend, then this is the most 
public display of incest in a fighting game, EVER, in the entire world! Whoa! 

Using Roll - Now remember, you can't use her as some Megaman clone, in which you sit 
back and throw fireballs?! Uh uh. You do that, you get your ass royally kicked. 
She's been made faster, so use her enhanced speed to play like never before. Dash in 
and out of fights and keep launching your opponents for aerial raves. Forget about 
doing a Hyper Roll chain when you're done with an air combo. It is IMPOSSIBLE! Lemme 
put it this way. Her Hyper Roll comes out so slow, your enemy will have enough time 
to drop to the ground and block before she can complete the animation of Hyper roll 
and start firing away, leaving her open to any anti-air attacks and Supers that the 
enemy might throw at you from underneath. Don't take the risk. use instead her Rush 
Drill and her Beat Bomber if you really want her Supers. they're slow, but at least 
they're faster than the Hyper Roll. Like Megaman, switch weapons constantly to keep 
your opponents guessing. But no Rock Ball. It is PATHETIC. Easy to see and to block 
when it shoots. Be very careful when using her. Although she's been tuned up more to 
a real fighter, she still takes more damage from ordinary moves compared to the 
others. Best thing to do is wait and counterattack. And don't skimp on the Assist 
Characters. They can help you out alot.

Against Roll - Play against her like you would Megaman, because both CPU Roll and 
Megaman play the same. Just watch it with the HUMANS. They're a whole lot craftier 
than the CPU. But still, not so much of a problem. One thing I ask of you is just: 
please go easy on her. She's just a little girl and she's not as annoying as her 
brother / boyfriend / whatever. C'mon. Have a heart. She's just a girl.

40. Megaman - Oh no. No no no no! Don't tell me! I said DON'T tell me! The leader of 
the Cheapo ranks is back, no? That idiotic little runt!AAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGHH!!!!!!!!!
May he be cursed to all perdition!

Quote: "Wow! Dr. Wily really outdid himself this time!" (MVC)

Assist Types:
A: HP Fireball
B: Mega Uppercut
Y: HP Fireball

Launcher - standing HK

Special Moves:
Plasma Cannon - Hold HP for as long as possible and release (can be done in air)
Mega Uppercut - dp + K (can be done in air)
Get Rockball - qcf + K, repeat to use
Get Tornado Trap - dp + K, repeat to use
Get Leaf Sheild - qcb + K, repeat to use

Super Moves:
Hyper Megman - qcf + PP (can be done in air)
Rush Drill - qcf + KK
Beat Bomber - qcb + KK, P to shoot, K to bomb

 For once, that's all I ask, for once, no Megaman for the second series! But 
noooooo! The small bastard is back again! But that's okay! I always use him as a 
punching bag, anyways! MWA HA HA HA!!! Take that, boy!

Using Megaman - Use him?! Are you crazy!? I wouldn't use him unless I was dead drunk 
or on extremely heavy drugs! Besides, his Hyper Megaman move come out alot slower 
than in MVC, so it's very difficult now to chain it into an aerial rave unlike in 
MVC. You know, Launcher, WP, WK, MP,MK, then Hyper Megaman. I'm not saying it's 
impossible, only it would take incredible timing to accomplish such a feat, because 
now, his Hyper Megaman comes out almost as slow as Hyper Roll! Look, if you're going 
to use Megaman, I can only give you two options, it's either if you're one of the
players who beleives in really flexing your real muscles, you can ask those who know 
how to play Megaman well or you can do what most other players do. Sit back and fire 
away like crazy. Maybe the only thing I can say is to switch your weaponry often to 
keep your opponents guessing, though I think that won't help much since the names of 
the weapon comes out after you grab it, which is very noticable to your opponent, 
unless of course this is in the heat of the battle, where players don't pay much 
attention to anything else other than beating the tar from you. Also, try to keep 
charging that Plasma Cannon as long as possible and let go when your opponent least 
expects it. This ought to give out some heavy damage. (now enough about using 
Megaman. I'm feeling dirty. Yuch! Hey! Where's my hand sanitizer!?)

Against Megaman - Now this I am good at. No matter who strikes you, most, no, 95.5% 
of the players who use Megaman like to take full advantage of an easy fireball. Very 
few like to use Megaman as a man, not some silly little boy pretending to be a man. 
Easily taken care of. But first the CPU version. Pathetic. Likes to rush back and 
fire his weapons, which of course, all of them now have incredible start up time. In 
short, Megaman telegraphs his moves to you, stamps it, delivers it and awaits your 
reply. Make sure it's the painful one. Now the HUMANS. Now I know there are those 
who play him like the pros they are, but still, majority of the Megaman players I've 
seen, and have beaten most righteously and heavily, plainly, SUCK! Him? No threat. 
Rush them with flying attacks while they're busy firing away, and get your Assisst 
characters out once in a while to join the party and to block some of those shots, 
but be careful. Every once in a while, they become crafty and start pulling moves 
which can pull the rug from under ya, by throwing unexpected Uppercuts and Plasma 
Cannons. But still, no threat. Block that Uppercut. The moment the runt lands, POW!. 
Or jump over that idiotic Plasma Cannon of his, since it takes a while to come, and 
POW! What's even more pathetic is that Megaman's Hyper Megaman, when it comes out, 
doesn't fire immediately unlike in the MVC game. Megman poses, he grows, he stalls 
for a while, THEN fires. Which means it can be knocked out of commission before 
Megaman can even fire a single shot! Even his Rush Drill and his Beat Bomber pose NO 
threat at all. Both can be blocked and when they end, leave Megaman so open, only 
the clinically brain dead would not take advantage of an incredibly tempting and 
incredibly stupid opening! The one thing irritating about him is his taunt after he 
Assists. Make him eat that damnable tongue of his! So all of you anti-Megaman 
players out there, pound the little runt! And have fun doing it! You have my 

41. Zangief - The Crimson Tornado has returned. I wonder how come he's so damn 
popular. Must be that buff exterior.

Quote: "Nothing can withstand my Final Atomic Buster!" (XMVSSF)

Assist Types:
A: Lariat
B: Flying Powerbomb
Y: Russian Slam

Launcher: d+HP

Special Moves:
Double Lariat - PP
Sky Toss - qcb + WP
Banishing Fist - dp + PP
Aerial Russian Slam - dp + K
Screw Pile Driver - 360 + P (near foe, can be done in air)

Double Crusher - hcf + K (very near foe)
Flying Power Bomb - hcf + K
Cyber Fire - hcf + P (only in Iron Body Mode)

Super Moves:
Final Atomic Buster - 360 + PP
Iron Body - rdp + KK (again to switch back)
Iron Tornado - 360 + KK (only in Iron Body Mode)
Ultra Final Atomic Buster - 360 + KK (Level 3 or higher, only in Normal Mode)

  This one should be used with the caption, ''For Those Who Beleive That They're 
That Damn Good." I wonder what would happen if the Russian Atomic Bomb met up with 
either The Rock's People's Elbow, Kane's Tombstone or Triple H's Pedigree with his 
Screw Pile Driver. Wah ha ha ha ha! (Sorry. Rabid WWF fan.)My FAQ on Making 
Zangeif for SD!2 should be around here somewhere.

Using Zangeif - I, however, do not deem myself worthy to call myself "That Damn 
Good"...yet. If I use Zangeif now with the skills I have, it would be like signing 
my death warrant. For one, he's incredibly slow, putting him in the "Wait and Bait" 
category. And two, his moves and Supers are extremely hard to pull off. I suggest 
you people find those who are That Damn Good and ask them, very nicely, on how to 
use Zangeif, that is, if you beleive yourself worthy of going one level higher to 
become better. or I can once again refer you to my friend Anthony Palma (email is 
above in Doc Doom's corner) so he can refer you to our mutual friend Doods who we 
beleive is That Damn Good because he has passed every MVC series with Zangeif. (Ask 
him NICELY.)

Against Zangeif - One thing you must remember by heart when going against him, is 
NEVER GET WITHIN HIS REACH or you will be kissing floor, with both HUMAN and CPU. 4 
Screw Pile Drivers is enough to knock you out of your misery while 2 Final Atomic 
Busters...... weeeellllll, let's just say you won't be getting up to go back to play 
anytime soon. Play keep away, use projectiles and Assist characters to keep him away 
and make use of low attack-Launcher attacks. That's the only way you should play 
against him. Keep away. And stay away from him as often as possible. You want to
win, doncha!?

42. M. Bison - the Dictator is back and I have to say, I'm really not impressed.

Quote: "I shall rule all in this pathetic world." (MSHVSSF)

Assist Types:
A: Psychoshot
B: Psychofield
Y: Double Knee Press

Launcher - standing HP

Special Moves:
Psycho Shot - hcf + P
Psycho Feild - hcb + P
Scissor Kick - hcf + K
Head Stomp - charge d 2 sec, u + K
Demon Press - d+P after Head Stomp
Teleportation - dp + PP
Float - qcb + KK

Super Moves:
Psycho Crusher - qcf + PP (can be done in air)
Knee Press Nightmare - qcf + KK
Psycho Cannon - hcb + PP

  The Dictator? Of what? Of Losers Extraordinaire?

Using Bison - In the SF game, his speed was something else. That little detail has 
carried over to the MVC series. He may not be the fastest, but he's still pretty 
quick. His Psycho Shot is good, but his Psycho feild is even better, since it does 
some big damage when unblocked and big cheese damage when blocked.  Don't keep doing 
that Head Stomp move since all you'll be doing is leave yourself open to tons of 
anit-air attacks or Supers. but if you must, when it gets blocked, follow up with a 
Demon Press right away in order to knock out those opponents who expect you to land 
without any protection (which he does whenever the Head Stomp gets blocked. He 
recoils and lands very near opponents, giving that window of oppurtunity to kick 
your ass!) However, the Demon Press does not grant him invincibility against anti 
air attacks such as the Shoryuken or the powerful Captain Corridor. In other words, 
don't use this move often. Please. No Floating please. None of that since it makes 
you very susceptible to alot of attcks, because this move robs Bison of the ability 
to block attacks. UGH! make good use of your Teleportation move since if done 
properly can get you out of some very tight situations and prevent those players who 
enjoy trapping opponents in a corner and whale away from getting their way with you. 
You'll drive them nuts disappearing all of a sudden since you can teleport behind 
them and lay the smack down on them. Do not underestimate the effectiveness of his 
Scissor kick. omes out quick and has very little recovery time. Now I don't know 
about the others, but, as far as I know, his Psycho crusher is the only Super in his 
arsenal that can be used to end an aerial rave combo.(Launcher, A, A, then Psycho 
Crusher) His other Supers, the Knee Press Nightmare and the Psycho Cannon take some 
time to start up and has only a 20% chance of successfully taking out a foe
since they have horrible starting time. If they do hit, good. They do tons of 
damage. If they're blocked, however, Bison is open all sorts of pain. Better learn 
how to use these things properly.

