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Marvel vs Capcom EX Edition for the Playstation
  By: Christopher dela Concepcion
  Version 0.2 (Updated Sept. 27, 2001)

  3rd Characters
  Main Movelist

  Okay people. This is my first time at writing an FAQ so no one make fun,

 This FAQ can be found only in:

Ver 0.1 - found only on Gamefaqs. No cheats.

Ver 0.2 - Now in Cheatcodes and Neoseekers. Has cheats.

Ver 0.3 - Has the complete list of 3rd party members for Crossover Mode.

  Ths FAQ is about one of the greatest fighting games ever to hit the arcades but 
when transferred into the Playstation lost some of its luster. Nonetheless, its 
still a great game, and I'd be more'n happy to share it with you.

GAMEPLAY - I don't know why, but for some reason, Capcom decided to make the 
playstation version a one-on-one, two round fighting game, just like MSHVSSF and 
XMVSSF,taking away the tag team feature that made the game a big hit, and placing it 
under another feature known as the CROSSOVER feature of the game. But the drawback 
is that while you chose your first character, the psx chooses your second player for 
you, and you don't beat the game in CROSSOVER mode. You win,
you get to pick another character, the psx picks another fighter, and you keep on 
fighting. It's like one big TRAINING mode.

Terms of Interest
Battle - one on one vs computer
Versus - you vs friend
Crossover - look above
Training - hone your skills before batte

  Illustration - close-ups of your favorite hero or heroine. When you beat the game 
in Battle mode, the character you used will get his/  her illustration on the slot.

  Endings - Everytime you beat the game, your characters ending will be recorded for 

  Special Characters - simply shows you all of the third characters in the game and 
what they can do. Kinda cool, though.

Battle/Versus/Training Mode Options
  Now, when you do decide to fight the computer or a friend on a one on one fight, 
after you pick your characters, you get these options:

Regular Partner - you can choose from one of the fifteen heroes, but you can't tag 
out or in. With this mode, you have the ability to use the Hyper Combination Finish 
or the Dual Team Attack Finish, only thing is, the mirror image of whoever your 
opponent is using as the first character will pop out to help you if you attempt to 
use the Dual Attack Finish, not your designated 2nd character.You can do your supers 
infinitely as long as the time bar below you doesn't run out. Oh yeah, you can't 
choose a third charcter, either.

Special Partner - This is where you choose your third character. Only. However, you 
can only use the Dual Team Attack Finish, but not the Hyper Combination Finish (THIS 
I am sure of). You can, however, summon your special character to aid you 
infinitely!! COOL!

U - Up
D - Down
F - Front
B - Back
WP - Weak Punch
MP - Medium Punch
SP - Strong Punch
WK - Weak Kick
MK - Medium Kick
SK - Strong Kick
PPP - All 3 Punches/Auto Dash
KKK - All 3 Kicks/Auto Hyper Jump
d,u - Hyper Jump (Very Useful)
f,f/b,b - Dash Forward/Back
d,df,f + SP + SK - Hyper Combination Finish
d,db,b + SP + SK - Dual Team Attack Finish


 It's finally here! The complete list for the 3rd characters courtesy of Duke Tang 
. He da man!

Unknown Soldier: Hold Start+LP

Lou: Hold Start+MP

King Arthur: Hold Start+LP+MP

Saki: Hold Starp+HP

Toon-Pooh: Hold Start+LP+HP

Devilot: Hold Start+MP+HP

Anita: Hold Start+LP+MP+HP

Pure & Fur: Hold Start+LK

Michelle Heart: Hold Start+LP+LK

Thor: Hold Start+LK+MP

Cyclops: Hold Start+LP+LK+MP

Magneto: Hold Start+LK+HP

Storm: Hold Start+LP+LK+HP

Jubilee: Hold Start+LK+MP+HP

Rouge: Hold Start+LP+MP+HP+LK

Psylocke: Hold Start+MK

Collosus: Hold Start+MK+MP+LP

IceMan: Hold Start+MP+MK

Juggernaut: Hold Start+LP+MK

U.S. Agent: Hold Start+HP+MK

Shadow: Hold Start+LP+MK+HP

Sentinel: Hold Start+LP+MP+MK

 However, in the PSX version, you gotta beat the game first in order to unlock 
Shadow and Sentinel.


