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SaGa Frontier - PSX - TM 1997 Squaresoft
MEC Data Guide, Revision 1.10d [7/11/01]
Donovan Keith - [email protected]
Revision notes:
Ver1.10a [1/16/99]
First update large enough to warrant notes...added 'SatelliteLinker' info,
and updated numerous personal notes on other programs. Also added a section
for game info on Mec characters, to completed shortly.

Ver1.10b [1/19/99]
More notes and details. Added 'HammerCrush' program and info. Separated Mec
Attacks from Mec Equipment and added 'Graviton' attack to the list. Cleaned
up a few rough spots, improved the overall design of the FAQ (I hope).

Ver1.10c [2/8/99]
Fixed info on 'Shoot-All' program and 'Graviton' attack. Removed description
of 'Maelstrom' attack since I didn't have descriptions for the others. Added
more detailed info on several Mec characters. Added info concerning initial
number of Skill Slots for each body type.

Ver1.10d [7/11/01]
Looooong time between updates....Added new info about Leonard joining the party, and updated info on other Mecs.

Note: To the best of my knowledge, this list is 99% complete. I may still
be missing a few programs or items, if so please e-mail me and I'll credit
you in the next update.

Thanks to Dimetric Houston [[email protected]] for info on 'Virus'
and 'Logic Bomb' programs.

Thanks to Brandon Harwell [[email protected]] for info on the
'SatelliteLinker' program.

Thanks to Josey Bates [[email protected]] for corrections on how to get Leonard to join the party.

Program (WP Cost)      Game Description (**personal notes**)
CombatMastery (0)      Raises attack power with equipped sword
CounterECM (0)         Cancels ECM effect
DragonProgram (0)      
                       **Equips ability [Maelstrom](8WP) if your Mec has
                       'Octopus Board' installed**
EnergySupply (0)       Restores Mec's WP in battle
EvasionRocket (0)      Evades rocket attack
EvasionLaser (0)       Evades laser attack
EvasionBullet (0)      Evades bullets
InterceptSystem (0)    Intercepts enemies with missiles
MaxwellProgram (0)     Automatically restores Mec's WP
Self-Repair (0)        Automatically restores HP in battle
ShootingMastery (0)    Raises shooting ability if equipped
TigerProgram (0)       
                       **Equips ability [Tiger Rampage](?WP) if your Mec has
                       'OctopusBoard' installed**
Virus (0)              
                       **Equips abilities [Jammer] and [LogicBomb] if your
                       Mec has 'SecretBoard' installed**
Jammer (1)             Stuns all enemy Mecs
HypnoFlash (2)         Puts all enemies to sleep
                       **Non-Mecs only**
Crosshair (3)          
                       **Critical shot on one enemy**
RangeFire (3)          
                       **Ranged attack**
HammerCrush (4)        
                       **Increased damage w/ 'Hammer' weapon (Type 7 only)**
LogicBomb (4)          Makes enemy Mecs malfunction
                       **Causes 1 random status ailment in one enemy Mec**
MecSonata (4)          Attacks all enemies
KAMIKAZE-Crush (4)     Desperate move inflicting heavy damage to enemies
                       **Costs 1 LP, Type 3 Mecs only**
PluralSlash (5)        
                       **Multiple hits with equipped sword**
SatelliteLinker (7)    Links bit and dimensional satellite
                       **Equips [SatelliteBeam](7WP) on a Mec with the
                       'BitSystem' ability (Type 2): Use after activating
                       the BitSystem, massive energy strike causing up to
                       3000 points of damage to all enemies. Usable once
                       per battle only**
ShockSoldier (8)       Attacks all enemies
                       **Creates miniature versions of the character**
Pop-Knight (10)        Air attack on all enemies
                       **Same as Shock Soldier, except they fly**
Magnify (15)           Doubles attack power but may cause malfunctions
                       **Sometimes causes random status ailments to yourself**
Shoot-All (24)         ???
                       **Fires all ammo from all gun and missile weapons
                       simultaneously, but does not fire energy weapons**

Unique Mec Weapons:
BeamSword (2WP)        Attack: 30
MegaBeamSword          Attack: 55
Hammer (1WP)           Attack: 45
RailCannon (1WP)       Attack: 35   Bullets: 16
LaserCannon (7WP)      Attack: 50   Bullets: infinite
AT-Missile (1WP)       Attack: 25   Bullets: 20
Micro-Missile (1WP)    Attack: 10   Bullets: 16 **uses 8 at a time**
                       **Attacks all enemies**
BitSystem (1WP)        Attack: 20   Bullets: infinite
                       **Miniature satellites surround and attack one enemy;
                       usable once per battle only.**