Against Bison - In the SF games, Bison (why is it Bison? Vega sounded faaaaar 
better! Why IS it Bison?) possessed the power to chill even the most hardbitten 
fighters with his power and speed. He was almost unbeatable, almost godlike. Then 
when he got transmitted over to the MVC series, almost every players simply laughs 
at him now. He has got to be the easiest CPU fighter in the game to beat, since he 
moves fast yes, but not as fast as he would like to be just like in the SF series. 
His moves no longer intimidate, as they once did in SFA3. In that game, he was a 
force to be reckoned with. Even the best warriors really had to shed all of their 
knowledge to take him out. But here? HERE!? AH HA HA HA!! This guy always telegraphs 
his moves. And since they come out so slow, you have enough time to either block the 
moves or jump over it. And after you do either of these options, they leave Bison 
throwing stuff at a ready opponent who, when the move ends, is ready to retaliate 
because he has some wicked recovery time, (well, maybe except for his Scissor Kick.) 
But almost all of his moves do have soem serious recovery time. Recognize his 
animation for a Head Press, because that move is about to be your best friend. When 
it comes out, block it. Then when he recoils, don't wait for him to come down to 
bust his chops, because Bison all of a sudden might thorw a painful Demon Press. Not 
good. So throw an anti-air move, or better yet, an anti-air Super. Knocks him out of 
that move and blows away any Assist characters he has in store for youse. All of his 
projectiles can be jumped over. Good thing about his Psycho Feild is that if you 
pound him, that action automatically cancels out the projectile. Bison is also a 
sucker for low-high attacks, so use your best characters on him (fast or slow, in 
doesn't matter. Just use your best character against him) He's one of the easiest 
CPU players to beat, so consider this one in the bag. I don't know about the HUMAN 
players though. I've never gone up against anyone who could use Bison well. With his 
Supers, if you see a Psycho Crusher coming your way, here's the fun part. Block it, 
no, don't jump over it, and keep pushing away (PP). Make sure that when the Super 
ends, it ends with Bison in front of you recovering from the Super and pound him 
out! All of his Supers are easily defendedable since he telegraphs all of his moves 
horribly, which gives you ample time to block and counterattack. Oh, how the mighty 
have fallen. And fallen far.

43. Jill - Capcom must have been desperate to put out more new fighters in this game 
to decide to take a character from a popular action game who has  absolutely NO 
experience in a fighting game. And so we have Jill Valentine, making her first ever 
debut into a fighting game.

Assist Types:
A: Life Up
B: Power Shoulder
Y: Grenade Launcher

Launcher: d+HP

Special Moves:
Power Shoulder A - qcf + P
Restrained Power Shoulder A - qcf + hold HP for a few seconds, then let go.
Grenade Launcher - dp + P
Gun Trapper - hcb + P
Summon Dead Dog - qcf + WK
Summon Killer Bird - qcf + HK
Summon Trap Zombie - qcb + WK
Summon Explosion Zombie - qcb + HK

Super Moves:
Shoulder Torpedo - qcf + PP (a)
CODE:T-002 - qcb + KK
Rocket Launcher - qcf + KK

  Still have to figure out what exactly is her role is in this game. (and everyone 
else' roles, for that matter.)

Using Jill - She's one of the fastest Capcom characters with the ability to leave 
your head spinning. Another plus on her side is that her moves are quite fast in 
coming out. Her Power Shoulder A is a great way to end an aerial rave combo. Her 
Restrained Power Shoulder A works just like that blasted runt Megaman's Plasma 
Cannon. You'll know you're doing it right when the radio-thingy on her belt begins 
to glow (talk about a dead giveaway.)  Hold it long enough and you can get as big as 
a 22-hit combo. Of course, the longer you hold it, the more it hits, true, but it 
gets also a longer start up time. Other than that, all of her other moves just slow 
her down. Grenade Launcher is strictly for anti-air defense purposes only, though 
I'm not so sure about that since, usually, it comes out pretty slow allowing your 
opponent ample time to block it and it won't hit ground opponents who duck. Her Gun
Trapper works just like Cammy's Cammy Counter. Time it just right that it comes out 
at the moment when your opponent throws a punch or a kick, Jill grabs, puches away 
and lets him/her have it with a mean .45 barrage (is that a .45 revolver she uses or 
is it something else? Kinda looks like a .45). Of course, it goes without saying 
that this doesn't work against projectiles (duh!). Her claim to fame is the
use of her helpers, the dead bird, the dead dog, and the dead man. Cheesers, 
everyone. I heard that you can even bring all three on the screen if you're quick 
enough (Someone wish to verify this?). Her Zombies come out in two forms. The Trap 
Zombie, which holds your opponent for just a while for you to nail him/her with a 
blistering combo, and the Explosion Zombie which, when it hits, does fire damage 
against your foe. Good thing about the Trap Zombie is if you strike it below, it 
falls flat on its face and can trap any foe not blocking downwards. Off all of her 
Supers the only one I've seen connect with success is her Shoulder Torpedo, which 
can be done this way, Launcher, A, C, A, C, then Shoulder Torpedo. Or better yet, 
before you do the Shoulder Torpedo, throw a Restrained Shoulder A first, THEN use 
the Shoulder Torpedo. Her Rocket Launcher is just like the Proton Cannon, only 
WAAAAAAAYYY slower, meaning you won't be surprising anyone with that one anytime 
soon. Unless they're mentally defecient. For it to connect 100%, the Launcher has to 
knock the opponent back, which means you'll have to do this very near the opponent. 
Now if the Rocket Launcher does hit the opponent and knocks him/her back, its shells 
follow suit for a measly 10-hit damage which is quite powerful.

Against Jill - She's one of the faster Capcom characters so always keep your guard 
up since she can really mess up your head if you give her a chance. Expect users to 
be jumpers as well against you since she has one of the quickest jumping abilities I 
have ever seen in this game. And also expect users to use keep away tactics like 
sending Helpers all the way against you. One way to cancel them is by using a 
projectile against them. Better yet, a Super. Cancels 'em all out right away! 
Another is to use an even faster character against her and whop her before any of 
her Helpers can come out. Cancels 'em out right away before they can even appear on 
the screen. Be careful because any opening your opponents get will be exploited with 
a quick button combo Canceled with a Shoulder Torpedo which can really give you a 
very painful headache. So you either use fast chjaracters or faster characters 
against her or play defensively to take this troublemaker out quickly.

44. Captain Commando - Alright! The defender of the Capcom Universe, Capcom's First 
Son, has returned in his second appearance! I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope there 
WILL be a Captain Commando 2 game in the future using these graphics. The Commando 
Team is awesome!

Quote: "Get up, go home, and tell them who defeated you." (MVC)

Assist Types:
A: Captain Fire
B: Captain Corridor
Y: Captain Kick

Launcher: standing HK

Special Moves:
Captain Fire - qcf + P
Captain Corridor - qcb + P
Summon Ginzu - qcf +WK
Summon Mack - qcf +HK
Summon Hoover - qcf + WK + HP
Captain Kick - D, DB, B + K

Super Moves:
Captain Sword - qcf + PP
Captain Storm - qcb + PP

  Don't you just wish you could use Mack, Ginzu, and Hoover, eh? How cool would that 

Using Captain Commando - Okay. This one is a pro at baiting opponents. Plus, having 
his friends to help him out is a major plus on the good Capain's side. Especially 
Ginzu. The Ginzu combo is; Dash, d, A, C, C, d+B, then the Summon Ginzu command for 
a ground 8-hit combo. Boy, was this ever hard to master in the MVC series. His 
Captain Fire comes out quicker now, so blast a quick one when your opponent least 
expects it. His Captain Kick is sort of like Dan's Gale Kick, only more useful. If
timed right, it goes over projectiles. Refrain from using Captain Corridors to often 
against jumping foes and even when your opponent is at ground level. It has horrible 
recovery time which can be exploited by most opponents. Instead, use Mack against 
jumping foes. It comes out quickly and may surprise them and even if it is blocked, 
it pushes them away from you and keeps them in the air long enough to eliminate any 
possibility of a counter attack from that move. But if you feel your opponent
can be suckered into this and is a constant jumper, by all means, fry his/her ass! 
But Captain Corridors are perfect for shaming Hulk users whenever they go into Gamma 
Crush. You say the only option is to block it if you have no anti-air Supers or no 
Super Meter juice left for a quick captain Sword against him? Then give them a 
Captain Corridor the minute Hulk descends with his big ol' rock during his Gamma 
Crush. This knocks him right outta the sky and it's also sortuva pride hurter. A big 
Super like that canceled out by a normal, ordinary move like a Captain Corridor! As 
in MVC, do NOT throw Captain Storms just out of the blues. It is telegraphed, and 
when blocked, leaves you wide open to any attack. However, you can chain it. That's 
right. Run towards the opponent, WK, then df + HP, then quickly QCF + KKK. Has to be 
done in a split second, otherwise, no connectees!. Also, if timed right, it 
goes right UNDER projectiles, even most Beam Supers. Maybe not scatter shot type 
Beam Supers like Cable's, Sabertooth's, and Magneto's, but still, this Super
is incredible. Best of all, it's Anti-Megaman! AH HA HA HA! You can also add two 
more hits to even the odds, to take away that litle amount of life you need to win, 
after a Captain Storm. When the opponent lands and Captain Commando and friends do 
their pose, don't waste time. Hit the downed opponent with a d+D attack then follow 
up with a Captain Corridor. Or THREE hits by hitting the downed opponent with a d+D 
attack, then a D attack Captain Kick. A Captain Kick may get them, but it's going to 
be a little tricky. Experts know that probably the most damaging button-chain-to-
Super move has got to be, A, C, D, then Captain Sword for a very painful helping of 
Capcom power. Just make sure not to trap your foe and do this because it's really 
better to slam your foe down with the Sword. More damage. He's also anti-Spiderman. 
Use this trick against the CPU Spiderman. Stand at the far end of the screen and 
fire a Captain Fire. This causes Spiderman to block it and to Hyper Jump towards 
you. Move back one step and the moment he lands, throw a Captain Corridor just
before he recovers from that jump. This throws him right back to where he came from. 
Repeat process until Spiderman croaks. If he short jumps over the first fire, do a 
second one. If he does a Hyper Jump in place, fire again. Only be ready for a 
Captain Corridor when you see him Hyper Jump TOWARDS you. It may take a while to get 
this right, but when you do, consider a Spiderman victory in the bag. Do not however 
try this against HUMAN foes or the other combatants. They're not as dense as the
spider guy.