RYU - Probably the most popular character in the game. He's been remodeled to change 
from Ryu to Ken to Gouki mode, so don't even think of looking for the fag fighter or 
the demon master, cuz they're not there.

Launcher - d + SP
Hadoken - d, df, f + P
Shoryuken - f, d, df + P
Tatsumakishippukyaku - d, db, b + K
(These are all general moves for all 3 modes)

Shakunetsu Hadoken - f, df, d , db, b + P
Ashura Warp - f, d, df, + PPP/ b,d, db + KKK
Zankukyaku - u, d, df, f + K
(These are moves for Gouki Mode)

Ken Mode - d,db,b + MK
Gouki Mode - d,db,b + SK
Ryu Mode - d,db,b + WK
(These are for switching Ryu's personalities from Ryu Mode. The last one is for 
switching him back to normal.

Ryu Mode:
Shinkuuhadoken - d,df,f + PPP
Shinryuuken - f,d,df + PPP
Shinkuutatsumakishipuukyaku - d,db,b + KKK

Ken Mode:
Shoryuureppa - d,df,f + PPP
Shinryuken - d,df,f + KKK
Shipujinraikyaku - d,db,b +KKK

Gouki Mode:
Messatsu-Gouhadou - d,db,b + PPP
Tenma-Gouzanku - u,d,db,b + PPP
Messatsu-Goushoryu - d,df,f + PPP
Raging Demon - WP,WP,f+WK+SP

CHUN-LI - The gorgeous Chinese detective with the legs is back and she's badder than 
ever! With her kick-ass moves and lightning like reflexes which makes her one of the 
fastest players in the game, a good Chun-li player is almost unbeatable.

Launcher - f+SK
Kikkoken - b,db,d,df,f+P
Hyakukyaku - K rapidly
Rising Brd Kick - f,d,df+K
Axe Kick - f,df,d,db,b+K

Kuuken - d,df,f + PPP
Senretsukyaku - d,df,f + KKK
Hazankukyaku - f,d,df + KKK
Shichesei Senkuukyaku - u,d,df,f + KKK
(This is one of the most powerful and incredible super you will ever witness. Looks 
like Chun-li kicks right thru the opponent and fireworks start going off in the 
background. Incredible!!)

ZANGEIF - the Red Cyclone, this guy may be slow, when he does damage, hoooo boy does 
he do DAMAGE!!! All I can say to all of you novices is NEVER GET IN RANGE OF HIS 

Launcher - d+MP
Lariat - KKK/PPP
Banishing Fist - f,d,df + P
Siberian Crusher - f,df,d,db,b + K
Siberian Suplex - f,df,d,db,d + K (Very Near)
Skyreacher - f,d,df + K
Screwdriver - 360 degrees + P
Cyber Mode - b,d,db + KKK (Consumes one S.Bar)
Dark Flame - d,df,f + P (Only in Cyber Mode)

Atomic Buster - 360 degrees + PPP
Final Atomic Buster - 360 degrees + KKK (Lv3)
Iron Tornado - 360 degrees + KKK (Cyber Mode)

MORRIGAN - the sexiest succubbus in Capcom is back to tease your senses with deadly 
moves to rob you of both life and sanity and make you come back for more.

Launcher - db+SP
Soulfist - d,df,f + P
Soul Razor - f,d,df + P
Earthbreak - f,df,d,db,b + P

Soul Eraser - d,df,f + PPP
Darkness Illusion - d,db,b + KKK
Silouhette Blade - f,d,df + PPP
Eternal Slumber - WP,MK,f+MP,SK
(Now this is one super which really lets your imagination fly. A heart will come 
out, and if it hits, Morrigan does a little tussle with her foe behind closed 
curtains, and when its over, Morrigan stands over her foe who looks drained, with 
her licking her fingers. What she did is up to your imagination. The heart comes out 
pretty slow and can be canceled with a projectile, nonetheless, its a
great super.)