Unique Mec Parts:
ECMSystem (0WP)        Def: 10   Lowers missile hit rate to 0
Accelerator (0WP)      Def: 10   Raises Quickness
MiniPlant              Def: 10
MecBody                Def: 10
FortBody               Def: 20   Equips [Graviton](8WP) **???**
RepairPack             Def: 00   'Ammo': 8   Restores Mec's HP and status
MediPack               Def: 00   'Ammo': 8   Restores non-Mec's HP, cures Poison
V-System               Def: 00   can use V-MAX
                       **V-MAX boosts all stats and opens up the two VMAX
                       attack programs listed below. After 6 rounds, the
                       VMAX will run out, disabling the two attacks, and
                       dropping the character's stats drastically**

MemoryBoard            +100HP, +2 Slots, +20 Qui, +25 Int
NakajimaBoard          +50HP, +1 Slot, +25 Qui, +10 Int
NakajimaBoard2         +100HP, +1 Slot, +15 Qui, +15 Int, +15 Will
OctopusBoard           +0HP, +2 Slots, +25 Str, +25 Qui, +30 Int, +25 Will
                       **Equips ability [Maelstrom](8WP) when your Mec
                       has [DragonProgram] equipped**
SecretBoard            +100HP, +1 Slot, +20 Qui, +15 Int, +20 Will
                       **Equips abilities [Jammer] and [LogicBomb] when
                       [Virus] program is equipped.**

Unique Mec Attacks:
Graviton (8WP)         Attack: ??   Automatically equipped with FortBody
StarlightShower (7WP)  Attack: ??   V-MAX attack
CosmicRave (7WP)       Attack: ??   V-MAX attack

Mec Body Types:        Description/Base Equipment
Type 1:(4 Skill Slots)     Basic Model
Type 2:(5 Skill Slots)     Anti-Mec, electron combat model
Equipped with:             Bit System/Laser Cannon/ECM System
Type 3:(4 Skill Slots)     Lightweight, agile model
Equipped with:             Rail Cannon/AT-Missile/Accelerator
Type 4:(5 Skill Slots)     Built-in medikit
Equipped with:             Laser Cannon/MediPack/Mec Body
Type 5:(4 Skill Slots)     Heavily armed model
Equipped with:             Rail Cannon/AT-Missile/Micro Missile/Fort Body
Type 6:(5 Skill Slots)     Built-in mec-repair ability
Equipped with:             Machine Vulcan/Repair Pack/Mini Plant
Type 7:(4 Skill Slots)     Futuristic pyramid model
Equipped with:             Hammer/Micro Missile/Mec Body

Type 8:                    OMEGA Mec
Equipped with:             MegaBeamSword/V-System/Fort Body
                           Requires OMEGA-body, found in HQ after defeating
                           the MecGod boss.

A) T260G - Body type 1
HP:125 LP:15 WP:50 JP:0 / S:5 Q:5 I:5 W:5 P:5 V:5 C:5 DEF:10
Begins equipped with: JunkBazooka, RepairKit, JunkParts x2, *MecBody
Located: Main Character in his own quest, in the Pub at Scrap in Blue, Lute, and Riki's quests.

B) Rabbit - Body type 2
Begins equipped with:
Located: Red's quest only, in the Garden at Kyo.

C) ZEKE - Body type 3
Begins equipped with:
Located: T260G's quest only, in the Nakajima Robotics factory in Shrike. Joins after you retrieve the Mouse droid from Sei's Tomb.

D) BJ&K - Body type 4
Begins equipped with:
Located: Red's quest only, onboard the Cygnus. Joins after the Pirate event. Talk to him in the nurse's office to recruit him.

E) PzkwV - Body type 5
Begins equipped with: Protector (x2)/ShootingMastery
Located: T260G's quest only, in the secret weapons shop in Lower Koorong. Must have Leonard in the party to get him.

F) Engineer Car - Body type 6
Begins equipped with:
Located: Nakajima Robotics factory in Shrike. You must have a Mec in your party when you talk to him. Engineer Car is not available in Asellus' and Emelia's quests.

G) Leonard - Body type 7
Begins equipped with: Memory Board/HypnoFlash,EnergySupply
Located: As a human, in the cafeteria in Manhattan's Mall.
As a Mec, Leonard will join T260 after the first scanning if you talk to the guy in Shrike Robotics and then talk to Fuse in the coffee shop where Leonard was the first time. They both tell you of his assination. Then go straight to Central Gate and Leonard will join your party and take you to the next section of T260's mission.

Programs Available at Shingrow Ruins (from the computer on the Ancient Ship)
1.) ShootingMastery
2.) CombatMastery
3.) EvasionLaser

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