Against Captain Commando - Certainly no threat there. For some reason, the CPU likes 
throwing moves that have huge recovery time. CPU Captain Commando can be baited into 
performing Captain Corridors after a sweep kick or, for the strangest reason, a 
Launcher even while you're blocking, automatically, even when you're just a few 
inches away from him. That proves to be an openening for you to strike him. Also, 
his Captain Fire takes some time before he recovers from it, because it comes out 
like a beam projectile. Jump over it and button link. Be careful of HUMAN opponents 
though. All of a sudden , the Commando characters come out when you least expect it. 
Don't be throwing projectiles around too much, because a quick Captain Storm will 
take care of you. One thing, though. His Captain Storm is cancelable. How? If the 
Captain makes the foolish mistake of throwing a Captain Sword right in front of you, 
a quick projectile or a quick attack strike before Commando brings his Sword down 
will knock him out of his Super. Remember. This takes precision timing and practice. 
If not done properly, you'll be eating a mundo painful Super. Better to be safe than 
sorry. Block it first before attempting any stunts.

45. Guile - The man who was the original street fighter bad ass has appeared in his 
first Marvel vs Capcom game and he has come to this party with a special six-pack of 
Butt Kick, good for anyone who wants a taste.

Quote: "Go home and be a family man." (SF2)

Assist Types:
A: Somersault Kick
B: Sonic Boom
Y: Sonic Boom

Launcher - d+HP

Special Moves:
Sonic Boom - Charge b 2 sec, f + P
Somersault Kick - Charge d 2 sec, u + K
Aerial Somersault Kick - in the air, d, u + K

Super Moves:
Sonic Hurricane - qcf + PP
Somersault Strike - qcb + KK
Crossfire Assault - in the air, qcf + KK

  Finally. Guile has graduated from Street Fighter and moved on to better things.

Using Guile - Guile is a slow but calculated fighter, so don't go running about town 
like you were on a Sunday gathering at a park. No! Guile is a baiter. So bait! His 
Somersault Kick comes out now with a small energy wave to compliment it, sort of 
like the thing Nash has. So even when a jumping opponent blocks the kick, it has the 
wave to push them back to prevent a counterattack. It can also be done with relative 
ease in the air. He's also the only character to my knowledge, along with Nash, who
has a possible infinity combo. Remember that aerial grab move of Gambit's which can 
end an aerial rave? Well, do that with Guile's own grab move, (press D) which is a 
devastating back breaker. What's good is that he doesn't jump back after landing 
with that slam. When you release your opponent, he/she will be flat on their back 
for a second. Take advantage of that. Immediately hit them with a d+C, then 
Launcher. Repeat the whole button chain combo again and again until your opponent
croaks. However, I wouldn't advice this against better players or the higher stages, 
because some of them roll out from underneath you before you throw that d+C attack, 
leaving your back open for a while. Do this cautiously. Guile is also a tad 
unchanged from his SF role, which is good. Throw a Sonic Boom and when your opponent 
goes over it, hit them with a Somersault Kick. I don't know. Maybe not. With the 
coming of aerial blocking, this move has lost its advantage, so maybe it's best
not to use it. It only has a 35% success rate, anyway. The great thing about him is 
that all of his Supers can be linked from button chains! His Somersault Justice can 
be chained after first hitting your opponent with an A, C / d+C, C, then going into 
Somersault Justice. His Sonic Hurricane can also be chained after doing an A, C, C, 
then Sonic Hurricane. Or you can simply cancel a Sonic Boom when it hits the 
opponent with a Sonic Hurricane. Just be careful, because although the Sonic 
Hurricane is powerful, it should not be done far away because it can be canceled 
with a beam projectile or a Beam Super. Perhaps his greatest combo is his Crossover 
Blitz. This is an aerial move so you won't be able to do this on the ground. What 
you do is launch your foe, then A, C, A, C, then Crossfire Blitz, which should be 
done as fast as possible. Think of Chun Li's forgotten Shichisei Senkuu-Kyaku. 

Against Guile - Boy, is he ever dangerous! Watch it! Guile, both CPU and HUMAN 
players, will bait you into comitting very serious mistakes which will result in 
some very serious battery. Don't stay on the defensive too long. These players have 
a deadly habit of grabbing on the fly. Guile has also this habit of blocking very 
quickly. Don't be so quick to come charging in or you'll eat a Somersault for
supper. Use faster characters on him and keep pounding him with Assist characters. 
Just be very careful on how you deal with him because the HUMAN players enjoy 
Canceling at every oppurtunity they get. So play cautiously, let him throw the first 
move, see what your opponent's style is and take advantage of any weak point you 
might see. A mistake, no matter how small, may be enough to give the fight to you.

46. Charlie - Hey, hey, hey! For the first time anywhere, Guile and his mentor, 
Charlie, join together to show us just what they were capable of back in 'Nam.

Quote: "I've beaten more people before 8 a.m" (XMVSSF)

Assist Types:
A: Sonic Boom
B: Somersault Kick
Y: Sonic Boom

Launcher - d+HP

Special Moves:
Sonic Boom - charge b 2 sec, f + P
Somersault Kick - charge d 2 sec, u + K
Moonsault Kick - in the air, u, uf, f, df, d + K

Super Moves:
Sonic Barrage - qcf + PP
Somersault Justice - qcb + KK
Crossfire Blitz - qcf + KK

 Difference between the two warriors is noticeable, but they still make an 
incredible team.

Using Charlie - When using him, play as you would Guile, only except for certain 
differences. the most obvious is that Guile is built for power and Charlie is alot 
faster than his friend and student. So use his speed to jump in and out of fights to 
annoy opponents greatly, something Guile could not possibly do. They do, however, 
have the same infinity combo possibilities, only the air grab command is B. His 
Sonic Booms comes out alot slower than Guile's, but that shouldn't worry. You
should use this move as a screening tactic. Most will block it. Come in high with a 
jump kick, then quickly hit them with d+C attack to catch them unawares to set them 
up for a Launcher and an aerial rave. If it does hit, it stuns your opponent long 
enough for you to come in for a combo. His Moonsault is pretty difficult to do, but 
it's looks great when you end an aerial rave with it. His Crossfire Blitz is very 
difficult to end a combo or even to simply connect with, for that matter. Charlie
has a slight stall before coming in for the kill. Sonic Barrage is good for only 
screening tactics since no one in their right minds would willingly get struck with 
this pathetically slow Super. Seems like the only Super of his which is the 
Somersault Justice, (big surprise) which seems to take out more hits than Guile's. 
All in all, Charlie is a great user of the screen arts.

Against Charlie - He may be Guile's mentor, but he's not as dangerous as his 
students. Charlie makes use of keep-away tactics and screening. Break through that 
feild, strike him with  high-low combinations all the time (because, like Cable, CPU 
Charlie doesn't have much in the way of aggresive AI.). However, against HUMAN 
players, be careful. Although the only Super that can be chained into is his 
Somersault Justice, that ain't no reason to just rush him now, is it? When required,
Charlie can play almost identical to Guile. Reckless opponents may rush in only to 
find his foot in their face when they eat a Somersault or a Moonsault. Simple thing 
is, block his Sonic Booms when near him and rush him since he has some recovery time 
when his Boom gets blocked up close. Even his Somersault can be avoided up close 
when you block low. When he lands, give it to him. Most importantly, learn Tech. 
Hits like the Gospel, since Charlie, like Guile, is a notorious grabber.

47. Strider Hiryu - WOOOH. Silent Man is back. Cool. the mecha ninja is obviously a 
big fave among the gamers, so Strider, take a bow. You're now two fighting games 
old! Congratulations!

Quote: "..........." (MVC)

Assist Types:
A: Ameno Murakumo
Y: Vaja

Launcher: d+ HP

Special Moves:
Ameno Murakumo - qcf + P
Excalibur - In Mid-Air, qcf + P or K
Wall Cling - qcb + P
Gram - dp + P or K
Formation A - qcf + K  
Formation B - Charge b 2 sec, f + P
Formation C - Charge b 2 sec, f + K
Warp - qcb + K
Position Shift - rdp + P

Super Moves:
Ouroborus - qcf + PP
Ragnarok - dp + PP
Legion - qcf + KK

  Not only is he cool in this game, but his other games for the Playstation (Strider 
and Strider 2) are awesome platform games. Definitely someone to watch out for in 
the coming months.

Using Strider - Whoa! I can't even begin to start an advice panel on Strider since 
he's one of the most used Capcom characters. What's so cool about Strider is the 
fact that he's very easy to use. He's so fast that almost any button-linked combo 
will connect and can be increased immeidiately with practice and experience. But of 
all his moves, only the Ameno Murakumo and Gram have any chance of connecting with a 
ground combo and Excalibur for a high-octane aerial rave combo. The others only 
serve to slow him down. His summons (Formation A, B, & C) cannot be combined with a 
button combo. The most they can do is make Strider play keep away and they also 
serve as Strider's projectiles. His Warp attack is pretty cool since LK will attack 
an opponent who's close and HK will send Strider after a far away opponent. But this 
isn't so good for playing an actual battle. No. It's true potential comes out in the 
Assist mode (I think to select it it has to be the Expansion Type) because when 
activated, Strider will not mind any Assist character that comes out in the field. 
He teleports and will strike the main player no matter where he/she is. (that is if 
they're on the ground. Hyper Jumpers won't be affected.) Use Position Shifts 
frequently to send your opponents head spinning. If you're facing right, LK sends 
you back while HK sends you behind the enemy. If you're facing left, reverse
that statment. Unlike in MVC, his Supers cannot be linked anymore with each other. 
Remember? When you on the Ouroborus Super, while you're whaling on your opponent 
with Ouroborus, you could mix it with a Legion or Ragnarok to increase damage. Now 
that is not possible anymore(what with the appearance of Crossover Supers) and also 
because its move time has been really decreased. You have to really get everything 
you want to throw in because of the short time limit. But still he's an pretty
incredible fighter.