CAPTAIN COMMANDO - the greatest defender of the Capcom Universe is back with his 
friends and he looks way better than his arcade form, with new moves, ready to kick 

Launcher - f+SK
Captain Fire - d,df,f + P
Captain Corridor - d,db,b + P
Captain Kick - d,db,b + K
Summon Ginzu - d,df,f + WK
Summon Mack - d,df,f + MK
Summon Babyhead - d,df,f +SK

Captain Sword - d,df,f + PPP
Captain Storm - d,df,f + KKK
(A cool super WHICH GOES UNDER FIREBALLS!!! AH HA HA HA!!! Take that you cheap 
projectile users!!! It's the only super where Cap and his friends appear together to 
each beat the crap out their foes!!)

MEGAMAN - the cheapest little *@$^# in the whole game!! The little runt not only has 
the ability to throw numerous projectiles, he also has the most powerful super in 
the whole game!! I REALLY HATE THE LITTLE BASTARD!! Fortunately he takes damage like 
a bitch!!

Launcher - f+SK
Fireball - Press SP
Uppercut - f,d,df + P
Super Fireball - Hold SP for 3 sec. & release.
Get Item - d,db,b +:
Tornado Hold - SK
Leaf Sheild - MK
Rock Ball - WK
Use Item - d,df,f +P

Beat Destroyer - d,df,f + KKK
Rush Drill - d,db,b + PPP
Megaman Shockwave - d, db, b + KKK (L3)
Hyper Megaman - d,df,f + PPP
(THIS is the accursed super I'm talking about!!)

JIN - sort of like he new Dan of this game. Unlike Dan, however, this guy is far 
from useless. With great moves and a mecha to back him up, this guy is incredible.

Launcher - f+MP
Jin Tornado - Hold b 2 sec,f + P
Jin Dynamite - Hold d 2 sec,u + P
Jin Tackle - f,df,d,db,b + K

Blodia Fist - d,df,f + PPP
Blodia Vulcan - d, db,b + PPP
Jin Tornado - d,df,f + KKK

STRIDER - The fastest, and I do mean, FASTEST character in the game, Strider is 
capable of only using 5 seconds to get rid of an opponent!

Launcher - d+SP
Ame No Murakumo - b,db,d,df,f + P
Ghram - f,d,df + P/K
Vajula - d,db,b + K
Formation A - d,df,f + K
Skyslasher - u,b,db,d,df,f + P/K
Bomb - Hold b 2 sec., f + K
Fireball - Hold b 2 sec., f + P (Repeat to fire)

Ragnarok - f,d,df + PPP
Legion - d,df,f + KKK
Ouroborous - d,df,f + PPP

LILITH - The younger sister of Morrigan from Vampire Savior, this time with long 
hair and breasts! Her name in the game, however, is Morrigan, too. Weird.

Launcher - db+SP
Heart Shot - d,df,f + P
Demon Blade - f,d,df + P
Piledriver - f,df,d,db,b + P

Brilliant Shower - d,df,f + PPP
Luminous Illusion - d,db,b + KKK
Love Blade - f,d,df + PPP

SHADOW LADY - Chun-Li's cyber form, she's got different moves which still kick ass. 
She's stronger too.

Launcher - f+SK
Drill - d,df,f + P
Missile - d,df,f + K
Shock field - f,d,df + P
Hyakukyaku - K rapidly
Axe Kick - f,df,d,db,b + K

Big Bang Laser - d,df,f + PPP
Galaxy Missiles - d,df,f + KKK
Final Mission - Hold b, 2 sec,f,b,f + KKK (Lv3)
This is one Hell of a move!! Replacing the Schichesei Senkukyaku, this move kicks 
ass! Difficult to do, though.

