Mask Trades - Guide for The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

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1.) Get the Egg from Malon outside Hyrule Castle. 

2.) After one day, the Egg will hatch into a chicken.

3.) Wake up Talon just outside the side of the castle.

4.) Go through the castle and get the Letter from Zelda.

5.) Show the Letter to the guard outside the Kakariko Village Death Mountain 

6.) Get the Keaton Mask from the Mask Shop in the Market and talk it to the Kakariko 
Village Death Mountain entrance guard while wearing it to sell it.

7.) After you give the Keaton Mask, go back to the Mask Shop and get the Skull Mask. 

8.) Go to the Lost Woods and take your first left. Stand on the short stump with the 
Skull Mask on and talk to the weird guy dancing on the taller stump in front of you.

9.) Go to the Mask Shop, and get the Spooky Mask. Go to the Kakariko Village 
Graveyard during the day and talk to the kid while wearing the mask.

10.) Go to the Mask Shop and get the Bunny Hood. Find the man running around Lon Lon 
Ranch (appears after beating Jabu-Jabu) and chase him until he stops. When you leave 
the Market, try going to the right side of Lon Lon and you may see him running in 
the distance. Don't worry if you don't see him right away, after a few laps he'll be 
there. While wearing the mask, talk to him and he'll buy it.

11.) Now you'll have access to the Mask of Truth, the Goron Mask, the Gerudo Mask, 
and the Zora Mask. The Mask of Truth lets you talk to the time-keeping statues, and 
the other masks are just for fun. 

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