Against Strider - This guy is dangerous, but don't worry about that. Almost all of 
his moves, when done alone, have horrible start up time, which can be blocked and 
taken advanatge of. Just play a wait and bait game with him and he goes done for the 
count. Just be careful if he's the Assist character. Always expect him to kick your 
head out of its neck. So what you do is concentrate on jump attacks and while you're 
up there try to throw Assist characters of your own, or dash forward and take out the
main guy since Strider will only attack the last place from where you were standing, 
so if you move two steps forward or backward from your current position, the ninja 
hits only air which can make him susceptible to Assist characters of your own. Also, 
I've seen people who sort of give up when the Ouroborus Super comes out. That Super 
is powerful, yes, but it's not that strong! To counteract it is to either Hyperjump 
over that thing or duck down and block. The last option guarantees that you won't
get hit by one Ouruborus. Big mistake if you block up. If the user decides to do a 
jump kick or overhead attack to break through that guard and take you out with 
what's left of the Ouroborus, simply keep the stick on the defense position and 
stand up then duck down again. Strider cannot grab while in Oruborus I should know, 
I was never able to grab anyone while in Oruborus. His Legion Super can be easily 
Hyperjumped over and you can kick his ass from behind. His Ragnarok poses a problem, 
but it is blockable and if your opponent does it away from you, Cancel it with a 

48. Hayato - A warrior that has the same rank in the Plasma Sword series as Ryu has 
in the SF series makes his debut in a 2D game. And he's pretty cool.

Assist Types:
A: Shiden
B: Guren
Y: Shiden

Launcher: d+HP

Special Moves:
Shiden - qcf + P
Guren - dp + P
Shirotora Hou - b, f + PP
Plasma Combo - B + WP, WP, HP, HK, WP, WP

Hyper Combos:
Rasetsu Zan - qcf + PP
Engetsu - qcf + KK
Plasma Field - qcb + KK (can be done in air)
Azn Mandoo Attack - WP, HP, b, WK, HK (L3)

  Some have tagged Hayato as the successor of Strider Hiryu. Me? I'm not so sure 
about that.

Using Hayato - Probably I know why he's been tagged by some as the next Strider. 
Dude's pretty fast. Just like Strider Hiryu, he's fast enough that almost any button 
combination you can think of will connect. That single plus can be the only trump 
card you'll need to have a great game. Try to always end a simple aerial rave with a 
Guren. More power, more damage. For the life of me, I just can't get that Plasma 
Combo of his to connect beyond 2 hits. I've seen some people do up to ten hits and 
let me tell you people, it's awesome and very damaging. Some tell me that it's all 
in the timing. Someone please tell me what that timing is. What's also good is that 
his Supers, although slow looking, will actually connect in a button-combo-Super 
Cancel. You can even end an aerial rave with a Plasma Feild, if you're quick enough 
(Launcher, A, C, A, C, then end with a Plasma Feild. Or better yet, try Launcher, A, 
C, A, C, HP Guren, then Cancel that with a Plasma Field.)I finally find out that the 
Plasma Field gives you infinite Supers. That's right. INFINITE SUPERS! Which means 
you can throw Supers till the cows come home or unil your time meter runs out. My 
thanks to Alex Cho for his bit of info. (Which is why, because I have no idea as to 
what Hayato's L3 Super is named, I have named it the Azn Mandoo Super.) This Level 3 
Super is UNBLOCKABLE! Holy Hannah! It looks pretty wild too. And I figured I can do 
this after and Aerial Plasma Field. Simply end an Aerial Rave with a Plasma Field 
(make sure you're near the edge of the screen) and when you land, immediately hit 
the Azn Mandoo Super while trapping your opponent. He/she will have no other option 
but to instinctively block which leaves him or her very susceptible to an Azn Mandoo 
Super. (As long of course as your opponent does not roll out of the way once you 
knock him/her down with the Plasma Field.)

Against Hayato - Versus, I'm not too sure just how long he can stay Strider's heir-
to-be. Some players can  be suckered into throwing a Guren prematurely and that 
could mean alot of pain for Hayato. His Plasma Combo is impressive, that's true. But 
then, just keep blocking, just watch out for the part wherre he does an overhead 
attack, and when he stops, give it to him, because, if you're using a much faster 
character, you'll see that Hayato is much slower when he recoils after ending a 
Plasma Combo, so give him some! Be very careful though when you see that the Super 
Meter is up because most players like to sucker you in, give you a 2-3 hit starter 
combo then build it up with a Super like Rasetsu Zan or Engetsu. These are very 
painful. However, should you be able to block this if some of your opponents throw 
stuff prematurely, especially the Rasetsu Zan, it stalls him long enough for you
to get the better of him. So do so and see just how worthy Hayato is of being 
Strider's successor.

49. Tron Bonne - That sassy little treasure hunter who rides a mecha that sort of 
looks like the smaller version of Babyhead's robotic body has debuted also from the 
same game genre as Jill Valentine. She's pretty powerful, if handled right.

Quote: "Ah HA HA HA HA!" (MVC2. I heard there was a Tron Bonne game but I never got 
the interest to play that game. Heard it plays like Megaman Legends, though. This 
quote is actually her taunt in the MVC2 game. If someone can provide me with a good 
saying from that game, please let me know.)

Assist Types:
A: HP Throw
B: MK Attack
Y: Low MP Attack

Launcher: d+HP

Special Moves:
Bonne Strike - qcf + K (can be done in air)
Commanding Shot - qcf + P
Launch  Helpers - dp + P

Super Moves:
King of Helper - qcb + PP
Infinity Rush - qcf + PP

  A bossy little girl who sounds like a proffesional whore when she laughs! Whoah! 
Weirdness! Waitaminit! I just got a vison! Could this be Roll when she grows older 
after being exposed all the time to a pantywaist like Megaman and she's forced to be 
tougher? Major weirdness!! AH HA HA HA HA!!

Using Tron Bonne - Just like the Sentinel. She moves kinda slow, but not that slow. 
But keep your defense up. Especially against jumping fighters and fans of the low-
high attacks. Her Bonne Strike is probably the only move in her arsenal that makes 
using Tron worthwhile, since it comes out pretty fast and has the combo and damage 
ratio of a beam projectile (6 if done far away, 8-9 if near.) This can even be used 
to end a combo, whether on land or in the air, Launcher, A, C, A, C, Bonne Strike.
Simple 15 hit combo. Her other moves really tested my will to live! Her Commanding 
Shot, if it came out only a little faster, it would be of some help as it's a 
trapping move. If opponents don't block this, you can get a 2 second free hit with 
this baby. When it's over, the little guys run away with what looks like two red 
crystals(?) which I have absolutely no idea what those are supposed to do. It doesn't
affect Tron's status (defense, attack, speed) or increase her life. Problem is, it 
comes out so slow and the red light that comes out of her gun is NOT the beam 
itself. rather it's a laser sight like the ones mounted on a Desert Eagle. The trap 
commend comes out somewhere in the center and takes a LOOOOOOOONG time before it 
hits an opponent. Only morons, when they see that red light coming their way, will 
stand there and say, "Duh! What perty lights!" The Launch Helpers is like Jill
Valentine's Rocket Launcher. Uselessly slow. It can be used as an anti-air but don't 
expect anyone to get hit with this piece of crap anytime soon. Even her Supers are 
nothing to blab about. Her Infinity Rush is an inredible visual Super, but because 
it's just something like a Hyper Commanding Shot, expect the Super to be just as 
slow and as predictable as the move itself. Pathetic. I think the only way to really 
get this to connect is by using this during a Crossover Super, i.e; If you're using 
someone like say, Morrigan, and she hits the opponent with a Soul Eraser, you then 
follow it up with an Infinity Rush. I don't know if this will work. I'm only in the 
experimental stages. Tell me if anyone breaks new ground with this. Her King Helper 
is nothing more thatn a bigger version of one of those little dudes who keep 
following her around, only he, or izzat a she?, is a helluvalot BIGGER!!! Yeah. Even
the speed reduction is BIGGER! This Super comes out so slow, since Tron takes some 
time to first talk into her headpiece then one of her helpers comes out, then it 
grows, THEN it attacks! HOOOH BOY! If by some miracle to end all miracles it hits, 
it does 15 hits of inconsequential damage (this means opponents can shrug it off). 
So try to stick more with your ordinary moves and don't understimate her dash speed.

Against Tron - Of all the things that makes this little sweetheart deadly is her 
dash speed and her Bonne Strike. Strike her with even faster characters or if your 
one of those waiters and baiters, wait for her to get close enough and let her have 
it. But don't keep rushing in, because her speed makes her quite a powerful counter- 
attacker. But if you judge that you have what it takes to take the fight to her,
then strike her from above, esecially for the CPU, because for some reason, Tron is 
very susceptible to overhead attacks. That's your advantage. Take her out using 
this, since all of her moves are laughable. Her Supers take so long to come out and 
so long to end that when you recognize her animation, Hyperjump behind her and let 
her have it! But watch out for her Bonne Strike, the only thing in her arsenal that 
makes her dangerous. She can pull this one off faster than you can blink. So attack
quickly, but cautiously.

50. Amingo - Now where, OH WHERE, did this refugee from the funny papers come from?

Quote: "Veggies are your pals!"

Assist Types:
A: Life Up
B: Defense Up
Y: Squash Roll

Launcher: d+WP twice / WK twice

Special Moves:
Squash Roll - qcf + P (a)
Thorny Ball - qcb + P
Baby Cactus Punch - qcf + LK
Baby Cactus Kick - qcf + HK
Baby Cactus Grab - qcb + K

Super Moves:
Law of Vegetables - qcb + PP
Sun Chaser - qcf + KK

  On second thought, watching him bust a move, I'm really beginning to rethink my 
stance against veggies.