ROLL - Megamans little girl friend who probably got tired of the runt taking all the 
glory and decided to go out there, kick butt, and take names on her own. That 
however, wasn't such a good idea, because the damage her moves do is pathetic! Only 
a real expert will dare to tackle the task of using Roll! She is kinda cute though. 
The only good thing about her is that she's too short to be bothered by most 
projectiles, even some supers.

Launcher - f+SK
Gun Blast - d,df,f + P
Deadly Bouquet - f,df,d,db,b + P
Get Item - d,df,f + (Refer to Megaman)
Use Item - d,df,f + P

Hyper Roll - d,df,f + PPP
Beat Destroyer - d,db,b + KKK, P+K rapidly
Rush Drill - d,df,f + KKK

CAPTAIN AMERICA - The greatest patriotic hero who ever lived, the living sentinel of 
democracy and freedom, the bane of Communist buggers everywhere, Capitan is back, 
better than ever. I really love this guy.

Launcher - d + SP
Sheild Slash - d,df,f + P
Stars and Stripes - f,d,df + P
Charging Star - b,db,d,df,f + K
Cartwheel - f,df,d,db,b + P

Final Justice - d,df,f + PPP
Hyper Stars and Sripes - f,d,df + PPP
Hyper Charging Star - b,db,d,df,f + KKK
(This super renders Cap invincible to any, and I mean ANY, and all projectiles, 
normal, super, or Hyper Combinations. A great antidote for Hyper Megaman problems, 

SPIDERMAN - This irritating little insect is back for another go, and is still as 
irritating as ever, what with his quick moves and almost zero-recovery time, 
Spiderman has proven to be one of the most used players in MVC.

Launcher - f + MP, d,WK,MK, stand + SK
Web-ball - d,df,f + P
Web-swing - d,db,b + K
Web-throw - f,df,d,db,b + P
Spider Sting - f,d,df + P, P again for extra hit

Maximum Spider - d,df,f + PPP
Crawler Attack - d,df,f + KKK
Ultimate Web Throw - d,db,b +PPP

GAMBIT - the cajun has returned after a long hiatus from MSHVSF, and, telling form 
his new moves and supers, he wasnt too happy about that.
The irritating thing about the CPU Gambt is that it loves to defend on the fly. 

Launcher - d + SP
Kinetic Card - d,df,f + P
Trick Card - d,db,b + P
Cajun Strike - f,d,df + P
Cajun Slash - Hold d, 2 sec, u + K, then P
Cajun Attack - Hold d, 2 sec, u + K

Royal Flush - d,df,f + PPP
Cajun Explosion - d,df,f/d,db,b + KKK
This is the move I'm talking about. Gambit jumps to either wall, clings, draws out 3 
HUGE cards and throws them on the ground, creating huge shockwaves which reaches the 
very top of the screen and goes all the way to the other side. It may not be as 
numerous as the Royal Flush, but it packs more power than the former.

HULK - the jade giant has been one of the mainstays of the VS series of Capcom, and 
he still is just as strong. Being one of the slowest characters, he more than makes 
up for it with his brute strength. Coupled with his super armor ability, which means 
it takes 2 strikes to stun him, he can take out an opponent in seconds. 

Launcher + SP
Gamma Charge - Hold d, 2 sec., f + K (range depends on strength of K pressed)
Gamma Rise - Hold d, 2 sec, u + K
Gamma Tornado - f,df,d,db,b + P
Earth Toss - d,df,f + P

Gamma Crush - d,db,b + PPP
Gamma Wave - d,df,f + PPP
Gamma Quake - d,df,f + KKK
BE VERY CAREFUL when using Gamma Crush. Though it is the most powerful super in 
Hulk's arsenal,possessing the ability to take away hunks of energy from life bars, 
it has terrible recovery time which all, except for the mentally challenged, 
opponents can and will se to whoop yer ass!

WOLVERINE - What can I say? Ol' Berserker face is back with a vengeance, with the 
same killer moves that makes him the most popular characters in the entire VS. 
series. Here are Margarine's - uhhh - Wolverine's moves.

