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                          Brandon (Lawdawg) Miller
    this FAQ is permitted only to Cheat by me (so don't copy it)
                            [email protected]
So, you're havin' some trouble beating the Matrix level or the boss after it?
You've come to the right place. First, we gotta get rid of the annoying guards.
To do that you have to go strait to the left pillar. LEFT! not right. wait the
guards to come out and start shooting at you. The second you hear the word 
"regroup!" press the B button and do the jump and shoot at the guards as they're 
movin' to the middle. Then, watch the cutscene. Next beams are harder.
The guards shoot a little more at you. Do the same thing. When you here regroup,
do the jump and shoot them. There is a second wave of guards, so you should be at the
next pillar, ready to go. At the third one, the guards go nuts! they shoot everywhere
and are more accurate. There are three waves this time, but use the same strategy.
when you get through the cutscenes, and get to the alien,(if you don't know where 
this is from than your too young to play this game)go to the open door. get the space
suit, and go to the alien. Dodge his attack.(jump the tail and block the bite)
Punch him three times and press B by his tail. pick him up an keep going around.
Press B to let go.(throw) Try to get him into the hole in the airlock. Try to 
ignore the computer voice that tries to annoy you. Throw the alien out three times,
sit back, relax, and watch the ending. 

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