Using Aminggo - Whenever he comes into play, he may never cease to surprise you for 
this tub o'lard (or is sap moreap propriate?) is incredibly fast for one his size! 
Whoa! He can go toe to toe with the likes of Jin or Hayato. But don't get too cocky. 
He's fast, but he ain't that fast. Aminggo will still eat the dust from the likes of 
Jill Valentine, Psylocke, or Marrow. So it's best to play a balanced game. His 
Squash Roll is very painful and can ring up to eight hits! Great if you can match it 
up with a button combo or an Aerial Rave. Very damaging and painful. His Thorny Ball 
comes out a tad slow to be linked 100% successfully with a combo, but it comes out 
fast enough to tag an unsuspecting rushing opponent. But his best moves are the Baby 
Cactus attacks (Why do alot of Capcom fighters get Summon attacks, eh? i.e; Captain 
Commando, Jill Valentine, and Tron Bonne. They come out quite slow and can be 
cancelled with a special move, but they're disgustingly cute (the way they
waddle across the screen and the way they squeak when they get knocked off.)and, if 
placed and planned right, they can become an incredible annoyance to your opponent's 
concentration and sanity. You can even put all three kinds at the same time, so your 
opponent won't know what to expect and that's when mistakes come in. The Best one, 
for me, is the Baby Cactus Grab. But since it comes out pretty slow, you're better 
off doing it far enough while you opponent's dashing.This one is unblockable
and if you've thrown a Baby Cactus Punch/Kick, most opponents will instinctively 
block this attack which you know is a BIG mistake. When it does hit, prepare to take 
advantage of a 2 second timeperiod (I counted this myself. If it's longer with you, 
tell me.)in which the opponent cannot block. Make it hurt! His Law of Vegetation 
Super is pretty slow when it comes out and is blockable, but it can't be canceled by 
any special move, or so at least I've seen so far. When it does hit, it doesn't do
much damage, but it's a cool crowd pleaser. There are only 2 ways for this to really 
work. One is to let an opponent make the first move, preferabbly sucker him/her into 
making a special move with very long recovery time and brings him or her very close 
to you (I.e; Somersault, Spiral Arrow.) The moment the move ends, throw that Super. 
95 % success ratio and two is to simply let the Baby Cactus grab your opponent and 
throw this sucker. Just be sure to come in close before you DO throw this Super. But 
it's his Sun Chaser which really hurts alot. If timed right a 25 hit combo is yours 
for the taking. Best of all is, a simple Launcher can be Canceled with a Sun Chaser 
ala Captain Sword. Max damage and very painful.

Against Aminggo - I don't know whether to take him seriously or to bust a gut 
laughing. This one, if you can figure out his system and his moves, can become very 
easy. Take advantage everytime he plants one of those Baby Cactus, since it takes 
some time for him to duck down, plant, then it waddles to the end of the screen. 
Don't dash him when you see this one coming. Do a running jump towards him and hit 
him with a jump attack and follow up with your best combo. Of course when the little
buggers come out, it's pretty hard to tell which one is which. Who knows? The one 
you're blocking right now could easily be the Baby Cactus that grabs. And you waste 
precious time in attacking them, time which your opponent could take advantage of. 
So when in doubt, throw a strong Assist Super, like Captain Commando's Captain 
Corridor, Guile's Somersault Kick, or Cable's Viper Beam. Special Moves take these 
things out but why do it yourself when you have friends to do it for you, eh? Also
his Supers are pretty much laughable, well maybe not the Sun Chaser, but his Law of 
Vegetation when it comes out, leaves Aminngo open for a while as he somehow freezes 
when he plants this Super. So jump over it and smack his head or if you're quite 

51. Jin - The robotic psycho with a mecha is back to do some veeery serious damage. 
He was one of the more popular ones back in MVC. What about now?

Quote: "Whether you're metal or flesh, I will beat you." (MVC)

Assist Types:
A: Jin Typhoon
B: Jin Dynamite
Y: Low HK Attack

Launcher: standing WP twice

Special Moves:
Saotome Typhoon - charge b 2 sec, f + P
Saotome Dynamite - charge d 2 sec, u + P
Saotome Crush - hcb + K
Saotome Burst - Press start, then rapidly press all buttons.

Super Moves:
Blodia Punch - qcf + PP
Blodia Vulcan - qcb + PP
Saotome Cyclone - qcf + KK

  Weird thing is, oh yes, he's back, badder than ever and is just as predictable as 
he was before. EERGH!

Using Jin - Think of this guy as Dan on steroids. This guy almost plays like Dan but 
he's a helluva lot better than Dan, that's for damn sure. His Saotome Typhoon is 
great especially for those who like to keep on jumping. Still has no projectiles but 
that's cool. He's fast enough to jump over most of them. What's also great about him 
is that ordinary button attacks such as the HK and the HP can be used as Special 
Attacks which can really hurt someone. A personal favorite of mine, try to knock an 
opponent down with a d+HK attack than throw a Saotome Dynamite. Five to eight hit 
combo guaranteed. But you gotta be quick about it since some foes already know how 
to roll out of harms way in case they get knocked down. His Saotome Burst should 
NEVER be used by mentally sane gamers in the game since it takes a long time for it 
to actually do any damage and it is IMPOSSIBLE to even link it with a combo. This 
has got to be Jin's most useless move ever! I mean, what moron would stand by and
wait while Jin's rubbing his back fast enough to get enough friction going to set 
himself on fire? No way! Don't expect to be doing his Saotome Crush all the time 
since it starts up horribly and only morons won't see it coming and block. But if by 
some miracle, it does hit, it also has SUCKY damage ratios! Yech! For an impressive 
grab move which elbows out the Spinning Pile Driver and the Earth Vacuum in visual 
effects, the damage it deals out doesn't even cut it! Of all his Supers, only his
Blodia Punch has any hope of connecting with a button combo (A, B, then Blodia 
Punch. But this has to be done very quickly.)5-6 hits but very powerful and very 
damaging and it also has very little recovery time that even if your opponent blocks 
the move, jin recovers fast enough to block a quick counterattack from anyone. His 
Blodia Vulcan must never be thrown just out of the blue, especially if you're 
anywhere near an opponent, since it takes forever to start up and when it gets 
blocked, Jin jumps down and slams his fist on the floor in frustration, wasting 
precious seconds, seconds which give the opponent a window of opportuniy here. 
Dammit Jin! What're you doing!? Saotome Hurricane can be thrown against jumping or 
even Hyperjumping foes and this is probably the most damaging Super Jin has in his 
whole arsenal. Problem is startup time, which gives your opponent enough warning and 
time to block it and makes it virtually impossible to link it up with a Launcher 
like you would do with a Captain Sword. If only it could, man, he'd be powerful! 
Probably even better than ever!

Against Jin - Here is where Jin is like Dan, but don't underestimate him. When 
attacking him, remember two things. Always use either a quick character against him 
or a character who has quick counterattacking capabilities, and always let him make 
the first move. What you want to do is sucker him in and make him use a Saotome Fire 
Drill on you. Now if you block that expect a Saotome Dynamite to come into play or a 
Saotome Tornado. But usually a Saotome Dynamite is what is used by most gamers. But 
whatever they do use, make sure to block that Fire Drill and the follow-up move,
then follow up with a blistering combo since these two moves have horrible recovery 
time. Also be wary when his Super come out, particulary his Blodia Punch. The other 
Supers can be ignored but this is one you have to take seriously because it is with 
this Super that Jin can say in that, oh, so special way, "Goddamn you S.O.Bs! Don't 
you dare disrespect mah AUTHORITAH!!!!" This Super comes out fast and hits very 
hard! So for God's sake, don't keep rushing him! Like I said, the key to winning
against Jin is to be a hunter. Wait, bait, then take him out! Fer good!

52. Ruby Heart - Hmmmmm. A new character that looks like a cross between Captain 
Hook from Peter Pan and Captain Kidd from World Heroes 2 Jet. Where did this little 
devil come from?

Quote: "Ahvahst!! It be Moby Dick! ARRRHH!"

Assist Types:
A: Sublimanation
B: Ghost Trap
Y: Power Up

Launcher: d + HP

Special Moves:
Shovel Shell - qcf + P
Supremanation - qcf + K
Fantome - qcb + K
Anchor Throw - hcb + P

Super Moves:
Hyper Shovel Shell - qcf + PP (can be done in air)
Mille Fantome - qcb + KK
Pirate Nell - qcf + KK
Tour-Do-Mage - HK, WP, D, WK, HP

  I'll tell you people one thing. She's pretty tough for a pirate babe. Very tough.

Using Ruby - Okay if I call ya Ruby? Check. Anyways, Her Shovel Shell move, while 
quick is not very focused, because it knocks your opponent back for a few hits then 
goes over them. It plays like a mini-Psy-Thrust. The moment it reaches 2-3 hits, it 
goes over a foe, but you can control the direction as well. So when it goes over, 
pull down on your joystick, (not YOUR joystick, you putz! THE joystick! On the 
machine!) for Ruby to trace the enemy. A very useful feature, indeed. It can not only
be brought down, but it can go diagonal (any direction), back, and up as well. Very 
cool in tracng attacks. Her Supremanation is pretty good too. Comes out like Storm's 
Double Typhoon. Hunts down where the opponent is standing and striking them when 
they least expect it. Problem is, just like Storm's Double Typhoon, her 
Supremanation is only a tad faster than that. But a tad doesn't make it REALLY fast. 
Two steps forward or backward from where they stand and the opponent has just
neatly evaded your Supremanation. It's better to use this with an Assist Character. 
Her Fantome is one of her trap moves, although I'm not so certain that it's really a 
trap. I'm told that when it hits, this thing prevents a foe from blocking while 
another tells me that when this hits it  drains life from your opponents and still 
another tells me that prevents one from calling an Assist character. However this
move comes out pretty slow and can be blocked which makes it pretty difficult to 
really tell which one's true. Oh well. Her Anchor Throw is the second one of her 
trappers which is more useful than the Fantome. It is blockable, but when it does 
hit, it does pretty decent damage, plus it looks pretty funny and it comes out fast. 
Eat cannon ball, ya land lubber! Her Supers are pretty good and the Hyper
Shovel Shell is pretty much linkable, Launcher, A, C, A, C then Hyper Shovel Shell, 
but you have to treat it like the ordinary Shovel Shell since it won't completely 
hit the opponent. But practice will make this move REALLY hurt. Her Mill Fantome is 
just like the Fantome only alot of these ghost, phantom, thingies whcih is REALLY 
useless, since any opponent with half a brain can go over this one. So use this 
sparingly. VERY sparingly. Her Pirate Nell. Now here's a Super that's pretty
awesome! It comes out very fast and just like the Blodia Punch, it can hit your 
opponent when they least expect it. But it's a combination of Blodia Vulcan and 
Blodia Punch. If it hits, it takes a 3-hit combo out of your foe, then implaes them 
on the wall and fires all of its guns on them! ARR HAR HAR HAR!!! Fire on the 
starboard bow! Of course, if this is blocked, the 3-hit block damage comes
out, but the guns will be silent. So make it come out when they don't know it. And 
lastly her Tour-Do-Mage Super is perfect against people who like to hang back. A 
barrel comes down very fast and then Ruby does some sort of magic trick that really 
cause alot of pain. This can be blocked, but just like the Pirate Nell, make it come 
out when the opponent least expects it and you got it made!