Launcher - f + SK
Berserker Barrage - d,df,f + P
Tornado Claw - f,d,df + P
Drill Claw - joystick direction + P
Berserker Claw - b,db,d,df,f + K

Weapon X - f,d,df + PPP
Berserker Barrage X - d,df,f + PPP
Fatal Claw - f,d,df + KKK
Now this move I have NEVER seen Wolverine do in the comics!! I mean, he leaps in the 
air and energy comes from his claws in the form of an X? I mean, come on! I know 
he's strong, but he ain't THAT strong!

WAR MACHINE - Iron Man's replacement from Marvel Superheroes, this is one's
faster, stronger, and the CPU version is one hell of a grabber. Good choice for
first timers.

Launcher - f + MK
Shoulder Cannon - d,df,f + P
Repulsor Blast - d,db,b + P
Bomb - WP + MK
Flight - d,db,b + K

Proton Cannon - d,df,f + PPP
Star Destroyer - d,df,f + KKK
This new super takes alot of life and can be, with perfect timing, connected easily 
after a launcher.

VENOM - Spider-man's arch-nemesis makes his first video game debut with a bang! 
Definitely stronger than the irriratng spider, Venom's one flaw is his utter lack of 
speed. Oh, he moves fast when he dashes, but not as fast as the web crawler. But his 
moves are at par, when it comes to damage, with that of the Hulk or Zangief.

Launcher - f + MP
Venom Strike - d,df,f + P
Venom Throw - b,db,d,df,f + P
Venom Slice - d,df,f + K (distance depends on strength of K)

Venom Web - d,df,f + PPP
Venom Bite - d,df,f + KKK
The Venom Web is one of the deadlier supers in the game. Covering the entire screen 
and can be done on both ground and air, any opponent foolish enough to be caught of 
guard gets a whooping!

GOLD IRON MAN - plays just like War Machine, only with an overdose on steriods! 
Virtually NOTHING will stop or stun this guy, even supers or Level 3 special supers 
will do squat! He cannot be stunned, tripped, or launched. He takes damage and asks 
for more!! His moves and supers are similar to War Machines, except he throws 
missiles instead of beams. Refer to War Machine for moves.

ORANGE HULK - the Onslaught controlled Hulk is fast, strong, and best thing is, he 
has NO super armor! Still, he is quite faster than the normal Hulk. Has the same 
moves too.

RED VENOM - or as some of the ignorant have termed him, Carnage, the only carnage to 
be done will be on him! This character is the fastest secret character in the game, 
but he takes damage like a bitch! 2 well-placed punches and a strong Super will put 
this joke out of his misery. Has the same moves as venom, except with a few 
alterations, so refer to him.

ONSLAUGHT - YES!! The big guy is playable in the EX version! He's got super armor, 
can't be tripped, launched, or thrown, and best of all, you can use the giant 
version! COOL! You can only use him in the Battle, VS, and Training Modes only. You 
also don't get a partner....who cares?!

Hyper Grav - f,d,df + K (UNBLOCKABLE)
Sentinel Sumon - any P/K
Hyper Rush - d,df,f + K
Teleport - d,db,b + K

Hyper Beam - d,df,f + PPP
Magnetic Shockwave - d,df,f + KKK
Crossover Switch - d,db,b + KKK

Hyper Grav - f,d,df + K
Sentinel Summon - any P/K
Mighty Hand - d,df,f, + K
Eye Beams - d,db,b + P
Hand Crush - d,df,f + P

Mega Eyebeams - d,df,f + PPP

Contrary to what some people think, Onslaught is a hell of a lot easier than 
Apocalypse or Cyber Akuma. If you don't try to give him a 99 hit combo or some other 
kind of crap and watch his system, you'll find that the buff costume and scary face 
is all bluff! The trick is to keep him too stunned to use his sentinels or his kick-
ass moves. It's fun and easy. First thing is to stick to him like glue. Here's how:

1st Form (Small)