Against Ruby - Little Miss Hook plays about as predictably as Cable. She's fast but 
she's not as fast as Cammay or even Chun-Li. And just like Cable, she's very 
susceptible to jump attacks, overhead attacks and low-high attacks. So whale in on 
her with lightning quick moves and Assist characters, keep an eye out for her deadly-
duo Supers (Pirate Nell and Tou-Do-Mage, though I doubt anyone can pull off the last 
one when they're too busy defending quick strikes). Other than that, she's not a very
difficult enemy. Simply know how to judge her moves and she's yours for easy picking.

53. Dhalseim - WHAT?! The Yoga Master has returned!? WHY!? UGH!

Quote: "Yoga teaches the combination of power." (XMVSSF)

Assist Types:
A: Yoga Fire
B: Yoga Flame
Y: Yoga Blast

Launcher - df + HP twice

Special Moves:
Yoga Fire - qcf + P
Yoga Flame - hcb + P
Yoga Blast - hcb + K
Fuyuu - qcb + KK, again to end
Yoga Teleport - dp + PP / KK
Yoga Head Butt - in air, d + PP
Yoga Spear - in air, d + KK

Super Moves:
Yoga Inferno - qcf + PP (can be done in air)
Yoga Slam - qcf + KK

  With a speed meter that rivals even that of Zangief. I even think he's slower than 
the Crimson Tornado himself. 

Using Dhalseim - Whoa! No way! I'm not signing my death warrant here, people! 
Dhalseim deserves the same sort of treatment Zangeif gets. Only for those who are 
That Damn Good. This one moves sooooo slow for one of his size. Still gotta figure 
out how to successfully go into an Aerial Rave combo with him. I've seen several 
people use him and have their asses royally kicked. I have yet to see someone go toe 
to toe against any of the fighters with Dhalseim.

Against Dhalseim - I really suggest that you use fast characters here. Concerning 
Dhalseim that could mean just about anyone, from Cammy to Zangeif. Part of what 
makes him weak against fast people is a little something known as his recoil action 
whenever he throws HP/HK attacks in which his legs or his fists. If you jump over 
these lethal limbs and striking them will stun him, since it IS part of his
body, (duh) and you can rush him (be very quick about it) and give it your best 
button combo shot followed by a Super if possible. Don't worry about this guy's 
projectiles. The Yoga Fire is so slow you can jump over it. But you must be careful 
because after the Yoge Fire, Dhalseim can throw a very painful Yoga Flame or Yoga 
Blast. The Yoga Fire will act as a sheild. Which is why speed is of the essence. 
Don't be afraid of his Teleport and don't go rushing in when he disappears. Wait 
right where you are because he'll either appear before or behind you. Wait and see 
where he materializes and when he does reappear, Launcher him or Super him, because 
it takes some time before he recovers from ths move, so knock his bald block off. 
Also don't skimp on the Assist characters because you can rest assured that Dhalseim 
won't be skimping either.

54. SonSon - I don't know. Maybe it's just me, but there really is something about 
this fighter that just screams "RIP OFF!" I dunno. Maybe it's because she looks 
sooooo much like Kongo, from the Viz video; "Monkey Magic",the female version only, 
though. And that cloud she sort of rides just screams; "DRAGONBALL!"

Quote: "What do I have to do to become a god?" (Monkey Magic)
Quote: "KAMEHAMEHA!!" (Dragonball Z)

Assist Types:
A: Life Up
B: Monkey Boogie
Y: Wind Cutter

Launcher: d+HK

Special Moves:
Whirling Typhoon Cane - P rapidly (can be done in air)
Monkey Boogie - qcf + P (can be done in air)
Wind Cutter - dp + P (can be done in air)
Walkabout - qcb + K
Time To Cook - qcb + P
Evasion Crawl - qcf + K

Super Moves:
Heaven to Earth - qcf + PP (can be done in air)
POW - qcf + KK
Monkey Emperor - qcb + PP

One I said that Sonson's a ripoff, but I just received an email that thankfully set 
me on the right path from dont_mail, who wrote;
"you know, the character SonSon?  His is from an ancient, i mean ANCIENT
capcom game in the arcades (and the trusty old Famicom). Capcom even
released a sequel for the TurboGraphx."

But, his REAL origin is from Sayuki (sp?), which is an ancient chinese myth.
Sayuki is about this cloud-riding humanoid monkey (named Son Goku) who
carries around a stick that extends and stuff.  The monkey challenges Buddha
and all these crazy things happen and stuff.  Good literature, if u can find
good translation.

Just FYI, Son Goku has been "borrowed" by NUMEROUS cartoons in asia,
including the super-sayan from the Dragonball/Dragonball Z/Dragonball GT
Using Sonson - No doubt about it, she's pretty fast. How come most of the fastest 
fighters are in the Capcom side? Now this little Kongo rip-off has the ability to 
zip in and out of a fight, lickity split! An incredible fighter with quick moves and 
very little recovery time in her moves. Her Wind Cutter is very painful and is good 
in ending Aerial Rave combos. Her Monkey Boogie is a great three-hit combo 
projectile. However it does have the tendency to come out pretty slow. But against 
single shot projectiles, they more than prove their worth since one monkey will 
cancel out the projectile while the other two hits the opponent. But still, they do 
come out quite slow and they can be taken out with a beam projectile. Her Whirling 
Typhoon Cane is another great way to end an aerial rave combo. If you've ever played 
Chun-Li before in the previous games, then you know what I'm talking about. 
Launcher, A, C, A, C, then Whirling Typhoon Cane. This takes about 13-14 hits if I'm 
not mistaken. However, for even more damage, try doing this to an opponent when 
he/she has her back to the edge of the screen, the proverbial "wall", you know, 
trapping. Her Walkabout is pretty cool visually. She walks around the edges of the 
screen. Use this to prevent people from trapping you instead. Also, while you're on 
the screen, pressing K will send Sonson into a bulletkick like move that is very 
similar to the one Strider Hiryu does when you do a wall cling then you press K, 
only hers covers more distance. Her Evasion Crawl is pretty useful because it gives 
her the ability to literally crawl underneath projectiles and some special moves, 
even some Supers, except those that touch the ground. Timing is neccessary to pull 
this one off, since if you get up too early, you eat a move or worse, a Super, or if 
you get up too late, be prepared to kiss your opponent's fists or feet or his/her 
next move. Her Time To Cook move is HI-STERICAL! Plus it does some pretty good 
damage to boot. It's a grab move with a farther range than Morrigan's or Zangeif's 
but it's blockable. Always use it whenever the enemy is recovering from a blocked 
move or a blocked combo. Her Supers are powerful, (and funny as the POW will show)
but none of them come out fast enough that you can use them to Cancel out a combo. 
(I've seen someone once pull of an Aerial Rave combo then quickly end it with Heaven 
to Earth, timing it so that when she throws the stick the enemy gets hit long enough 
that the HEEEEUGE stick lands right down on the opponent. I still have to figure out 
the timing.) Her POW should be treated like Amingo's Law of Vegetation. Time it that 
when an opponent throws a move which has extremely long recovery time, while he/she 
is recovering, throw this move. Her Monkey Emperor (for some strange reason, it 
looks like one of those Super Saiyajin apes from DBZ. RIP OFF!!) is her one ace in 
the hole should you be getting your ass handed to you. She gains strength equivalent 
to 3 Juggernauts, and the fire she breaths out takes out quite alot of damage. Plus 
she also gains Super Armor. But she moves so slow that by  the time you get close 
enough to strike the opponent, the time meter below you has already run out. ERGH. 
Stick with the fire. Press Press HK to fire forward and LK to fire up and while 
you're doing that, move the joystick up and down for her head to go up and down 
while breathing that flame. Spreadshot. Hurts everytime. This also has incredible 
cheese damage. Not bad for a rip off.

Against Sonson - Now against her, remember that she is fast. Very fast. Monkey fast. 
(heeere, little monkey!) which is why, if you're using slower characters, time for 
the ait and bait. This is also one opponent wherein you'll need all the help you can 
get with your Assist Characters. When you attack always have a back-up character to 
cover your bases. If you miss her, your Assist character certainly won't, that is, 
if you've picked a very painful Assist Type for each of your characters. (Personally 
I like Captain Commando's Captain Corridor.) When she throws a projectile. Don't 
waste time canceling it. Have one of your Assist characters take these things out 
for you, whether they take it out with a pojectile or with their faces, I don't 
care. Just have an Assist character watch your butt, jump over that projectile 
before Sonson can recover from this one and strike her out. Don't be so quick in 
using jumping attacks on her since her anit-air move, the Whirling Typhoon Cane can 
come out so fast that you could be caught off gaurd  and not be able to aerial block 
this move. Also, meeting her in the air is a no-no, since she could suddenly go into 
her Wind Cutter move, which takes priority over any kicks and punches you could do 
in the air, that is unless you also have an aerial move of your own, ne? Use that 
move to take her out. Her Heaven to Earth Super is pretty deadly, since it is the 
mother of all tracer moves inthis game. However, as I've said before, three (this 
time it's three because this move is HEEEEUUGE) steps forward or back will have that 
big ol' cane hitting air. So it's best to use quick characters here. Her POW? Just 
makesure not to do any move that has incredible recovery time, such as an ill timed 
Shoryuken, for example, and you can either block this Super when this comes out
(What?! Just because it's big means you can't block it anymore? Oh, c'mon!) or you 
can simply Hyperjump over it and knock her out just before she recovers from the 
blowing animation she assumes when doing this move and throw a Super of your own or 
take full advantage of this oppurtunity. Since it kind of comes out very slow, if 
you have enough salt in that Super meter, HYPER COMBINATION FINISH!!! The same goes 
for her Monkey emperor, although, I don't think it will really do that much
damage against her since she has incredible Super armor, but it can still sting. Or 
you can do what I do. Wait for her to regain her true form, you know, the part where 
she shrinks down and turns white for a while?, then rush her and whale on her with 
good button combos and Assist characters. Heh. Those Saiyajins ain't so tough after 

55. Felicia - Hey, hey, hey! The kitty from Darkstalkers has graduated from 
Darkstalkers. And just like B.B Hood, she's out to make a name for herself. Here, 
kitty, kitty, kitty!

Quote: "Don't exaggerate it! It's just a scratch!'' (Darkstalkers 3)

Assist Types:
A: Delta Kick
B: Sandsplash
Y: Cat Spike

Launcher - standing HK

Special Moves:
Rolling Scratch - qcf + P, then P again
Sand Splash - qcf + K
Cat Spika - dp + K
Cat Spike - dp + P
Delta Kick - f, df, d + P
Crazy Cat - hcb + K (near foe)

Super Moves:
Dancing Flash - qcf + PP
Please Help Me - hcb + KK
Sand Wave - qcf + KK

  I wonder how come her start up image is that of a nun? A glimpse into her past, 
perhaps? Hmm...

Using Felicia - She's one of the fastest characters in the game just like in 
Darkstalkers and can really bug a guy. One thing that is commendable aboput her is 
that almost all of her moves are cancelable, whther it may be Special Moves or 
Supers. Incredible. And they're all Cancelable with a double A attack starter. 
Probably except for the WP Rolling Punch which comes out pretty slow and only hits
for one hit. But they all DO connect if timed right, just like that. Just so you 
people know, the Cat Spika depends on the strength of the kick used in the move. WK 
sends her scratching straight out while HK sends her after her little ball in an 
overhead strike which can go over most projectiles and strike opponents over their 
fool heads! Her Dancing Flash and her Sand Wave can be used together with a double A 
starter or her Dancing Flash can be used to cancel over a Sand Splash or better yet,
use a Sand Wave. (where she gets that much sand, nobody knows.) I'm not that certain 
with her Please Help Me Super if it can be canceled. But if it does hit, you get an 
incredible 33-hit combo which really competes with the awesomeness (new word!
...maybe)Captain Commando's Captain Storm Super. It comes out pretty fast and it 
goes over projectiles. If it gets hit, no problem, that's no skin off your nose 
since it hits someone else and does not drain your life bar. What's incredible is 
that it's a tracer, meaning wherever your opponent is standing (this won't affect 
jumping clowns, though) the little kitty cat starter will jump that near or that 
far. (She can get knocked off by a projectile, though.) Cool.

Against Felicia - Watch it. She's quick. And if you have ever played Darkstalkers, 
then you know just how much a pain in the ass she can be. Her quickness will leave 
you punching at air if the ones against you are that good. However, she may be fast 
but her moves have some wicked lag time. Block every Rolling Scratche she throws and 
retaliate appropriately. Blocked Sand Splashes may have little recovery time, true, 
but what's to stop you from jumping over and kicking her butt, eh? Her Super may be 
incredible, blah, blah, blah, but when you block them (maybe except for the Sand 
Wave and the Please Help Me when you're far away.) they leave her SOOOO open to 
attacks, you have to be complete moron not to take advantage of such openings. 
You're not in Darkstalkers anymore, which means the rules have changed. When you 
finally get her style, suddenly, Felicia isn't that deadly anymore. Just another 
character waiting for you to stomp. Oh, and don't skimp on the Assist characters.

56. Servebot - Hey! This mini Tin Man looks like one of the cute little guys that 
follow Tron Bonne around! Hey! IT IS!!

Quote: "I'd be friends with the sparrow and the boy who shoots the arrow if I only 
had a heart."

Assist Types:
A: Crystal theft
B: Hot Lunch
Y: Robot Attack

Launcher: standing HK

Special Moves:
Hot Lunch - qcf + P
Crystal Theft - qcb + P
Robot Attack - qcf + K
Air Kobun - qcb + K

Super Moves:
Infinity Servants - qcf + PP
Armada - qcb + KK
Giant Growth - qcf + KK

  Hmmm. I wonder what Tron did to make this little guy run away.

  Just like thanos I have no idea of how to use him since the last ones to come out 
when I finished this FAQ was Felicia and Sentinel. I don't know. Maybe by the time 
you're reading this, maybe they've already come out. I'll fill you in on the details 
then. This movelist and Thanos' was given to me personally by my ,ahem, "informer", 
Ben Thunder (not his real name as per his request). He did tell me, however, that 
Servebot is the No. 1 short stop in the whole MVC 2 game and to be careful since 
most Launchers and Supers (Ben told me that he once saw Servebot go right under a 
Hyper Combination Finish without one strike hitting him!) won't even phase him 
because the little guy's head only comes up to Wolverine's thigh! Now that's 
SHORT!!! Also, I've been told that his Supers are just like that thrown by Tron 
Bonne, but for some reason it comes out faster and even if you knock the
little guy on his ass with a projectile with the, say, Inifinity Servants Super 
going, this won't stop the Super (You can't stop it! It's coming for you!! Ah HA HA 
HA!!). It knocks Servebot back, but your firing animation exposes you to the on 
rushing flood of other little guys. They could be Super Cancelable. I'll let you 
good people know if I find out anything.

IV. Crashing Abyss

  Now Abyss (isn't he one of the sons of Apocalypse after Holocaust? Also, how come 
the MVC series have never featured a female boss character?) is just like the rest 
of the bosses in the MVC series (except for that piece of crap Cyber Akuma / Cyber 
Gouki in MSHVSF). Pathetic and easy once you get the hang of their systems. Sure 
Abyss is difficult. He's alot more difficult than the other bosses on the MVC series 
since for one, he's got three forms which you have to fight with. You lose with just 
anyone of these forms, you lose, period. Two, each of these forms are powerful 
enough to whoop your ass in a heartbeat and lastly This guy has an infinity Super 
Meter, which means he can call out his most devastating moves as much as this sick 
puppy wants to. But with the right means and the right characters, you can give him 
the beating of a lifetime! (If you smelllllllll-o what the cooking!)

First 1 - No threat. Extremely slow that he makes Juggernaut as fast as Marrow and 
always telegraphs his moves before throwing them, giving you enough time to jump 
over and behind him or block. No need to waste your Super Meter on this clown. Give 
it simply your best ground button combo or ground button combo canceled with a 
Special Move. Jump behind him when he fires a projectile and repeat the whole 
process again. Block when you see him raise his hand because that signals a painful 
Lance Rain that can take out mucho life-o. There is no way to avoid this one, so just
block. His Beam move, if you could not jump behind him while he's charging up, you 
gotta block, becuase this takes also as much damage as the Lance Rain. Oh and when 
you're whaling away at him in front, start blocking when you see him rear back 
because that's the signal for his Charge move which is also very painful. When he 
does charge and you get the chance, the moment he goes beneath you, throw a quick  
projectile right at his back. But all in all, no threat. Just hit with your best 
button combo/button combo canceled with Special Move combo, and he goes down without 
a sound. He's so easy you don't even need a Super against him.

Suggested Characters: (These are the people I have used and have seen others use and 
have been successful. I don't know about the others, so mail me your suggestions.)
Hulk - HP / HK attacks all the way
Juggernaut - Same as Hulk
Captain Commando - A, C, A, C, Summon Ginzu, get behind Abyss and repeat again.
Rouge - A, C, A, C, then HP Rising Gatling Punch (throw an Assist character to 
sheild you.)
Captain America - A, C then HP Stars n' Stripes
Omega Red - A, C, A, C, then HK Omega Destroyer
Aminggo - A, C, A, C, B / D
Ruby Heart - A, C, A, C then WP Shovel Shell
Colossus - HP attacks, both jumping and ducking attacks and Shoulder Rush when you 
get the chance.
Wolverine (both) - Whale away with your best buttone combo and end with a WP Tornado 
Nash - A, C, then HK Somersault Kick
Guile - See Nash
Hayato - A, C, A, C, then Plasma Combo
Tron Bonne - A, C, then WK Bonne Strike

Form 2 - This goo guy is faster than the first form, but has pathetic range, but 
watch out. See that you don't get too close. I heard five hits with his fire move 
can knock you out. The moves you should be worried about are his beam move, the 
bubbles, and his Super. You can attack him in three ways. One, use your best 
projectile users and sit back and fire away or use your shortest characters, go up
close and personal and hit him with your best low-hitting combo. Special are not 
advisable. They increase the distance between you and Abyss. After you spent alot of 
time trying to get very near him, you don't want this to happen. And three, daze him 
with a quick character. Stay in fron of him and just when he's about to fire, short 
jump behind him and give a him a two hit combo then when he turns to face you jump 
over and 2-hit again. Repeat again and again until he croaks. The last two ways are 
pretty risky since it entails you coming near Abyss, so keep those Assits Characters 
close at hand always. But even though he's tough, he's not that hard that you need 
Supers right now. Naaaaah. (Oh and when I say stand back, I mean FULL SCREEN 
DISTANCE. Comprende?)

Suggested Characters:
Cammy - Get close enough, duck down and throw a low kick combo (d+C, C, D)
Psylocke - Stand back and throw HP Psy Blasts. Her projectile cannot be canceled.
Morrigan - Hyper Jump up and rain down Aerial Soul Shots at the bugger.
Cable- Stand back and Viper Beam all the way.
Iron Man - See Cable.
War Machine - See Cable
Son Son - Stand back and HP Monkey Boogie
Juggernaut - Stand back and Earthquake.
Storm - Typhoon or Double Typhoons really do the trick.
Gambit - See Morrigan. Replace Soul Shot with Kinetic Card
Magneto - Two ways. Either stand back and E.M Disruptor or See Morrigan. Only use 
Magnetic Blast
Cyclops - See Cable
Marrow - Get near, A,C, jump over and behind him, then A, C or get within distance 
and Boneerang.
Doctor Doom - Stand back and use anyone of his projectiles, preferably Molecular 
Mega Man - Charge and Plasma cannon away
Guile - Throw Sonic Booms away or follow Marrow.
Gouki - See Morrigan
Ryu - Stand back and Hadouken while tossing Assist characters
Ken - See Ryu but get into range first
Ruby Heart - Stand back and HK Supremanation
Dhalseim - See Ryu

Form 3 - this is where it all comes down to. The final fight. This time Abyss is 
motherly BIG and his moves hurt ALOT! For this form it's time to pull out the big 
guns and take him out. I now there are the big strapping people who can take this 
guy on without using projectiles (though I doubt it) but now is not the time to be 
macho. Now is the time to be cheap! Always let him make the first move and try not 
to let your guard down for even a second, because when he goes underground (or is 
that underwater?) he suddenly shoots up flames (?) that really put on the hurt since 
they can juggle you up in the air for a long time. Also, when he submerges, please 
don't try to hit that floating globe with a button combo because it is one of the 
deadliest baits in the game. Think of it as a worm and you are the fish. Except the 
line that will reel you in is the worst beating of your life in the form of alot of
flame spears! This time, it is NOT advisable that you use Assist characters because 
all you'll be doing is feeding more fodder to this ugly bastard. Stick with your 
best projectile warrior who also has a nasty Beam Super and everything will go 
smoothly, because if timed right, some Beam Supers (i.e Proton Cannon, Soul Eraser) 
can put Abyss out with two consecutive strikes! He may be mean but he's a pussy when 
Beam Supers strike him. Now you know why I said not to use Supers in his first
two forms. All your stored up energy is for this one. The big one where it really 
counts. Some Supers are so incredible that if time right they can take him out with 
one blow (i.e: Silver Samurai's Thunder Storm). However, if your Super doesn't take 
him out that quickly, well, duh! do it again! Do I have to think of everything for 
you? Also, if you get his life low enough, if you think you have this one in the
bag, if you have enough juice in your meter, and you want to finish the game with a 
BANG, HYPER COMBINATION FINISH!! A real crowd wower all the way!