First thing to remember: Never, Ever try to throw a super at him! Contact supers 
like Wolverine's Weapon X and Captain Commando's Captain Storm, etc, do squat 
against this guy. Projectile or Far reach supers like Magaman's Rush Drill or War 
Machine's Proton Cannon may be able to damage him a bit, but you won't complete the 
super 'cuz he can teleport behind you in the middle of or when the
beam super makes first contact, so forget beam supers. 2nd hing to remember is never 
try to show off and try to pull a 99 hit combo against this guy. His super armor is 
incredible. You combo him and he might just laugh you off. What's worse is if you 
reach 6 hits, he sometimes summons those flying sentinels to wave you off. Now the 
sentinels don't hurt much. But if he decides to also throw a Hyper
Grav at you while you are preoccupied by the sentinels, you are in for a whooping 
Hyper Beam or a painful Magnetic Shockwave. So big combo' are out. Keep your combos 
simple and with as little recoil time as possible so you can defend against possible 
Sentinel attacks. Keep him too stunned to throw anything.

(The characters listed here are those I have used. If you don't see the character 
you use in here, that means I don't use them against Onslaught and I would never use 
them unless I was dead drunk.)

Chun-Li - 1. Go near him, d, then throw a MK, SK combo at his legs. Stuns him like 
          2. Go near him and f + SP all the way!

Morrigan - Go near and d, MK, SK combo. If your timing is perfect and you're lucky, 
you can get away wih a perfect game against this 1st form.

Roll - See Morrigan. But in her case, throw a third partner to stun Onslaught to get 
him into the correct position.

Mega Man - duck down and keep firing those charged shots. Stay as far from him as 

Captain America - See Morrigan.

Captain Commando - Get Ony to trap you in a corner then throw multiple special 
partners while unleashing your WP,WK,MP,MK,SP,SK combo.

Ryu - see Roll

Gambit - See Roll

Ryu - See Morrigan

Lilith - See Morrigan

Strider - See Captain Commando

Hulk - Let Ony trap you in a corner, then throw a third character and follow up with 
WP, then  d + SP, then one weak Gamma Charge. Repeat until Onslaught dies. 

Shadow Lady - See Chun-Li

Jin - have him trap you in a corner, throw a third character, then Jin
Explosion or Weak Jin Hurricane, repetively. Continue process until Ony dies.

Wolverine - Let Ony trap you, then throw 3rd character, then medium Berserker 
Barrage. Repeat util you win.

2nd Form (Giant)
Ths one is a trile harder than the smaller one, so be careful. You can only hit 
his head and arm if you're lucky. Watch out for his Eye Beams which can take 
away tons of energy from you, his Mighty Hand which is almost unstoppable, and 
his Hyper Grav which sets you up for these 2 forms of punishment. Fortunately 
for you, the hyper gravs, while unblockable, can be canceled by a projectile or 
a thrid character, or you can simply evede it by backing away, rushing forward 
if it is behind you, or Hyper jumping out of the way. Beam Supers now work 
wonderfully against this guy, only watch out for the Mighty Hand. It would also 
help to have 3 bars of Supers handy. ( Oh yeah, if you don't see the character 
you want in here, see disclaimer above, and tough luck!)

Chun-Li - damage him for a while, then wait for him to do a Mighty Hand, Jump 
over it. When he reappears, give him a stinging Kikkoken! lLet him do the Mighty 
Hand three times to hit him three times, or simply wait for the right 
oppurtunity, like when he tries to simply punch you, and let him have it!!

Morigan - the succubus is fast enough to evade almost everyone of Onslaght's 
moves with ease. Simply Jump on to his head and combo away. when you see the 
sentinels, back away, then repeat until he is sufficiently low on life. then 
wait for a Mighty Hand and give the bastard a Soul Eraser for good measure!!

Captain Commando - Captain Corridor whenever you get the opportunity (See Chun-
Li's opportunities). Both his Supers are useless, so stick with the Captain 
Corridor, and you'll be fine. Also Jump and blow a Captain fire in his face when 
you're far enough from him, yet the fire is within range.