Suggested Characters:
Cable - Viper Cannon when you get the chance into his face!
Iron Man - Proton Cannon when you get the chance. Just time it that when he comes 
up, your Cannon
is already ready to fire!
Magneto - Magnetic Tempest. Activate it when you see him rising out of the water (?).
Marrow - When Abyss surfaces, Bone Storm!
War Machine - See Iron Man
Jin Saotome - Blodia Punch when Abyss' directly in front of ya!
Strider Hiryu - Activate Ouroborus and whale away or to play safe, Legion!
Morrigan - Soul Eraser when he solidifies when he rises from the ground(?) Done 
right, 2 kills him.
Blackheart - Armaggedon, baby! Or a Judgment Day for more pain!
Ryu - Shinkuu Hadouken (what else?)
Gouki - Jump up and Tenma Gou Zankuu (froma safe distance of course)
Silver Samurai - Wait for Abyss to suface, get in the middle of his body and throw a 
Thunder Storm!
Cyclops - Throw a Mega Optic Blast at his stupid face!
Psylocke - Get right in the middle and throw a Kochou Gakure.
Felicia - Wait for him to surface then throw a Sand Wave. 
Storm - Lightning Storm in Abyss' middle or Blizzard if you're in front of him.
Doctor Doom - Photon Array if you're in the middle of Abyss or Electric Cage when 
you're in front.
Sakura - Throw her Shinkuu Hadouken at Abyss' ugly mug!
Son Son - Turn into the Monkey Emperor and breath fire on him!
Mega Man - What else? HYPER MEGA MAN!!
Jill Valentine - Charge up a Restrained Power Shoulder for say, around 20 sec, and 
when Abyss
surfaces, jump and release your pentup energy and Cancel it with a Shoulder Torpedo.

Also, there is a way to beat the Big Man in four seconds. you heard me. FOUR 
seconds. But first, you'll need one ass-kicker of a team. My preference would be 
Magneto, Colossus, and Gambit. Now, when the match begins and the word READY 
appears, have two fingers on the 2 Assist buttons. Good. Now stay put. Don't wiggle 
that character of yours around. Keep still and Abyss will appear right in fron of 
you. When the word ENGAGE sounds and the word GO flashes, get ready. When it 
disappears, 95% of the times, Abyss will go into the floor without throwing a shot 
at you. Don't panic. Simply take two to three steps back then wait for him to 
resurface. When he does, because you stepped back, you will more or less be right in 
line with his face or neck. The moment he surfaces (This is the tricky part), wait 
until he really comes into true form. That means everything that is Abyss is 
completely out of the floor and standing before you. The second this happens, PRESS 
THOSE TWO BUTTONS!!! With that done, watch his life bar just go running down.

So far, not all characters can do this. You're going to need heavy duty Beam and 
Charge Supers for this trick. A couple of characters come close to accomplishing 
this. But remember, one character alone will not do this. It takes all three. The 
characters I list now are just one of the advisable characters to use. Who you pair 
up with them will determine whetehr or not you pull this one off.


  And there you have it. You've beaten him. You've taken out Abyss. That's it. You 
win the game. Now sit back and watch a crappy ending followed by a crappy ending 
song. YUCCH!

V. The Usual Raves

V1.  Oh yeah, like I was saying waaay earlier, some crap guy challenged me NINE 
times! I mean what is it with these people? Why do they enjoy challenging players 
who just want to have a good time? Also, every once in a while (I see your smile
...ahem)I see relatively good players challenge kids who have just started out in 
the game. What's up with that? It's a very one-sided fight. They get their kicks 
from challenging people who can't fight back? And when they do win,which would be 
pretty obvious from the fight itself, they make as if their now the real deal pros 
or something. Now when all of a sudden the REAL DEAL pros do show up and kick their 
collective asses, they can't seem to take it (even some real deal pros do this.)and 
so they challenge again and again and again just to beat the guy who busted his 
chops. What is it with that ego? Why do these people have to prove that they are
the best? What do you get when you do prove this that you are the best? The next 
day, you'll be just another forgotten face. They spend, what?, probably close to a 
hundred pesos and when they do beat that guy they challenged, they posture and preen 
and say they've won. Lemme get this straight. The person they challenged (or who 
challenged them)has used only two tokens (because here it takes two tokens to 
operate the arcade. Highway robbery? Very!)while they have used close to about 18 
tokens, which, if the price is just like here that it's 5 bucks a shot, gives a 
grand total of ninety pesos! Almost a hundred bucks was wasted on some stupid 
feeling of pride! AH HA HA HA! Come on people! Don't challenge! It takes the fun out 
of the game when you challenge people instead of waiting for your turn to jam with 
the machine. Or if you must challenge, challenge only once! That's it. When you
win, fine. Don't rub it in. When you lose, walk away. Don't look back. You lose, you 
learn from this and you do better, instead of spending for another game just to 
console your hurt ego. The person just went one game against you and you ring up to 
say three games until you finally beat him/her. You just spent more than he/she did. 
Now whose got the better deal? The person who just spent for about two tokens or you 
with the lighter wallet? Just walk away and learn. Tomorrow is another day. Well,
that's what I think.

V2. Awesome Supers Awardees

  Here's my personal list of some of the most awesome moves in the game (personally, 
I thik Capcom spent too much time hyping up the visuals of their own characters and 
not too much time on the Marvel side. Wonder why.) Remember this is for me. Many of 
you might not agree with me so send me your own lists.

Aminggo - Law of Vegetables
Felicia - Please Help Me
Anakaris - Pharoah Illusion
B. B Hood - Cool Hunting
Captain Commando - Captain Storm
Marrow - Stinger Bones
Morrigan - Darkness Illusion
Spiral - Dimensional Dance
Sonson - Monkey Emperor
Jill - CODE: T-002
Jin Saotome - Blodia Vulcan
Tron Bonne - Infinity Rush
Ruby Heart - Pirate Nell
Hayato - Azn Mandoo Super

VI. Acknowledgements

  Now before I go, I just want to explain why I placed the Using X and Against X. 
Before any of you big shot players clamor that my tactics are so simple, let me say 
that the advice above given are not for you. These are for those who are just 
starting out in MVC2 and are bound to need all the help they can get to make them 
good players. I have seen so many incredible combos in this game that to list them 
all would take forever. Nor do I want those who do read this to treat this as the 
final say. No way! It's a learning process. All I hope for when this FAQ comes out 
is that those who do get this will use this FAQ as a stepping stone to become better 
and to take the ideas here to make even more incredible combos. As Captain Commando 
once said, "I accept your challenge! You can become the best!"

  Also, I've been getting alot of questions from people I know who equal me or are 
even waaaay better than me but when they go up against the CPU they fold up. 
The "Against X" feature here sort of describes what the CPU is capable of and what 
its weaknesses are. But nothing beats first hand observation. Observe the CPU's 
style of fighting. Sooner or later a visible pattern comes out which, when taken 
advantage of, will win you the game, the same of which cannot be said of whaling on 
the opponent even when blocking. So observe, learn the pattern and be the best. But 
you do have to be careful, because as the computer's experience points go higher, so 
does its difficulty. For example, at Level 72, I could whip Sentinel's ass like a 
little lost child, but now, at Level 76, I really have to put out the guns to stop 

  First I would like to thank my friend Doods for teaching me Omega Red's Omega 
Strike Trick and Silver Samurai's many skills and how to exploit them. You're the 
best, man.

  PJ for showing me how to use Psylocke, Cable, Iceman, and Spiderman properly. He's 
one of those who are That Damn Good.

  Ben Thunder for giving me the movelists of Thanos and Servebot. Thanks a bunch cuz.

  Anthony Palma, thanks in advance for him should any of you drop him a line and he 
helps you out. Thanks to him too for the tremendous help he's given me in this FAQ, 
Assist Types, etc.

  Alex Cho"  for telling me just what the damn field of 
Hayato does and Hayato's Level 3 Super.

  Alex Wreschnig  for bringing me up to date on how to use Dan 
(Not that I'd ever use him, but to hose who do have aninclination to gothe distance 
and use this uy, Alex is the man to ask.)

  Taylor S , Corey Girard , and Katcho 
 for broadening my knowledge on how to use Iron Man. You rock 
so hard, fellas!

  dont_mail  for brining to my attention the facts about Sonso. 
Boy is my face red. Thanks, friend.   

  Loading, for me, the pioneer in the videogame mag business here in the 
Philippines, for giving me a shot at this FAQ. More power to their magazine!

  And finally, Capcom for puting out this awesome, but storyless and pointless, 
game. and to their website ( for providing me with sort of the 
complete movelist from which to refer to when I decided to build this FAQ.

We have arrived safely at the final phase of our destination, ladies and gentlemen. 
Please make sure that you have left nothing behind on the vehicle and keep a close 
watch on your children. Thank you for flying with us and we hope to see you again 
soon. Have a nice day!

                                              "Censorship is for Communists."

Copyright September 2000
Editted September 17, 2002
Christopher dela Concepcion
[email protected]
[email protected]
All Rights Reserved

 "My condolences to the families of the victims of the WTC tragedy. I hope Bush 
finds out who masterminded this and guts 'em!"

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