Megaman/Roll - Damage him for a while, then get in par with his head and throw 
an aerial Hyper Megaman/ Hyper Roll. (Roll may need more of the damaging bit)

War Machine - Damage his for a while, then throw a War Destroyer right in his 
face when the opportunity appears, like a misplaced punch or a missed Mighty 

Captain America - He has got to be either the bravest or most insane superhero 
of all! Simply wait for a Mighty Hand and then throw a Hyper Charging Star right 
at it! This move damages Onslaught and renders you invincible to any of his 
attacks! Hell, even the ordinary Charging Star will work just as well.

Hulk - wait for the opportunity and throw a gamma Rise or Gamma Quake or Gamma 

Shadow Lady - Galaxy Missiles and Tracer Missiles all the WAY!!

Lilith - See Morrigan

Strider - Use Ouruburos and Combo all the way on his fool head!! This guy is 

Gambit - See Morrigan.

Ryu - See Megaman/Roll

Wolverine - Damage him for a while, then throw Fatal Claws!

Jin - Damage for a while, then Blodia Vulcan!

These cheats are for the arcade and Dreamcast players. This is all done in the 
assumption thatyou're the first player. If not, figure it out!

Using Roll:
Start at Zangeif then press: B, B, D, D, F, F, D ,D ,B, B, U, F, U, U, F, F THEN 

Using Shadow Lady:
Start at Mirrigan and press; U, F, F, D, D, D, D, B, B, U, U, U, U, F, F, B, B, D, 
D, F, F, D, D, B, B, U, U, F, F, U, U, B, B, D, D, D, D, D THEN PRESS P/K

Using Lilith:
Start at Zangeif and press: B, B, D, D, F, F, U, U, D, D, D, D, B, B, U, U, U, U, F, 
B, D, D, D, D, F, F, U, U, U, U, B, B, D, D, D, D, F, D THEN PRESS P/K

Using Onslaught Hulk:
Start at Chun-li then press: F, F, D, D, B, B, F, F, D, D, B, B, U, U, U, U, D, D, 
F, F, U, U, D, D, D, D, U, U, U, B, U THEN PRESS P/K

Using Gold Iron Man:
Start at Zangeif and press: B, B, D, D, F, F, D, D, B, B, U, U, U, U, F, F, B, B, D, 
D, D, D, F, F, U, U, B, B, D, D, F, F, U, U, U, U THEN PRESS P/K

Using Speedy Venom:
Start at Chun-li then press: F, D, D, D, D, B, U, U, U, U, F, F, D, D, B, B, D, D, 
F, F, U, U, U, U, B, B, U THEN PRESS P/K


These cheats are for the Playstation. Very simple really:

Using Roll:
Beat the game using the runt Megaman. At the character select screen, highlight 
Megaman and press right. Oh yeah. Beating the game with the runt also grants you 
access to his level 3 Super which you would have to be a blind man to get hit by it 
if you're playing against him!

Using Shadow Lady:
Beat the game using Chun-li. At the character select screen, highlight Gambit and 
press down.
Using Lilith:
Beat the game using Morrigan. At the character select screen, highlight War-machine 
and press down.

Using Onslaught Hulk:
Beat the game using Hulk. At the character select screen, highlight Ryu and press up.

Using Gold Iron Man:
Beat the game using War Machine. At the character select screen, highlight Zangeif 
and press up.

Using Speedy Venom: 
Beat the game using Venom. At the character select screen, higlight Chun-li and 
press up.

Using Onslaught:
Beat the game using any character. At the character select screen, higlight 
Wolverine and press down.


PS: There was a certain someone who sent me the codes to Megaman's moves but I 
forgot who he was or what his email address is to credit him properly becasue i 
accidently deleted it while cleaning up my mail.  Whoever you were, thank you! 
Consider yourself credited.

So that's all for my FAQ. I hope this enlightens those who have yet to play this 
fantastic game. I hope to see you all again in Marvel VS Capcom 2! See ya!!

     "Censorship is only for Communiststs"

Copyright 1999
[email protected]
All rights reserved.
No part of this FAQ may be copied by other FAQ writers without my permission. 
You can copy this FAQ provided it is for personal use and I get the credit and 
not for commercial uses.

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